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Stepbrother Dearest: Torn Between Two Stepbrothers (Stepbrother Romance, Contemporary Romance, Menage Romance)

by Beverly Marsh

Torn Between Two Stepbrothers

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When Lucy West comes home from college for the summer, she finds that her ideas are about to radically change…

Upon arriving at her house, she sees her gorgeous stepbrother, Kyle, living in her childhood home.

The naughty thoughts she has around Kyle are almost too much to bear, and when he catches her off-guard with a public kiss as he attempts to save her from an awkward situation, her feelings only get stronger.

When Leo, Lucy’s other stepbrother, joins them for the summer as well, she finds out that he’s equally as attractive.

Just as Lucy starts to think her desires will never be fulfilled and wonder how she can possibly stay sane, her stepbrothers reveal that they know her secret.

And, fortunately for them all, the three of them find a solution that satisfies everybody, and Lucy learns that it’s not a bad thing to be torn between two stepbrothers.

WARNING: This ebook contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. Only for adult eyes!

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Old Grizzle Back: Beginning Chapter Book (The Adventures of Jeb and Skeeter Series 1)

by Donna L. Abla

In rural Oklahoma during the 1930’s, two boys live out their adventures in the woods and fields of a small community. Jeb and Skeeter are best friends who despite their differences are inseparable. Faith, family, love, and high adventure together create the cornerstone of this heartwarming series.

The first adventure takes Jeb and Skeeter to Harley’s pond. It is the greatest pond in the entire county. The famous pond has the biggest fish, coldest water, and the meanest dog protecting it from any would be visitors. On a hot summer day, Jeb and Skeeter are lured to the pond despite the threat of a mean dog and against Momma’s warnings.

Jeb soon finds himself as the old dog’s enemy. The danger is great, but Jeb’s courage is even greater.

The Haunts of Violence

by Mike McNichols

Dr. Mitchell Broward has thrown away his academic career and his family, and is now drinking himself to death in Huntington Beach, California. Terrifying specters assault him during his frequent alcohol-induced hallucinations, but those hauntings are suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a young man whose presence is in sharp contrast to the terror of Broward’s self-destruction. As a circle of mystery and murder tightens around Mitchell, the presence of his hallucinatory visitor brings him a final glimpse of hope for his own life.

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