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In Kala’s Hands: A Lakota Sioux Proclamation

by Mary Crocco

In Kala’s Hands, A Lakota Sioux Proclamation, by Mary Crocco, is about a special young woman named Kala, who spends her first twenty-four years as a wannabe artist. Kala has no talent, which makes her life miserable as she suffers humiliation from her teachers and classmates. Always having support from her friends and family doesn’t make up for her pensive sadness. Aware her daily scribbles lack talent, she retains her passion.

Living in Rapid City, South Dakota, Kala visits art galleries and museums so often, the staff knows her intimately. Hoping to work at a gallery is a dream that she prepares for by educating herself through college in art history.

Washing dishes at home, Kala suffers a horrific accident and mangles her right hand. During her emergency room visit, an unexpected visitor appears, Howahkan, from the Lakota Sioux Nation, and wraps a sacred blanket around her shoulders while reminding her of a proclamation declared on the day of her birth. Before she leaves the hospital, her hand is miraculously cured, which results in Kala possessing artistic talent. Shocking Kala, but understanding she now has a destiny to fulfill, absorbs her existence.

Family and friends step up to assist Kala with her new purpose in life as an artist. Her boyfriend, Todd, suggests a trip to The Pine Ridge Reservation. The trip reveals Kala’s destiny and she fulfills her proclamation by opening her own art gallery while using the profits to build an art school near the reservation.

Unconditional support from Kala’s family and friends, before and after her accident, plays a major role in her success. Life events provided Kala the tools for her trips to the reservation, where she maintains much needed art education for the residents. I recommend this book to readers who like stories of family, history, and culture.

The Enola Mountains (The Rogue Gallery Book 3)

by Rocky Bills

“Prepare, execute, adapt, modify, execute.”

After years of preparation and careful planning, Gamel and his band of forest warriors will confront their most important test yet. With the hold under imminent threat of siege by a superior force, Lady Bella and Gamel’s plans are initiated.

Gamel soon learns that no matter how well plans are made, they immediately fall apart as soon as they are activated. Gamel’s plan to escape to Ackmer and seek help from the king, Lady Bella’s father, is complicated when Bella forces him to take her daughter Izy with him.

This dangerous mission is compounded when the invading lord places a bounty on the child along with the entire forest warrior group. Gamel must find a way through the mountains and get Izy safely to sea while the best trackers and paid killers in the European Continent seek their bounty, dead or alive.

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The Bookbinder’s Brother

by Rosanne Dingli

It can be devastating when a family member shows an unhealthy interest in a young relative. It’s an issue that’s as old as the hills. Dealt with in a historical short story, it emerges as thought-provoking rather than threatening, and shows how love can conquer confusion.

Read The Bookbinder’s Brother to see how Rosanne Dingli’s stories deal with art, music, and literature, but also the human condition, and real contemporary personal issues. Her fiction is intensely concerned with location and atmosphere.

The short stories in this collection combine diverse meanings of intimacy experienced by a fascinating assortment of characters, at different times, in different places.

This is an excursion into how close, or how distant, two individuals can feel. Enjoy this special collection of fifteen previously published and awarded stories.

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