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Lifestyle Of Minimalism: How To Turn Your Home To a Clutter Free and Enjoy With Less

by Esther King

Have you ever came to idea that you can reduce number of your belongings at least half ? Wouldn’t be better to stop overspending for unnecessary items?

Have you ever thought about how much time you can release and use it more pleasurable way than managing material possessions ?

But be more happy with what we have, and not striving to have more, buy more, and take care of more?

If your answer is Yes, this book is for you.

With Lifestyle Of Minimalism, you will learn techniques to stop your hoarding tendencies, to clean out your mental clutter, and to move on living a life that has less but is so much fuller than it has ever been before.

After reading this book you will know:

  • minimalism principles
  • minimalism with children
  • how to get rid of unnecessary
  • how to clear your living and working areas
  • how to maintain a minimalist lifestyle
  • and much, much more..

It’s time to put an end to the invisible feeling of being held back and start to make changes you wanted to do.

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Simplify Your Lifestyle: Seven Steps To A Clutter Free Home and Happy Living With Less

by Neal Hoffman

Have you ever felt like stop buying unnecessary things, clutter free your house and spend more quality life with your family? Have you been trying hard to organize your living and working space and live with less? Simplify Your lifestyle is a solution you are looking for.

The most important thing you can take away from this book is that you deserve to live a lifestyle where you are happy with how your home and workplace is organized.

This book will not just give you directions how to throw old newspapers. Here you will learn how stay happy with less.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Why do we stash objects
  • Benefits of simplifying your lifestyle
  • How to organize a kitchen
  • Organizing the living spaces
  • Varying Degrees of Simplifying
  • And much, much moreâ?¦

If you are ready to take control and see changes for better, simply scroll up and grab a copy of Simplify Your Lifestyle today.

Mini Farming! A Beginner’s Guide: Build a Practical and Self-Sufficient Mini Farm and Grow Organic Food at Home (backyard homestead, backyard chickens Book 1)

by Shane Reece

Mini Farm: Money, Great Health, and Delicious Food!

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The above mentioned can all be yours by starting your own mini farm. The money you will save by growing and cultivating your own food, as well as selling it at farmer’s markets will add income to your household, in some cases more than $15,000 a year. Not to mention the health benefits of working outside on your mini farm is one of the best exercises, working all muscle groups and stimulating the mind. The best part about all of this is the organic, all natural food you will be preparing and serving at your dinner table.

This guide offers a stepping stone into creating your own sustainable mini farm, showing you different options, and various methods to incorporate into your new lifestyle. It is easy to read, with links to further information and can be finished in one day’s commute into the city. Even if you have only a quarter acre of land to with which to work, you too can have all the benefits of a mini farm.

Growing fruits and vegetables, raising chickens or quail and preserving the bounty you harvest are all covered in this book. This is your spring board to motivate you and your family into the journey of a healthy, happy lifestyle. Pick up your copy of Mini Farming! A Beginner’s Guide: Build a Practical and Self-Sufficient Mini Farm and Grow Organic Food at Home and start reading today. Shane Reece is the author of several eBooks on outdoor living and this one captures the spirit of taking it to the next level. Good luck on your journey to a healthy life!

Here’s A Little Peek Inside The Book:

* First and foremost; taking care of the legal matters

* A great free resource where you can plan your Mini Farm

* Getting immediate results without wasting years on soil composition

* A look at both; Vertical and Horizontal Gardening

* The Great debate of Chicken vs Quail

* Now that you know how to grow your own food, how are you going to preserve it?

* It’s time to talk about money

* All of the above and much more…

Would You Like To Know All That And Much More??

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Seven-Day Super Smoothie Cleanse Action Plan: Lose Up To 7 Pounds or Drop Up To 2 Pant Sizes In 7 Days Without Feeling Hungry

by Sharon Chen

Having trouble losing weight? Want to look lean and sexy in your swimming suit at the beach? Trying to shed a few pounds quickly for that upcoming big event? Thinking about going to that pool party, but not quite confident about your body? Your calorie intake is through the roof after the holiday, and you wonder what to do to make yourself feel better.

What if there was an easy way for you to drop a couple pant sizes and feel great in just a week without having to take the time to step into the gym?

What’s Seven-Day Super Smoothie Cleanse Action Plan

Seven-Day Super Smoothie Cleanse Action Plan is designed to offer you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plan to help you detox your body, lose weight, and, most importantly, build a healthy eating habit by drinking super delicious, super easy-to-make, super healthy smoothies for seven days. If you are worried about being hungry during the process, don’t be. Unlike other cleanse plan, there are six nutritious solid meals designed in the plan, such as Spicy Avocado Seared Tuna Combo and Healthy Vegetable Salad with four different dressings of your choice. Why? Because protein from an oily fish like tuna is the key to building lean muscle, and good fats from avocado are sating and packed with omega-3s, which help burn fat and reduce cellular inflammation.

Whether you are new to smoothies or know your way around a blender, I’ll walk you through the plan day by day, step by step, to ensure that you get the results you want.

What Does Seven-Day Super Smoothie Action Plan Offer?

  • A seven-day calendar with your pre-planned smoothie and salad meals.
  • A grocery shopping list to guide you through your local grocery store knowing exactly what to pick up, with the exact volume.
  • A detailed preparation guide helping you mentally and physically prepare for your cleanse.
  • Exactly what to do and what not to do during the seven days.
  • Powerful smoothie recipes with clear nutrition facts.
  • Tips on how to make a perfect smoothie.
  • Multiple healthy and delicious combo recipes for you to customize your plan.
  • Vibrant photos showing what your meals will look like.
  • What to do after you successfully finish your plan.
  • Introduction to a new lifestyle.
  • A free bonus inside.

This smoothie action plan has been proven to help you lose weight, reduce craving, and eat healthy in just seven days. Whether you want to fit into your favorite jeans again, are hoping to be ready for bikini season this summer, simply need a detox after all that serious eating during the holidays, or just feel like your body could use a cleanse, this book is for you!

Take Action, and Get Results!

Action plans won’t work without action. Scroll up to BUY NOW and start your delicious Seven-Day Super Smoothie Cleanse Action Plan right away.

Dealing With Temperamental Kids: Anger Management for Kids to Understand Their Feelings (Rage & Control)

by Melinda Benson

Life with a temperamental child can be difficult but as well as that, it can also be very isolating. When our children act out and do not display the accepted behaviors of society we can find ourselves being left out of group activities, neglected by friends and family and reluctant to even leave the house for fear of what our child may do next. This book is designed to help you to face your temperamental child’s problems head on and hopefully work through them to a point where you no longer feel this way.

“Dealing With Temperamental Kids: Anger Management for Kids to Understand Their Feelings” covers everything you need to know about understanding the temperamental child and working with them through their anger. Anger management can be a daunting prospect, particularly for a child, but this book takes things slowly with step by step approaches that will help your child come to terms with their emotions.

As you journey through ” Dealing With Temperamental Kids: Anger Management for Kids to Understand Their Feelings” you will learn about the what defines a temperamental child, how you can help your temperamental child with your own reactions to their behavior and how you can help your child to help themselves.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– Helping your child to develop social skills.

– Understanding your position as a role model.

– How to give consequences.

– Other options for treating the temperamental child.

– And Much More

Don’t Delay, Download This Book Today!

Drink Juice Lose Weight: The No BS Juice Cleanse That Starts Cutting Fat and Restoring Energy In Less Than One Week.

by Victor Gee

Tired of BS Juice Diets and Other Nonsense That Make Promises They Cannot Backup? Me Too!

In Drink Juice Lose Weight what you learn is not an overnight drop 500 lbs and look like an Olympic Athlete kind of diet that is hard to follow and sets you up for failure so you can stay fat. It is straight forward and will help you establish the healthy habit of drinking juice instead of eating the junk you are used to eating. Juicing is awesome, healthy and delicious. If you take the principles from this book it will over time change everything about you from the way you look at fitness and health, the way you look at and consume food, and the amount of energy and passion for life you have.

In This Book You Will Get

  • Over 80 Juice Recipes!
  • An Introduction to Juicing
  • The Two Proven Methods of Juicing
  • How to Deal With Withdrawals
  • And more with a Special Bonus at the end!
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    Organic Perfume: The Ultimate beginner’s Guide to Making the Best Organic Perfume in 24 Hours or Less! (Organic Perfume – Perfume – Perfume Recipes – Organic … – Aromatherapy – Homemade Perfume Recipes)

    by Sarah Cohen

    The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making The Best Organic Perfume!

    Make your own scents using essential oils and other organic materials!

    Learn how to create chemical-free perfumes in the comforts of your own home!

    Many of us underestimate the power of scents. Choosing the right fragrance is more than just smelling good. The sense of smell is linked to enhanced memory, sleep enhancement, relaxation and better health in general. You can create a more positive atmosphere if you can choose the perfect scent for you! Unfortunately, synthetic perfumes and other similar products use harsh chemicals and strong substances which can just cause harm in the long run. Most perfume companies use chemicals that can cause long-term health problems to the wearer. Why choose harmful products when you can opt for safer options?

    This book will give you the basic knowledge you need in creating your own perfume from organic materials. There are numerous benefits of using essential oils to create your own scents! You can choose specialized oils that can help you relax or sleep better. You can choose ones which will help uplift your mood or enhance your memory. Once you understand how essential oils work, making a perfume will be an addicting hobby that will bring out your creative side! You don’t need any special skill or equipment to make your own perfume. Browse through the pages of this book, and learn how you can start now!

    Why You Must Have This Book Today!

    > In this book you will learn the history of perfume-making.

    > This book will teach you make your own perfume from scratch.

    > In this book you will learn about the dangers of synthetic perfume.

    > This book will guide you n understanding how essential oils work.

    > This book will teach you to use organic materials in making your own perfume.

    > In this book you will learn what you can do to make scents that are not harmful to the environment.

    > This book will help you to make educated choices when it comes to perfumes.

    > This book will teach you to choose the right ingredients for your perfume recipe.

    > This book will give you the confidence to start making your own perfume.

    What you’ll Discover from “Organic Perfume- The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making The Best Organic Perfume in 24 hours or Less! “

    * History of perfumery

    * Dangers of synthetic perfume

    * Understanding essential oils

    * The basics of perfume notes

    * Steps in making your own perfume

    * Choosing the ingredients for your perfume

    * Making a solid perfume

    Want to Know More?

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    Sewing: The Ultimate Guide to Learning Sewing from A to Z: (Sewing,Sewing Book,Sewing Guide, Sewing Tips, Sewing for Beginners)

    by Laila Rhode

    Sewing: The Ultimate Guide to Learning Sewing from A to Z

    While each machine is particular and you should counsel your administrator’s manual for the most perfect way to make sewing projects, this book will help you get essential learning on how it should be done appropriately.

    Covering the essentials from data on needle sizes and making catch crevices to tips for sewing garments, it gives you a better base learning.

    Tags: Sewing,Sewing Book,Sewing Guide, Sewing Tips, Sewing for Beginners

    Homemade Laundry Detergent: How to Make Your Own Low-Cost Homemade Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener

    by Pamela Fisher

    Homemade Laundry Detergent: How to Make Your Own Low-Cost Homemade Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener

    Learn How To Make Your Own DIY Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener!

    Here’s what you will find in this DIY book:

    • 5 recipes for Borax free homemade laundry detergents
    • 5 recipes with Borax
    • 5 recipes for Borax free liquid homemade laundry detergents
    • 5 recipes for liquid detergents with Borax
    • 10 recipes for homemade fabric softeners
    • Detailed instructions and explanation how to make your own homemade laundry soap and supplies

    Stop worrying about dangerous chemicals hiding in store bought detergents, with these recipes you control what goes in and what not. You control what your laundry will smell like, you have many more fragrances to choose from then with store bought detergents. And to top it all off all you need is to mix a few low cost and easily available ingredients.

    These are the four main ingredients you will need for you DIY laundry detergent:

    • Borax
    • Washing Soda
    • Baking Soda
    • Castile Soap

    These seemingly chemical-based and possibly unfamiliar ingredients are actually more eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and safe than you think. Find out what these substances are made from, why they are a much safer alternative to store bought cleaning products, how they make your laundry extra clean, and where to get them!

    This book also includes a description on other essential ingredients like Vinegar, Salt and Essential Oils. Included in the recipe book is a brief guide on how to achieve wonderful, almost aromatherapy beneficial smell for your laundry by using essential oil blends.

    Look all of us want to save money and at the same time get our laundry clean. Also, most of us are very concerned when it comes to what cleaning products are made of. Do you even know half of the ingredients listed on the back label of your favorite detergent soap or fabric softener? And do you have any idea what these chemicals are capable of?

    Save Money and Go Eco-Friendly with Child-Safe Homemade Detergent!

    The truth is there are just too many factors to consider, and that makes buying laundry detergent so difficult. However making your own homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener can cut down your detergent expenses by half. That means you don’t need to cut down on other things your family needs for the sake of clean laundry. You can now have some financial leeway because making homemade laundry soap and supplies involves mostly cheap ingredients and no more than 60 minutes of your time every few weeks or so.

    So even if you are a busy, working mom or dad you will still have the time to whip up a homemade batch of detergent and fabric softener.

    Find out more about how to make homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener, why it’s good for your kids, and how you can tweak it to make it suit your own personal preferences.

    Get Homemade Laundry Detergent book today!

    Crochet Projects: How to Crochet Beautiful Crochet and Afghan: (Crochet, Crochet for Beginners, How to Crochet, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Projects)

    by Amy Habbard

    Crochet Projects: How to Crochet Beautiful Crochet and Afghan

    Like the many hobbies and pastimes of people, the world of needlework became popular to millions of people from all over the world. Crochet is one of the most versatile handiworks that has been developed and modified over time.

    At the moment, I have one piece of trivia that I am dying to share. It was said that in the early existence of crochet, pieces were actually done by the fingers instead of the different types and sizes of hooks we came to know! It was believed that who belong in the middle and upper classes of society have crocheted strands and strands of threads to create fabrics that were similar to lace.

    Tags: Crochet, Crochet for Beginners, How to Crochet, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Projects

    Crocheting: Crocheting for Beginners, I Can Crochet! Featuring Free- Crochet Patterns and Easy Crochet Stitches- The Complete Crochet Tutorial – 2nd Edition (Needlework for beginners Book 1)

    by Meredith Graham

    ****************2nd Edition*********************

    I Can Crochet! The Complete Crochet Tutorial for Beginners Featuring Free Crochet Patterns and Easy Crochet Stitches

    Free bonus inside! (Right After Conclusion) – Get limited time offer, Get your BONUS right NOW!

    Have you been hunting for the perfect hobby, but do not want to spend a fortune or spend years learning how to do it right?

    Would you like to make your gift-giving a more personal experience?

    Would you love to learn one of the most colorful and versatile hobbies out there fast and efficiently?

    Everyone loves to receive gifts that have a lot of thought and attention to individual tastes in mind. You can finally be the one that creates the perfect birthday, graduation or wedding present! Download this book TODAY and:

    – Learn what basic supplies you need to get started right away!

    – Learn the basic crochet stitches and begin doing them immediately!

    – Find out to properly gauge the stitches for every project.

    – Discover how to pick the perfect yarn.

    – Learn the basic crochet stitches needed for nearly any item you want to make!

    Not only will you learn the basics of supplies, equipment and stitching technique, but there are three projects that you can start on right away! They are all perfect for a beginner in crochet and yield beautiful results. You will not have to struggle for weeks and months before starting a project. You can get started immediately. Download this book NOW and:

    – Make a soft baby blanket in your choice of dimensions!

    – Learn how to crochet a basic scarf.

    – Really impress the girls in your life with a beautiful jewel clasp neck warmer!

    – Build on your knowledge and learn even more intricate crochet stitches.

    – Quickly develop the skills to tackle any pattern or make your own!

    Crochet is a hobby that is relaxing and it produces an end product that your friends and family will cherish for years. The versatility you can incorporate at every step makes each and every project one with your signature style built right in. Get started today!

    ***Limited Edition***

    Download your copy today!

    How to Make Dried Herbs: Drying Herbs for Natural Healing (Organic & Alternative Healing)

    by Carmen Haynes

    This book is your key to learning how to dry herbs to use for healing and health. The magic thing about herbs is that you can use them in conjunction with conventional medicines (with some exceptions) and can even incorporate them into your daily life as part of your food so it’s like you are taking delicious medicine with astounding benefits. Some herbs are easier to dry than others, and we discuss that here. Some herbs are best grown from home and then harvested so that you know not only what kind of care that they have received but that they are at their optimum health levels. This book will cover which herbs are best for home growing and which are easiest to dry. It will also cover the best methods for drying herbs including superfast methods which you are pressed for time and slower methods which preserve more of the antioxidants, nutrients and medicinal qualities of each herb.

    Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

    – How simply adding more herbs to your regular meals can be beneficial.

    – The real benefits of growing herbs including the benefits of tending a garden.

    – The real discussion about what you can realistically help with the use of herbs and what you cannot.

    – How certain herbs can interfere with your medications and how to avoid these interactions.

    – The many methods of drying your herbs plus some additional methods of storing herbs for long-term use.

    – The best ways to store your herbs once you have dried them.

    Whether you are a novice or experienced with the use of herbal medicine this book will be a great benefit and will show you how to get the most of all of the best herbs around.

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