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How to Reduce Stress: The Ultimate Stress Reducing Guide for a Lifetime of Happiness (Bonus! Stress Management Tips) (Stress Managment, Solutions, Cure Book 1)

by Aadi Mundil


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You’re about to discover how to better YOUR quality of life by reducing stress. Not only does this book show you how to effectively reduce the stress in your everyday life, but it also provides a pathway for you to take control of your life again. STOP SITTING AROUND WAITING FOR THINGS TO GET BETTER! Take action today and live happier than ever before. Your first step is knowledge. Download this book today and you’ll be on your way.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why stress is something you want to avoid
  • How to combat stress by finding time to do things
  • The powers of setting priorities
  • The amazing effects of saying no on reducing your stress levels

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First Grade Flash Words (Dolch List Flash Words Book 2)

by Agnes Musa

This book of sight “flash” words from the Dolch List helps children easily master sight words.This book is written in large letters to make it easy to read. Pages are done separately, to address the issue of letterand picture distortion on some e-readers.

The book is for children learning to read English, learning English as a second language and for parents teaching children to read. The book is one of several children’s books from this author, available from this outlet.

The author was motivated to write children’s books when she had to teach her own twins born in 2006. English is a second language for them and the boys were doing very badly at school. They could not read, or speak English.

Using the children’s books she writes, the author taught the twins to read and speak English. In 2014, one of the twins came out third overall in second grade at his school and the other twin came out in the top ten. What is working for her own children is what the author shares with other parents in her children’s books.

Aptitude and Math for 2nd Graders: Quantitative Math and aptitude

This book is designed to help Second Graders practice their skills in Maths and general aptitude. Its been my effort to make this book interesting and fun for the kids without overwhelming them.

Some questions might be a tricky,the idea is for the kids to think outside the box and practice.The answers are there every 4 to 5 page for the convenience.

The Bar Exam Trainer: How to Pass the Bar Exam by Studying Smarter

by Lawrence Opalewski

Are you serious about passing the bar? This book uncovers the secrets to passing the bar exam without useless cramming and debilitating stress. In his first book, Opalewski reveals the mistakes most bar preppers make, and how he passed one of the most difficult bar exams in the country on the first attempt by “studying smart.” Among other things, he explains how to achieve peak brain function and how to most efficiently use your days of bar preparation.

Opalewski’s unique, practical, step-by-step guide to bar prep is effective, yet simple enough to easily implement. The concise nature of the book is perfect for bar preppers who don’t have hours for extra reading, and the conversational writing style makes it an enjoyable read. If you’re serious about passing the bar exam, this book will give you the extra edge that most of your peers simply won’t have. Opalewski’s passion for his message and his readers will inspire you to take action after each chapter. You’ll never approach test prep the same way again.

The RoSPA Deception: The RoSPA Pedestrian Injury Simulator: misleading the public as to the their risk in road safety (Live within reason: Spotlight Book 10)

by Andrew Mather

Being well-meaning and well-intentioned are not legitimate reasons to put lives at risk. Misrepresenting reality, reversing the risk almost entirely, gives drivers and pedestrians a false impression as to their own safety, as to the risk they face on the roads. RoSPA is not alone in doing so, but they provide one of the clearest examples of such in their pedestrian simulator, We show how the simulator is misleading, has been deliberately designed to be so, and how it is putting lives at risk by reducing awareness of risk by ordinary drivers and pedestrians, precisely those involved in 98.4% of pedestrian injury.

How To Survive Freshman Year of College: Written BY Students, FOR Students (Surviving College Book 1)

by Jason Anderson

Have you ever wondered how your first year of college is going to be like? We have included information in every aspect a freshman would experience for how to succeed and get through the college experience. Everything from succeeding academically, managing finances, the party scene, to dealing with drugs, alcohol, and sex. We hope this quick read is helpful! Parents feel free to read as well, but again this mainly pertains to the students who will be going through the first year of college!

A Guide in Making a Simple and Comprehensive Action Research

by Zacky Zacarias Cadorna

Many novice researchers had hard times in conducting action research especially in formulating what to write in each part. This Book is designed to help you make an action research in the simplest way.

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