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My Splendid Concubine

by Lloyd Lofthouse

First came “My Splendid Concubine” December 2007; then came the sequel “Our Hart, Elegy for a Concubine” in 2010. Both novels have now been combined as one in “My Splendid Concubine’s” 3rd edition.

Robert Hart (1835 – 1911) was the ‘Godfather of China’s modernism’ and the only foreigner the emperor of China trusted. In fact, Hart played a crucial role in ending the bloodiest rebellion in historyâ??the Taiping Rebellionâ??and he owes this success largely to Ayaou, his live-in dictionary and encyclopedia, his Chinese concubine.

About a year after arriving in China in 1854, Robert Hart falls in love with Ayaou, but his feelings for her sister go against the teachings of his Wesleyan-Christian upbringing and almost breaks him emotionally. To survive he must learn how to live and think like the Chinese and soon finds himself thrust into China’s Opium War, where he makes enemies of men such as the American soldier of fortune known as the Devil Soldier.

“My Splendid Concubine’s” 1st and 2nd editions earned honorable mentions in general fiction at the 2008 London Book Festival; the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival and the 2009 San Francisco Book Festival.

“Our Hart, Elegy for a Concubine” earned honorable mentions in general fiction at the 2009 Los Angeles Book Festival; 2009 Nashville Book Festival; 2009 London Book Festival, 2009 DIY Book Festival and was a Finalist of the National Best Books 2010 Awards in historical fiction.

“My Splendid Concubine’s” 3rd edition [formerly “The Concubine Saga”] picked up honorable mentions in fiction at the 2012 San Francisco Book Festival; the 2012 New York Book Festival, and the 2012 London Book Festival.

The Midwest Book Review says, “Many nations adopted modernism in their own ways. ‘The Concubine Saga’ is a historical fiction novel from Lloyd Lofthouse, following famed modernizer Robert Hart, a man who has contributed greatly to China’s advance in the nineteenth century, gaining much power and influence for a foreigner during the period. Drawing on heavily researched passages with great dramatization, ‘The Concubine Saga’ is a strong pick for historical fiction collections, highly recommended.”

* Warning: The first-half of this novel contains graphic-sexual content that reflects Robert Hart’s lifestyle while attending college and during his early years in China that may be considered soft-porn and offensive to some readers. If you think you might be offended, please do not buy and read this novel.

Rosa’s Gold – A Story of Holocaust Echoes

by Ray Kingfisher

Nicole Sutton is a young girl with problems. A tragic car accident has taken away her brother, and ripped her parents’ marriage apart. Together with her mother she moves to a new house, a new town, and a life she never wanted.

In the dusty cellar of the house she stumbles upon a well-worn notebook – the scribbled war memoirs of Mac, an old soldier. His story soon draws her in – to the tragedy and madness of a life left behind in Auschwitz.

Mac’s words speak of living history and real life. They ultimately inspire Nicole to think beyond her troubles, and realise that you can find a little sunshine every day if you look hard enough.

Rosa’s Gold is a companion novel to The Sugar Men, but they can be read in any order.

(approx. 90,000 words)

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Acceptance (Restoration and Acceptance Book 2)

by Sebastian Swan

Acceptance, is the second book in a family saga, spread over two novels. The story tells of the human struggles after the First World War and on through the Second World War.

It faces the agony and apparent randomness and injustice of death. Death rarely occurs without causing pain to loved ones and this family is no exception. Man has been driven throughout history to attempt to make sense of his world and the compulsion is never greater than the need to understand the death of those we love, “Why them?” Apportioning blame can be an answer and innocents may be made to pay the price, long after the initial grief has passed, acceptance is rarely easy.

This family faces the torments, cruelties, evils and uncertainties of the Second World War, as in Restoration the only constant is love and the product of love, hope.

The reader is invited to step into the novel to be part of this family’s trials and joys. By doing this the reader will live along side the characters, to have an opinion and to engage in the thoughts to share in their lives, as they try to function and hold together as a family throughout these tumultuous times in history. This book is in the genre and period of “Downton Abbey”. If that is where your taste is satisfied then this book is for you.

â??I must get back to the joiners’ shop I have work to do,’ he began to tremble. He really didn’t know where he was, this was a strange place, a fearful cold place, never in all his life had he been here, how had he got here? Where had he left his tools? Margaret, he whispered, suddenly he felt dreadfully ill, he staggered over to the lawn his head was buzzing and he fell down onto his knees, then forward onto his face, he was dizzy he felt sick. He remembered now, he been attacked by Sir Robert, was that what had happened? Yes, that was it, it was all coming back, he had seen Margaret at The Towers, his head throbbed where the club had struck him, the pain coursed through his limbs, his hand hurt he pulled his glove off, his fingers were missing. He managed to push himself back up onto his knees, yes he had been attacked he was dying he understood the pain now. He was in agony the pain was excruciating, he was bleeding to death, he couldn’t breathe, tearing at his collar gasping for air, he needed help, he tried to call out but there were no words. He glanced up and a grey figure stood before him, shrouded by the cold damp evening air. His beautiful Margaret, she was there, he was all right now, her arms reached out to him and beckoned him to come all she said was, â??John.’

â??I’ve, I’ve, been attacked Margaret, I’m dying, help me,’ he said as he struggled to his feet, â??my fingers are missing they hurt so much, I am covered in blood it will get on your clothes.’

â??You are safe, quite safe,’ the gentle voice said, â??hold on to me.’ He was in her arms and she held him.

â??Where am I?’

Ancasta Guide me Swiftly Home (The Riduna Series)


The lives of Harriet’s family and friends are interwoven seamlessly through 1910 to 1920, as history comes to life through the eyes of the characters. It is a tale of endurance and hardship through the Great War, contrasted by the excitement of the birth of Supermarine, early flying boat production and The Schneider Trophy.

Hints of character traits formed in early childhood appear to guide the destiny of the menfolk as they play their part in the less well known facets of World War One, but the roles of the womenfolk, too, change beyond recognition.

As we head into 2013 three important centenaries are reflected in Ancasta:

RNAS Calshot in March 1913

The first Schneider Trophy contest in April 1913

The birth of Supermarine in October 1913

Why Ancasta? The River Itchen, important in Roman Times when Southampton was already a strategic port, was allegedly blessed by the Goddess Ancasta to whom the Romans prayed for the swift and safe return of their vessels. So true also during the Great War as Harriet looks out over Southampton Water and waits for news.

Will each member of the family return safely from the war which takes Harriet’s sons as far away as Turkey and India?

Will the roles of women, especially Harriet and her headstrong daughter Sarah, empowered by the daunting responsibility of their loved ones so far away, change their lives forever?

Will the island of Riduna,(the beautiful island of Alderney in the Channel Isands) so deep in Harriet’s soul, continue to caste its magic over Sarah too?

The Wapping Conspiracy

by Richard Thomas

Joycey Becket runs a second-hand bookstore in the seedier part of Greenwich in London. Never too worried about the legality of some of the material that comes his way, he is offered and purchases a strange 17th century manuscript. Suspecting that the document, with its curious map, may be the key to unlocking a real 300-year old pirate mystery, Joycey and his two companions set to work. The consequence is a brutal murder and increasing violence as they pursue the meaning of the letter.

The story behind ‘The Wapping Conspiracy’ is based on a genuine historical incident and suggests the answer to a pirate mystery that has puzzled historians and treasure hunters for centuries. Richard Thomas’s book is based on years of research and refers to real historical material and characters.

Sex with Presidents: Benjamin Harrison

by Zara Tiff

Who would ever want to have sex with Benjamin Harrison? Also who is Benjamin Harrison? Turns out he’s a sexy animal in the sack.

It’s Sex with Presidents, the only erotic series that promises sex with every US President.

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