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ZEN : Zen For Beginners, Lessons For Happiness, Fulfillment, Inspiration And Meaningful Living ! – Zen Buddhism, Zen Meditations –

by S. Solon

Discover Zen Beginners For Beginners

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This book is a great introduction into the world of common Zen meditation techniques that can help you on the path towards enlightenment and a much happier life.

In this book you get a first hand glimpse at home specialized Zen meditation work, the history behind the Zen lifestyle and how you can begin meditating even with no prior experience. You are also given 1 week’s worth of Zen meditations that you can try immediately to begin working towards your happier future.

We all know how stressful our lives can be and we know how hard it is to reach a point of true happiness. We all deserve the chance to be truly happy and to live a life that is not only meaningful, but that feels very rewarding as well.

In this book you will learn:

    â?? What a Zen lifestyle is
    â?? The benefits of living a Zen lifestyle
    â?? Where the Zen lifestyle came from and how it was used in history
    â?? How to begin living a Zen lifestyle even with no prior experience
    â?? 1 Week’s Worth of Zen mediations to try to begin working towards a happier and more meaningful future
    â?? And much, much more

So if you want to know more about ZEN then read further!

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TAROT : Tarot Mastery, Learn The Secrets Of Reading Tarot Cards And Discover Their True Meaning ! – Tarot, Tarot Cards –

by Lesley Moore

Discover Tarot

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Are you curious about the aspects of tarot?

Do you want to know some of the history behind the mystic art?

p> Did you have someone read your cards once and now you want to know how they did it?

Look no further than the pages of this Tarot book. This book is jammed full of all the information you could possibly want when it comes to the art of tarot.


You will find out:

    â?? The history of tarot
    â?? The type of decks used
    â?? The types of cards within the decks
    â?? The meaning of each card
    â?? How to do a reading
    â?? And Much, much more..

This is truly an all in one informational book. You cannot truly know how to do something without knowing some of the basic history of it, did you know that every region has its own version of tarot? Or that it started out as a card game that was not mystical at all! You can know all of that and of course how to get the answers to any question you have in life through the deck.

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Shifting Your Vibration to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

by Steve Pavlina

“You are not a physical being in a physical universe. You are an energetic/vibrational being in an energetic/vibrational universe.”

In Shifting Your Vibration to Manifest Your Desires, Steve Pavlina talks about the specific steps you must take to shift your vibration and manifest what you want, using the Law of Attraction.

Attracting Compatible Patterns (excerpt from book)

You don’t attract into your life what you want. You don’t attract what you think about. You don’t attract what you feel. Desires, thoughts, and feelings are all important, but these are more effects than causes.

You attract what you’re signaling.

Think of yourself as a vibrational transmitter. You’re constantly sending out signals that tell the universe who you are in this moment. Those signals will either attract or repel other vibrational beings, events, and experiences.

You naturally attract that which is in harmony with your state of being, and you’ll repel that which is out of sync with your state.

If your energetic self radiates wealth and abundance, your physical reality will reflect wealth and abundance for your physical being.

If your energetic self radiates anger and frustration, your physical reality will reflect that as well.

Since the signals you’re sending out at any given moment tend to be fairly complex, your experience of physical reality will be equally complex.

Once you can accept that your vibrational self attracts compatible patterns, it becomes clear that if you want to experience something different in your life, you must somehow change the signals you’re putting out.

The Color of Life

by Eddie Elias

Have you ever noticed the separation we live in? A separation based upon our complexion and appearance. We wrongfully divide ourselves amongst equal people and its limiting unity, peace, and love.

This is a message of equality, part philosophy and part self-helpâ??and its meant to challenge your view on life as you’ve always known it. May this message inspire you to improve a world we all share.

We are one race of mankind and children of the same God.

Prepper’s Box Set: 42 Steps to Increase Your Safety so That You Never Go Through a Disaster Under Prepared (Prepper’s Survival, Prepper’s Survival Box Set, Prepper’s hacks)

by Kim Emerson

Prepper’s Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: EMP Survival: 26 Steps on How to Increase Your Safety in Case of EMP and Solar Flares

Imagine a world where all your electronic devices become completely unresponsive. Your car has no ability to start, your computer is completely fried, and everything becomes dead quiet. This is a very real possibility that can happen, and if you’re not prepared than you’re only asking for the worst to happen. An EMP blast, or electromagnetic pulse, is one of the absolute worst disasters that can happen to civilization today. Not only are we in constant threat from religious extremists, who have the ability to build these weapons with no problem, but we also have a giant fusion reactor constantly throwing highly ionized atoms our way. These are called CME’s, or coronal mass ejections, which our sun is due up for very soon. When this situation happens you can expect no more technology, power, or internet. Pretty much the foundation of humanity right now. Don’t allow yourself to be caught off guard, which can mean almost certain death.

Things aren’t always going to go your way, but with these tips you can definitely increase your odds of survival exponentially.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Ways to increase transportation
  • How a Faraday cage will protect you
  • The medical items you need
  • How potassium iodine can protect your thyroid

BOOK #2: Prepper’s Hacks: Top 16 Resources to Have so That You Never Go Through a Disaster Under Prepared

This book covers some of the most essential survival skills which should be learned prior to being needed. If the worst was to happen it will be those who are prepared not those who are fittest who survive and even flourish. Now is the time to learn these skills and to practice – whilst your life is not depending upon it. This book is not just designed to provide you with some survival tips should the worst happen; it should start you thinking differently about the everyday objects surrounding you and how they can be applied differently.

Discussing survival tactics may seem like scaremongering or disillusionment with society but the tips provided in this book are genuine and can be used in a wide variety of situations. They say knowledge is power- now is the time to take power and be ready for anything!

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Survival methods of producing light
  • Methods to stay warm and eat hot food
  • Ways to ensure you continue to have food and drink available through times of emergency
  • Having essential supplies…

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Preppers Survival Box Set: 25 Survival Strategies that Will Save Your Life plus Everything You Need to Know For Wilderness and Urban Survival (Preppers, Preppers Survival, preppers survival pantry)

by Jerry Cline

Preppers Survival Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Preppers Survival: 25 Survival Strategies that Will Save Your Life

Are you a prepper just starting out? Or maybe you have been prepping for what could happen for a while? Or even just someone interested in finding ways to survive in the dangerous world we live in? Either way, Preppers Survival: 25 Survival Skills That Will Save Your Life is the book for you.

Survival during these dangerous times can be something many people think about, but not sure how to gather the information needed. It is something that families need to be prepared for. What if you were stranded in an area without food or water, would you know how to get drinkable water or food that will be healthy? This book will help you prepare for the things that people don’t like to think about.

Each section of the book covers tips and tricks to help you do survival skills such as build fires, find food, get drinkable water, and handle specific disasters. Would you know what to do in an earthquake or an animal attack? This book will allow you to do these things and stay alive.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Food
  • Other

BOOK #2: Survival 101: Everything You Need to Know For Wilderness Survival

This book is your ultimate guide on everything you need to know for wilderness survival. There are two instances that may arise where you might need to survive in the wilderness. The first is if you are on a planned excursion, like a camping trip, and the second is if you find that you are lost in an inhospitable or uninhabited area that you have no knowledge of.

Surviving in the wilderness entails much more than searching for berries and resting under palm trees while nursing a coconut drink. It moves beyond rubbing two sticks together to create fire and building an escape boat. Some people believe that the wilderness is a place where you wander around starving, looking haggard, thirsty and frustrated.

This book will dispel the myths about the wilderness. Once you go through the advice in this book, the wilderness will no longer fill you with trepidation or anxiety, and you will feel equipped to go on your next excursion.

You will find six chapters that fully cover the following:

  • The Survivor’s Character
  • The Basics of Surviving in the Wilderness
  • Making Common Sense Decisions
  • Orchestrating your Rescue or Escape
  • Building a Wilderness Survival Kit
  • Survival Tips to Remember

BOOK #3: Preppers Survival: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Prepare You for Urban Survival

here are so many scenarios that could occur in an urban area that you may need to prepare for. This guide gives you a detailed look at all the preparations you can make to ensure that you survive any urban emergency or survival.

Read on for detailed information on prepping for your urban survival.

The skills, tools and resources that you need for urban survival are very different from those that you need in the wilderness. The factors that are taken into consideration also vary. The chapters of this book cover the following sections:

  • The Basics of Survival
  • Creating your Survival Plan
  • Your Ultimate Survival Tools
  • Instant Survival Kit
  • The Ultimate Urban Survival Stockpile
  • Mistakes you should avoid

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