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Alexander: The Great Leader and Hero of Macedonia and Ancient Greece (European History, Ancient History, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Egyptian History, Roman Empire, Roman History)

by Roy Jackson

Learn Essential Lessons in Leadership and Life from the Classic Tale of Alexander the Great!

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Have you heard of Alexander, but don’t know his story?

Do you remember some of his accomplishments, but wish you knew more?

Do you need inspiration from Alexander’s life to help you master your destiny?

If so, then Alexander: The Great Leader and Hero of Macedonia and Ancient Greece is the book for you!

This exciting story is broken into captivating chapters, such as:

  • A World on Fire
  • Persian Dismemberment
  • The Sands of Syria
  • In a Land of Pharaohs
  • The Edge of the World
  • The Merciful King
  • Death of a Warrior

Alexander: The Great Leader and Hero of Macedonia and Ancient Greece is available for Download Now.

This engrossing book also discusses the legacy of this famous man, including the many kingdoms and empires that grew out of his wake. You’ll also learn how the Ancient Greek language, ideas, and culture were spread across the world – affecting us even today!

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JACKIE ROBINSON: Who Was Jackie Robinson

by Regina Ford

Get The Book That Gives Everyone, Of

All Ages, A Summary On The Life Of

Number 42, Jackie Robinson.

The regular price for this Kindle Book is $4.99.

However, you can download it today for less!

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This book is in our Biographies For Kids series.

It is a summary of key events in the lives of many

consider to be a hero, and role model, for all of us.

With this book you can read through the key events in the

life of Jackie Robinson. It provides information about his

life… the events of his time… his accomplishments… etc.

This Kindle biography will educate you about:

* Important Events During The Life

* Significant Dates

* His Legacy

* Includes Photos

* Includes A Video If Available

* And more

What makes this book unique compared to the other Jackie Robinson

books is that it provides all the important information. However, it is not

a 300 page college textbook, with excess information, that will require

a large commitment just to read through it all.

And, when available, it also includes some quotes. These are the actual

words from the people themselves. This provides incredible insights in to

the individual.

This book is great for children in grade school. If your child is old

enough to read on a 4th grade level… then this book will benefit them.

And, please don’t let the term “For Kids” lead you to overlook this book.

Older individuals, and adults, alike can also begin to learn more

information about these famous, and unique, people.

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by Larry Jarboe

All Crime, All the Time in Chesapeake tidewater region of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware

Old Life: A daughter’s journey dealing with sudden loss

by Christina Haines

When a seemingly healthy 61 year old mother and grandmother suddenly dies, her daughter’s life is irreversibly changed. This story gives an uncensored view into the struggles of a daughter and her family as they grieve and search for the medical reasons as to how someone so full of life, could just die.

The author shares her very personal experiences with loneliness, the difficulties of grieving in unconventional ways, and the unexpected challenges of trying to settle an estate during the peak of the ‘Great Recession.’

After eight years of living in a world without parents, the daughter offers a very heartfelt view of what her mother’s life may have been like, had there been some kind of warning that something tragic was about to happen.

This book is a helpful resource to anyone who is grieving the death of a parent or coping with the loss of someone you love.

This is Momo: A Story About a Little Idea

by Daniel Bauer

What happens to the ideas we have as children after we grow up? What does it take for an idea to fully mature and change the world? This is Momo is a book about ideas. Momo is a little idea and she desperately wants to grow up. However, Momo has very real enemies trying to stop her as well as allies that will help her on the journey toward maturation.

This is Momo was written for a girl nicknamed Momo, a high school senior accepted to NYU’s Film School, which is very extremely expensive (around $67,000/year). Momo lives on the south side of Chicago and the cost of NYU is an obstacle the author would like to help her to overcome. This is a crazy idea, but the first $268,000 will go toward Momo’s college fund. The author will not make any profit from this book unless This is Momo somehow sells more than $268k.

This book was created with a philanthropic spirit. If you believe ideas and dreams are priceless, then buy the book and send a kid to college.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future: A 29-Minute Summary.

by Bern Bolo

We know that your “time is valuable”, so we keep it short and concise.

This summary will let you taste on “how and what” Elon musk struggles to show his “SPARKS” in levels, Why his capable and legendary “like ” the famous Edison, Ford and Jobs.

Based from the original book of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, Ashlee Vance, tell you his experience in conversation with Musk.

Important Lessons in this Elon Musk Summary

– How to get the most out of people who work for you.

– How to understand the value of making your own stuff, than buying them.

– How to be brave in going out from your comfort zone.

– How to treat challenges that comes your way as an opportunity.

– How to believe in your dreams, and then make others believe after.

– How to spot an opportunity when it comes your way.

– How to keep yourself open to achieve bigger and greater things, and ultimately, your fullest potential.

– How to dream big and then chase it.

– How to give the value your family deserves.

– How to appreciate the value of caring for Mother Earth and exercise ways to protect her and lessen the damage she has to take.

– How to address issues and conflicts.

– How to be persistent in your endeavors.

More inside in this Biographies & Memoirs Summary

– A brief yet accurate summary on the life of Elon Musk, detailed out in individual chapters.

– Correct and concise synopsis of the various chapters of the book.

– Silly and charming quotes that will tickle your fancy at the start of each chapters.

– Personal and professional lessons from the life of Elon Musk on how to dare dream big and conquer your fears.

Why you musy by this summary

My team and I will let you sift through Elon’s captivating world in 29 minutes by reading this synopsis.

“I like to be involved in things that change the world.” – Elon Reeve Musk.

Surely, what Elon Musk had been doing in his companies have changed the world in so many ways.

He has broken through the norm and boring routine practices to come up with technologies that has never before been seen by anyone.

This summary show many things on how Elon Musk proved that he did changed the world.

From his ancestors to his early life in Africa, to his great migrations, to the funding of his first start-up businesses and to his eventually discovery of his vision and mission in life, this book will satiate your curiosity as to who Musk really is and what he is capable of doing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 29-minute summary of Elon Musk and NOT the original book.

Bern Bolo

“The Bathroom Genius”

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