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Whispers of Grace: A Memoir Series – Novella One

by An Adoption Memoir

How do you hold onto a whisper? How do you carve out a path through the echo of what could have been? These are the questions that haunt Julia’s life. Take a heart-wrenching journey with Julia as she shares the memories of her pregnancy, birth and subsequent relinquishment of her child.

“Whispers of Grace” is one woman’s true experience in modern day adoption. When Julia finds herself pregnant for the fourth time she feels as if the world is closing in on her. With no options Julia and her boyfriend, Justin, decide to give their baby up for adoption. Unlike the movies Julia has seen, however, her personal experience, in today’s world, is not what she expected at all.

Walk in Julia’s shoes through the pages of this haunting memoir. From the decision to pursue adoption to terminating her parental rights and the aftermath that follows, Whispers of Grace will put you inside the mind, heart, and soul of an expectant mother left with no choice but to give her child a life where she will never be her daughter’s mother.

“Whispers of Grace” is the first in an upcoming series that follows Julia in her experiences in living life as a birthmother. Book one focuses on the pregnancy, birth, and relinquishment. It answers questions many may wonder but are too scared to ask. How does a woman choose adoption? What plays into that decision? What is it like to work with an adoption agency? How are adoptive parents chosen? Unlike the many books written about the notorious “baby scoop era,” this memoir is an intriguing look into a new generation of birthmothers that ushered in a new generation of so-called “open adoptions.”

My UFO Disclosure

by Paris Tosen

Expert on Stelan cultures, Paris Tosen, makes a concise UFO testimony for the history books. A comprehensive, disinformation-free and original discussion of failed political promises, extraterrestrial leaders, evil alien propaganda, and the real people from the stars.

Why I love my Freckles: Roaccutane my acne story

by Sophy Jones

After 10 years of severe acne it finally got cured via Roaccutane also know as Accutane. This book is the story of my life on acne (my acne story) and the steps and challenges I faced during this period and how ultimately the mental strength I gained helped me to look past the acne.

I wanted to write this book to share my experiences both in the cure and the psychology behind how I overcome self-esteem issues whilst having acne.

There are a lot of misconceptions about acne I wanted to state how I addressed them and how I was treated by people and how I overcome this with great mental strength every step of the way.

If I can do it, so can you.

Secret Revealed By The Pioneers Of The Sexual Revolution: Finding Yourself By Removing Sexual Boundaries

by Barbara Williamson

Barbara and her life partner, John, created the first (and perhaps the only commune for grown-ups where open sexuality was encouraged and fully embraced. We called it Sandstone Retreat.

Nestled in the wooded splendor of Topanga Canyon, California, with sweeping vistas of the Malibu Mountains and Pacific Ocean, it was fifteen acres of beauty and pleasure, a retreat from artificiality. It was a community where a person’s mind, body, and sexuality came together in total abandonment. The dress code was total nudity, and the mind-set was acceptance of all things pleasurable, sensual, and sexual.

Barbara Williamson, “the most liberated woman in America,” shares her life story for the first time to tell the world about the controversial Sandstone Retreat in Malibu, California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s

As cofounder with her life partner, John, recognized as “the messiah of sex,” of the highly successful and controversial Sandstone Retreat in Malibu, California, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the couple started what became known as the hub of the sexual revolution.

The clothing-optional, alternate-lifestyle Sandstone Retreat was outrageously popular, with a membership reaching 500 and host of nearly 8,000 visitors.

Long before today’s reality television inundated the airwaves with its media “personalities,” Barbara and John Williamson were the darlings of the media, with newspapers, magazines, books, movies, and television shows clamoring for interviews.

In this book – Secret Revealed By The Pioneers Of The Sexual Revolution : Finding Yourself By Removing Sexual Boundaries, you will learn about the story of the then controversial Sandstone Retreat of the later 1960’s and early 1970’s

MY LIFE: From Tragedy to Destiny

by Twana Lawler

My Life is a true account of the life of the author, from suicide, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, sexual assault, to HIV to AIDS/Dementia. She shares how her faith kept her alive in this must read book. Twana is now going to organizations to share her testimony.

Technology (Computers) 1987-2015

by Howard Mack

Technology in the form of evolution through time, a personal journey as seen by the author.

Raising Autism

by Julie Bechtel

Take a walk with me as this diary that allows a glimpse of an ordinary family whose life is turned upside down when their six year old son is diagnosed with Autism. This book allows you to see at a glance the struggles that come with raising an Autistic child- It is also filled with useful information for anyone who has just been diagnosed, or would like to learn more about this disorder.

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