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Dream World

by Sebastian Swan

“DREAM WORLD” is set in the few years immediately before and after 1066.

William the Conqueror could never have imagined the impact that gruesome October day on Senlac ridge would have, not only on the establishing of the England we know, but debatably, the history of the world.

This story puts flesh on the names and breath in the lungs of the people, etched into every English person’s psyche from school days.

Jarl Magnus Matthewson, from Northumbria, having been literally plunged into the cauldron of history, is faced with the moral choices conflicting with loyalty, honour and friendship, and his concern for those who place their simple trust in him.

“Live history with him.”

â??How can we humankind turn this noble work of God into such corruption? I gag at the charnel stench of the place; look at this mess before us. History will come with her needle and stitch the tapestry to hang upon the walls of time for all to see; though the pigment for her thread is this day’s bloody earth, time will fade the vision and man will be compelled to stain the cloth anew.’

â??Her work will be viewed from where the viewer stands, your Majesty. I see only men who have given all. Let those who did not give their all, upon this bloody bridge, judge us as they will, I care little. You may be remembered, but I will be forgotten as surely as those who lie before us.’

103 Facts About the Civil War (Exploring the Civil War)

by Marcus McPherson

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the American Civil War? Now you can with this fun, fact-filled guide to the bloodiest war fought in the United States. In this book, you will learn 103 facts about the war, the soldiers, and other categories pertaining to the era.


* …there were more Confederate generals born in the north than Union generals born in the south?

* …that an estimated 300 women fought as soldiers during the war?

* …that Ulysses S. Grant hated war tunes and only knew one song?

Learn incredible facts about the greatest war of the 19th century, spanning across seven categories:

* Soldiers & Army

* Weapons & Artillery

* Battles & War

* Naval

* Health & Medical

* Societal & Economical

* Political

The Fear of Action: A Classic Article in the History of Psychology

by Pierre Janet

A Classic Psychology Article

A fascinating account of phobias, sentiments and obsessions occurring in the course of neuroses, The Fear of Action was originally presented as a paper by Pierre Janet at the Atlantic City meeting of the American Psychopathological Society in June, 1921.

This classic article has been re-edited and produced in kindle format as part of an initiative by the website to make important, insightful and engaging psychology publications widely available.

Adventures of an English Gentleman in the Early American West: A memoir of Philip Becher’s experiences in San Francisco, Bakersfield, and Chico, California and Spokane, Washington in the late 1800s

In 1876, Philip Tudor Becher left his wealthy British home in search of adventure. He spent the next several years doing various jobs in San Francisco, Bakersfield, and Chico, California where he found no lack of encounters with dangerous situations. His escapades range from almost getting shot by an angry boss and drunken landlord to falling off a flume while trying to dislodge a log jam and nearly getting killed by a mountain lion. Philip eventually married Ruth Brison and moved his young family to Spokane, Washington where they had run-ins with squatters trying to violently take their land and a criminal gang causing problems. Through it all, Philip and Ruth use their wits, charisma, and innate strength to survive in the early American West.

Learning ENGLISH Helped Me – A GERMAN Prisoner of War – to Outlive in RUSSIAN Captivity

This unique book contains a report about the captivity of Hans Hempel (1920-1996) as a German prisoner of war in a Russian detention camp in the Caucasus from 1945 to 1949.

Also he remembered his march through Europe as a tank wireless operator in the Second World War from 1939 to 1945.

He wrote this first-person narrative in prose and poems after coming home to his family in 1949.


This report consists of poems I had learnt by heart and anchored in my head until I came home in December 1949. The verses were not set down in my motherâ??s tongue, in German, but in English!

Some weeks after my return I wrote them down. I hadnâ??t forgotten any verse. Reading the poems I was disappointed. I had been a German Prisoner of War who tried to outlive those dark years behind bars by learning English, but I wasnâ??t an author.

At the end of 1983 I decided definitive to take the brochures out of the drawer, to complete them by parts in prose and to illustrate them with some pictures.

When I have finished Iâ??ll send a copy to the Imperial War Museum in London. There may lie essential better written reports in abundance but I donâ??t believe there is one more report as mine.


“It is probably for the first time in history that memoirs were set down in English by a German prisoner of war in Sovietâ??Russia more than 2 000 miles from his native town. ”


Published by his grandson Tobias Hempel

Women Soldiers in the Civil War (Exploring the Civil War)

by Marcus McPherson

Did you know an estimated 400 women fought in the Civil War? In this book, you will meet 16 of the known cases, including Frances Clayton, Jennie Hodgers, and Malinda Blalock. This is an ideal guide for Civil War buffs everywhere!


* Fanny Wilson

* Florena Budwin

* Frances Clayton

* Frances Hook

* Jennie Hodgers

* Laura J. Williams

* Lizzie Compton

* Loreta Janeta Velázquez

* Malinda Blalock

* Mary and Molly Bell

* Mary Burns

* Mollie Bean

* Nellie Graves

* Sarah Collins

* Sarah Emma Edmonds

* Sarah Rosetta Wakeman

Abi of Cyrene

by Mary Lou Cheatham

In the Bible this character has no name, but we know who she is. In the last chapter of Romans, the Apostle Paul sends her a greeting because he loves her like his own mother. Simon, her husband, is the last person who performs an act of kindness for Christ before the crucifixion. Her two sons, Alexander and Rufus, appear to be leaders in the early church. It seems she spends her later years in Antioch, home of the first people called Christians.

History has remained silent about this astonishing woman. Abi of Cyrene, an imaginative novel about Simon’s wife, uncovers her life as it might have been.

Before moving to Cyrene, she is a young Nubian archer, living near the Nile in the ancient land of Nobatia. The name Abi, meaning her father, alludes to her greatest need, to be loved by a father. The man who contributed to her biological parentage beats and belittles her. Melech, a eunuch slave, loves her as a father should.

The rabbi in her hometown of Meroe tells Abi not to pray to the Father in Heaven because she is a woman. She prays anyway in every crisis, and she receives blessings. As life’s journey takes her from one culture to the next, can her hopes be realized?

Abi of Cyrene, beautifully written and believable, takes the modern reader on a fast-paced adventure through ancient lands.

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