Free travel Kindle books for 29 May 15

Bad Stew: Rude Awakening

by Morgan Carver Richards

Scarlett is not a bad person, but she is a bad stew. Her adventures and misadventures as a flight attendant are vulgar, raw, and sexually charged.

Bad Stew, Rude Awakening, is the first volume of the Bad Stew Series. It is a journey through Scarlett’s daily life, including various one-night stands, drunken passengers, and failed drug tests. After possibly ruining her open relationship with the man she loves, Scarlett must find ways to keep her life interesting, without hurting those she loves or losing her job.

What happened in room 100 at Chelsea Hotel? The death of Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious

by Bengt-Erik Larsson

11am on October 12. 1978. The Police got a phone call from a young man who said that he had found his girlfriend dead in their bathroom. The young man was Sid Vicious, the girlfriend Nancy Spungen and the bathroom was in apartment 100 in Chelsea Hotel on West 23rd street in New York.

When the police arrived they found Nancy Spungen in a pool of blood. She was wearing a bra and black lace panties, she was lying against the bathroom wall. She had knife wounds in her stomach.

How did all this happened?

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: The awful splendour of the Philippines

by Keith Warren

A mixture of photo journalism and fiction which explores highly effectively the paradox of the Philippines: it is at one and the same time a country of stunning natural beauty and also a society riven by social inequality, corruption, pollution and superstitions rooted deep in the past. The authors are friends who live in the Iloilo area of the Western Visayas. Each has used his creative skills to create a unique written and pictorial montage of their surroundings.

One Light Bag: Packing Tips

by Dean Roberts

This eBook is a short and sweet guide full of useful tips for packing light. I have been travelling with just one light bag for the past several years and now I want to help others achieve the same.


by John S. Dunn

A small sailboat heading southeast of the Windward Islands off the coast of South America is attacked by pirates with deadly consequences. A scary situation with an unexpected resolution.

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