Free fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Holy Frigging Matrimony – A Tangled Series Short Story (The Tangled)

by Emma Chase

What does Drew Evans have to say next? Find out in this forty page short story, filled with his sexy charm, unique advice and hilarious one-liners.

Marriage: the final frontier. Steven went first. He was kind of our test subject. Like those monkeys that NASA sent off into space in the fifties, all the while knowing they’d never make it back.

And now another poor rocket is ready to launch.

But this isn’t just any posh New York wedding. You’ve seen my friends, you’ve met our families, you know you’re in for a treat. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. This one’s going to be un-frigging-forgettable.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Anyone Can Learn Watercolor Journaling – Yes, You!: Easy Techniques for Drawing and Painting

by Jolyn Parker

Start Watercolor Journaling Today!

The simple technique presented in this fun-to-read book will have you drawing and painting quickly. No need to wait until you’ve had hours of training or years of practice to enjoy watercolor journaling. In this book you will learn how to:

Recapture the natural joy of art experienced in early childhood

Create colorful travel journals that will become treasured souvenirs and a delight to share

Overcome the resistance of your inner critic that says you can’t draw or paint

Here’s what people are saying about Anyone Can

Learn Watercolor Journalingâ??Yes, You!

“This book is both an educational and delightful read.”â??Sharan Devoto

“I love the sketches in this book and appreciate the easy instructions that go along with them.”â??Karen Bates

“What a fun and easy-to-read book. Makes it simple to add a bit of creativity to a journal.”â??Soo Hyun Han

NOTE: This book is NOT for the experienced artist. It is intended only for people who want to learn VERY basic techniques for drawing and painting.

A Candle Lit: Deconstructing Alcoholism

by Mark Urso

Carry this book with you as a candle,

and become part of the solution.

A stubborn look at addiction and alcoholism based on 20 years of study and a keen ability to connect a vast amount of information.

A Candle Lit is an easy-to-read solution-focused study of alcoholism and addiction, causes and cures, with open-mindedness and eye-opening detailed description.

It’s intended for therapists, professionals, caregivers and sufferers, and aims to connect the community by identifying common experience.

This book is about pre-disease suffering; in other words, there’s a lot of examination of “real-world” and “real-people” situations which are not full-blown alcoholism; the reason is to “see it coming” if possible. The book is extremely detailed, explaining how it “feels” to experience many of the feelings involved with addiction, cravings, alcoholism and denial, and what if feels like to “watch it happen,” from the point of view of a caregiver. The examination searches for similarities and patterns, while the text remains easy to read.

Anyone will find it interesting, I think.

Other key topics discussed are depression, mania, bi-polar, caregiving, hunger as it relates to cravings, pride-confusion, stubbornness, pre-denial, pre-disease suffering, curable aspects, choice, memory, cause, enabling, faith.

New Concepts include:

Tangentizing – Alcoholism has curable major causes

Hunger Theory – The addiction / hunger masquerade

Alcoholic Malbehavior – A symptom of alcoholism

The Choice Question – The gateway to permanence

2nd Edition

1st Electronic Edition

ISBN 9781633188853

Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Successful and Satisfying Home Painting

by Debbie Zimmer

DIY Home Painting Guide

Finding a how-to book on home painting is easy. What’s rare is finding one that simplifies painting projects and makes them fun. Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Successful and Satisfying Home Painting does just that.

This is the quintessential home painting helper for those who have never before picked up a paintbrush. It is also a wonderful reference piece for more experienced do-it-yourselfers who want to take their painting prowess to the next level.

Among the nearly 100 topics included in the book, novices will benefit greatly from such entries as “How to Approach Your First Paint Job” and “How to Paint a Room in Bite-size Pieces”. Accomplished painters will likely gravitate toward higher-end topics such as “Dabbling in Dappled Color” and “Paint the Unexpected”.

Do-It-Yourselfers Guide devotes equal attention to interior and exterior painting. It provides step-by-step instruction on painting every conceivable surface: interior walls, trim, ceilings, floors, stairs, and more – as well as exterior materials, ranging from wood siding and decks, to aluminum, vinyl, stucco, and others.

The book is the work of author Debbie Zimmer, who has unique professional and personal credentials. A one-time paint researcher, she knows what goes into a good can of paint; an experienced do-it-yourself painter, she’s done a lot more home painting than most.

But it is Zimmer’s current work that gives authority to her writing. In her capacity as paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute, the nation’s leading source of information on paint, Zimmer manages an e-learning program for paint industry professionals, is editor of a magazine about paint, and serves as media spokesperson on paints and coatings, painting technique, and color.

In fact, that last subject — color — is a big part of Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide. The book is filled with great advice on every aspect of the topic: tips on creating beautiful interior and exterior color schemes, information on the psychology of color, and even entries on each and every major color group.

Whether you want fresh ideas on interior redecorating, or need professional advice about maintaining the exterior of your home, you’ll find it in Do-It-Yourselfers Guide. As an added bonus, you’ll find the book easy to read and chock full of helpful tips to make your painting fun. . .not to mention successful and satisfying!

Crossfit: Cross Training for Beginners: Crossfit, Cross Fit Training, Crossfit for beginners

by Samuel Andreas

Cross Training for Beginners

The title says it all, the very best starter package for crossfit is within your reach. The book covers every angle, from detailed exercise instructions to the most beneficial diet that comes along with crossfit training, which is the Paleo diet.

This book also includes 50 WOD’s you can either do in the gym or at home. These WOD’s varies from intense bodyweight workouts to high intensity interval endurance workouts. Doing only 3 of these WOD’s per week will greatly improve your body conditioning and overal health.

So what makes this book so different from the other crossfit books?

Well, first of all, like stated before, the book covers everything that is important for making progress your body. The mindset that is needed is something that needs to grow, this is a process that as a reward gives you the feeling there isn’t anything that can’t be done. Crossfit is one way to achieve this mindset.

We added a variety of catagories to this book that would include:

  • 50 great starter workouts (WOD’s)
  • Descriptive exercise instructions
  • Important gym etiquettes
  • Beneficial general crossfit information
  • The Paleo diet
  • And much more…

Second of all, we include the book with a guideline and a diet. The preferred diet that goes hand in hand with not only crossfit, but any sport for that matter is the Paleo diet. We descriptively talk about what it is, why you should do the Paleo diet, how you can get fit with this diet and how to start this diet (get the ball rolling).

A wise once said: everybody is self made, but only the succesful will admit it.

Take control of your life, get informed, get motivated, take action and get massive results. It all starts by reading this book today. I’m certain you won’t regret it.

DIY Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Masks: Budget-Friendly and Organic Hair Products That are Homemade (DIY Beauty Products)

by Amy Larson

Homemade hair care products sound complicated and time consuming, but the truth is that they don’t have to be! “DIY Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Masks: Budget-Friendly and Organic Hair Products That are Homemade” focuses on sharing a number of safe, easy to make, budget friendly hair care recipes.

“DIY Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masks: Budget-Friendly and Organic Hair Products That are Homemade” not only focuses on sharing recipes to make your organic journey easier and cheaper, but it also shares why you should be using organic homemade hair care products rather than the chemical filled commercial alternatives.

As you journey through “DIY Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masks: Budget-Friendly and Organic Hair Products That are Homemade” you will learn about the ingredients used by big name companies to make their hair care products appeal, and you will learn why you should avoid them. Among these reasons are cancer, hair loss, and reproductive failure.

Forget the books that are filled with duplicates of the same recipes over and over again with just one ingredient changed, “DIY Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masks: Budget-Friendly and Organic Hair Products That are Homemade” shares the most popular homemade hair product recipes without duplicating the same information again and again.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– Health risks associated with popular commercial ingredients

– Top organic homemade shampoo recipes

– Top organic homemade conditioner recipes

– Top organic homemade hair mask recipes

– And Much More

Don’t Delay, Download This Book Today!

COOKBOOKS: Blood Type Diet: Understand What To Eat & Why You Should Eat Foods Based On Your Blood Type (Recipes, Recipe Books, Paleo Diet, Diet Books for … Ketogenic Diet, Clean Eating Book 1)

by Sara Clark

Limited Time Offer: Download Today And You’ll Receive A Link To Access Free Books (Located At End Of The Book)



Give Your Body What Your Body Needs Based On Your Blood Type

It is no surprise that the Blood Type Diet is picking up steam and becoming the most popular diet today. People are seeing and feeling the amazing benefits of the Blood Type Diet – they are raving about the weight loss results and how they feel much healthier. After all, it makes sense to eat foods according to your blood type, right?


– The Good And Bad Foods Based On Your Blood Type

– Why & How Foods Are Given Blood Type Classifications

– A Delicious & Highly Effective Blood Type Diet Plan

– The Blood Type Diet For Weight Loss

– Mouth Watering Blood Type Diet Recipes

For A Sample, Take A Look Inside

Self Hypnosis: 33 Outstanding Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Complete Relaxation (Self Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis books, self hypnosis for weight loss)

by Rita Gilbert

Self Hypnosis (FREE Bonus Included)

33 Outstanding Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Complete Relaxation

They say that hypnosis was the work of the devil. They said that those who practiced it held the power of witchcraft and sorcery in their hands. In this book we will demystify hypnosis and show you that it is now a viable science that is helping people achieve their goals and reach a state of pure relaxation.

In this book I will give you my top 33 ways to relax and find your hypnotic sweet spot. Some of these techniques may be a little off the wall but if you try them and apply them to your life then you will begin to see results.

When going through this book have an open mind as well as a peaceful retreat. When it comes to self-hypnosis it is a matter of relaxation and repetition. Once you master these techniques share them with others and enjoy the tranquil life you create.

No matter what has been said in the past or what dangers may lurk in the future hypnosis is here to stay and through this book it is my hope that you take the knowledge and apply it to your own self hypnosis techniques.

So download this book today and take a ride on the wild side.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “33 Outstanding Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Complete Relaxation” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Free war Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Harry Jackson’s War: Battle for the Sky’s

by James R Justice

This book is a work of fiction.

It tells the story of young Harry Jackson ,an unwanted lad from farming stock ,who went his own way,and made his own life in the RAF in WW2.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Shunned No More (A Lady Forsaken Book 1)

by Christina McKnight

A Lady Shunned by Allâ?¦

Lady Viola Oberbrook only wanted to forget the ill-fated early morning duel that took the lives of two young, wealthy, promising men of the ton and sent her fleeing for her father’s country estate. Eight years later, she has her life in order: a fulfilling business, a few trusted friends, and no plans to return to London society. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with her past.

A Lord Betrayed by Oneâ?¦

Brock Spencer, Earl of Haversham, only wants vengeance. Recently returned from his military service to the King, his plans include repairing his family estate, finding a bride, and destroying the girl responsible for the untimely death of his twin brothers. What he doesn’t anticipate is falling in love with the only woman who should never be part of his future.

An Impossible Match, Destined to Beâ?¦


by J. H. Hayes

Thirteen thousand years ago, as the Earth thawed from a prolonged deep freeze, people were scattered across the world, wandering from place to place, thriving by extracting from their surroundings whatever they found for sustenance. They shaped weapons and tools from rock, wood and bone. They plucked resources and nutrients from growing things and from the beasts around them. Some lived in caves, others in huts crafted from those same materials.

In the northern reaches of the Fertile Crescent, one band of humans was stepping beyond that pristine existence – the Natu. They were the first to seed the ground, creating a need to cease their nomadic traditions. Inexplicably, they also harvested huge stone slabs from the ground, erecting them in a completely bizarre manner.

For this tribe, it was a time of transition. And like any period of change, new ways brought conflict. Advanced gods had descended, ones who threatened the old beliefs. Not everyone was convinced of the new gods’ superiority. Caught in this struggle is Azaria, a talented girl on the precipice of womanhood, stumbling through the harsh realities of growing responsibility, friendship and love.

Her father, Azerban, one of those tasked with leading the Natu in this renaissance, has more than his duties to attend to: an ill wife, a young son – the pride of his hearth – and the will of his tribe’s matriarch, a powerful shamaness who harbors an unnatural interest in his beloved daughter.

‘Was’ It Lost In Translation (One)

by John Bardall

Fiction can become real, history has a habit of repeating itself, the new reports are happening now,……Europe is nearly bankrupt except for one nation?
We have had two world wars, could there be a third……..

All eyes are on the UK…….How did World War One start ?
Who is the King of the North?, a true fact written thousands of years ago.
The above comments are in this book, some are true facts and events…..are you prepared for this journey?

Echoes from Saddam Hussein

by George Thomas Clark

These satirical columns, written from 2003 to 2009, allow startlingly candid Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush to explain their need to control the destinies of countries, regions, and, ultimately, the world. Osama bin Laden, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Karl Rove, and other notables, not all famous, also demand part of the stage.

Henri’s Last Caress

by E. O. Lisburne

A powerful love story of an unwanted betrothal and the ultimate betrayal by a family so destitute any hope for a future lies in selling their only daughter in marriage.

You’ll need your hand embroidered linen handkerchiefs for this haunting weepy.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Burdz: A Unique Flock

by Autumn Linde

Within the pages of Burdz, you’ll meet a snarky parrot who strongly dislikes crackers, a crow with unique stripes, and a message from two little birds (or burdz, rather) that will help you take your first steps toward becoming a dreamer. But these are just a few of the feathered friends you’ll encounter. This collection of quirky illustrations, poems and short stories invites readers to share a tale or two and learn how to harness the light that can lead each and every one of us to fulfill our grandest dreams. With colorful artwork and a mix of humor and reflection, this celebration of a unique flock leaves you with positive messages of dreaming bigâ?¦and perhaps a giggle here and there.

Drowning To Pieces

by Monica Hulen

The darkness in the world, painting itself into words covering the walls of heart and mind. This is poetry for those who have felt lost, who have known passion and pain. Life is filled with these things, but does darkness reign in victory, or can the light break the cages of shadow?


by Lancelot A Walker

This is a book of poetry. Words straight from the heart. These words comes from a place of profound thoughts and resonate for the hearts and minds of those who have felt similar fires within their souls.

Twenty-six Suicides

by Justin Bohardt

Pain. Grief. Sacrifice. Honor. Necessity. Love. Every suicide has its reason. Every suicide has its story.

In this poetry collection, Justin Bohardt explores the reasons and the rationales, the pathos and the suffering, the rituals and the rites, and the necessity and the love that goes into one making a decision to end their own existence.

The Fire of My Soul: Lancelot A. Walker Poems from the Heart (Feel The Fire Book 1)

by Lancelot Walker

The flames of these poems burn from the core of my being. They speak loudly for voices that are silent or rendered mute. They are unabridged and come from a place where true experiences validate authenticity.

Lambent Dreams

by Jim Webster

The Poetry of Tallis Steelyard. This appropriately slim volume is the fruit of a unique artistic collaboration, bringing together the writings of one of Port Naain’s most major minor poet with the personal commentary of an esteemed cartographer and traveller, and the guiding notes of an informed poet-critic. You cannot say you have not been warned


by Jamie Doughty

Inconmensurable is a Spanish word. The poems in this book were originally intended to feature in a virtual world made with the authors newly learned design technique. After much consideration it became apparent that such a gimmick was simply not required. This book was initially intended to solely be a collection of ten poems. Due to the authors realisation that one has a responsibility to provide discourse provoking literature in an age of access to a wide range of futile avenues for self expression it seemed appropriate to add such content between stanzas as well as limit the number of poems in the publication (two as opposed to the original proposal of ten). The loose theme tying up the prose between the stanzas is one regarding social and economic survival of the creative consumer in physical space. One last thing. Both chapters of this book contain poetry that addresses concerns with an air of frivolity. The prose in these two parts is confused yet serious.

Jonathan’s Sonnets – the next one hundred sunbeams in a rainy sky

by Jonathan Mountfort

Love poetry for your loved one

Poetry Book I: TO MARY (Poésie française de Marcel Auvray-Montagnon 1)

by Marcel Auvray-Montagnon

Po̩sie fran̤aise classique Рwith english bilingual poetic translation

illustrée par un dessinateur d’époque – illustrated by a XIXth century landscape master

The Latymer Verses

by Nadir Nanji

The Latymer Verses is a collection of poetry that is currently en route to a place with high entropy in Southern Ontario.

Edward Latymer is somehow connected to Hammersmith, an area in West London.

The author went to Latymer Upper School and lived for most of his life in Latymer Court, a mansion block of flats opposite a pub called Latymers.

Yet apart from his name, the author knows absolutely nothing about this bloke called Edward Latymer.

Good Stuff: Laugh, Cringe & Scratch Your Head

by Vince Broerman

GOOD STUFF: LAUGH as Vince shares with readers intimate moments with his children, CRINGE as he raises hell while on two wheels, & SCRATCH YOUR HEAD along with him, as you experience the Midwestern suburban dating scene from the viewpoint of a middle-aged man.

Fragment The Chaos

by William McWilliams

Fragment The Chaos is a compendium of 21 poems taken from the larger work of Welcome The Metanoia Chaos.

My Time is Now: Collection of Poems

by Lancelot A. Walker

This is a book of Poetry from the heart. It speaks to the realism of life in motion. I resonates with the human spirit and experiences. It offers realness and seeks to identify with everyone who has waited patiently for their time to come.

My World Famous Book of Poetry

by Alan Wichall

My personal poetic ramblings, possibly funny, maybe serious. But hopefully enjoyable.

Raw thoughts and reckless poetry

by Safira Hallem

A collections of contemporary poetry, that define the new era of love

When Rivers Drown: A Memoir of Poems

by Dana Danielle

A child born into a dysfunctional family is trying to find out how she fits into the world, by watching the mistakes of others; she has to learn to love the skin she is in, while not letting her family define who she is capable of becoming. This poetry will pierce your soul and the images will remain with you for years to come. This book was written to help all those who feel they’ve been left behind. There is hope.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Mission of Mercy, Part 6 of the Virtues and Valor Series

by Hallee Bridgeman

Doctor BETTY GRIMES, miraculously survives the Nazi bombing of her hospital but suffers the loss of her fiancé in the raid. She goes to the countryside to grieve and recuperate and there meets the leader of the Virtues team who recruits the brilliant surgeon.

After months of training, Betty, code-named MERCY, now works in Occupied France as a nurse, where she garners information from patients and passes it to the Allies. Secretly, she tends to injured Resistance operatives, treating gunshots and other wounds that would otherwise draw the attention of the Third Reich.

When Betty is sent to the local prison to see to a prisoner who has taken ill, her shock at finding TEMPERANCE nearly blows her cover. Now Temperance is sick and Mercy needs to get her well enough for the coming rescue operation to succeed.

Can MERCY save TEMPERANCE in time for her rescue, or will her patient succumb to the disease brought on by the torture of the Gestapo?

MISSION OF MERCY is part six of seven serialized novellas entitled the Virtues and Valor series.

In 1941 Great Britain a special war department assembles an experimental and exclusively female cohort of combat operatives. Four willing spies, a wireless radio operator, an ingenious code breaker, and a fearless pilot are each hand-picked, recruited, and trained to initiate a daring mission in Occupied France. As plans are laid to engineer the largest prison break of Allied POWs in history, the Nazis capture the Virtues’ radio operator. It will take the cohesive teamwork of the rest of the women to save her life before Berlin breaks her and brings the force of the Third Reich to bear.

Some find love, some find vengeance, and some discover the kind of strength that lives in the human heart when all they can do is rely on each other and their shared belief. Courage, faith, and valor intersect but, in the end, one pays the ultimate price.

7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

by Kimberley Payne

Could your personal and writing habits be holding you back from becoming a successful writer?

Perhaps you’ve discovered, as have many others, that being gifted or knowing you are called by God to write is not enough to be successful at it. There comes a time when every writer must develop the gentle art of discipline – establishing certain practices, or habits, that make it easier to carry out the right and good thing.

This anthology deals not so much with the technical or how-to aspects of writing but rather, with seven key areas that are seen as essential for Christian writers to succeed. They are:

* Time with God

* Healthy Living

* Time Management

* Honing Writing Skills

* Crafting a Masterpiece

* Submitting

* Marketing

The contributing writers are InScribe members. Coming from all walks of life, they write in various genres for a range of audiences. Collectively, they bring to this anthology an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Through fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, such as devotionals, essays, and articles, they generously share their own discoveries, success stories, and their hard-won lessons to encourage and support you on your own writing journey.


“I love seven things about this book: It is practical. It is affordable. It is encouraging. It is worth highlighting, underlining and dog-earing. Plus it made me forget about my toothache. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran writer, you’ll discover 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers to be jammed with instantly actionable advice that will make you a better writer. Dig in.”

â??Phil Callaway ( is the best-selling author of more than 25 books, a popular speaker, the host of Laugh Again Radio, and a grandpa.

“7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers is an absolute gem! I love that it covers all the basics a writer needs to know, making them simple and practical. I also love that the book has many authors, giving us ideas and suggestions from their own writing journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously considering writing as a vocation or even an avocation, particularly those writers who see their work as a ministryâ??which it certainly is!”

â??Kathi Macias ( is an award-winning author of more than 50 books. A wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Kathi lives in Southern California with her husband, Al.

“7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers is loaded with actionable advice that will make you a better writer. Whether you are a multi-published author or a beginning writer, this book will benefit you.”

â??Shelley Hitz, author coach and best-selling author

“This book is a beautiful blend of faithfulness and craft. It will help you answer the practical questions of what it means to be a writer while honoring what you believe. I wish I’d read this when I got started.”

â??Jeff Goins, Best-selling author, The Art of Work

“There are hundreds of how-to-write books on the market, but none that I know of touches BOTH of the vital aspects of writing as a Christian better than this anthology from InScribe. The practical AND the spiritual are woven into a whole by a remarkably creative group of writers who are in the trenches as we speak. I intend to snack on this fare again and again.”

â??Nancy Rue, best-selling Christian author and creator of Shadow to Shelf, a mentoring program for writers.

Patriot Heart (Journey Home Book 1)

by Diane Kalas


May 1865. All Dan Goodman wants is to marry an uncomplicated girl and have a family, but the war interfered and he became a POW who now believes he’s losing his mind and unfit for marriage. He dreams of Oregon to put the memories behind him. The problem is he owes a debt of gratitude to the beautiful songstress. In addition, Clara Barton wants him to be a witness for the prosecution in the first trial for war crimes in American history.


Letty Talbot is a world-weary steamboat songstress, and wants a new direction after sudden loss. Letty decides to run a supply depot for emigrants going out West, and talks Dan into a partnership where he builds the prairie schooners. Letty won’t admit she wants to keep Dan from leaving. Even though they butt heads a lot, no man ever interested Letty as this one did.


If Letty marries Dan she losses her depot, because married women have no property rights. Letty must learn to trust God with her future. Dan must forgive fellow Union inmates who killed for selfish reasons, and face the commandant of Andersonville Prison in a court of law. Allowing his Oregon dream to fade, he can then embrace the future God planned for him.

A Perfect Little Place

by Jeff Gandee

Tolus MacGruder has lived in struggling Byrneville Ohio as long as anyone can remember. After being convinced to run for mayor and making a seemingly ridiculous promise the town would be perfect under his leadership, Tolus is more than a bit worried about the future. He has never broken a promise, and he isn’t about to start now. Byrneville has never seen anything quite like this before.

A Perfect Little Place is an enchanting story about a small Midwestern town and its mysterious leading citizen. Prepare to be absorbed by this community and live for a time as a resident of the first ever perfect town.

I Call Your Name: Living Praise Book 1

by Sherman Cox

A Washed up Gospel Singer.

A Group Seeking a Renewal.

A Final chance For a comeback.

The gospel singing group Living Praise has had a relatively successful career. They have sung a few gospel songs that have become standards. They had a song even hit the pop charts ten years ago. Today though, they are in a lull and are looking for the key to reviving their career.


Minister Tommy Settles, one of the anchors of the group, is falling apart. He can no longer reach the notes on even their signature song that he used to hit and his voice cracks every time he sings. And on top of it all, he is becoming harder to work with.

Can Tommy and Living Praise get back to their glory days? Will They work through the issues that have stood in their way? Can God work a revival in and through this group?

Are you looking for an African American urban Christian fiction novella that struggles with living as a Christian in the real world, then follow us as we watch the growing pains of Living Praise.

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

World of Azglen (Full Moon Series Book 1)

by P. Mattern

Charley Rabbit is a mentally disabled young man who lives quietly with his widowed mother Mitzi in the American Midwest-but not for long! Charley develops a rapid intellectual growth spurt after being bitten by a vampire. Fressenda and her fraternal twin brothers Cass (Castor) and Lux (Pollux) take an interest in Charley and Mitzi and become part of their extended family, but Mitzi is wary and senses that the changes in Charley may be part of something mysterious,dark and sinister. In the meantime she is offered something she didn’t believe was possible-a clandestine relationship with a younger , and incidentally immortal, male.

The ensuing connection that Charley and his mom develop with V-net vampires (,a brilliantly organized organization that has piggybacked on the existing infrastructure in the U.S), an ancient family history and a dangerous and wily adversary, the Vampire Lord Adrastos puts both their lives and their new relationships at risk and takes them to some of the most remote locales on the planet.

Congregation Of Darkness (Full Moon Series Book 2)

by P. Mattern

What if you could start completely over?

Clean slate

Without limitations, or disabilities

Without human failures of any kind-

And all it cost was your SOUL.

The question is:

Would you do it?

Well……would you?

Book Two of Full Moon Series, CONGREGATION OF DARKNESS chronicles the continuing adventures of vampire Charley Rabbit, his mother Mitzi and their ‘modern family’ of V-net vamps. While dhampir Byron Chance recovers from near fatal wounds, Lord Earl Adrastos overcomes his paralysis and once again turns his attentions toward Mitzi.Several towns away, 18 year old Carey Floyd barely survives an attack by a hybrid vampire swarm and, having been marked, runs for his life inadvertently endangering everyone he comes into contact with, including teenaged Kimbra and her little sister Channing.

Meanwhile, in the karstland caves of Indiana, the lone survivor of a slaughtered group of campers becomes queen to the last Fourth Bitten Vampire in existence.

Death, new life .betrayals and steamy romance highlight the latest installment in the Full Moon Saga.

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Free travel Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Croatia: By Locals – A Croatia Travel Guide Written By A Croat: The Best Travel Tips About Where to Go and What to See in Croatia (Croatia, Croatia Travel … to Croatia, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Travel)

by By Locals

The Best and Most Unique Travel Guide to Croatia

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Tired of the typical boring guides? This guide tries to do the same as the “ask a local”, but it is (maybe!) better organized and more complete. In all our guides, we hire a “local” writer, and then we edit to be sure that the guide is complete, unique, fun and interesting. We like to give you only unique and original content that you won’t find easily.

What will you find in this unique travel guide to Croatia?

  • Introduction, Croatia By A Local
  • History of Croatia (Prehistory, Greek and Roman Rule, Middle Ages, Habsburg Monarchy and Austria-Hungary, Yugoslavia, Independence)
  • Zagreb (History of Zagreb, Airport, Zagreb Transportation, Sights and Landmarks, Museums, Parks and Lakes, Mirogoj Cemetery, Medvednica Mountain Nature Park and Medvedgrad)
  • Croatia Proper (Samobor, Vrbovec, Karlovac, Zagorje)
  • Slavonia (Reaching Slavonia, Osijek, Kopački Rit Nature Park, Kutjevo Vineyards, Papuk Nature Park , Fort Kaptol, Fort Velika, Spa Velika)
  • Istria (Risnjak National Park, Brijuni National Park, Pula, Eco-center Eia, Rovinj, Poreč, Motovun)
  • Dalmatia (Učka Mountain Nature Park, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Zadar, TelaÅ¡Ä?ica Nature Park, Kornati National Park, Vransko Lake Nature Park, Krka National Park, Å ibenik, Split, Hvar Island, Korčula Island, Lastovo Island Nature Park, Biokovo Nature Park, Makarska, Mljet National Park, Dubrovnik)

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Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios Fun Finds & Hidden Mickeys (The Complete Walt Disney World Book 14)

by Julie Neal

Think you’ve seen everything at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park? Think again. Add a sense of adventure to your visit with this unique guidebook. Its easy-to-scan lists and eye-popping photos reveal hundreds of Fun Finds and “Hidden Mickey” silhouettes, all of which hide in plain sight. Includes an expanded section on Star Tours, the park’s newly updated Star Wars attraction. Hundreds of touch-screen links make it easy to find what you’re looking for; photos fill your screen with a tap of your finger.

The Peking to St Pancras Express

by Matthew Weitz

The Peking to St Pancras Express is the epic story of a 10,000 mile journey across 14 countries, an exploration of divided empires and conflicts over arbitrary and outdated national borders. It is the personal story of reflections of Matthew Weitz, a young professional taking the slow road home from Asia to Europe. He reflects on changing influences and the rise of China, ethnic and religious tensions in the former Soviet and Ottoman empires, on a journey that brings him across deserts to a dying sea, to a Kazakh prison cell and to the ever present but changing bazaars of the old silk road. Told with humour and shrewd observation, he provides an eloquent snapshot of a broad range of different lives, from Beijing to London.

Around the world adventures of Max & Jack JAPAN

by Emily Overton

This fun filled world adventure stars a boy named Max and his dog Jack. Max and Jack live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and each day travel to a new country of the world. In each country they meet a new boy or girl and their pets, which then tell them about their country and take them sightseeing.

As well as being a fun filled adventure story that will fuel children’s imagination, this series of 42 countries also educates the readers about facts of each country such as history, climate and animals but also popular and important sights in each country.

This engaging tale of Around the World Adventures of Max and Jack will take the readers on an exciting journey they have never been on and explore places they have never visited, like France.

Best of Kenya (iC Pocket Travel Guide)

by Julian Porter

This book will help you plan your trip to Kenya by showing you some of the fantastic places this country has to offer. The game parks, the beaches, the Rift Valley lakes and Mount Kenya are all covered. Photographs are included to show you what you can see on a trip to this beautiful country.

Europe for Budget Travelers

by Nathaniel Gibson

This travel guide is a compilation of my 10 travel guides on 10 different cities in Europe, namely: Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens, Lisbon, Brussels, Prague, Berlin, Paris and London. You can purchase/borrow these books separately if you are not interested in the other cities in this guide; just search for my name “Nathaniel Gibson”.

Enjoy your trip to Europe!

Sinking Venice: Why Venice doesn’t need the cruise industry and how the plans for an alternative route to vessels are endangering the city.

by Daniele Bassi

When it comes to Venice, words such as “death” and “sink” become clichés. As well as its uniqueness, its fragility is known worldwide.

Despite all efforts, Venice is unlikely to remain unscathed by the global sea level rise. But the ones responsible for the city’s unprecedented deterioration are diffuse corruption and ruthless pursuit of profit.

In this article, Daniele Bassi analyses the impact of the cruise industry in Venice and consequences of the new plans to further alter the Venetian Lagoon in order to accommodate larger cruise ships. She provides an insightful panorama of how this world heritage site is been sacrificed for the sake of a chosen few.

Traveling to Petra

by Jenell Diegor

A brief guide on visiting Petra for tourists and travelers, from arriving at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman to the drive to Wadi Musa on Petra’s gates. Pictures of Petra are included for your viewing pleasure!

Strolling Around Kyoto: Travel Beautiful 4 Seasons of Kyoto, Japan

by Jimbei Shaku

Hello my dear friends all over the world

Kyoto became the capital of Japan about 1200 years ago. At first, Tenno emperors governed the country, but gradually political power passed into the hands of nobility or warriors. With that, Kyoto lost the function that was the center of the politics. But still emperors kept living in the imperial palace what we call â??Gosho’. A lot of temples and shrines were built to guard the palace and to pray for the prosperity of emperors as well.

ã??Emperors required the best things in their daily life of food, clothing and shelter. Necessarily everything was refined in accordance with his request. The culture has been developed, refined and spread down to among the citizens’ lives, which were destined to refine the Kyotoian public life.

Kyotoian culture is also the essence and flower of that traditional Japanese culture. I could say there lies every Japanese traditional culture in Kyoto. It is particular even about the details with no compromise. Its attitude has been succeeded to the present young people’s spirit, for example, in their business of restaurants or bars.

Mr. Donald Lawrence Keene, a Japanologist from the United States, says, “If you want to know what Japan is, all you should do is come to Kyoto. Kyoto has everything about Japan.”

In addition, 4 seasons in Kyoto are amazing. You would give a gasp of their beauty; pink cherry blossoms in spring, evergreen leaves in summer, red and yellow leaves in fall, snow white in winter. Amazing are not only the beauty of nature untouched by humans, but also the refinement of the Japanese gardens in the temples or shrines. Furthermore, many, many different festivals with the history of over 1000 years.

It was also in Kyoto that dishes coming before â??tea ceremony’ what we call â??Kaiseki Ryori’, at the top of Japanese traditional cooking, was developed. Now it is at the peak of all Japanese cuisine.

Unfortunately even we Japanese are forgetting this beautiful traditional Japanese culture. The beauty of the old Japanese living style must be uncomfortable for the young Japanese. In the digital age, such manners would be too irrational or unrealistic to understand; I’m afraid.

Well, how come many people around the world get attracted to Kyoto? I believe the reason will be that we digital generation might be seeking after an oasis somewhere which could heal ourselves. I am proud to say Kyoto is a healing itself.

Life is short. Still, we have time to come and stay in Kyoto for a night or two. Before you visit Kyoto actually, why don’t you let me show you around Kyoto in this book? Let’s stroll around Kyoto together.

Jimbei Shaku


January – ï¼?æ??睦æ??ã??Jishu Jinja Shrine and Sannenzaka

February – ï¼?æ??å¦?æ??ã??Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

March – ï¼?æ??å¼¥ç??ã??Jo Iijima Residence

April – ï¼?æ??卯æ??ã??Shoki Figures on the Roof

May – ï¼?æ??ç?æ??ã??Nishiki Ichiba Market ~ “Aritsugu” and “Uchida Pickles”

June – ï¼?æ??æ°´ç?¡æ?? Giouji Temple and “Inoda Coffee Shop”

July – ï¼?æ??æ??æ?? From Incline – Suirokaku to Nanzenji Temple, and

Japanese cuisine restaurant “Jiki Miyazawa”

August – ï¼?æ??è??æ?? Gion

September – ï¼?æ??é?·æ?? Kuzuryu Taisha Shrine

October – ï¼?0æ??ç¥?ç?¡æ?? Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace

November – ï¼?ï¼?æ??é??æ?? Daikakuji Temple

December – ï¼?ï¼?æ??師走 Toji Temple, and Japanese Sake tasting bar “Aburacho”

TURKISH: TRAVEL PHRASES for ENGLISH SPEAKING TRAVELERS: The most needed 1.000 phrases when traveling in Turkey

by Sarah Retter

Do you want to travel with ease and elegance getting what you need when you need it?

This is the solution for your communication problems when you travel to Turkey

You can access the phrase you need by using the table of contents that will lead you to the topic you are looking for:

Bank, Bar, Boutique, Bus travel, Business meetings, Café, Car accidents, Car rental, Car travel, Children, Cinema, Communication, Consulate, Customs, Directions, Discomfort, Embassy, Gas station, Hairdresser, Health, Hotel, Luggage, Metro travel, Money, Passport, Personal accidents, Personal information, Phone, Plane and airport, Professions, Restaurant, Supermarket, Taxi, Theatre, Time and date, Train travel, Visa, Weather

Or you can find the phrase you need by searching the keyword in the “search and find” tab of your mobile device.

When you find it you can show the phrase in you mobile device to the person and solve the problem right away!

Download you copy today and travel safe and confident!


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Free sports Kindle books for 31 Jul 15

Navigating Travel Baseball – 7U to 14U: What Parents and Players Need to Know Right Now!

by Tony Midea

Navigating Travel Baseball: What Parents and Players need to know!

A year by year guide of what to expect and how to find the best team for your son, plus a Players Perspective on many aspects of travel baseball.

When he was little, he looked like he was born to wear a baseball uniform. He’s been throwing a ball since he could walk, and you’ve heard a ball bounce off of a wall for the better part of his life. His motion is so quick, he always hits the ball, and is almost always on base. You get excited every time he gets in the batter’s box. Sound familiar?

And now, he’s been invited to join a travel team, and your life is about to change in ways large and small. Enjoy the ride, and let us help you navigate.

We’ve been part of a travel baseball family for many years now, and it has been a wonderful experience. But, it would’ve been nice to know what we were getting into, and how this would change year after year. There are plenty of “little league” books in the marketplace, and there are many great stories and much to learn. But, you would be hard pressed to find a detailed, year by year guide on first hand travel baseball experiences that you could use to prepare you for each season, and even to help you choose the right team for your son.

This book is the guide you’ve been looking for, and will help you make the most of your travel baseball life and experiences.

What is Travel Baseball?

Your travel baseball experience will be closely tied to your relationship with your coaching staff. This guide provides a list of questions to ask the coach before agreeing to play with a travel team. Questions such as player fees, practice schedules, fundraiser opportunities, outside training requirements, if family vacations are allowed during the season, pitching philosophies and many more are included.

Gain an understanding of how the game changes year after year

This book devotes a chapter to each age division beginning with 7 and under and continuing through 14 and under and provides guidance on rule changes, field dimensions and coaches expectations. Includes techniques of how to effectively advocate for your son (and how to not be the problem parent). We also discuss avenues to avoid having your son overpitched.

Learn what the Coaching Staff will expect from your sonâ?¦and your family

Expectations at this level of competitive play are far higher than in community recreation leagues. Players are expected to come to practice ready for action and training outside of practice will be expected. These expectations will increase each year. Learn what will be expected at each age range.

Learn sources for discounted baseball gear

The costs associated with travel baseball are often in the 1000’s of dollars for players’ fees in addition to the necessary baseball gear. We provide some of our favorite sources for discounted quality baseball gear from local and on-line retailers. Did you know taking your bat to your local batting cage voids the warrantee? Also included are Dos and Don’ts for one of the most expensive purchases – your bat.

Cooperstown Baseball

First-hand experiences of our week at Cooperstown. What to pack, where to stay and how to get the most from the experience. Plus a listing of activities in the area for the rest of the family to enjoy.

From a Players Perspective

Each chapter provides insight about the Travel Baseball experience from a player’s perspective. Areas such as overcoming obstacles, dealing with inconsistent umpires, various aspects of the mental game, dugout drama, unequal playing time and much more are addressed in each chapter.

About The Authors

We love to write. We love to share and communicate. We love baseball. So, this book is a natural endeavor for us as we can combine all of our loves into one, very useful work of art that will benefit anyone that chooses to spend some time with us.

Scroll u

Basic Wing Chun Training: Wing Chun Kung Fu Training for Street Fighting and Self Defense

by Sam Fury

Discover the Martial Arts Training that Made the Legends Bruce Lee and IP Man: Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Basic Wing Chun Training: Wing Chun Kung Fu Training for Street Fighting and Self Defense is a Wing Chun Kung Fu training manual designed to progressively teach basic Wing Chun techniques and principles and shows how to adapt the Wing Chun techniques learnt for use in street fighting and self defense.

Although anyone with an interest in martial arts will gain value from this basic Wing Chun training it, it is primarily intended for:

  • People who are thinking about learning Wing Chun Kung Fu but first want an insight.
  • People who know they want to learn Wing Chun but want some basic knowledge of principles and techniques before joining a professional Wing Chun class.
  • Beginners who are already learning Wing Chun and want to supplement their training and/or learn how to adapt the Wing Chun techniques and concepts to street fighting and self defense.
  • Teachers of Wing Chun Kung Fu who want some ideas on training beginner students.
  • Anyone that wants to self-train in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Basic Wing Chun Training is Jam packed with Wing Chun Techniques

Please Look Inside at the contents to see everything you will learn.

  • The legendary Wing Chun punch.
  • Arm-locks.
  • Wing Chun strikes including punches, kicks, elbows, knees and the chop.
  • Trapping and grabbing.
  • Interception and counter-attack.
  • Repeating punches.
  • Defending against common attacks and combinations.

Contains 42 Wing Chun Lessons, 97 Training Exercises and a Never-Ending Training Timetable!

  • Basic Wing Chun theory is embedded into practical lessons.
  • Conditioning exercises to give your body the strength to do the techniques.
  • Basic footwork for speed and balance.
  • The Centerline Principle (a core concept in Wing Chun).
  • Wing Chun training drills for developing lightening fast reflexes.
  • The direct line principle.
  • Use of training equipment.
  • Correct body alignment and weight distribution for maximum stability, speed and power.

Traditional Wing Chun Positions and Movements

  • Tan Sau (Dispersing Hand)
  • Pak Sau (Slapping Hand)
  • Bong Sau (Wing Arm)
  • Lap Sau (Pulling Hand)
  • Kau Sau (Detaining Hand)
  • Fut Sau (Outward Palm Arm)
  • Gum Sau (Pressing Hand)
  • Biu Sau (Darting Hand)

… and much, much more!

Basic Wing Chun Training Also Includes a Comprehensive Wing Chun Training Schedule

  • 132 training sessions using the lessons and exercises in this book.
  • Training sessions 89 to 132 can be repeated indefinitely – You will have a never-ending Wing Chun training schedule!
  • Starts with the basics and progressively increases in difficulty.
  • Practices repeat exercises so they are ingrained into your muscle memory.
  • Easily modified for those want want to train more or less.

In modern times Wing Chun Kung Fu (also known as Wing Tsun) has been made famous by Bruce Lee and Yip Man. It is regarded as one of the best martial arts for not relying on strength or physical size. Wing Chun Kung Fu is practical, efficient and suitable to learn for all those interested regardless of age, gender, size or strength.

Get your copy of Basic Wing Chun Training: Wing Chun Kung Fu Training for Street Fighting and Self Defense today!

The Great Big Fitness Quote Book: Over 365 Motivational Quotes To Help You Get Back In Shape! (The Great Big Quote Books Series Book 1)

by Cameron M. Clark

Finally! A fitness quote for every day of the year!!!

Check it out!

“Getting fit is all about reaching for, achieving, and sustaining a commitment to take care of yourself for the rest of your life.”

– Dara Torres (Olympic Gold Medalist)

“Rather than finding reasons why something cannot be done, though you know it needs to be done, get on with doing it. See problems as challenges.”

– Stuart McRobert (Fitness Writer)

“I know a lot of people say: ‘If I had the money then I’d be able to achieve health, fitness, peace of mind and joy.’ I can’t say it enough times: your health account and your bank account are synonymous.”

– Jack LaLanne (Fitness Guru)

For most of us, getting in shape is not easy. It involves a certain level of planning, discipline and most importantly motivation! Enter ‘The Great Big Fitness Quote Book’ compiled by Cameron M. Clark. A book of over 365 inspirational quotes that actually apply to health, fitness, nutrition and well-being. In addition to the motivational quotes, Clark has included individual biographical summaries of each person quoted in his book.

Finally, a book that collects the inspirational words of many of the best and most successful coaches, trainers, athletes, martial artists and other accomplished individuals into one handy volume you can access at any time!

Make NO mistake! This is not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ book of ‘inspirational’ quotes taken from a few different Internet websites and then collected into one volume. There are a ton of those for sale already. Instead, this is a combination of many previously-Internet-published quotes and some that have never been published online.

In fact, when Clark was looking for a resource like ‘The Great Big Fitness Quote Book,’ he found one book with ‘motivational quotes’ on fitness that included a quote from one of the most notorious totalitarian dictators of the 20th Century. This led Clark to realize two things: that these quote books were not well-researched and that there would be a need for a book that actually compiled quotes that were applicable to health, wellness and fitness.

With over 365 inspirational quotes, this is a collection that makes it easy for you to use a different quote each day to get yourself into the kind of physical shape you have always wanted to attain.

This book takes on all areas of Health and Fitness such as Aging, Exercise, Fat Loss, Goal Setting, Nutrition, Overcoming Obstacles and Stress among so many others with motivational words from Olympic athletes like Dara Torres, Picabo Street and Jesse Owens. You’ll also find words of wisdom from popular fitness trainers like Bob Harper, Kim Lyons, Chris Powell and Jillian Michaels. Other fitness gurus quoted include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLanne and Stuart McRobert. There are also quotes from martial artists like the legendary Bruce Lee, Georges St. Pierre and the first female UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey.

Organized into nearly 50 different categories, these individually-numbered quotations are effective to read within context and easy for you to return to read again and again whenever the need for inspiration arises.

Also included as a special bonus at the end of this book, there is a brief biographical information on each man and woman quoted, such as their occupation, their achievements along with the titles of some of the published works they may have written. Clark felt this information is useful in helping the reader to seek out the source of this wisdom and more importantly know they won’t be reposting or quoting tyrannical dictators who oppressed their own people.

“The Great Big Fitness Quote Book” is a ‘must’ for any practitioner of exercise and sports be they an amateur powerlifter, a busy housewife looking for a quick workout or the aspiring athlete who just wants to take it to the next level.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 15


by Scott Kaiser

Cypress is a curious little town located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It has grown still stranger lately, however, as a new leader called “The One” has come to dominate and distort every fiscal and social facet of this place.

Enter Stephens Hill. Stephens is about as uninteresting a young man as there ever was. In fact, his grandest dream consists of simply escaping Cypress, once and for all, in order to make something of his life elsewhere in the world.

However, The One has very distinct plans for all of the inhabitants now residing in Cypress. As far as he is concerned, no treason related to defecting from his light-less “paradise” will be tolerated in the slightest (lest such a tyrant wish to face The One’s “Factory Games”).

Stephens, as he has begun to enter into the bleakest reality he has known to date, cannot avoid his desire to be liberated from the prison of Cypress all-the-more.

Let the games begin.

The Star King (The Star Series Book 1)

by Susan Grant

Shot down over Saudi Arabia, fighter pilot Jasmine Hamilton encounters a golden-eyed stranger from another worldâ??one that’s light years away. Long after she’s rescued, dreams of the mysterious man haunt her and nearly derail her life. When Earth is contacted by a seemingly benevolent alien civilization, Jas takes off on the journey of a lifetime, and the star-crossed lovers reunite, joining forces against a ruthless enemy determined to destroy both their worlds

The Alien Artifact 3 2011

by V Bertolaccini

A high quality mind-boggling action-packed science fiction horror thriller!

A new ultimate galactic voyager is launched to explore the unexplored deepest depths of the universe and it leaves space and time when a deadly entity starts killing everyone aboard, and in the depths of a new minding-bending universe they locate a strange world where they encounter a deadly supernatural alien artifact!

An ultimate galactic voyager is created and launched to explore the unexplored deepest depths of the universe, and in the depths of a colossal void explorers encounter something of unknown origins that has been hidden away there since the dawn of creation. A hideous devil-like presence starts killing them to get the voyager, which it could use to destroy the universe, and they leave space and time to escape.

A mind-bending trip through the outer universe hurtles them out of a colossal black hole at the center of space and into a new mind-bending universe, where phenomena of unknown origins exists everywhere.

In its depths they encounter something of mind-blowing origins hidden away on a mysterious world since the dawn of time when they trace a strange energy source to something, and discover new mind-bending phenomena everywhere, and find far more than they bargained for when they discover it is of supernatural origins!

Aftermath: A Story of Survival (Jimmy Walker Series Book 1)

by LeAnn Edmondson

When the picture of a dog taking a squat shows up on every computer and cell phone screen with the words, “IT Happens,” Jimmy Walker knew things would never be the same again. What he didn’t know was just how bad it would be.

Bugging out to his cabin in the Manistee National Forest, Jimmy figured he would ride out the storm there. He knew there would be trouble from the criminal element and those who had not prepared but hadn’t counted on the United Nations moving in and gathering people up to be ‘relocated,’ too.

Banding together with others in the valley, Jimmy works to meet the threats that seem to come from all directions at once.

The Alien Source Code 2013

by V Bertolaccini

A classic action science fiction thriller of the adventures of explorers detecting and uncovering a perfectly symmetric black sphere voyager of transcendent origins!

The explorers only find its true origins and it being an ultimate time machine/voyager when they activate it, with one of them in it, and it explores the whole of space and time as an ultimate time traveler searching for something!

Explorers uncover the transcendent artifact after it has been buried away for billions of years and only discover its true origins and it being an ultimate time machine/voyager when they activate it, and are left stunned when its vast unstable energy explosions blast out across an infinity of outer dimensions with such force that it threatens to warp or rip away and destroy space and time!

One of the explorers is strapped into a control seat inside it, leaving him stunned and contemplating his chances of survival when it hurtles out of space and time, turning him into an energy formation and leaving him floating through the vast depths of the cosmos!

With sickening thuds and shudders it relocates itself at different points in space and time, making vast leaps right across the cosmos, vanishing and emerging into vast strange and mind-bending astral expanses, emerging as though floating through them, exploring the whole cosmos, checking all the altered variations throughout it, from over billions of years that the voyager has been buried away for, and the explorer senses its vast intelligence about him!

The whole interior of the sphere appears about him so vividly and vibrantly that it leaves him staggered with his blood exploding through him! All the strange mystical lines and markings embedded throughout its circular walls illuminate for the first time in billions of years, in vivid intense flashes from the surrounding voyager, with its energy beams darting about controlling it!

Mind-boggling powers with an accuracy and capacity inconceivable it explores the whole of space and time as an ultimate time traveler searching for something!

Heirs of Worlds

by Norma Ayuso

In the 47th century, after the resurrection of the dead and the last judgment, Renato leaves Heaven and is taken by his angel, Jonael, back to Earth, where he finds a new order of life. He had died at birth in the 21st century with no earthly experience, but guided by God’s Spirit, he finds a family, falls in love, and is forced to grow in maturity.

Earth is a new Garden of Eden: people do not get sick, grow old or die; robots do all the boring and dirty work for humanity, that is now united to God’s Spirit and have extraordinary gifts. It is now that humanity can go forward to conquer space and settle in other planets. Space travel begins with the wanderers’ spiritual trans-location abilities. Jacob is a monk and a wanderer that discovers a beautiful planet that Mira and Renato want to inhabit.

With mind readers and prophets, Renato and his family is the first to leave Earth to settle in the new planet, Verte. There, the family grows and God reveals new plans to rapidly develop the planet for newcomers. But outcasts of the new society called â??dissidents’ refuse to live in union with God’s Spirit and want to dominate in Verte. To defend the family and prevent another era of the Havoc, Renato and his family must battle against the dissidents. Then the path is open for the Heirs of Worlds to continue to transform humanity and extend God’s Heavenly Kingdom in the universe.

Ice Station X1 2015 (Novelette II)

by Victor Bertolaccini

The second novelette and half of Ice Station X1!

Two high quality action-packed novelettes of explorers encountering mind-bending aliens/entities from beyond space and time!

In the first a voyager of colossal magnitude and origins crashes into the Antarctic and Russian intelligence agencies uncover it from beneath the ice near an American ice station! In the second a voyager encounters a devil-like presence in deep space and leaves space and time!

A newly invented voyager explores the deepest depths of the universe and leaves space and time when it encounters one of the deadliest menaces of all creation, hidden away in a colossal void since the dawn of time, and on a world in the depths of a new minding-bending universe the crew encounter another of the deadliest menaces in existence, which travels through time and has supernatural origins!

Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse

Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe.

A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth completely, hits and becomes the cap to a series of events that destroy the world as we know it. Police, fire, politicians, military, governments: All gone. Hopes, dreams, tomorrows: All buried in a desperate struggle to survive.

From L.A. To Manhattan the cities, governments have toppled and lawlessness is the rule. The dead lay in the streets while gangs fight for control of what is left. Small groups band together for safety and begin to leave the ravaged cities behind in search of a future that can once again hold promise.

Los Angeles: Billy and Beth start out with a small group and wind up on their own as they make their way across America trying to find others and safety.

Manhattan: Adam leaves the safety of his apartment to find his way out of the dying Manhattan, gathering others as he makes his way.

Old Towne New York: Conner is alone for the first few weeks, but then he finds Katie and a reason to live again. They set out to survive and find much more than survival.

Watertown New York: Mike Collins goes to sleep thinking about his first vacation in many years that he will start in the morning. He awakens to destruction.

Follow the people that survive and set out to rebuild their lives. At first hoping only to make it day by day, but ultimately looking to the future and rebuilding a society where fear does not rule…

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