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Flights of Freedom: Stories of Women who Broke Free

by Ranga Iyer

Flights of Freedom: Stories of women who broke free

I don’t claim to understand women, I can’t demystify them.

I know nothing about her tears, her strengths, her weaknesses, her emotionsâ?¦

I look at them with admiration, with awe … with a little jealousy

Sometimes shackled by society, sometimes abandoned by the ones she loves, sometimes weakened by circumstances, but never backing down.

There are times when she forgets to pick herself up and put the pieces together. Yet she keeps marching on, weak and devastated, but signifying strength and hope …

She is a survivor, she is a creator, she is a fighterâ?¦

Meet Riyala, Sonam, Paroma and others who have broken free from what life gave them and created a life of their own.

Father, Interrupted

by Richard Crasta

This is the story of Erik, a Dutchman living in Thailand, adrift, a father separated from his children, and a man with a dark secret (or perhaps more than one dark secret). What happens to this artist and this dreamer? The narrator is a writer who befriends him and follows his life … until its stunning, sad conclusion.

Of this 5000-word story and a few related pieces the poet and author Ann Yarmal wrote, “Richard’s openness and truth telling and revealing men as caring thinking people in a way I’ve not encountered in literature before. And some of the scenes of traveling in Thailand and conversations and bringing the reader ….the American reader…into the casualness and awareness of world and our overall humanness in the whole world …all in a way not encountered in our self centered literature. For me it seems as though this book was written before its time with a depth that only now with our present bombardment of events that seem to take away any caring humanity beyond fear and brutality that this book would be understood in a way that could change lives.”

This is Book One of a series which depict fathers whose lives were interrupted, grievously, by some unforeseen event.

Richard Crasta is the author of 12 other books including the acclaimed novel “The Revised Kama Sutra,” published in 14 editions in ten countries.

About 5,000 words

Thrill – Park Series Book 6: The Pleasure Coaster

by Abigail Kinkade

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PLEASE NOTE that Thrill – Park Series contains intense sexual and erotic scenes, as well as some kinky vulgar language, that are intended to be enjoyed by a mature 18+ audience

This is Book 6 of 10 in the Thrill – Park Series

Step right up and be ready for the thrill ride of your life

Shayne is still reeling from her spin on the Ferris Wheel of Fortune when Tyler joins her. She’s never thought of him in a sexual manner, but after some banter, they discover a mutual interest in roller coasters that could really bring them together.

The Year of Zero (The Adventures of Audie Dale Smith)

by Clay Hutto

“The Year of Zero” is perhaps the funniest book in “The Adventures of Audie Dale Smith.” Dale, now in his sophomore year in high school, has a new teacher, the fatuous Mr. Benedict. Dale and his best friend, Rusty Grimes, quickly launch a comic campaign to tease, taunt, and torment their pompous teacher in and out of class.
Besides the comedy, Dale engages in several important experiences, including going on his first date and bestowing his first kiss, and getting his first athletic letter.
Meanwhile, there are still problems in the Smith household. And, of course, Dale still pines for the girl of his dreams.

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