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Far From Home: The Complete Third Series (Far From Home 16-19) (Far From Home Box Set Book 3)

by Tony Healey

In one complete set, Spectre, Outland, Intrepid and Valiant. The Third Series of the smash-hit scifi adventure that has thrilled readers the world over!

Reentry Window

by Eric Tozzi

Space exploration is dead and buried. But a strange atmospheric anomaly at Mars single handedly resurrects the program, giving birth to the first manned mission to the Red Planet for an up-close investigation of this fantastic event. For astronaut Brett Lockwood it’s a dream come true. A chance to make history. But what he discovers is a window through time that will change the entire course of space explorationâ??decades before he was ever born.

“Reentry Window” was originally published in the best-selling anthology, Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel.

Romance: Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Romance 3: The Alphas: Emergence of the Alphas (bbbw mfm menage)

by A.J. Winter

The Alphas: Emergence of the Alphas

Violet’s life before the war had been good.

Now she was living in a walled in square mile of houses with people she’d only known for a few months. It wasn’t the life she wanted, but she wasn’t starving or being attacked by bandits or wild animals. The only down side was that Matt, a young man in the make-shift village, wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Eddie had been living alone in the wilderness for weeks when he came to the little village Anne and Damian had created. Here he found safety, purpose, and possibly love. But he carries a secret that could destroy everything Anne and Damian had built.

Even worse, it could physically hurt Violet.

This is book 3 in ‘The Alphas’ series.

,b>Warning: This book has steamy romance scenes and is intended for reader 18 and over.

Restless: An Aurora Rising Short Story

by G. S. Jennsen

Space is vast and untamed, and it holds many secrets. Now two individuals from opposite ends of settled space are on a collision course with the darkest of those secrets, even as the world threatens to explode around them.
…or they will be, in about 8 years. Restless is a short story prequel to Starshine, Book One of the Aurora Rising trilogy (

Before Alex Solovy was a successful interstellar scout, she was building starships and planning for the day when she would fly one she called her own. Before Caleb Marano was wiping out the terrorist group who murdered his mentor, he was…wiping out terrorist groups who murdered shopkeepers and threatened his friends.

Catch a glimpse of Aurora Rising’s heroes while they were still becoming the individuals they will need to be in order to face the galactic threat which, for now, waits silently in the void.

**Includes an excerpt from Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One**

Restless was previously published in the collection Stars & Empire 2: 10 More Galactic Tales.

The Last Sunset (Preppers Fiction): The Earth is Doomed, But Escape is Not an Option (Preppers Fiction, Meteor Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction, Survival Book 2)

by Frank Montgomery

The Last Sunset (Preppers Fiction) BOOK 2

Find out how the story ends!

Can Darius Downey survive on the earth long enough to see his wife and child again? Kristina has just given birth to Skylar on the lunar base and she is longing to return to earth to see her husband again.

Darius starts to get curious about the meteor impact that nearly destroyed the planet

Could it be that the Dark Star was not a natural disaster at all, but a government plan to reduce the earths population?

When ships begin returning to earth to assess the habitability level of the planet Darius starts asking questions, but maybe he asks one too many.

Will the inhabitants of the lunar base ever return to earth? Will Darius survive long enough to ever see his wife and child again?

Download: The Last Sunset (Preppers Fiction): The Earth is Doomed, But Escape is Not an Option RIGHT NOW!

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