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HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHOPS: Without Playing a Note

by David Boe

Latest update: A “RESOURCE SECTION” has now been added with two additional chapters: “How to Circular Breath,” and “My Super Secret Trick for Playing a Double High C.” You can also see a new You Tube video of the author playing a double C (and higher) here:

A YouTube video demonstration of the “Primary Exercise” may be seen here:

Within only a few days of serious exercise during his daily commute, a top principal trumpeter for a major European orchestra reports that his chops are in “the best shape of my life,” and that his colleagues are complementing him on his tone, range and endurance.

Other reviews and comments offer further evidence of success. Part-time players report full time chops! This technique allows you to achieve in only minutes what would normally require many hours of practice time in terms of muscle development of the embouchure.

In a revolutionary new approach to improving performance on wind instruments, author David Boe unveils unique set of exercises that allow musicians to strengthen the facial muscles involved with playing a wind instrument.

Combining the latest scientific research on muscle development with decades of personal experience and observation, Mr. Boe has devised a completely original method that has proven tremendously beneficial to players at all levels, including the highest level professional performers.

This is the first and only method book by a musician, written specifically FOR musicians, to exclusively focus on the benefits of muscle development of the embouchure without using an instrument or mouthpiece.

The exercises described are especially useful because they can be completed without any additional tools or objects and are performed in complete silence. When added to a musician’s regular practice routine, the exercises can save significant amounts of time by making precious hours of practice time much more productive.

Enhanced muscle strength of the embouchure has been shown to yield tremendous benefits in several areas of particular interest to wind musicians, especially players of brass instruments. Many players report significant improvements in RANGE, ENDURANCE and FLEXIBILITY, with further improvements in TONE QUALITY and overall sound production.

This small ebook costs only a fraction of what you would pay for a lesson from a top professional, and you can easily read it in less than an hour. Yet it has the potential to revolutionize your playing as a professional, student, or amateur musician.

Also available as an audio book! Superbly voiced by the talented and versatile KC Cowan, you can now listen to How To Improve Your Chops in the excellent audio edition, available through Amazon’s site. Here’s a link:

Zentangle Basics: Zentangle – Tangle with Zentangle (Zentangle art for Beginners) (Basic Zentangle Book 1)

by Marion H. Bowman

Zentangle Basics: Zentangle – Tangle with Zentangle (Zentangle art for Beginners)

zentangle art and zentangle inspired art ebook

This book will help you unleash your potentials in the name of zentangle and will make you travel to a different world.

Below are topics What You’ll Learn…

* Knowing Zentangle(A brief History)

* Doodles and Zentangle

* Zentangle – A Form Of Learning

* Benefits And Purpose

Enjoy Reading!!

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Basic Digital SLR Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Using a DSLR Camera

by Bobby Stocks

This book is designed for those of you who own a DSLR camera but haven’t had the time to really learn how to use it, or use it well. If you are still using auto mode, don’t worry! This book will get you beyond auto and into the manual modes. You’ll even learn a little bit about different photography techniques. So, grab your camera and let’s get started learning how to use it properly and effectively.

Knight Song – Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Fairy Tale Fifty Romance Love Stories: Think Like A Topless Dancer – Shades of Sex (Good Knight Kiss Book 25)

by Michelangelo Free Lance

She acts like a professional buttoned up girl in a suit in the daytime. But she thinks like a topless dancer at night. Austin Knight, is a club and hotel manager. He is also a private investigator that investigates adultery and divorce. A woman named Joanna Nightingale, is an interior decorator. Joanna is called Jo for short. Her nickname means that she is thinking like a man. Jo is aggressive and sexual, while her alter-ego Joanna is appropriate and professional. The romance begins when the club burns down, and is redecorated with Joanna’s help. The details behind the club being burned down bring the two lovers together. Different couples come to the club and the PI, Austin Knight, spies on them. The couples also want their love nest and vacation homes redecorated by Joanna.

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