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Shakespeare and the Reformation: Humiliation, Redemption, and Reformation Theology in Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Late Plays

by John J. Norton

Humiliation has a powerful presence in Shakespeare’s tragedies and late plays. With an unusual ability to reform and redeem, humiliation is not employed in Shakespeare’s plays as one might expect. Cast in a form much influenced by the Protestant theology of Shakespeare’s England, the humiliation that falls upon some of Shakespeare’s most prominent characters is one that offers great hope and clarity. Drawn from the theology of three prominent Protestant Reformers, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Richard Hooker, humiliation in Shakespeare’s Hamlet serves to save the fragile queen and her sinister new husband from certain damnation. In The Tempest Prospero is humiliated in like fashion. This experience results in a more-than-magical reformation that turns the island into a place of reconciliation. King Lear’s humiliation cures his faulty vision, allowing him to recognize a true love that pursues him with great passion and sacrifice. In Henry VIII the great Cardinal is averted from certain damnation, humiliation drawing him from a life of violence and manipulation. The jealous tyrants in The Winter’s Tale, Cymbeline, and Othello are powerfully humiliated. This humiliation allows Leontes, Posthumus, and Othello to be released from their fearful bondage, at last made capable of seeing the true love of their wives.

This book casts significant new light upon how much Shakespeare was influenced by the Protestant Reformation. Through a detailed examination of the use of theological language and concepts in the plays examined, this book argues that Reformation theology affords a powerful lens through which to read the journeys of the protagonists in Shakespearean tragedy and late plays. This powerful lens of Reformation theology brings to focus the way in which Shakespeare transforms, with great mastery, the humiliation of a man into the redemption of a soul.

Slasher: A Joshua Matthews Thriller

by WD Jackson

Praise for Slasher, Bestseller in Literature & Fiction British Contemporary AND UK International Mystery & Crime

“An inspired premise… There are legions of readers who eat this stuff up.”

â?? Geoff Johnston, UK Horror Scene

“Jackson lures readers in and holds them, which is always a sign of good writing filled with experience with the genre.”

â?? J Cheiser, Online Book Club

“A breath of fresh air… pokes playfully at the slasher movie formula, while at the same time following its traditional course of kill-investigate-kill-reveal. You won’t be disappointed.”

â?? Midnight Movie Gay

“Fast paced, and gripping right from the start, Slasher is sure to please any fan of crime and horror novels.”

â?? Michael Swanson, Farlight Press

“I was hooked, 8/10”

â?? Kyle Lafreniere, Horror Shoot

A serial killer in Los Angeles. A string of ever more famous victims. A sergeant out of his depth.

After a body is found on his duty, Sergeant Joshua Matthews is handed his first true homicide, one he has no choice but to accept. With no motive, no clues and zero real suspects, the police are getting nowhere, until another body turns up. It’s not in his jurisdiction but there are striking similarities between the two crimes. On his captain’s orders, Joshua finds himself temporarily transferred to LAPD Homicide. It seems he might be dealing with a serial killer, one targeting slasher movie actresses from the infamous horror studio, Hitlist Pictures.

As the evidence starts pointing towards someone connected to the studio, Joshua and his new partner Detective Crawford face a race against time to solve the mystery before Hitlist premieres its brand new and highly anticipated horror thriller, Slasher. The film’s lead and Hollywood’s newest rising star, Kiralee Martinson, surrounded by police, is adapting quickly to the instant fame and pressure of becoming a film star, but nothing can prepare her for a violent finale to the killers’ plans as she finds herself directly in the cross hairs in this tense and brutal thriller.

WD Jackson is a horror fanatic and writer based in London. From his early teens he was exposed to a whole range of horror media. He started reading Point Horror and Goosebumps books, played Resident Evil with his dad, and watched Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street with his sisters. Now 30 years old, that passion has only expanded. He devours horror and crime novels, is there opening night for most horror movies, and still even plays Resident Evil with his dad on occasion.

With a very creative background and a constant need to vent his ideas and imagination, his passion for the horror genre led to him want to share thrilling and scary stories of his own. He has so far written three novels. His first two, suspense thrillers Loose Ends and Red Light, both hit the Suspense charts on Amazon, and his short story, What’s Yours Is Mine was shortlisted for the Horror For Good Anthology.

His third full-length novel Slasher, influenced by his love of Hollywood and slasher movies, is the first in the Joshua Matthews crime series.

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