Free poetry Kindle books for 28 May 15

Dark Peace

by Joshua Moore

“Dark Peace” is a small collection of poetry that was originally produced as a hard-copy chapbook following Joshua Aaron Moore’s three-week stint in the Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts program in 2008. Nearly seven years later, he has reproduced it with some revisions to make it more palpable for digital consumption. He hopes that you’ll enjoy this slight look into in his 17-year-old psyche.

Pissed Sparrows & Dance Class

by Peter Oakes

Three decades of poetry distilled into one book of over 80 poems.

Love, laughter, nature, darkness and light and other themes in a

range of styles.

Lace Antelope: A Collection of 51 More Fantabulastical Poems

by Mimi Starbrick

Love Mimi Starbricks’ Just Thinking? Then you will love Lace Antelope, her incredible collection of 51 poems written by everyone’s favorite Smiffy Trumpkin. Even if you haven’t read her original book, this one will enthrall audiences of all ages.


Poem 1: Gregory

Poem 2: Lined Up

Poem 3: Slop!


Poem 5: Yep

Poem 6: Punk Rock Squids

Poem 7: Cloth

Poem 8: Hesitation

Poem 9: When Pants are Drying

Poem 10: My Life

Poem 11: Bands

Poem 12: WATER

Poem 13: Band That Band!

Poem 14: Camp Bell’s

Poem 15: Spiral

Poem 16: Challenged

Poem 17: Why Do We Reflect?

Poem 18: Bask

Poem 19: Spring

Poem 20: Summer

Poem 21: Fall

Poem 22: Winter

Poem 23: Center Stage

Poem 24: Hyphens

Poem 25: Adhesive

Poem 26: Flap Steak!

Poem 27: Lily

Poem 28: Well, Well, Wellâ?¦

Poem 29: Lice

Poem 30: Somewhat Caring for the Bass

Poem 31: Dusty Sweaterpants

Poem 32: Objecting, Are We?

Poem 33: Barrel or Carol – Who Did It First?

Poem 34: My Head

Poem 35: Budubuhbump

Poem 36: Lace Antelope

Poem 37: Seafoam

Poem 38: Sullen Symmetrical Sandy

Poem 39: Stretch-Snap!

Poem 40: Panchor

Poem 41: More Roadwork?!

Poem 42: Clogs

Poem 43: The Slate Hour

Poem 44: Boomerang Poem, Maybe?

Poem 45: The Masquerade

Poem 46: Slap-Trap-Glop!

Poem 47: Shriveled Cue

Poem 48: My Favorite Stopsign

Poem 49: Toss the Confetti

Poem 50: Waist-Deep in Nutella

Poem 51: Portable Tulips

My Life Journey

by Roxie Rodriguez

This book is all about the things I have been through in my life. The hard times, and the good times I have been through.

I hope my ups and downs can help you in some kind of way.

A Thousand Thoughts Per Second

by Scott Weatherby

In his twenty years on this planet, Scott Weatherby has seen quite a bit; in fact, he feels as if he thinks at a rate of A Thousand Thoughts Per Second. This is just a little peek inside his mind.

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