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Life Changing Habits For Stress Management And Producitivity: Create Competitive Advantage Out Of The Gifts Of Imperfection

by Camden Scott

Have you ever felt that nothing registers in your mind when someone else is talking to you, or all kinds of roller coaster emotions are overwhelming you and negative thoughts are clogging your brain when you’re experiencing the ups and downs of life – career, relationships and financial stresses?

The daily demands on your job is making you lose focus on whatever tasks you handle and the nature of your relationship with your colleagues is worsening due to your deteriorating work performance.

Do not tear your hair out over the stressful situations you are being confronted with at this moment. With the 20 day relaxation program covered in this book, you can safely overcome the jitters of underperforming at work, gain the mindfulness relaxation techniques you need and increase your productivity in the workplace with the work productivity hacks included in it.

Bloodline Tales: A Look At The World Through A Different Lens

by Steve P. Jefferson Ed.D.

This book series is written for elementary school children and can be used as a resource when teaching World History. “Bloodline Tales” Volume One features the stories of four prominent individuals of color that have made many contributions to the world; Queen Charlotte Sophia of England; French Author, Alexandre Dumas; Russian Poet, Alexander Pushkin; and the First Reigning Duke of Florence, Italy, Alessandro de’Medici.

Explore Your Career Identity – A Practical Workbook

by Annie Southern

Interested in exploring your career options? You may be wanting a career change. You may have been made redundant or be returning to the job market. Exploring your career identity shows you what areas of work suit you before you even start looking at job opportunities. Exploring your career identity also helps you to discover things about yourself that explain why you feel drawn to some kinds of work and not others. The exercises in this practical workbook are designed as prompts and insight generators to help you work out for yourself what direction to take. Whether career planning, looking for work or just interested in learning more about yourself and what makes you tick, this workbook can help you explore who you are in relation to the world of work.


by Claudia Molina

“TEACH YOUR KIDS TO COUNT IN ONE DAY” is a pedagogical tool for teaching / learning numbers quickly and efficiently, thanks to its colorful illustrations and cute animals that will capture the attention of your children. Learning time varies according to each child’s age, attention span, and learning capabilities.

Kizmo Gets Lost in Istanbul: Geography Travel Adventure for Children (Kevin and Kizmo Children’s Book Series 6)

by C Ingram ECE

Children Learn About the Unique City of Istanbul …. One City in Two Continents, Europe and Asia

World Map, City Map, Travel Itinerary, Modes of Transportation

Everything needed for an educational travel adventure, including a pet chimpanzee who gets lost in almost every city the family visits. This adventure is no different. Kizmo gets lost the day the family arrives in Istanbul. Kevin’s father who works and travels for NASA travel with the family around the world. This time it’s southeast Europe, the country of Turkey. Colorful images, children maps and explanations. Join the fun and the education while Kevin and his family explore the ancient city of Istanbul. Parent participation requested.

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Be Inspired!: A Collection of Great Wisdom From Great Minds to Help You Create a Life You Truly Love

by Mary Allison Brown

Inside you’ll find 25 timeless quotes from great thinkers that will help motivate you to reach for the stars and create a life you love.

11+ Verbal Reasoning Sample 10-Minute Practice Test Paper: Multiple-Choice & Standard Format Answers: Ages 9-11

by Swot Tots Publishing Ltd

NEW for 2015. Designed for candidates in Years 5 & 6 (ages 9 – 11) preparing for the 11+ and similar examinations, this eBook is a SAMPLE 10-Minute Practice Test Paper. Equipped with TURTL Navigation (TM) for the ultimate educational eBook experience, this volume contains a 10-Minute Practice Test Paper with answers and FULL EXPLANATIONS for EACH ANSWER. Also available on Amazon is STP’s 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Book: Missing Letters (Blitz Series). FREE ANSWER BOOKLETS for all volumes can be downloaded from our website.

Kanji for animals and plants visual ã??level 2ã??

by Murakami Publishing

“Kanji for animals and plants visual” is a flash-card type material for you to learn how to write animals and plants in Kanji, covering about two hundred species.

Card-equivalents will appear in the following order.

â?  A picture of a certain animal â?¡ its English word â?¢ its Katakana or Hiraganaã??â?£ its Kanji

Those cards are graded from Level One through Four, sorted by how difficult the kanjis are.

Note: You may encounter Kanjis classified up to Level Three in Japan, at supermarkets, or at sushi restaurants, but you should never assume that you can’t get by in Japan if you can’t read the kanjis tabbed as Level Four here. They are well outside the official 常ç?¨æ¼¢å­? list and you won’t see those in everyday life in Japan, for but for a few exceptions(simple and familiar ones likeã??ç?¬, ç??, æ¡? and so forth), the name of animal or plants are usually written in katakana. The Level Four kanjis here are only seen on Japanese quiz shows like Can you read this Kanji?.

Blessings are following me!!!

by D. Engelbrecht

Solomon once was asked whether he would choose wealth or wisdom. His reply was wisdom in order to guide and governed a hardheaded nation, and in addition to his choice he was granted wisdom, wealth and faith wrapped in the package of wisdom received from God Almighty.
This book reveals the mysteries behind Wisdom, wealth and faith for us to mix both of the substances and applied it correct in our day in order to live a better life filled with abundance of wealth in the physical, spiritual and soul realm like Solomon received.
Solomon received earthly wealth, spiritual wealth and wealth in the soul by abundance of understanding, knowledge and counselling reulting in the “Proverbs of Solomon”, displaying his understanding counselling and the “Songs of Solomon”, exhibiting his spiritual walk with God, as well as the physical reaches he received from God.
The intention of God towards us is wealth and a prosperous future (Jer.29:11), but we have to adhered to the principles laid down in the Word of God and defined in this book.

Dogs and puppies: See and read with photos and high frequency sight words. Dolch adjectives Vol. 1.

by J. Malcom

Engaging the interest of kids is half the battle!This book uses large photographs of dogs and puppies on each page. The sight word adjective, is listed at the top, then a simple sentence using other sight words is below the photo. The format is clean and easy for an emergent reader to follow. Dog and animal lovers will want to look at the photos and read this book for themselves! It won’t be long before you hear “I read it all by myself!” This volume covers 24 of the 46 Dolch sight word adjectives. Volume 2 covers the remaining 22.

The author is a former teacher and recently retired homeschooling mom. She has been actively engaging young minds for over twenty-five years and hopes to help your little ones on the road to independent reading! Enjoy!

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