Free fantasy Kindle books for 29 May 15

MENAGE: Sensual Menage (BBW MMF Menage Collection) (New Adult Contemporary Romance Short Stories Threesomes)

by Hot Books Publishing


This is a 4 book Menage collection that contains over 32,000 words of menage passion in this collection of fun and hot threesome short stories and explosion of HOT and INCREDIBLY SEXY stories sure make you sweat and get your heart racing.

Sensual Menage – Bisexual MMF Menage Collection

Quadruple your pleasure with this steamy collection of menage a trois adventures!

Saved by the Alpha

Unexpected Target

Bride Given to the Alpha Bears

The Bride and The Alpha Bears

WARNING! This is a HOT and SEXY Menage Collection with intense sexual action meant for adult readers…

Bear With Me: A Billionaire Shifter Romance

by Terra Wolf

When his world fell apart, everything came together…

Billionaire bear shifter Chase Hammer is on the verge of losing it all. As his company’s stocks plummet in a post-recession New York City, Chase’s primal side fights to emerge. The more stress the concrete jungle breeds, the more urgent his bear’s needs seem. In a last ditch effort to relieve stress, get his head on straight, and steer his company back in the right direction, Chase takes a spontaneous trip to his late parents’ stomping grounds in the sanctity of Appalachia.

Curvy and quick-witted Carolina beauty Andrea Sloan lives in the small mountain town of Boone. With long days consisting of hiking trips and exploring along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Andrea has found true contentment in the mountain air. That contentment, however, breeds boredom and a need for adventure beyond what a simple mountain life can provide. So when a stranger from New York, dressed in designer clothes and wielding an air of mystery about him shows up in Boone just in time to rescue her from certain death, she can’t help but be intrigued.

Can this fast blossoming love, supported by primal needs they never knew existed, meld two completely different worlds together? Or will forces beyond their control shatter everything they’ve come to hold dear?

Keys of Candor: The Red Deaths

by Casey Eanes

After forty years of peace, the continent of Candor has once again been plunged into war. Kull Shepherd’s father has been kidnapped, ripped from the burning furnace that was once his home. Willyn Kara’s brother hovers between life and death, poisoned by an unknown assassin. Seam Panderean is the High King of Lotte, the fate of the Realm resting on his shoulders. The destiny of these three are locked, on a course for an unavoidable collision as an ancient evil waits in the shadows, waiting to be freed from its bondage.

There is only one hope for peace.

The Keeper of the Keys must return.

Theft of Dragons (Princes of Naverstrom Book 1)

by John Forrester

Tael Shalinor endured the horror of watching his parents murdered when he was twelve years old. The Black Heart Clan assassins have hunted him ever since. In the six years that have passed, King Braxion continues his ruthless tyranny against citizens and neighboring Kingdoms alike. He controls the dragon nobility through powerful spells of beast shamanism cast by the Hakkadians, sorcerers from the northlands.

Princess Sebine, the girl the King believes is his daughter, plots to one day break free from the palace and discover the mystery behind her true father. Tempted by the lure of sorcery, she studies in secret with the Hakkadians in the palace dungeons. When a merchant from the east delivers her the Ring of Galdora as a gift from the Elven Kingdom of Drazal’tan, the course of her life will change forever.

At the author’s request, this book is offered without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

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