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Mister Kreasey’s Demon

by Raymond Nickford

Village teacher, Matt Kreasey, is reduced to paranoia when confronted by the roughnecks he must teach at his new inner-city post in London. Between flickerings of reality and delusion his love for his student Amy is strained.

Could she be among those always gathering with the hunting knife that haunts him and which he believes to have already ended the life of a colleague ?

Amy’s teacher struggles against his mental illness to relate to her, who he wants to love.

Can a paranoid now stop himself from destroying she, alone, who might have shown him what love could be ?

UK author, Raymond Nickford  has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from the University College of North Wales.

Troubled souls; the outsider, the lonely, any driven to extremity, have been his inspiration:

“Aristo’s Family,” a literary suspense set on the island of Cyprus.

“Mister Kreasey’s Demon,” a teacher haunted by his students, loved by one.

“Twists in the Tale,” eerie, atmospheric tales of the unexpected.

Winner of the Harper Collins Gold Star award May 2010 –

“A Child from the Wishing Well” a father suffering paranoia tries to be a better dad to his daughter.



Beautifully observed characters –

BARBARA ERSKINE, bestselling author of River of Destiny

An atmospheric, vibrant, almost spooky page-turner –

REAY TANNAHILL, historian, novelist and author of The Seventh Son

A psychological suspense as moving and yet tender

as Nickford’s Greek sojourn in his book Aristo’s Family.

Heckled and threatened by the street-hardened students who mistake gentleness for weakness in their teacher, Matt Kreasey has perhaps just one trace of tenderness and that is for his young student, Amy. On Amy’s passing Kreasey’s neighbour on the steps of his apartment while visiting him to bring her teacher an overdue essay.

“Kreasey wondered whether his student had passed before his immaculately groomed neighbour, Doctor Mallaby, in her very highest heels, the ones that gave Amy an extra three-and-a-half inches over a world that had always seemed to look down on her beyond the narrow back streets from which she’d been born. On her first visit, she had seemed almost undernourished, shivering in a short skirt with a slit up the side. She’d been clutching her essay to her low-necked top yet he’d wanted to tell her that she’d made him happy – just by appearing on his doorstep with her essay and those eyes… eyes which spoke of deprivation and held, for him, openness and simplicity more beautiful in themselves than he’d seen in any student before.

Amy, alone amongst his students, had tried to help him. She was searching his eyes, confused. He recalled those moments when, beside him in bed, her face had shared that open comic side of her lovemaking with him. He so wished he could deliver her from the dross of the hard and hate-filled that were amongst her peer group at college. Unblessed though his encounters with his young student had been, he couldn’t forget how much she’d tried to be his passport to those roughnecks from classroom 12D… those who always seemed to be gathering with a hunting knife, getting closer…

‘Well, are we going to see you in them?’ she smiled, still holding his shorts out like her trophy. But as he watched her lips, they seemed to shape like those in a poorly dubbed film where the voice is out of synch’ with the words… reminding him now to ‘eat up’ all his tablets and that, then, he wouldn’t need to be ‘cut up’.

The acute anxiety was kicking in again. He could feel himself tensing up, the paranoia deepening, as the voices of his students seemed to return, Amy and love seeming now to be a cruel deception.

He was forty-five, Kreasey thought, middle-aged and he still needed a sixteen-year-old girl to open the bottle of Diazepam tablets for him.

Cornelia Avila

by Rob Hicks

Written high in the mountains of Colorado, this is the story of a boy lost in a world far too big and with far too few answers for comfort. From the sunny, listless days of Texas to the Old World romanticism of Europe to the dark, hard nights in an empty house on the edge of nowhere, we follow our ‘hero’ in his search for any lasting impression, for love, for purpose, for hope. At times funny, at times bleak, at times meaningful and at times meaningless, this is the story of life’s most illusive and pressing question: Why?

The Cookbook – a novel

by Cass Tell

Do you still have your grandmother’s old Betty Crocker cookbook? What if it contained secret messages that changed everything you were taught about your identity?

For Kate Miller all is perfect. She is falling in love with the ideal man while advancing in her professional career. Then her neat and ordered life crashes.

She receives a strange email from her deceased grandmother. Coupled with this, her apartment is burgled and her cookbooks stolen, the ones she was instructed to preciously guard. After hiring a quirky private detective she goes on a quest that leads to an impossible truth.

This romantic/thriller is interlaced with memories of tastes, smells and laughter in the kitchen, and how a grandmother lovingly prepared a young girl to face enormous challenges.

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