Free sports Kindle books for 28 May 15

The Sailing Cookbook: Recipes and Tips for a Delicious Daysail (Teach Yourself to Sail Book 3)

by Benjamin Doty

If you’ve read Teach Yourself to Sail, you’re ready to get out on the water and experience all the joys and tranquility of sailing a midsized yacht. But there’s just one more thing you need to do before embarking on a daysail. You need to figure out what you and your crew are going to eat all day!

Sounds easy, right? But actually, you’d be surprised at how many things can go terribly wrong, from seasickness to spills to staining the deck. This cookbook is designed specifically to avoid those pitfalls and provide everything you need to know to give your guests some tasty, and at times elegant, food and drinks. The crowning touch on a lovely day of sailing.

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