Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 30 May 15

Water from an Ancient Well: Celtic Spirituality for Modern Life

by Kenneth McIntosh

A Fresh Look at Celtic Spirituality

Using story, scripture, reflection, and prayer, this book offers readers a taste of the living water that refreshed the ancient Celts. The author invites readers to imitate the Celtic saints who were aware of God as a living presence in everybody and everything. This ancient perspective gives radical new alternatives to modern faith practices, ones that are both challenging and constructively positive. This is a Christianity big enough to embrace the entire world.

Understanding Becky’s Heart (Amish Romance Book): Short Amish Romance Story (Walnut Creek Series Book 1)

by Emma Cartwright

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23-year-old Becky is not beautiful. She has never been courted by any of the boys in her Amish community. Taller than most men, plump and plain, Becky knows that she is not attractive and resigns herself to helping to her aging parents.

Her sister, Rachel, sees Becky in a different light and longs for her to be happily married, so when a newcomer from Pennsylvania arrives, Rachel seizes the opportunity to present Becky to him as a desirable match.

However, Micah arrives in Iowa with one objective: to work. Hurt and dejected due to a previous disappointment in love, he has no intention of risking his heart to any woman ever again.

Rachel sees what Micah and Becky cannot. Becky has never been loved and Micah has been devastated by love, but the two of them can mend each other’s hearts. Will Becky and Micah give up their stubborn view in time to find solace and joy with each other?

Subconscious Mind Power: Unlock the Unbelievably Powerful Force of Your Subconscious Mind (Positive Power Book 2)

by Jack Hendryk Haddock

Make Your Subconscious Mind a Magnet for Your Desires

NEW – Revised Version (Updated May, 5th 2015)

Are you aware of the kind of power which your subconscious truly has? This quick and easy guide will take you through some practical and effective ways by which you can tap the most out of your subconscious mind. This book offers you some of the best methods which will open your eyes to the real potential that lie inside.

Unlocking The Awesome Powers Of Your Subconscious Mind Has Never Been Easier!

– You will learn the power that is latent inside you

– Helpful advice to reprogram your mind in the right manner

– Improve your life and relationships with the help of a better subconscious thinking

– How to tap into your subconscious mind to transform your life for the better

– Gather more wealth with the right mind approach

The Life Changing Secrets of Your Subconscious Mind Revealed

If you want to leverage the most out of your inner self and you wish to make the most out of your life, grab hold of this book today and you can begin the change which you wish to imbibe.

You have the power to write your own story and by tapping the power of your subconscious, you will succeed in leaving the right impressions on your life. So, get started today and live a life you have always dreamt to call your own.

NEW – Revised Version (Updated May, 5th 2015)

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12 Undeniable Laws Of Marriage: What The Bible Says That Can Make You A World-Class Marriage (12 Undeniable Laws Series)

by Tiffany Domena

Biblical Ideas To Transform Your Marriage

Learn How You Can Go From Where You Are To a World-Class Marriage!

For better or for worse is the world’s most difficult contract to live up to.  In employment, you can quit.  In parenthood, the children grow up and live on their own.  With customers, you can choose not to service those that are difficult to collaborate with, but with marriage, you are supposed to stay together forever: “Until death do you part”.  

Loving a person without conditions can be difficult.  Investing despite the fact that the person does not invest equally in return can be difficult.  Compromising when you were firm on what you wanted can be difficult.  Collaborating when you wanted to work alone can be difficult.  

Happy Marriages Are Becoming Extinct

Most couples are tolerating one another or constantly on the brink of divorce.  Internationally, divorce rates are at all-time highs. Working marriages are the foundation of our society and our world.  We NEED to make marriages work to restore sanctity and soundness to our family structures.  

World-class marriages transform all those that see them; they plant love in all those that witness them.  World-class marriages give birth to love children thru birth and mentorship.  World-class marriages are an asset to our world as they signify loyalty, perserverance, submission, respect, sacrifice, and undying love.  Our world NEEDS to develop more world-class marriages and infuse the positive characteristics in our world that are only sustainable by the representation of marriage.

This book provides:

  • 12 biblical laws for a world-class marriage
  • Stories that illustrate each “Undeniable” law for marriage
  • Points that instruct you on how to transform your marriage
  • A blessing and commission for transformation in your marriage



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