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Charming Billy

by Gerald Lane Summers

General William, “Billy” Brand, retired from the RAF and the USAF suffers from PTSD.  On the verge of suicide at age 57, he is advised by his psychologist to return to Europe to re-establish his relationship with Countess Moira Sinclair-Lewis, face his fears and air battles during the Battle of Britain and find a way to deal with the horrors that have been haunting him for so long.   

Gerald Lane Summers, J.D. is a retired lawyer and juvenile court referee with thirty years of service within the Justice system of California. He has served in every branch of the system, from police officer, probation officer, and as a Grand Jury Foreman. As a hobby, he studies military history at great length, especially the Battle of Britain as featured in this novel. He has also been a private pilot and understands the nature of aviation.

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The Last Colonial

by Joseph Bell

Love, passion and greed are set against the horror of a brutal civil war in 1970s East Africa.

Insurance engineer O’Grady is sent to investigate an explosion on a hospital ship. Motivated by his attraction to a lady doctor, he takes charge of trying to save the old vessel. He meets Alan Craig, Government military advisor and the soldier and engineer become firm friends.

O’Grady then buys and commissions an ancient tug for a lucrative contract that also keeps him near the doctor. He and his son are welcomed by the colonials, where nobody is quite as they appear, including Craig and his promiscuous wife Muriel.

However, the feudal kingdom has provided a platform for ruthless exploitation and everyone’s lives are shattered in the ensuing brutality and destruction. As the warfare envelops them, the friends plan to steal a fortune in a desperate bid to escapeâ?¦

Three Heads of the Dragon: A story of Terrorism, Love and Revenge in 1960’s Singapore

by Chris Elsden

It’s 1964. Indonesia’s President is furious as he reads a report confirming his

Military confrontation with Britain along the Borneo border is failing and the Federation of Malaysia is still intact. To make matters worse, the President’s security service have just warned him that they believe Budiman, his Army Chief and possibly some of his senior officers could be plotting against him and that his highly contentious plan to land Indonesian saboteurs covertly into Singapore without his Military Chiefs’ knowledge has been uncovered. Budiman, horrified at the implications of this foolhardy action, orders a halt to the operation But Colonel Ibrahim, the officer charged with planning and implementing the incursion appears to have disappeared without trace.

In Singapore, ethnic rioting has erupted across the Island. Police stations and kampongs have been set ablaze and countless numbers of residents, injured or killed: a curfew is imposed to try to regain some order.

At the same time, six men, who have been secretly selected by Colonel Ibrahim for their demolition skills, have just been despatched by fishing junk from a remote village in north eastern Sumatra. Their objective: to make a clandestine landing in Malaysia and with the help of local sympathisers, cross the causeway into Singapore to incite more racial unrest and sabotage British military installations and transportation links with the mainland.

But on route, the six terrorists rescue an unconscious airman from a Royal Navy helicopter that had ditched in the sea. Should they drop him back overboard and do everything they can to avoid the British search and rescue operation or should they risk everything and try to help him?

Osman, the saboteur’s leader, a clever but ruthless man, seizes the opportunity; abandons Ibrahim’s orders and risking all, heads directly to Singapore with the casualty, where they are welcomed with open arms by the local authorities and the British military. Pleased with their deception, the men secure their junk alongside a jetty in the harbour and make ready to slip ashore. As they prepare to leave the junk they receive a warning that their identity cards have been discovered to be false and that the police are on their way back to their junk to arrest them. With no time to spare, the men fake their deaths by blowing up the junk and make their escape into Chinatown to start their part in Indonesia’s subterfuge operations against Singapore’s authorities, its people and the British military defending them.

But Osman had no idea there was a traitor in their midst who will stop at nothing to try to end the madness.

And there was Jimmy Jones, a drunk and ‘has been’ investigative journalist, who scrapes a living as a freelance reporter for the local newspaper. This morning he is euphoric; his latest piece on Indonesia’s escalation of the military confrontation with Britain is global news. But his elation is short lived as the journalist heads to Raffles Hotel to meet an informer who says he has a horrifying secret to tell. The whispered words in the hotel bar, a massive bomb explosion in the street outside, the pointless death of an Admiral’s daughter and the kidnapping of a British naval officer were about to expose Jimmy and his young Chinese assistant to the full savagery of Osman and his team as they discover the terrorists cleverly disguised trail from Singapore harbour, across the Straits of Johore and into the deadly Malaysian jungle.

The British Prime Minister, furious at the escalation of the conflict to the shores of Singapore, orders his Secretary for Defence to the Island. Terrorism, directed at the heart of Britain’s interests in Asia would not be tolerated.

But the Prime Minister had no idea then that the Defence Secretary’s life too, would soon be in grave and imminent danger…

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