Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 30 May 15

VirtualBox at Warp Speed: Virtualization with VirtualBox

by Senthil Nathan

This book offers a practical approach at virtualization using the open source virtualization software VirtualBox. Most industry use of virtualization relies on commercial products which offer a plethora of features for top dollar. The book will help you achieve virtualization quickly, without having to spend on commercial software. This book will influence you to virtualize your servers you build going forward. It cuts to the chase and provides a distilled approach to learning virtualization and VirtualBox in expressive and easily digestible chapters. With zero cost, small time investment and the tools and knowledge you need, there will be no stopping you from realizing all the benefits of virtualization. The book comes with a set of scripts, that lays out the command syntax and the sequence. Avoids the guess work and trail & error to get where you need to be.

The book provides an overview of virtualization and a hands-on command-line approach to constructing and maintaining your virtualized environment. The book aims to:

Be a tutorial to follow and setup your virtualization environment with VirtualBox

Be a reference guide in managing your virtual server farms at home, small office or a large corporation

Keep the material relevant, exciting, practical yet simple

Deliver core concepts, ready-to-use scripts and principle practices to follow to maintain your environment

Provide a foundation for a career in virtualization

Take the misconceptions out of virtualization

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Keep it Real while keeping it Virtual!

The Windows Computer Tuning Manual

by Chris Mills

All Windows Computer that are not maintained lose performance over time. Slow starting and slow running programs on a computer is frustrating; conversely, a nippy computer is a joy to use.

The Windows Computer Tuning Manual distills the author’s 35 years of computer-tuning experience into a user-friendly, step-by-step set of instructions to restore your computer to ‘out-of-the-box’ performance, and possibly much better as bloatware is removed, drivers are updated and the latest Windows Updates incorporated.

A Kindle Whitepaper Reader is the perfect Computer Tuning Companion, as it can be open at the page to give guidance and instructions while you are tuning your computer.

The text assumes only a modicum of computer experience, and with the help of Google Search, all tuning actions can be completed.

Tuning tools freely available from the Internet are referenced, along with advice on how they work and whether upgrades should be purchased.

Protecting precious data is discussed, with instructions on how to back-up the computer, either through just saving documents or creating an image or clone of the disk drive.

Finally, performance upgrade options are discussed, including upgrading memory and Hard-Disk Drives to the new, fast and efficient Solid-State Drives.

Android Arcade Game App: A Real World Project – Case Study Approach

Android Arcade Game App: A Real World Project – Case Study Approach is no different in that it walks you through creating an arcade style Prison Break game app-top to bottom – for an Android smartphone or tablet. This book teaches you the unique characteristics and challenges of creating an Arcade style game And it provides you with the full source code for this sample game app.

This book is for Android app developers with at least some experience, preferably with Android game apps.

Escape the Rat Race and Start Making Money Online: Earn Money While Sitting at your Home on Autopilot

by Steve Smith

Earn money while sitting at your home – A chance to expand your business globally and internationally

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

“Money is power”. Yes it is true that money is power and it can add power to your life. It is a way of wishing fulfillment for you. So, why not to cash as much money as you can? This mechanical world is opening the widened doors of opportunities for earning money. Some are online tactics while others are offline tactics. The wiser people prefer to choose online tactics of earning money. The reason is online earning demands less fatigue, fewer hectic and more relaxation. So, read this book and come to know about how you can earn money online. What are the excellent methods of earning money through online sources? The basic money making strategies which are mentioned in this book are;, web development, & product posting.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The real method of making money online
  • The extra effective benefits of making money through online resources li>
  • online money earning opportunities vs. offline money making opportunities
  • How you can earn money online?
  • Start earning with affiliated sites
  • what is the step-wise method of doing online work with
  • what is the average income of online web developers?
  • How can you become a web developer of freelancing sites?
  • How to earn money through product postings and writing??!

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List Building Blueprint: Learn how to build a responsive email subscriber list

by Bill Davis

Use this book as a model to build your own email list of subscribers. In it, you will learn all the steps you need to take in order to grow your email list. You will learn how to set up your list, drive traffic to your landing page, build compelling offers to entice people to sign up as subscribers, and create all of the supporting materials, pages, and follow up emails to make your email list building efforts more effective.

You will get a mini-course on Facebook advertising, too. While it’s not comprehensive, it will get you started to building repeatable traffic that you can turn on or off any time you want. (Why turn it off? I have no idea!)

Building your email subscriber list is the single greatest asset you can build for your business. Take advantage of the tremendous opportunity you have available to you right now. Build that list, generate more revenue, and make a more profitable business for yourself.

Untapped Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing: How to find profitable seo and affiliate marketing keywords the easy way – For make money online and … (DareDevil Marketing Series Book 1)

by Red Mikhail

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Inside you’ll learn the easiest and the most UNKNOWN keyword research methods used by the top 1% affiliate marketers in the world

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