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Releasing Carmina (Second Breath Chronicles Book 3)

by Adri Sinclair

“Is it worth it Liam? Is all of thisâ??” I wave both my hands over the entire Valley below me, “â??is it worth it?”

Carmina and Liam survived trials unlike anything any couple should endure. Now, Carmina questions her faith while Liam questions his immaculate grip on control – which is slipping. Not only is he struggling against his very nature, he is struggling against his wife, his soul-bonded.

In a world where myth has became reality – trust has become a weapon. Ancients are tried and tested on levels gambling with their Rule. But when Dove makes one more move – it was to be the last.The unlikely and unwilling warrior-maiden stirred – the volcano’s Goddess, Chantico, egging her on. Down below in the Valley, with the battle lines drawn, the immortal human girl passionately stirs into a bloodthirst…

All hell is about to break loose.

“The past two years has dunked the Valley, along with your existence and mine, into chaos. We’ve lost an entire caravan-family, nearly lost both you and your brother. We’ve lost Lilly and, through that, Momma, Jarrod, JJ, Raina and Johnâ?¦”

NEW THOUGHT – Beginner’s Guide To Positive Spirituality…

by DubC Haynes

“New Thought Principles: A Thinker’s Guide to Positive Spirituality” is an exploration into a growing spiritual movement that seeks to learn from all walks of faith, particularly Christianity.

At the same time, New Thought puts its own spin on each theology it adopts.

What is the movement about?

It’s about an all-good God, spiritual transformation, self acceptance, and living well.

The book takes an unbiased look at the principles and practices of New Thought churches, leaders and members.

It’s a book that isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions and hold the movement accountable for confusing ideologies.

It’s also a fair treatment of this fascinating subject.

It is a book to read if you don’t like your theology spoon-fed to you like pureed peaches to a baby.

In short, it’s a great read for the independent thinker interested in new spiritual ideas.

In this book, you’ll be introduced to spiritual inquiries like:

– Who or What Is God?

– Were Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad essentially different from other humans?

– Does it matter how you pray?

– Can it really be that there is no such thing as sin or evil?

– Where does all the world’s suffering come from?

– What is the real meaning of life?

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The Hanshue Sect

by Ralph Brandt

A new church forms, grows, then a bad leader takes the helm. What happened at Waco and Oklahoma City pale when compared to the Hanshue Sect.

Spirals: The Connection (Mysticism and Logic Series Book 1)

by Deborah Greenspan

Can mysticism and logic work together? Humans have struggled for all time with the moral and ethical dilemmas created by conflicts between what’s reasonable, what’s right, what’s expected, and what’s expedient. We’ve learned to choose sides–idealist, pragmatist, realist–and in all these centuries we’ve yet to find a unified road.

Mysticism and logic taken together provide a solution–spiritual growth and spiritual awareness. Mystics agree that there is something within the human heart or soul that is indivisible. When we connect with this oneness and apply logic, we gain profound understanding, compassion, and knowledge. Mysticism and logic work together, allowing us to see that the contradictions that consume us are no more than partial truth facing off against partial truth.

The paradox inherent in translating the mystical experience into language is the reason Spirals: The Connection was written–words cannot contain it, yet it must be said. Others have tried, claiming “union with an infinity of love, bliss, and peace so inexpressibly magnificent that it defies description.”

Spirals: The Connection is different. It looks directly at a personal experience of the divine and discusses how this mystical vision impacts thought, belief, and behavior. Rather than talking about how the experience affected and transformed her, the author describes what she actually saw and demonstrates how this vision impacts our ordinary lives, thus making it possible for others to see it as well. For Ms. Greenspan, “seeing God” was seeing the structure of reality, “the rhyme and reason behind events, the framework upon which the matter and energy of the universe is laid.”

The purpose of Spirals: The Connection is to apply logic to mysticism, thus revealing the governing structure hidden beneath everyday events, making the reader spiritually aware of the joining of contradictions that is the nature of truth, thereby opening the doors to his or her own spiritual awareness. By explaining the relationships between life and death, men and women, good and evil, power and love, freedom and responsibility, disease and health, and God and self, the author uses mysticism and logic to lead the reader to an awareness of how opposites connect, and beyond that coupling, to the vastness of “all-that-is” that is the source of spirit and of life itself.

Spirals: The Connection stimulates individuals to grow toward greater spiritual growth and spiritual awareness of themselves and of each other, affecting them at the very core of their experience.

An Art of Nonviolent Communication: 50 + Proven Tips for Nonviolent Communication, action, atonement & Nonviolent Resistance (Nonviolent Communication, … Atonement, Nonviolent Resistance)

by Flora Butler

Learn how to communicate peacefully for positive results in life

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You would have realized many times during your life that you have missed an important opportunity. Did it happen to you anytime that you have ruined important aspect of your life just because of your short temper or rude behaviour? For example, suppose that you are going to get a promotion in your job, but suddenly you boss blames you for not completing your work properly and you shouted at him. You lost an easy chance of promotion and on the other hand, you lost your boss’s preference. You are no more in the good books of your boss. We ruin our life many times like this just because of our short tempered behaviour and that’s why we must learn the non-violent communication for successful life and relations.

Learning non-violent communication is very important for the people like you who often face the problem of anger. Anger is not good for your health and also your well being. You would have realized in your life that you lost many relations just because of your anger. We often blame other people about their rude behaviour, but we never realized that sometimes we ourselves are more responsible for the awkward situation than another person. Non-violent communication is the best way to deal with ill mannered people in our life. Many people in our life are somewhat important and we cannot totally neglect them. We must learn how to cope in different situations to live a happy and peaceful life.

Non-violent communication is an art of learning how to send and receive messages. Now, there are two important questions in these messages: What is alive within us? And what should be done to make our life more beautiful? Nonviolent communication is a specific approach to communicating, listening, and speaking that leads us to provide everything from our heart, thereby allowing our natural compassion to flourish.

Learning non-violent communication requires great honesty, openness, developing a certain degree of expressions, and thereby overcoming deeply ingrained learning that should contain judgement, fear, obligation, duty, fear, punishment, and reward. Everything we do is the outcome of our requirements. Whenever we apply this view to others, then we will see that we don’t have any real enemies. The behaviour of other people towards us is the best possible thing they know to do to get their requirements met.

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