Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 May 15

Forever Grateful: (Inspirational Romantic Suspense) (Lake Shores Series Book 2)

by Aimee Martin

An atheist woman. A Christian man.

And an unforeseen enemy that can bring them togetherâ?¦

or tear them apart forever.

Faith. For Melanie Moore, faith was nothing more than a useless word, valuable only to those of the faint-of-heart. And with everything life had thrown at her, Mel was anything but cowardly. Rely on yourself. Trust no one. Those rules kept her walls up, her heart guarded and her life uncomplicated.

Alex Lambert sees more in Melanie than she’s willing to believe, despite her troubled past. He sees a future filled with faith and love. She tries to push him away, but Alex is a Navy man. Quitting isn’t in his vocabulary. He will stop at nothing, do whatever it takes to see that Melanie learns to trust again. And to fall in love with him… heart, mind and body.

As Alex and Melanie work on turning her disbelief into belief, their relationship blooms and grows stronger every day. They say time can mend a broken soul but time may be a luxury Melanie and Alex don’t have.

**Some mild adult language**

**Some adult situations**

**Not suitable for readers under 18 due to limited violent flashbacks**

Utopian Day

by C. L. Wells

International crime, kidnapping, and murder intertwine themselves in this novel about three convicted felons who are attempting to change their criminal ways and build something positive out of their lives. Suddenly, James, Laura, and J.T. are pulled back into the world of crime as they are blackmailed into helping to steal 80 million dollars. With no one to trust and the authorities on their trail they must each confront their own beliefs about what is right and wrong, and decide just how far they are willing to go to be free of their past mistakes.

With enough exciting plot twists and turns to keep you engaged to the very last page, Utopian Day delivers an entertaining and action-packed read.

The Wizard’s Tower (The Birthright Chronicles Book 2)

by Peter Last

Clouds gather in the North; another storm is coming.

Six months after the defeat of Molkekk’s dwarf army, Senndra’s life has returned to normal. Her dragon is nearly full-grown, her relationship with Timothy is blossoming, and never before has she been more self-assured.

Her tranquility is suddenly shattered by visions of destruction as the country is rocked by another attack. Heavily weakened by widespread apathy, the country’s defenses are quickly devastated, allowing the enemy to sweep unchecked across the land. A few faithful soldiers find themselves the last bastion between Molkekk’s horde and their beloved country, but the front line is not the only place where the enemy has become entrenched. Roiled by treachery and internal strife, the soldiers of Magessa struggle to fend off the invasion, though with Molkekk’s spies in place, they are fighting a losing battle. It is painfully obvious the only way to deal with the threat once and for all is to kill Molkekk – a nearly impossible task. Should they manage to battle through his armies, brave the stench of his marsh, and reach his tower, one question remains: Can they stand against the fury of the wizard when the overwhelming power of his might is brought to bear?

A Girl Worth Waiting For (The Worthy Series Book 1)

by Sarah M. Smith

Jessie St. James had a plan. She was set to marry her longtime boyfriend, move into their house, get a dog and start building their family. That was until she found him in bed with another woman two weeks before they were supposed to get married.

Now determined to start over and move on, Jessie reluctantly re-enters the dating scene, but moving on is hard when the pain of betrayal is still so fresh. Nevertheless, when Caleb Mathis finds her, he’s determined to be up for the challenge. Caleb’s world pulls Jessie well outside of her comfort zone though, and when her childhood best friend Stephen Cahill shows her just how important to him she really is, she has a choice to make.

Jessie’s plans and God’s plans start to clash and true intentions of the men in her life are revealed. Which makes Jessie wonder, will she ever find someone who thinks she’s A Girl Worth Waiting For?

Small Cries in the Night: A Novel of the Heart

by Carl Linder

Carl Linder’s heartfelt novel, “Small Cries in the Night” is a soulful combination of heart, humor and miracles, that is a rare find among books of today. It is a bittersweet, and at times, heartbreaking story of youth, and the difficult challenges they can sometimes face.

But even more than that, it is a story of inspiration. A story of faith, friendship, and the power of forgiveness, that challenges even the most hardened of individuals, to stop, look back, and consider the things in life, that are really important.

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