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Sports Betting: Psychological Warfare: The True Keys to Winning: Written by Former Bookmakers

by William Dollar

Sports Betting: Psychological Warfare provides you with an in-depth approach to becoming a WINNING sports bettor. Written by former book-maker William Dollar in collaboration with book-makers, Richard Webb, Tobias Schmidt, and Thomas Statson. This book offers the TRUE KEYS to winning, minus all the smoke and mirrors found via other books and online websites. Coupling their knowledge of bookmaking/handicapping with their insights concerning the general psychological mindset, they have provided the reader with a true blueprint for success. Making this book a MUST READ for any halfway serious bettor. Loaded with inside information from a real bookie’s point of view and filled with tips, techniques, and betting strategies, Sports Betting Psychological Warfare equips its readers with the tools and discipline needed to become “Smart Money” bettors, both PSYCHOLOGICALLY and FINANCIALLY!

The Eight-Bit Bard: A fantasy novel set to the tune of classic computer role-playing games.

by Aaron Rath

The evil sorcerer Ssor Ssorensen must have attended the “freeze them with perpetual winter” school of villainy, because when he and his minions conquered the town of Noresha, the first thing he did (after taking a nice, hot bath) was encase the city in ice. Then he laid out a thirteen-dungeon obstacle course challenge, filled with mind-twisting riddles, fiendish traps, and a bevy of the most monstrous guardians a conqueror’s shoestring budget can afford, because that’s what the best of the bad guys do.

Strife inevitably brings resistance. A band of heroes led by Yorel the paladin, calling themselves the Phoenix Dragons, are the front runners to challenge the sorcerer and put an end to his menace.

This is not their story. This is the story of Endrew the bard, a fallen hero and humiliated former Phoenix Dragon, who has to team up with a pack of misfits just to make it through the week. His companions include an untrained rogue, an unusually sophisticated half-orc mage, a misplaced pixie, a dwarven monk full of unlikely theories, and a halfling warrior who wants more than anything just to be tough. Endrew and his unlikely crew set their sights on surpassing the champions and saving the city from evil, but before they can do that they must surmount their shortcomings just to survive. For a mismatched group that can’t even settle on a party name, that may be a tall order indeed.

Remote Babble: How To Make Live Radio Breaks Better For Clients, Listeners, Stations

by Todd Eflin

The radio dial is cluttered with noise. Noise is anything that has no direct relevance to a listener. And live remote breaks are the worst noise on the dial.

Did you know that while live remote breaks are loved by clients, they are generally ignored by listeners?

Did you know almost zero training is devoted to any jock before he goes live on location?

Did you know that most live remote broadcasts fail to draw listeners to the client during the remote?

Imagine that there was a way to easily get all the important information for every break on one sheet so you wouldn’t forget anything or get sidetracked and include things that aren’t relevant.

You don’t have to imagine, this booklet has a solution. A step by step guide to preparing for live break that eliminate the clutter, stay organized and on time. This means the client and the listener both win, and so does the station.

Minecraft: The Minecraft Maze Runner: A Nameless Hero (Unofficial Minecraft Novel)

by Kevin Reed

Limited Time Discount! (Regular $8.99)

Customer Reviews:

“5 stars, a good read, with edge of the seat excitement in some parts.”

The Minecraft Maze Runner: A Nameless Hero

Minecraft meets Maze Runner to bring a whole new experience to a familiar Minecraft world. You arrive, alone and nameless, to a world that needs you to be their hero. You meet Cannon, a private historian to the most important person on Minecraft, and High Chancellor Castle, the leader of the only religious group known on Minecraft – The Order. Both are instrumental in your understanding of a land that is foreign to you. But, it is a popular sparkly minecraftian that ultimately helps you get your name back.

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Silly Billy’s Time to Rhyme

by Jen Turner

“Silly Billy’s Time to Rhyme” is a book of twenty four short, easy to read, ridiculous rhymes with colorful, comical illustrations. Rhyme fans will find it a delightfully silly read. This is laughable, ludicrous fun for everyone!

Suicide Girls in the Afterlife

by Gina Ranalli

What if you killed yourself and discovered that the “Afterlife” might actually suck? Pogue Eldridge is a woman who does just that, and she starts to realize that this Afterlife stuff isn’t at all what she expected. First, she’s required to stay on a specific floor at the Sterling Hotel until renovations in Hell and Heaven are completed. That’s the rules. Second, she can’t go up to the nice floors where all the rich people are. More rules. And third, the food isn’t that great, and there’s nothing to do. Death imitating life? Pogue thinks so, and along with 15-year-old Katina, who died of a drug overdose (another form of suicide), they decide to go exploring, and bring along some of the others they’ve met. But because of the rules, they can only go down in the hotel elevator. And once they’re in Hell, they can’t leave unless “Lucy” decides they can. Join Pogue and her companions on a seriously twisted, often funny, and macabre trip through the Afterlife, where a Goth Lucifer suffers from depression, Jesus plays video games and smokes way too much pot, and Hell truly is a crappy place to be.

“Ranalli is one of those rare authors who can seamlessly combine horror with the hilariously bizarre, all with a sly little smile and wink. With Ranalli’s unique turns of phrase and descriptions, Suicide Girls in the Afterlife pokes fun at life, death, and the absurdity of being human. A strange, entertaining, and thought-provoking read.” (Andi Marquette, author of several novels including Friends in High Places and the award-winning Land of Entrapment

“Suicide Girls in the Afterlife is weird and fun and hauntingly bittersweet. I read it in one evening and enjoyed it very much.” (Brian Keene, author of “The Rising” and “The Conqueror Worms.”)

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