Free science fiction Kindle books for 28 May 15

The Camouflaged Cross: Tales Of Christian Preppers In The End Times (Just Run Book 1)

by Cal Wilson

Have you ever wondered what the true Biblical End Times will look like? Where society has totally broken down and evil forces are at work, both worldwide and locally, to take control of what is left?

Nuclear bombs smuggled into shipping containers have blown up several American port cities. Riots have broken out among the hungry survivors. Train tracks have been sabotaged to cause derailments, municipal water supplies have been poisoned, ground-to-air missiles have been smuggled into the country to shoot down passenger airplanes, crop-dusters have been used to spread disease in crowded cities, and electrical sub-stations have been attacked to shut down the electrical grid and make sure that anyone left alive is in the dark. In the face of all this death and destruction, most of the survivors foolishly try and prepare for a return to normalcy.

Several Christian prepper families have converged upon an agreed-upon retreat location to try and survive what is clearly a final break-down of society, just as was predicted in the Bible. Join Jesse, his wife Mary, their daughter Melissa, and their prepper friends from church who have, after years of prepping and stockpiling supplies, are forced to go to their retreat location in hopes of fighting and surviving all of the multiple threats to come.

Jumbie Island (The Midnight Robber Trilogy Book 2)

by Ancil Gonzales

In this epic continuation to “The Midnight Robber” all the people who died by the hands of Jeremy Duncan in the year 2962 came back to life as mindless jumbies bent on ridding the Twin Republic of all forms of human life.

Jed, once again, finds himself right in the middle of all the chaos as he tries to survive in the jumbie-infested town of Arima.

During his plight to survive he meets some new friends and reunites with some old ones. Together they all attempt to come up with a plan to defeat the Midnight Robber once and for all but the thing about “plans” is that they don’t always go accordingly.

Perils Of The Slavers Moon (Spacer: The Slavers Moon Book 1)

by C A Castel

Sarah Walker is leaving her home planet for the first time to attend a university on Tau Epsilon, but her transport is intercepted along the way and she is taken by slavers to a world and trained as a domestic slave and sold to one of the cities upper class citizens. But one day she is given away to a lowly artist and Sarah comes to discover that even the worst world can have a bright side.

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