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So You Want to Travel to London! But You Don’t Know Where to Start: Without paying a travel agent, sitting on a bus for a week, or spending a fortune on … with a Tour, Solo or with Friends Book 1)

by C. A. Metzger

I wrote this book for those of us on the plus side of forty, who want to travel but don’t have tons of money, or who don’t want to get stuck on a tour bus all day long. This book will help you get to London, tell you what equipment you need, where to stay, how to get around and what to see, all without spending a lot of money. It is based on things I have done myself, after I retired.

This book will guide you through finding inexpensive flights, accommodation in London, how to get into London from the airports, etc. Practical information, useful and simple information. All the links are provided so you can use this to plan your trip. Use it as a starting point, or plan your entire trip from the information I provide. When I retired I decided to travel, but no one would go with me. I was determined to go anyway, so I did! I searched and planned, and made mistakes, so this book is the result of what I learned.

I hope this book encourages you to travel, even if no one will go with you. Don’t let that stop you!

There are sections on flights, hotels and hostels, the Tube, the trains, the buses, what to see, ideas for local food, and how to call home.

If you do read this book and it helps you, please leave a review and let me know how I helped you, or how I could improve the information.

Most Popular Caribbean Recipes – Quick & Easy: Essential West Indian Food Recipes From The Caribbean Islands

by Grace Barrington-Shaw

Most Popular Caribbean Recipes Quick & Easy! Essential West Indian Food Recipes from the

Caribbean Islands

This Caribbean recipes cookbook focuses on the favorite dishes of the people of the Caribbean,

dishes you will find if you walk into any Caribbean home. Contains authentic, Caribbean recipes from

the gorgeous Islands of Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad.

Learn how to cook the most popular dishes of the Caribbean, all the favorites are here:

– Jerk Chicken

– Fried or boiled dumplings

– Curry Goat

– Stewed Fish

– Rice and Peas

– Roti

– Ackee and Saltfish

– Caribbean desserts

and more!

All recipes are well known throughout the Islands and form an essential part of traditional Caribbean


Have you been to the Islands? Re-live that fantastic Caribbean vacation again and again!

Use this cookbook to re-create those wonderful dishes within the comfort of your own home and bring the Caribbean atmosphere to life.

Impress your loved ones and friends!Easy to follow recipes

Simple recipes using easy to find ingredients. Most meals can be prepared in under 30mins.

Suggestions as to which additional foods will best compliment each dish are also provided.

Rekindle your childhood memories

If you are already familiar with Caribbean Cuisine, then enhance your skills. These recipes will show you how to

cook Caribbean food the right way. Continue the tradition, teach and pass on these recipes to family


Learn how to cook like a true West Indian

Grace Barrington-Shaw was born and raised in Jamaica and so Jamaican food is second nature, in subsequent years her cooking profession took her throughout the Caribbean, where Grace had developed a love for all types of Caribbean cuisine. Within this book, Grace recommends the most authentic and loved Caribbean recipes enjoyed by many throughout the years.

Begin your flavorsome journey around the exotic Islands of the Caribbean today: Scroll up and buy now!

Available to read on all formats: Kindle, Android, IPhone, tablets, PC & MAC

The French Property Nightmare

by Peter Lee

The French property dream can so easily turn into the French property nightmare – if you don’t know what you’re doing. Buying is easy, selling is very difficult, but the biggest problem is the way the French treat owners of second homes. Did you know that:

– The top rate of French CGT is 96.5%?

– You can be forced to pay CGT on your own furniture?

– You can end up paying massive fees even if you make a capital loss when you sell?

– You can be assessed as a French tax resident and pay wealth tax on your world-wide assets even if you’ve never set foot in France?

But it’s not just about French tax. This book also explains the problems of dealing with French estate agents, and how to solve them. And perhaps most important of all, it tells you exactly what you must do when employing a French tradesman, and also what you must never do, for your own financial well-being.

Written by somebody who has just survived the linked processes of buying and selling a property in France, The French Property Nightmare is the one book that you must read before you even think about buying into the French property dream.

Architecture Travel: a how to guide

by Claudia Cozzitorto

Architecture Travel: a how to guide offers readers a methodology for architecturally focused travel. This ‘how to guide’ will minimize the reader’s travel preparation time by providing tips on: researching and organizing information, photography and sketching, as well as post-production work and suggestions on how to share their architectural experiences with others. Inside you will find: 17 personal architectural travel experiences, nearly 60 examples illustrations, over 150 photographs, dozens of hyperlinks, 150 pages of advice and tips

NEW YORK: 1000 FRASES EN INGLES PARA TURISTAS EN NEW YORK: Las frases de viaje más útiles en inglés para Hispano parlantes en New York

by Sarah Retter

¿Le gustaría viajar con gracia y elegancia por New York consiguiendo lo que necesita cuando lo necesita?

Este libro es la solución para sus problemas de comunicación cuando viaje por New York y todos los países de habla inglesa.

Usted puede acceder a la frase que necesita mediante el acceso directo que provee la Tabla de Contenidos que lo lleva a cualquiera de los siguientes temas que requiere un viajero:

Accidentes de Auto, Accidentes Personales, Aduana Avión y aeropuerto, Banco, Bar, Boutique, Café, Cine, Clima, Comunicación, Consulado, Dinero, Direcciones Embajada, Equipaje, Fecha y hora, Gasolineras, Hoteles, Incomodidad Información personal, Niños, Pasaporte, Peluquero, Profesiones, Reuniones de negocios, Restaurante, Renta de autos, Salud, Supermercado, Teléfono, Taxi, Teatro, Viaje en tren, Viaje en Metro, Viaje en Bus, Viaje en auto, Visa,

O Usted puede encontrar la frase que necesita buscando en la opción “Buscar y encontrar” en su equipo móvil.

¡Cuando Usted encuentra la frase se la puede mostrar a la persona desde su teléfono celular o su tableta y solucionar su problema de inmediato!

Compre ahora su libro para viajar en forma segura y tranquila!

Ten Must-See Sights: Chicago

by Mark Green

â??Ten Must-See Sights: Chicago’ does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you the background and history on the city’s top ten â??must-see’ attractions, plus essential information on opening times and location.

We don’t fill endless pages with hard-to-read maps and difficult-to-download photos; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

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