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Minecraft: The Mobbit: An Unexpected Minecraft Journey (A Minecraft Parody on The Hobbit) (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)

by Herobrine Books

Join Steve, the Mobbit, on an Epic Journey, as He and His Magical Companions
Attempt to Defeat the Evil Enderdragon, and Get Their Treasure Back!

Will Steve be able to survive the journey as he faces Witches, Zombies, Wolves, evil Endermen, and the all powerful Enderdragon?

Join the adventure and find out!

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Germination (Feast of Weeds Book 1): A Novella

by Jamie Thornton

A group of runaways. A horrifying virus.

Mary knows how to thrive on the street. She makes it her mission to keep other kids away from everyday monsters. But when she’s attacked by a crazed man clutching a bloody heart she realizesâ??there’s a new kind of monster in town.

A single drop of blood, and now Mary’s one of the infected. Unless she can stop the virus and save her friends, the new monster in town might just be her.

This is the opening novella to a post-apocalyptic Young Adult series where the runaways are the heroes, the zombies aren’t really zombies, and you can’t trust your memoriesâ??even if they’re all you have left.

Get Ph.D. In Bible Proverbs: A complete wisdom system book. A step-by-step guide. The quickest and easiest way to learn and understand over 222 bible proverbs. … and words of wisdom. Book 1)

by E.Z. Barak

All the proverbs in the holy bible were written with Divine inspiration

Enjoy practical collection of wise sayings and moral instructions

that will guide and help you in the struggle and challenges of everyday life.

When you face a situation these readily applicable proverbs will guide you

to the right and correct action.

Subjects include:

wisdom,moral instructions,good and evil,diligence,laziness,happiness, trust,love,instructions,kindness,relationships,integrity,righteousness,justice

jealousy,anger,pride,envy,family matters,truth,honor,education,sin,danger,

uprightness,good manners,blessings,curse,joy,work,women,money,


and more.

At the end of the book you will also learn a beautiful song about praising life and God.

What will you learn through reading these bible proverbs:

Learn to understand God in good and bad times.

Learn that by increasing your knowledge you get closer to the Divine.

Learn to apply your bible knowledge to everyday conversation and situation.

Learn to deepen and strengthen your relationship with God.

Learn and understand the true meaning of life.

Learn to live intelligently and choose the right path in any given situation.

Learn to be happy and live a peaceful life.

Learn to respect God and receive His moral instruction.

Learn what is the foundation of wisdom.

Learn how to discover the amazing secrets behind bible proverbs.

Learn how to discover eternal truths that will direct you to wisdom and virtue.

Learn how to apply countless nuggets of God’s wisdom.

Learn how to appreciate every verse in the bible.

Learn how to respect God’s words and to gladly receive His moral instruction.

Learn how to be careful and learn the warnings against life’s pitfalls.

Feed your mind and soul with the most amazing,timeless, and exclusive

collection of bible proverbs. live by them and teach them to others.

The conclusion of the matter is:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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Emperors of Time

by James Wilson Penn

Tim’s a nerd, Julie’s popular, Billy’s a jock, and Rose is quirky. You can find teens like them at any high school in America. So why has a mysterious time-traveler chosen them to take on the Emperors of Time? To fix the damage they’ve caused, the four teens must make sure that the 1916 Presidential Election ends the way it should. If they fail, the self-proclaimed Emperors of Time will control the future. Their journey takes them from the Susquehanna River in the days before the battle of Gettysburg to a settlement of outcasts from the Emperors’ new society, and from the seediest to the swankiest parts of 1916 San Francisco. History, Science-Fiction, and YA collide in this exhilarating adventure.

Mission Typhoon (An Interstellar Journey to Make First Contact with Extraterrestrial Aliens)

by D.B. Jaggers

While â??Mega Tycoon’ Harriet Roswell’s archeology team searches at the base of the â??Great Pyramid’ for ancient relics to be included his museum collection, a strange item is discoveredâ?¦

Upon examining the item, they find it is not from this world, nor is it a relic, but instead a capsule housing something amazingâ?¦

A highly qualified team is assembled to travel across the stars to find the origin of this itemâ?¦Traveling in an advanced technology ship with a TOP SECRET propulsion system, the members of the team feel that they are prepared for whatever mystery that may unfold. However, nothing could prepare them for what they findâ?¦

Journey with the members of the crew of the S.S. Typhoon as they encounter things unimaginable to mankind and witness as they find answers to one of life’s age old questionsâ?¦”Are we alone?”

Minecraft: The Minecraft Spy Club (Unofficial Minecraft Novel)

by BlockBoy

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The Minecraft Spy Club is a secret organization operating in the Minecraft world. With thousands of members, the Spy Club takes all possible efforts to make sure that peace reigns in the world. The members thwart crimes, terror attacks, robberies and sinister plots wherever they can. Mike and his team are on an important assignment – to find a missing enchantment book. As they investigate, they find that an old secret crime operation called â??The Eyes’ is slowly gaining power. But is it too late already?

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Eli the Snazzleraffer

by Robert Agnello

This award winning and one of a kind book for children does more than just tell the story of Eli the Snazzleraffer and the importance of true friendship. It positively reinforces the lessons of looking beyond physical appearances and discovering the true beauty within others.

Beautifully illustrated and containing interactive coloring pages this book has become a favorite of parents and teachers as much as it has for its young readers.

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