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Jake 1: MMA Alpha Fighter Brotherhood (MMA Alpha Fighter Brotherhood Series)

by J. S. Cooke

Part 1 of 5 Parts (Short Read)

The Complete Story is also available as a Box Set on Amazon.

Jacob “The Lion” Wright has been fighting since he was a boy.

At school he fought his bullies and since then he’s been fighting to prove himself to the man who put him there.

As a successful self made, wealthy MMA fighter, he has nothing to prove other than what he believes must be done.

Now he finds another reason to fight. Another reason to live for. The man who could have any woman only wants one.

But is Cassie, the girl who is studying to become a lawyer, the right woman for a tattooed cage fighter?

When she becomes an octagon girl out of necessity to make ends meet and is thrown into the same ring as Jake, she finds herself holding much more than a ring card.

She is holding her future in her hands and her heart.

WARNING: This book contains graphic language, sex and violence. It is intended for mature readers only.

MMA Alpha Fighter Brotherhood Series:

These are the stories of the young men who are as brothers to one another. Fighting for the glory of their win in the ring but also with the baggage they have carried from childhood of the expectations of their families and friends.

Each is looking for love, often in the wrong places.

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