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Video Game Addiction Cure: How To Escape Your Video Game Addiction Forever And Start A New Life (Addiction Recovery, Addictions, Video Game Addiction, Online Gaming Addiction)

by Yakup Adama

Discover How To Escape Your Video Game Addiction Forever And Start A New Life

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You’re about to discover proven strategies on how how to beat video game addiction for life. Ever wondered why you have never been able to change your gaming habits and commit to overcoming this addiction, well the answer is because you have never implemented an effective strategy to cure this problem once and for all. But all is well because this book contains every resource possible for you to come out the other side and to start living a rich and fulfilling life free of problem video gaming. It contains a step by step strategy with useful hints and tips to help you every step of the way.

Video game addiction is gradually becoming a more serious problem in our society. With recent games, people are not only spending more time playing these games, but wasting money on them as well. In extreme cases, this addiction has led to serious family and social conflict. This guide will outline a fast and efficient method to help you free yourself from video game addiction.

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Here is What’s Included in the Book

  • How to identify what is triggering your addiction to video games
  • How to develop a game plan to end this addiction
  • How to in remain free from this addiction
  • Much, much more!


“Yakup Adama has done a perfect guide on how to start a new life and forget the video game Addiction.

I can highly recommend this book to video gamers and start a new life by reading this book.” Thomas Edison

“My two sons are playing video games all the time.

Therefore I was looking for a good book to help.

A guide how they can overcome their addiction and do more with their friends and family in real life.

I’m happy I found this book. “Video Game Addiction Cure” is loaded with well researched strategies, tips and information.

I really like the book, as my sons do. It helped a lot.

It was a huge step forward to escape there video game addiction and to start a new life.

Thank’s for helping my family and my sons.” Martin Richter

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Craps Books: Stop the Losing at Casino Games and Become a Pro with These Strategies for Craps (Casino Gambling, Craps Kindle, Blackjack Game, Gambling Books, Gambling Addiction)

by Brent R

Discover Profitable Craps Strategies For Your Next Trip To The Casino

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Craps is one of the most exciting games at the table, you can always spot the table cause it’s where all the people seem to be screaming and shouting for joy. The only problem is it’s probably the most confusing game to understand so a lot of people shy away from playing and just watch. You’re about to discover proven strategies to make you a profitable player at the Craps Tables making you look like a pro in front of your friends as you rake in the chips. They’ll be scratching their heads wondering where all their chips are going, while you play it cool teaching them all the tricks of the trade on the Craps Table.

You might be used to losing at the casino, but in less than an hour and the cost of a burger, this book can turn your luck around. This book will give you the necessary information to make money at the Craps Table and now you can be one of those people screaming for joy in the casino!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Craps
  • How Does Craps Work
  • Betting
  • Craps Strategies
  • Much, much more!

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Yo Mama Jokes: The Funniest Yo Mama Jokes Ever!

by Fun Stuff

Yo Mama Jokes – Enjoy the Funniest Yo Mama Jokes Collection!

Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Three, two, one … Get ready for the Funniest Yo Mama Collection Ever and have Tons of Fun!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Laugh About …

  • Yo Mama’s So Bald Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s So Dirty Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s So Chatty Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s So Dumb Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s Glasses Are so Thick Joke
  • Yo Mama’s House Is So Small Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s So Lazy Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s So Old Jokes
  • Yo Mama’s So Poor Jokes
  • Yo Mama Smells So Bad Jokes
  • Much, much more!

1000 Remedies … If you are having a bad day … Yo Mama Jokes; If your partner is in a bad mood … Yo Mama Jokes; You are dead bored … Yo Mama Jokes! …

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Can you Find the Hidden Things?: Food

by S. Rahman

Find 25 images in the fun hidden things book. Can you find the images in each picture? This book is a great for a rainy day or a trip with children. Can You Find the Hidden Things? will challenge children, have them think, and allow them to have some quiet time as they find each image. Each image is brightly colored and contains fun illustrations that make finding each image tricky.

So grab YOUR copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

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