Free fantasy Kindle books for 30 May 15

Blood Legacy: Covenants

by Marva Mitchell

Lancelot DeVignes always knew he was different. Jade Millet’s only desire was to leave the stifling little town of Keystone behind forever. Fourteen years after their childhood encounter, Lance returns to Keystone and finds that, through a mystical locket, they share an unnatural bond.

Determined to uncover the secrets of the growing darkness within him and the mysterious bond he shares with Jade, Lance’s search for the truth reveals that the legacy of the vampire is written in his blood. Together with Jade, Lance not only finds himself forced to face his rapid transition into an original vampire, but must survive the dark underworld where, the brutal orders of a secret society rule; a villainous organisation will stop at nothing to possess him and family secrets can be the difference between life and death.

Bonded by a love forged from dark nightmares, Jade and Lance are flung into the whirlwind of a dangerous world that threatens both life and sanity and propels them towards a destination they cannot predict.

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