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Secret Forest: Man Love Dark Fantasy (MM Cowboy Secrets Book 1)

by Bat Hughes

A cowboy and his married jock buddy camp out in an ancient forest â?? but they aren’t alone.

Jack seemed more than curious, but then things got weird. Was his wife really a witch, or was something evil out to keep us from finishing what we started in a haunted house at graduation?

Whatever was in the woods with us didn’t want me to live to tell about it.


Jack didn’t need to know. We never talked about my trips. Jack the jock. I couldn’t picture him in a gay bar, a [censored] palace, a dungeon. But this, what was this?

The forbidden-looking abandoned place chilled me, but being so near Jack I felt his body heat and remembered things.

At the center of the charred structures, the timbers held strong on a massive piece that reached into the trees. Rungs mounted it to a platform with a trapdoor hanging open at its center. A noose swayed above it.

Secret Forest is a complete, stand-alone short story . It’s an M/M dark fantasy with occult elements in a contemporary Western setting. All characters are over 18. Rated 18+ for graphic language, sexual content, references to BDSM and mature themes. The content may be triggering for some readers.

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The Dark Messenger (Vampire Uprise)

by Milo Spires

The Dark Messenger

A vindictive time traveler is torn up by Adina’s untimely passing and is hell bent on making those responsible, pay for her death.

He adapts his mind, allowing evil thoughts to swarm their way through with devastating results.

Now with anger deeply metastasizing into a furious rage, he sets werewolves against the perpetrators, only the results fail to placate his bitter feelings as still the slimy vampire leader Rex, manages to escape a vicious death.

Unaware ignominious punishments are searching out his existence, Rex guided by greed alone, busies himself with his own agendas involving a silver sword myth and retribution against a vampire enemy in Scotland.

Meanwhile Jenny from a place called Devil’s Dyke in the UK , and the illegitimate daughter of a priest, finds herself dragged unwillingly into this evil story. Only by divinity, an ether of holiness, her almost doomed path of pain finds sanctity with the unexpected.

All the while bitter harbored feelings in house, like a disease of great magnitude, threaten The White Coven and its existence.

With rivalry climbing up through the ranks, and Satan’s wrath looming, Longinus finds himself almost sucked into the misty swamp by a plethora of undead hands.

Desperately seeking peace, but dragged along in The Dark Messengers shadow, Longinus who is looking for a brighter future free from the bureaucracy of evil, hopes his unlikely escape will narrowly miss the deathly rays of the murderously oppressive sun.

This book is rammed full of deep twists, torturous gore, love, and deceit.

Dare you immerse yourself?

â??The Dark Messenger’

Western: Ghost Story Of Christmas(Historical Literary Fiction,Classic American Fiction,Contemporary Fantasy Fiction,Horror Fiction Classics,Horror Short … Fiction,Literary Short Stories) Book 1)

by James Andrew

Western is a Christmas Ghost Historical Story.Below is the summary of this western historical book !

Although London awaits the joyful arrival of Christmas, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey) thinks it is all humbug, berating his devoted clerk and cheerful nephew for his or her view. Later, Scrooge encounters the ghost of his late enterprise companion, who warns that three spirits will go to him this night time. The ghosts take Scrooge on a journey by his previous, current and future within the hope of transforming his bitterness.

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The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs (31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead Book 4)

by Drac Von Stoller

Jamie was thumbing through the newspaper in search of a weekend job for the summer. She was sixteen years old and needed the extra money to help save for textbooks when she starts college in the fall. She tossed the newspaper on the floor frustrated with no results. Then one of the newspaper pages flipped over to the last page of the classifieds and there it was in small print, “babysitter needed for the summer.” She said, “How did I miss this, maybe, I passed over it because it didn’t say weekends only.”

Jamie’s first babysitting job would turn out to be her worst nightmare with fatal results.

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