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Proportionate Response

by Dave Buschi

China and US relations are at an all-time low. This book will only make it worse.

Coming off the heels of THE BACK DOOR MAN, Dave Buschi is back at the adrenaline game with PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE.

Another Thriller, another riveting storyâ?¦

Marks and Lip. One is a former Marine, the other is a former NSA cyber specialist.

They know how to take down a target. You fix eyes on it, hit it, and exploit the site to find your next target. You proceed that way until you eventually take down the entire structure. Doing the “consultant” gig now, they’re still tracking down threats.

But this threat is a doozy.

A mysterious threat, known as Client 487, is intent on planting seeds of dissent that will dismantle our very way of life. The more Marks and Lip discover, the more they realize this has been going on for some time.

And it’s ugly.

The Tell-Tail Heart: Cattarina Mystery #1 (Cattarina Mysteries)

by Monica Shaughnessy

The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Edgar Allan Poe’s cat, Cattarina, stumbles onto a mystery when she unwittingly finds a clue to a crime – a blue glass eye. Yet she’s reluctant to delve further until her beloved “Eddy” takes an interest in the object. It’s then that she decides to put her hunting skills to the test and track down Philadelphia’s biggest game – a murderer.

Cattarina travels from Eastern State Penitentiary to Rittenhouse Square looking for clues. But as the mystery pulls her deeper into trouble, even Eddy becomes the target of suspicion. Except she cannot give up the chase. Both her reputation as a huntress and her friend’s happiness are at stake. If she succeeds in catching the Glass Eye Killer, the missing pieces of Eddy’s unfinished story will fall into place, and the Poe household will once again experience peace.

Full of Victorian witticisms and details from 1840s Philadelphia, this cozy mystery is a fictional account of Poe’s real-life feline companion. Fans of Mr. Poe, historical novels, and animal mysteries are sure to like this series.

Tempted by My Billionaire’s Doctor 1: A BBW Medical Humiliating First Time Menage (Detested and Inspected)

by Kinsey Grey

Captain Barclay grimaced. “I’ll have no harlot bearing my grandsons.”

Charlotte Dunn sweats middle class America. Surviving doesn’t leave time for much else. Then she meets Ashton Barclay, the man of her dreams. The only man that’s ever made her feel beautiful. The only son and heir of a billionaire banking tycoon. The same bank that foreclosed her home. Complicated doesn’t begin to cover it.

Captain Barclay doesn’t like her on principle. Meeting Charlotte with her hand down his son’s pants didn’t help. He knows she’ll debase the family’s good name. A medical exam is the only way to prove her innocence.

She knows it’s wrong, but she’ll lose the love of her life if she doesn’t do it. Love and vengeance war within her, and she’s got just one chance to get them both right.

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Perfect Little Angels

by Andrew Neiderman

From the bestselling author of THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.

“A master of psychological thrillers!”â??VC Andrews

A picture perfect town holds a chilling secret.

Justine Freeman and her parents move to Elysian Fields to start anew, and the picturesque town seems the perfect place to do so. In fact, their new neighborhood seems too good to be true. Their neighbors are all polite and helpful, and the streets are eerily clean. Even the teenagers of Elysian Field are perfect. They don’t drink, they don’t smoke, and they are polite to their elders to a fault.

But Justine is a more typical teenager, and while the new girl in town hasn’t yet learned how to behave like the teenagers of Elysian Fields, she will. Because in Elysian Fields, there are so many waysâ??horribly effective waysâ??to turn disobedient children into Perfect Little Angels.

Confessions in Whispers

by Chimia Hill-Burton

Confessions can cleanse the heart, the mind and the soul. Within these pages are ten individuals who have stories too painful, dramatic and too dangerously addictive. Everyone has secrets, everyone has their desires, choices and temptations. Everyone has their limits to what they will take, what they will do and how they want their lives to be. Come live in the footsteps of ten characters with juicy confessions too bad, dark and evil not to tell. Enter their worlds, of obsession, regret, forgiveness, revenge and torture. Turn the pages, and listen to the whispers as you uncover their secrets, feel their pain and understand their emotions and actions. Let them bare their souls of their complex, twisted and untamed truths hidden within them. Confessions in Whispers is one nonstop devious act one after another. Once you have completed the journey, you too will very well agree that when you cannot tell, some secrets must be told.

Burglary Blues (Lexie Sarcone/Michael Riley Romantic Suspense Book 1)

by Elisa Archer

Lexie Sarcone is just your average girl. She’s a twenty-six year old, petite brunette with a feisty streak who carries a pair of handcuffs around since they coordinate so nicely with her badge and gun. Some men find that a turn-on. But not Lexie’s ex-boyfriend. After he left her, citing her job as the problem, Lexie swore off dating. And working as a decoy for vice only solidified her resolve, but now that Officer Sarcone has transferred to burglary division, all bets are off.

Detective Michael Riley has a reputation for being a ladies’ man. His chiseled features, gorgeous eyes, and sexy body have allowed him to get away with a lot of things. But underneath the good looks lies a competent investigator. The job is one of the few things that Michael takes seriously, and protecting his fellow officers comes above all else.

When the department’s top detectives are assigned to investigate a string of home invasions that are being orchestrated by an unknown crime syndicate, Detective Riley enlists the help of a few new recruits. Immediately, he and Lexie are drawn to one another, but the job must come first. A drunken evening and a few close calls inevitably force the two to admit they have an undeniable chemistry, but Lexie isn’t sure if she can let someone get close to her again, especially someone with Michael’s reputation. As they struggle to stop the crime spree, Michael must find a way to prove himself to Lexie. His only goals are to win her heart and keep the city safe.


by Neil Hamilton

Watershed is a tale of intrigue, greed and revenge set against the looming water shortage in the American Southwest.. The story is international in scope, framed against events foreshadowing a potentially vast drought catastrophe. Watershed makes it clear how easily such a calamity could happen.

Watershed draws the reader into a furious, shadowy duel between a dedicated group of private citizens and a cunning, vengeful, international mogul.

A hydrology engineer is killed in an airplane crash. Officially an accident. Unofficially, murder. Matt MacLeod, a friend of the victim, is summoned to assist in a secret investigation of his murder. He uncovers a ruthless international industrialist to hold the continent’s water resources to ransom and trigger a perilous clash between the US and Canada.

The Storyteller’s Secret (The Moonshine Series Book 3)

by Denise Daisy

Left in the wake of Travis’ big announcement, Bronwyn ventures out to find her lost identity and the answers to where she has been the past six hundred years. What she uncovers, is a dark secret alluding to her involvement with Abaddon and the malevolent forces that threaten her beloved Travis. A mystic vision and an unlikely escort urge her to go back and retrieve the ancient manuscript, for all will be revealed in the third book.

Courage Begins: A Ray Courage Mystery Novella (Ray Courage Private Investigator Series Book 1)

by R. Scott Mackey

Garrett and Tiffanie Bate had it allâ??youth, money, and a perfect marriage. Until Tiffanie is killed in a suspicious accident. Neither the police nor the insurance investigators can prove she was murdered and the case turns cold.

Two years later the insurance company asks an internâ??former college professor turned private eye Ray Courageâ??to reopen the investigation. He uncovers little new evidence to support suspicions that Garrett killed his wife for the insurance money. Garrett has the perfect alibiâ??hundreds of witnesses that place him more than two hours from the scene of Tiffanie’s death. Ray knows he’s missing something. But what? As his search for the truth unfolds, Ray’s life is put in jeopardy and he realizes his adversary is someone who’ll kill before he’ll be caught.

In this prequel to Courage Matters, Ray Courage begins his private investigation career, displaying the skills, abilities and sense of humor that have made him a fan favorite around the world.

Darker Than Night (A Carter Williams Thriller Book 1)

by Erick Burgess

Seasoned yet troubled homicide detective, Carter Williams, is reluctantly reinstated to the force to investigate the death of a reputed child molester and murderer. The gruesome murder upsets no one, but as the killer goes on to torture and slay numerous victims, he surprisingly wins favor with the public. As the case becomes more and more personal, Williams’ own reputation is threatened as he deals with department politics, a young partner, and a fragile home life. Williams struggles to unravel the gruesome mystery while trying to hold onto everything he has so carefully strived to protect.

The Pits

by Greg Smith

After nearly 20 years serving in the Marine Corps, Captain Kramer thought he’d been prepared for anything life had to throw him. He returns from deployment to Afghanistan with a new dog, Shadow. Back in Oceanside, California he and Shadow are drawn into a struggle to oust local gangs involved in a bloody sport. Kramer and Shadow’s activities capture the attention of the FBI who quickly enlist their help in an operation to bring down a major crime lord based in Florida. Captain Kramer, USMC and Corporal Shadow, USMC soon find themselves in their deadliest fight ever.

Of all the crimes to receive major focus in literary thrillers, the one depicted in this book has to be one of the rarest. Even more rare are stories that feature dogs as major characters without resorting to an overabundance of predictable slapstick humor. This novel, THE PITS, certainly features its fair range of emotions, but for the most part it is thrilling, suspenseful, and very serious.

I have never read a book that so brilliantly captured an animal’s legitimate role in certain dangerous situations. A well-trained canine in the field, for a variety of different jobs, is priceless, and Smith (clearly another dog lover) is able to capture that undeniable fact in brilliant prose.

Although Corporal Shadow, USMC, is a somewhat personified character, he still reads as an authentic trained pooch. Captain Kramer, USMC, also has an air of legitimacy about him, sharing a number of personality traits with real men his age who have seen military action. These characterizations give the novel a distinct air of credibility, portraying author Greg Smith as a man who is either highly knowledgeable or who certainly does his research â?? or both.

Smith intended for the relationship between Kramer and Shadow to be one of intense love and trust. I cannot stress how much that relationship highlighted how horrible the abuse these dogs forced to fight experienced. This novel had the ability to shock me with the amount of detail provided about the abuses these animals were forced to endure. The amount of effort placed in raising awareness in this novel has to be acknowledged. 

THE PITS handles a sensitive topic in a very inspiring way, with an interesting story line full of twist and discoveries. I recommend this novel and give it 4 out of 4 stars. If you have ever loved a dog, or any animal for that matter, then you will understand and appreciate Captain Kramer’s dedication to fight for the animals he loves.

If you love a good action/adventure book where the hero has a righteous cause, you’ll love The Pits by Greg Smith and you’ll be excited to know that the ending hints at a second book. He is also keen to use most of the sales from his books to helping animal shelters.

The Fives Run North-South

by Dan Goodin

The Fives Run North-South tells the story of Adam Mann and the mysterious driver of a red SUV. After a frightening road rage incident, Adam continues to be the target of irrational ire, as the unknown driver’s increasingly unhinged acts of revenge threaten to destroy his home and work life.

But just as Adam discovers the identity of the SUV’s driver, the narrative turns to Ben Keaton, whose father Rob has suddenly passed away.

Only Rob knew the truth behind the road rage incident. It was a story in need of an ending only Ben could provide. Ben begins to suspect that the answers hold clues to Rob’s untimely death.

Parallel mysteries will keep you on the edge of your seat as fiction reveals hidden truths in this fast-paced psychological thriller.

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