Free poetry Kindle books for 31 May 15

The Kennedale Papers

by juli kreuz

A final collection of the thoughts and contemplations of the artist.

One Mind to Another: Relax in a comfy chair, give my book a chance, its full of Poems that deserve more than just a glance.


I want to share my gift of writing poetry with you,

Fictional poems and poems that are true,

From one mind to another, take a journey with me,

Read for yourself, but first go grab a cup of tea,

Relax in a comfy chair, give my book a chance,

Its a different kind of poetry that requires more than a quick glance,

I hope you enjoy each poem, that I’ve wrote,

Just remember one small thing…don’t Judge my book… By its outer coat!,

Poetry that you may relate to, whether you might smile or cry

Now you’ve got some Idea, what this books about….why Not go ahead and give it a try!.

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