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Peacemakers (The Peacemakers Initiative Book 1)

by Sean Michael O’Dea

The roguish Wage W. Pascal hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a former Rough Rider who marched up San Juan and Kettle Hills with Theodore Roosevelt, but now enjoys dives, danger, and dames thanks to his father’s trust fund and his trusty companion, Ol’ Bill. But now, a new employer will thrust him into a secret world, which may dull his own heart of gold, and lead him to discover the truth about an arcane order of scientists known as the Illuminati …

The relentless Simon Porter is one of the most decorated Pinkerton agents since Allan Pinkerton himself. Without the distraction of sin, spirits, or sex, his investigation skills are unmatched, and he always gets his man. Now he has been tasked with a secret mission to recover a mysterious family heirloom stolen from a wealthy, North Carolina tobacco executive on the night of his daughter’s engagement party. However, when the mission turns dangerous, Simon will awake in New Orleans with no memory of who he once was …

The ruthless William Hardwin FitzOsbern DeLacy is an English Baron. He is also an Architect – one of a handful of master manipulators who play heads of state as though they were pieces on a global chess board. Working for a powerful, clandestine society known only to a few as The Hand, he is on the verge of sparking a world war in Europe until he is reassigned to America to investigate the disappearance of a fellow Architect; a disappearance that may be linked to the defection of one of The Hand’s most deadly assassins …

The empowered Mink Callahan is the much younger bride of an American railroad mogul, Ronald Thomason IV, and she alone carries one of the shocking secrets to his success – she robs his competitors. Despite her moonlighting and masquerading, she tries to reconcile her failing marriage, which is only made less stable by her adopted son, Reginald, who is unbridled, disturbingly covetous, and just a few years younger than Mink. However, when she runs into trouble and an old flame, her station in life will dramatically change …

From Vienna to Chicago. Normandy to New York. From the exquisite decks of the Lusitania to the eerie halls of the Battle Creek Sanitarium; four people will be ensnared in an invisible web of danger and world-domination: the derelict, the detective, the Baron, and the bandit.


by Shielding Cournoyer

Enioreh is your typical jobless Life’s Purpose graduate, until she lands a job as a time-traveling Guardian Angel. Can she save the most important mind in the 21st century with the power of true love? Um, no. She’s going to use her kick-ass fighting skills and lots of someone else’s money.

The Black Witch of Mexico

by Colin Falconer

Would you sell your soul to have anything you wanted?

Adam Prescott has everything; he’s earning big money as an emergency specialist at one of Boston’s biggest hospitals, he has a fancy apartment in Beacon Hill, everything is working out fine.

But when his girlfriend dumps him, it hits him harder than he expected, and he lets himself spiral. On the advice of his boss he takes a sabbatical in rural Mexico – a place where they still believe in magic – and in witches.

A mysterious figure called the Black Crow tells him he can cast a spell and give him anything – anything – he wants … and though he doesn’t really believe in any of it, Adam is tempted.

Anything at all?

Okay, he says. Okay get me my girlfriend back.

And that’s when the nightmare starts.

From the witch markets of Mexico City to the ancient valleys along the Guatemalan border, places still haunted by the statues and ruins of the Olmecs, he is drawn deeper into a world he doesn’t understand and comes to question everything he once believed.

Are witches just superstitious nonsense? Or is there such a thing as real evil in the world?

The Black Witch of Mexico is a chilling psychological thriller where nothing is quite what it seems.

So be careful what you wish for – you might just get it.

The Shades

by Amy Cross

One late September day, the entire population of the United States vanishes, leaving behind nothing but empty streets. For the rest of the world, there’s no explanation for how 300m people could simply vanish in the blink of an eye.

While international organizations dither over what to do next, a powerful company pays for a small team of investigators to head to the U.S. and learn the truth. Once they’re there, however, it becomes clear that a massive cover-up is already in place. Who left warning messages behind, why did a powerful storm hit the city with perfect timing, and what are the Shades?

Originally published in serial form, The Shades is an apocalyptic tale of powerful technology being placed in the wrong hands. Total word count is approximately 100,000. Contains violence, swearing and mild sexual references.

We, the People of the Clouds

by Simon Kewin

Reality is broken…

For Marlon Smith the afterlife is a beach. The computer-generated world his consciousness inhabits provides for his every need. But then flaws begin to appear in the fabric of reality around him. Flaws that shouldn’t be possible. Flaws only he can see.

He has to move quickly, before his actions are spotted and edited out. He starts to uncover the truth of how the afterlife functions. As he does so, he reveals unexpected secrets about his own past, too.

And he also finds out about those who are intent on destroying his whole reality…

A virtual reality science fiction novella.

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