Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

Paleo Diet Bible: Get Healthy and Lose Weight With the Diet of Our Ancestors

by John Katz

Do you want to lose weight and get healthier while avoiding cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other diseases? If so, The Paleo Diet Bible is the perfect book for you.

The Paleo Diet Bible contains countless tips and tricks to help you adopt the Paleo lifestyle and avoid temptations along the way.

Complete with dozens of inexpensive recipes, this book is bound to help you make this dietary and lifestyle change with ease.

How to Dress a Trout in a Tuxedo.: An Impractical Guide to Living with Depression

by Robin Dragoo

“How To Dress a Trout in a Tuxedo” seeks a down-to-earth, more conversational approach to a topic that is often avoided and even more often misunderstood. With honest, easygoing language, this book takes a look into one woman’s journey with this disorder and lightly goes over her tribulations, triumphs, and thought provoking resolutions on ways to bring her closer to the life she chooses.

In warm empathetic language, this quirky motivational memoir leaves the reader with a clearer understanding of how depression creeps into a life, insidiously invades the mind, and wreaks havoc on the choices people face. For those who find themselves wanting to share their love with someone who has depression, it offers a window into what could lie ahead. This book is a beacon of hope and encouragement for everyone associated with depression. Through warm personal stories and wry, humor-infused wisdom, the author conveys first her struggles, then her lessons throughout each stage of learning to live compassionately with a disease that takes the lives of so many.

The Food Addiction Quick Fix: Eliminate Your Addiction To Unhealthy Food And Feel Great Starting Now (binge eating, binge eating disorder, food addiction, … overeating, stop binging, binge no more)

by Sandra Watson

Kicking your food addiction starts today…

Getting high through the activity of comfort eating comes with a hidden cost, just as it is with any addiction. Moreover, food addiction creates a particularly vicious cycle.

Excessive weight gain is just the tip of the iceberg. With increased weight gain from overeating comes a host of conditions and ailments such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. It also shatters your sense of self, leading to you becoming withdrawn and less self-confident. This withdrawal and loss of self-esteem can put a serious strain on your relationships with family and friends. As you cope with the effects of your weight gain and overeating, you’ll find that your performance at work, school and home can be compromised.

To say that food addiction will ruin you is truly an understatement. Thankfully, no matter how strong your love for the munchies can grow, the solutions to your condition are simple, and you’ll learn about these solutions within the pages of this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding food addiction
  • How to recognise if you are a food addict
  • Exploring the roots of your food addiction
  • How to overcome addiction to food on your own
  • How to seek help for you food addiction
  • Download your copy today!

    Tags: food addiction, comfort eating, compulsive eating, overeating, addiction, weight gain, weight loss

Tony Robbins: Biography and Lessons Learned From Tony Robbins Books Including; Money Master The Game, Awake The Giant Within, Unlimited Power, ETC… (Tony Robbins Books / Personal Development Gurus)

by Mark Givens

Tony Robbins – Biography and Lessons Learned From Tony Robbins Books Including; Money Master The Game, Awake The Giant Within, Unlimited Power, etc…

In this book I give a biographical sketch of the life of Tony Robbins, and I distill down his core teaching in a concise and actionable way. In this book you’ll get an overview of the principles and teachings found in all of the best Tony Robbins books. Get ready to be inspired! This book is for the person interested in learning how to tap into their personal power in a profound way, become a master of money and investing, learn leadership and priceless personal development gems. Tony Robbins’s work has inspired and changed millions of lives. Yours is next.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Life of Tony Robbins
  • The Core Principles and Teachings of Tony Robbins Books
  • Lessons From “Money Master The Game”
  • Lessons From “Awake The Giant Within”
  • Lessons From “Unlimited Power”
  • Top 20 Tony Robbins Quotes
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Makeup Like A Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Application, Techniques and Tricks Most Girls Will Never Know About (Makeup, Skin Care, Beauty Tips)

by Arianna Hayes

Makeup like A Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Application, Techniques and Tricks Most Girls Will Never Know About

Are you ready to have a face that looks like a model’s with just a few swishes of the brush?

Do you want to know how your peer, co-worker, or boss does it?

Then take a peek inside this book to find out! All the latest and some of the good oldies can be found in this book when it comes to applying makeup, and making your face look beautiful, not that it doesn’t already!

But who doesn’t need a boost every now and then? If you want to look like you know what you’re doing with your makeup, then I suggest you use some of these tricks.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to prep your face so that it looks beautiful and makeup is only enhancing it!
  • How to apply primer, foundation, and concealer!
  • How to put blush on for your specific face shape and the different ways to make it really pop or make it subtle!
  • How to make your eyes really pop with some amazing bronze colors and even the all-natural, but not so natural look!
  • How to have everyone staring at your lips, in a good way!
  • And much more!

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CLEAN EATING: A Simple Way to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss and Get Fit without Starving and Exhausting Diets

by Catherine Collins

With such a wide variety of different diets available these days it’s refreshing to find one that not only works but is safe and healthy too.

Clean Eating is a refreshing new look at not only diets but at the entire process of living well and being healthy.

To lose weight you not only have to eat properly but you have to reprogram your mind and body in a positive and healthy way. Clean Eating delivers the results that other diet books are often lacking, losing weight and staying in shape.

Inside Clean Eating you’ll discover a variety of different information, such as:

  • What is clean eating and its advantages to you
  • The many benefits to clean eating
  • Recognizing and dealing with common dieting mistakes
  • How to understand weight loss and to stay in shape
  • The principles of clean eating and much, much more!
  • It’s time to stop thinking about eating well and getting in shape and start doing it!

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    The 9mm Makarov: The Low Price/High Quality PPK Alternative

    by Mike Francis

    >>>The Makarov is a classic cold war sidearm. It is based upon the Walther PPK design, but it was so much simpler, and inexpensive to produce and put together than a Walther. <<<

    The Makarov shoots a round that is perfect for a straight blowback action. The 9mmx18 cartridge is almost as powerful as the old time .38 special police round. It is a quirky round in that it will not work in the 9mm weapons commonly found in the west. Stalin had a real phobia about Russian ammunition that could be used against Russia in a battlefield scenario.

    The designer of the Makarov went to great lengths to clean up and simplify the design. They succeeded beyond all expectations. The weapon is durable, tough, and reliable. The Makarov has endured and been copied over and over again by sidearm makers all over the world.

    Take a look at how simple the weapon is, how it can standup to anything you might try to put it through, and still keep firing. This is one tough mudder of a sidearm!

    >>> Learn how easy it is to replace a firing pin in this weapon.<<<

    Learn how the Makarov gets by on about 25 parts, and does it flawlessly.

    >>> Learn how to field strip the gun, clean it, inspect it, and more. <<<

    Finally, learn how accurate the weapon is. Learn how and why it will be another appreciating collectible, and why it is a weapon every collector should try to own.

    >>> About the Author…<<<

    Mike Francis customized his first military weapon way back in the sixties as a fourteen year old boy. Guns have been a lifetime passion for him. He is an avid collector and marvels at the inventors and genius of the past. He has collected, shot, and reloaded for decades. His passion for well designed weapons, and knowledge of old military weapons, and rounds is extensive. He has written over twenty books on the subject, and continually shares his perspectives and observations with others.

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    Let Go and Live: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress Management

    by Wells Walker

    In this book, you will discover a few facts about the causes of stress and the types of stress people can experience. This short guide to stress management will also introduce you to the most important techniques for stress relief that you can practice in your life if you want to improve your mental state. The book will focus on both psychological means of dealing with stress and practical tips such as meditation or types of exercise that can help you relax. The aim of the book is outlining a healthy mindset and personal attitude to handle stress and cure it in a short time. Coupled with taking the correct actions on a daily basis, this anti-stress psychology will help you improve your life considerably. So read on and learn the easiest antidotes to stress!

    The Ultimate Bone Broth Recipe Book: Fight Fatigue, Heal Your Gut And Have Glowing Skin With The Nourishing Power Of Bone Broth

    by Sky Pankhurst

    Discover The Amazing Power Of This Ancient Miracle Bone Broth!

    Download this fatigue fighting bone broth recipe book today and see your health and your life change.Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • All The Amazing Health Benefits Of Bone Broth
    • The Best Bones To Use For Your Homemade Bone Broth
    • Why Bone Broth Is essential For Boosting Your Immune System
    • How To Make Delicious Bone Broth Meals Such As Bone Broth Rice And Bone Broth Scrambled Eggs
    • How To Make Your Own Bone Broth Ice Cubes
    • How To Make Your Own Amazing Bone Broth Smoothies
    • How To Make Your Own Assortment Of Bone Broth Soups And Stews
    • How To Make Fish Bone Broth
    • Much, much


    Download your copy today!

    Tags: (Bone broth, homemade bone broth, bone broth recipes, bone broth cookbooks, how to make bone broth, Nourishing broth,Anti aging, gut health, beauty food,Superfood, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, turkey bone broth, fish bone broth, paleo, ketogenic diet, ancient remedy,how to cure leaky gut,miracle elixir, fight aging, immune health, healthy food.)

    Fast Metabolism: Ultimate Fast Metabolism Recipe Cookbook! – Metabolism Boosting Paleo Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Gluten Free Recipes, And Detox Smoothies … Diet, Blood Sugar Solution, Weight Loss)

    by Sarah Brooks

    Fast Metabolism!

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight effectively by increasing your metabolism through proper diet.

    Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this incredibly discounted price! Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle Device.

    Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. Some people have given up because they feel that their efforts are put into waste. But the real problem is the way you consume your foods. Although your aim is to shed off your extra pounds, it doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself and eat lesser and lesser.

    In this book, you will learn the effective way of losing weight through diets such as: Paleo Diet, Low-carb Diet, Gluten-free Diet and Detox Smoothies.

    Also included in this book are some delicious and nutritious recipes that you will surely love. These recipes will not only increase your energy but will also boost your metabolism.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Why Do Some People Have Faster Metabolisms Than Others, And How Can You Make Yours Faster?
    • Advantages Of The Paleo Diet And Increasing Metabolism
    • Delicious Fast Metabolism Paleo Recipes
    • Advantages Of The Low Carb Diet And Increasing Metabolism
    • Delicious Fast Metabolism Low Carb Recipes
    • Advantages Of Gluten Free Eating And Metabolism
    • Delicious Fast Metabolism Gluten Free Recipes
    • When To Use Detox Smoothies And How To Best Use Them To Increase Your Metabolism
    • Gourmet Detox Smoothies For A Faster Metabolism
    • Much, Much More!

    Download Your Copy Today!

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    The Browning Hi-Power: Browning’s Best Design

    by Mike Francis

    >>>The Browning Hi-Power is iconic in so many ways! It has a classic feel in your hand, it looks great. and it shoots very accurately. <<<

    The Browning 9mm Hi-Power was the gold standard for weight and firepower in it’s day. It featured a unheard of double stack magazine with a 13 round capacity that was not too big to grip.

    The design featured a cam operated breech opening system that was so good it was incorporated into the Glock design, and a host of other designs, as well.

    Browning and Dieudonne Saive interjected themselves impartially into the knockdown power vs firepower debate between the .45 ACP, and the 9mm cartridge that still rages on today, by making a weapon that kept the 9mm going as the most used sidearm cartridge in history!

    >>> Learn about the design features the weapon has that have endeared shooters to this classic weapon that every collector should own! in.<<<

    Learn how the Hi-Power design makes the sidearm so reliable, light, and accurate.

    >>> Learn how to field strip the Browning, clean it, inspect it, and more. Learn how to replace a magazine spring or a broken firing pin in the weapon. <<<

    Finally, learn how the Browning, unlike the Glock or a Luger is well suited for shooting reloads.

    >>> About the Author…<<<

    Mike Francis customized his first military weapon way back in the sixties as a fourteen year old boy. He is an avid gun collector and marvels at the inventors and genius of the past.

    >>>>Scroll up and grab a copy TODAY… <<<<

    Read, and have a blast with “The Browning Hi-Power” on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Take aim now!

    BRAIN TRAINING THRU NEUROPLASTICITY Proven Techniques to Magnify your Will-power and Gain Self Control: Unlock Your Greatest Human Strength & Attain True … Instinct, Brain training, Self control)

    by Mitch Adams

    Build Your Willpower and Self Control – Strengthen Your Mind through Neuroplasticity!

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    Hot! Intelligent, great read. Grab it and begin exercising your brain Today!

    Have you ever wished you could:

    • Stick To Your Goals Without Procrastination?
    • Increase Your Memory?
    • Learn New Subjects Faster?
    • Strengthen Your Willpower?
    • Make Decisions Faster and Better?
    • Understand the Secrets of Neuroplasticity Brain Training?

    If so, then make sure you pick up this really great read now. Brain Training Thru Neuroplasticity: Proven Techniques To Magnify Your Will-Power And Gain Self Control (Unlock Your Greatest Human Strength & Attain True Self Mastery) can change your life! Unlike other books on the subject, this book focuses specifically on Building Willpower and Self Control, not just Neuroplasticity in general. This is the book you’ve been looking for – it can change your life!

    Scroll up and click the BUY button to start training your brain TODAY!

    Brain Training Thru Neuroplasticity provides easy-to-apply strategies for entrepreneurs, team leaders, and anyone else interested in learning how to best maximize their own true potential! It’s written in clear, conversational English – you’ll pick up these tips and secrets right away!

    When you purchase Brain Training Thru Neuroplasticity, you’ll also have access to a FREE gift and new e-book notifications!

    Would you like to improve your mindfulness, willpower, and self-control? This insightful book teaches you:

    • The Science and Significance of Neuroplasticity
    • How Neuroplasticity Changes the Brain
    • Ways to Improve Your Conscious Memory and Learning Speed
    • The Various Types Of Cortical Neuroplasticity
    • How Neuroplasticity Relates to Willpower

    You’ll even learn self-directed neuroplasticity techniques that allow you to increase your mental powers from the comfort of your own home!

    Here’s an example of what you can learn from this life-changing book:

    “Your brain notably changes shape with habits of life, diet, exercise, meditation, and attention. Your active brain does much more. Whenever warranted, it changes its function. It reorganizes when nerves are bruised, or damaged. If the damaged cells were evaluating light, they now shift to evaluate sound, thus increasing the sense of hearing. As circumstances change, the neurons in your brain are able to adjust their neurotransmitters actively. This is because the cells are constantly hungry for information, looking for and seeming to be able to look for any type of new information.”

    Download Brain Training Thru Neuroplasticity: Proven Techniques To Magnify Your Will-Power And Gain Self Control (Unlock Your Greatest Human Strength & Attain True Self Mastery) Today right away, and enjoy using the full power of your mind right away!

    You’ll be so glad you did!

    Tags: Change your brain, Self control, Mindset, Thought control, Neurolinguistics, Retrain your brain, Increase mental focus, Self guided visualization, Brain health, Strengthening your willpower, Brain exercises, Brain plasticity,

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    Free war Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    Romance: Military Romance: Penetrated By The Navy Seal Romance (Interracial, BWWM, Consolation, Soldier, Military Romance)

    by Veronica Rotica

    My husband was killed in action in a classified raid in enemy territory. His squad mate personally came to apologize for my loss and comforted me. We really hit it off and one thing happened after another and now things got really hot between us really fast. But he’s keeping a secret from me of how he died. He was ordered not to tell me. He could have saved him but he was ordered to leave him behind.

    Adult 18+ readers only. Minors run the risk of exposing themselves to sexually inappropriate content and should not read this book.

    Romance: Military Romance: The Soldier’s Bride Dearly Romance (A BBW BWWM Military Romance)

    by Laure Bisson

    A standalone sensual romance story with a happy ever after ending!

    Twenty-four year old, College student Haven Thompson was not one to be asked for dates

    from the boys her age. Therefore, after finding an online dating site, she meets a military who seemed to be interested in her. So after spending months of flirting back and forth with the man from the other side of the world, she was finally given the opportunity to meet him in

    person after he was granted with a three months holiday back in the country. Intent and eager,

    she decided to meet up with him finally, but what would happen if he were more than she

    bargained for? Would she be able to accept the darkest side that lurked in the corner?

    Contains sexually explicit scenes. Readers 18+ only.

    The Dominican Fiasco

    by J.M. Lominy

    Haiti has been invaded

    The Dominican Republic has invaded Haiti.

    Today is February 26, 2018, one day before the Dominican Republic celebrates the 174th anniversary of their nation’s independence from Haitian occupiers. And today, the Dominican Republic has invaded Haiti.

    Haiti has been plagued by instability, dictatorship, an earthquake, and now Invasion.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? How will Haitians react and what has prompted the Dominicans to violate their neighbors?

    Scroll up and grab a copy today.

    Notes of the Hybrid War (Eng/Rus): Combat stories about Amvrosievka region in Ukraine

    by Bug 0224

    First Book from Ukrainian Ranger. Low price for the first week. This collection of stories is a about situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine. All these stories are the chronology of real events of the antiterrorist operation in 2014-2015. The main hero of this story tells about the sequence of events from the beginning of the combat operation. As soon as Russia annexed the Crimea the author of these notes was drafted into the Ukrainian Army. He became the officer of Armed Forces of Ukraine. His nickname is Bug – the same name of Ukrainian river. He isn’t the professional writer, but he is a truthful person. That is why Bug’s stories are so recommended to read.

    Zero Hour Shifting Power (Before the End Series Book 1)

    by David Berko

    What would happen if America allowed a progressive socialist experiment to continue for decades, sucking the national budget dry through all its welfare programs?

    Welcome to the year 2041. The Second Civil War took place the prior year. America no longer is united under a central federal government, but rather splintered into six sovereign sectors. Out of all the chaos and unrest is born a new republic under a leader who desires a return to America’s conservative laws as provided for in the Constitution of 1789.

    There however remains a power struggle. A shadowy government ultimately responsible for crashing Wall Street and the American economy is just getting started with their foolproof New World Order plans.

    The only entities really capable of disrupting the elite’s grand scheme for world control are the Free Republic of North America–the former states of Alaska, Texas and Hawaii–along with their stalwart ally, Israel.

    Who will be the hero at the end of the day in this flash-bang entrance into the speculative world of the future?

    A Wolf On The Loose (Part 34) (A Wolf On The Loose (Season 1))

    by Dan Straka

    A WOLF ON THE LOOSE is a weekly adventure/thriller about two former Marines trying to find their place in the civilian world by starting a private security company in Miami, Florida. They end up getting more than they bargained for. New episodes available every Monday.

    PART 34: As Andrew makes calls to former brothers-in-arms, Derrick has to figure out how to get to Mexico in time. Luckily he gets some unexpected help.

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    Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    Romance: Western Romance: Cowboy’s Cocoa Desire Romance (A Western Historical BBW BWWM Pregnant Romance)

    by Cathleen Roxanne

    A standalone sensual romance story with a happy ever after ending!

    Ever since the age of fourteen, Jacob Ryan has stood alone as the protector of a small Western town called Franklin. He never stays, but always returns to keep its citizens safe from evil. This allows him to care, to love his town passionately, but keeps him safe from emotional pain. On one such trip to Franklin, Ryan saves the life of Cassandra, a beautiful, voluptuous black woman who goes by the name “Cassie.” Cassie incites his passion, his desire, his admiration, but will she be able to incite in him a reason to stay?

    Contains sexually explicit scenes. Readers 18+ only.

    Khiva (St. Boniface Book 1)

    by Tim Elam

    High school classmates Ryan and Christine think they are in for just another boring English assignment. Combing the shelves of the school library, a tattered collection of books catches their eye. Within the pages, they discover the story of Sayid, a 19th century prince, and his life of love, betrayal and warfare across Central Asia. But when their own experiences begin to mirror Sayid’s, they become trapped in a struggle for justice, forgiveness, love and ultimately survival.

    The Pestilence (Songs of the North Tales)

    by Annette e. Neumann

    They say the Black Plague came to Europe on the backs of rats. Fleas are said to have brought it. Or did they? The people you’ll meet in this story have fantastic tales to tell and many are drawn from historical accounts. We like to think fleas brought the black plague to Europe, but maybe they didn’t. Maybe something else was in the air. Something that came back time after time to take its pound of flesh from the living.

    The Butcher’s Funeral – Hocking: A Medieval short story serial

    by C. M. Harald

    Episode 2 – Hocking, The Butcher’s Funeral (A Medieval short story serial).

    Two young men seek revenge for a perceived wrong. The hocking should just be a bit of fun, rough justice.

    This short story (4400 words) is the second episode in the short story series ‘The Butcher’s Funeral’.

    The Wishing House

    by Emma-Nicole Lewis

    Just one wishâ?¦.

    Behind an old dilapidated cottage in a peaceful Shropshire village, is an ancient wishing well. Surrounded by superstition and folklore dating back to the civil war, the well and the house have been left untouched by the locals. When a stranger to the village buys the house, the well is disturbedâ?¦.

    Present Day – Unexpected circumstances lead Milly Lyle to move to The Wishing House, a quintessential country cottage recently restored and renovated by her lover. With its chocolate box looks, quaint location and the pretty well outside, it seems the perfect place for a fresh start. Then she hears of the legend of the Wishing Well Witch and the noises, dreams and strange events begin.

    1642 – the turn of the civil war. Constance Yorke, the troubled wife of the parish Clergyman, finds herself turning to the wishing well behind her house for answers to her prayers. Plagued with visions portending a country torn in two by a bloody war waged by the King, it seems that Constance may have dabbled with things that she shouldn’t. Growing more isolated from her distant husband and the other villagers, she is left with nothing but her wishing well and the curious white dog that keeps appearing. When Prince Rupert and his Cavaliers ride through Sleepers Brook after a skirmish at Powick Bridge, it seems that Constance Yorke’s visions are coming true and that perhaps, she really is falling foul of witchcraft.

    As times collide, one woman’s quest for retribution becomes another’s peril in a chilling story of love, jealousy, betrayal and revenge.

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    Free world literature Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    A Matter of Taste

    by Julia Barrett

    How to make the perfect man~ One cup of mystery, one cup of tall, one cup of dark, one cup of sexy.

    Joy is thrilled to inherit her grandmother’s handwritten recipe book. There’s magic between those covers. She just doesn’t realize how much magic, and which covers…

    Soon to be part of an anthology entitled: A Matter of Taste, from the Sweet to the Spicy, Romance for Every Palate

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    Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    Inspiring Poems and Personal Growth

    by Corey Washington

    “Inspiring Poems and Personal Growth” is an award winning book that walks through a lifetime pacing between the lines of trials and tribulations. Life is a challenge that should be met with head held high. Corey Washington (Author of “Motivational Words from Jeremy Lin”) laid down 50 uplifting poems in this book that speaks to everyone in some form or fashion. Everyone should live life to the fullest and take courage that someone else went through the same struggles as you. The goal is to thrive in life not just survive. The collections of inspirational thoughts are short and sweet but carry a lot of weight.

    The book is broken out into three sections with poem titles listed below:

    Part One: Inspiration

    If Iâ?¦

    My Life Sentence

    Ahead of My Time

    The Rich Man’s Secret

    Game Time

    What Time Is It?

    Powerful Clichés

    The Pyramid Effect

    Bad Boyz

    Attack of the Killer Be

    The Almighty Ego

    The House of Domestic Life

    Dream World

    Elections for King of the Jungle

    Part Two: Courage

    Who are the Blessed Ones

    The Underdog

    The Favorite

    The Champ


    Freedom to Choose

    Demon Thoughts

    Lay Back and Relax

    Ghettoville, USA

    Doubting Thomas

    Brothers of Faith

    Chains of the Past

    Serving 2 Masters (Inner Conflict)

    Control Freak

    The Gambler’s Oath

    The Battle with The Devil

    The Afterlife

    Part Three: Love

    My Favorite Lady

    I’m Looking at You

    Listen for Love

    What She Sees in Me?

    Me and My Girlfriend

    Her Smile

    My Baby Girl

    Confused Love


    Modern Day Medusa



    My Client

    My Homey

    What God Can Do for You?

    Can He Forgive Someone Like Me?

    A Bond Between a Father and Son

    The Gift of Charity

    Thank U

    Here is an excerpt of two of the poems inside the book.

    What Time Is It?

    What time is it?

    It’s time to take charge of your life

    It is acting like an adult

    Not responding like a child

    It is time to be a victor, not a victim

    It is time to create, motivate, and anticipate life’s hardships and challenges

    Face it with the strength and courage of a lion

    Face it with the enthusiasm of a young child

    Face it with the determination of a raging bull

    Don’t accept losses and fall into self-pity

    Rise up from the ashes like a Phoenix in your city

    Do not impose or infringe on your neighbor’s business

    Because another might interfere with your own personal mission

    What time is it?

    It’s time to get your life together

    And become the winner you were destined to be.

    The Champ

    Here’s the Champ

    Six foot-four inches tall and Two Hundred and Fifty pounds

    With a powerful left hook

    And an overwhelming display of verbal taunts

    He has been undefeated for the past ten years

    His opponent is frail in comparison

    Minute in stature

    The fear is imminent across his opponents’ brow

    The champ victimized his opponent over the past ten years

    Without breaking a sweat

    And in full control of his opponents’ every move

    The opponent is truly an underdog

    One day, the Lord will empower this lonely opponent

    To hold firm and steadfast

    To create a better person than the Champ

    Because the Champ is actually a Chump

    And his opponent is his twelve year old child

    Physical and Verbal abuse has been misconstrued as a means to deal with life’s problems

    When love and communication can provide a better outlet for a family and improve the future.

    If you feel that this sneak peak is worthy of a purchase or borrow, please do so, provide feedback, and share your experiences as well. Thank you.

    Destroy Creativity: Get lost in life, let nothing be your guide but desire to find something new yet accept the known as a reminder of a past that held boundaries.

    by TM Smith

    Collection of Poetry

    Half Broken Souls

    by Joanna Pavlides


    More School Days, Holidays, and All Days That Lie Between: More Poetry on Holidays and Multiple Subject Matter

    by Nicole S. Brown

    More poetry compiled about education

    Thoughts Unknown (Reality Check Book 4)

    by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

    24 inspirational and thought-provoking poems presenting a chance to step into the mind of the author, and witness thoughts he had as he reflected on his life; past, present and future.

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    Free religious fiction Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    Deityla: Novel

    by J Prabu

    A village Church’s Sunday Bible School Teacher, “Miss. Deityla” is killed by a mob of seven gangsters, while she is preaching Gospel by standing at a street corner, with a group of kids from the Church. Also, the seven year old kid, “Nancy”, standing near Deityla, is also killed by the mob. The remaining kids scatter everywhere. â?¦ After two days, the funeral service is conducted and the bodies of both Deityla and Nancy are put into the tomb, situated inside the Church’s campus.

    Two weeks after these happenings, on a Sunday evening, a news come from the nearby town as, a teen girl is standing with a seven year older small girl, both were preaching Gospel by singing songs in a street corner. When, someone went near them; asked their name, and the small girl replied “She’s Miss. Deityla! My Sunday School teacher! & I’m Nancy!”

    Many such stories are talked on the upcoming Sunday evenings, as many witnesses raised, as they saw a teen girl with a small kid in a Street corner, at many parts of the surrounding villages/towns, but none of the information is confirmed by the Church.

    Reuben, one of the gangsters in the mob, who killed Deityla & Nancy, comes out on bail by the Court, goes to the graveyard on the midnight without disturbing the surrounding; opened the tomb to verify, whether those two bodies are still inside. First, he opened the cabin of Nancy, the small girl, finds the body is still inside. Then, he opened the Deityla â??s cabin; â?¦ Shocked!! â?¦ because, â?¦ Deityla â??s body missing!!! â?¦ But â?¦ a Catholic Nun’s dead body, appears inside.

    Christian youth need diversion from the ungodly practices and Satanic behaviors which occupy our society now-a-days very much in the form of Spiritual doctrines and the doctrines of ungodliness. If we do not start our work now to save our children from the gates of Hell, then it will become too late to avoid many to leave their beautiful eternal premises that God created and gifted for them.

    This novel is written under these burden on, the young society must be getting diverted, be energized with the Word of God as told in the Bible and should submit their aggressive attitude in a positive way to fight for the establishment of Heavenly Kingdom on this earth.

    If everything goes in a correct way, this Novel will certainly create Martyrs for Christ, who shed His Holy Blood for us; to save us from the gates of the Hell. So, Read through the play; introduce this to any negatively diverted children living in the midst of you. Ask them to read the complete play.

    Do not forget to tweet me to express your precious experiences. This will encourage me to write more for the persecution world & its future Martyrs.

    Elizabeth’s Roots

    by Autumn White

    Elizabeth Brackman was raised as an orphan. Just when she is looking for a change, she finds out that she had an uncle that left her his entire estate, in Ireland. Elizabeth travels to Ireland to possibly lay claim to a family she never knew existed, and find love that she wasn’t looking for.

    ROMANCE: CLEAN ROMANCE: The Distance between Them (Sweet Contemporary Young Adult Romance) (Inspirational Clean Romance Short Stories Book 3)


    Time is ticking. Love is not as Julia believed, it’s not the type that last’s forever, despite time and distance.

    Her affections for Roberto are waning, but with every passing night he is getting closer to her. At the same time he is being tested. How far will Roberto go for love and how long with Julia wait?

    When they were younger there was no question about it: they were meant to be together. Now, they grow old and further apart. Julia has become doubtful that she’ll ever see Roberto and is on the verge of moving on with her life. After all, there is a new love prospect at hand, and what good would it do to deny him?

    Julia has become unsure about everything. But Roberto has never been more sure of his feelings towards Julia since before this “test.” But, will he make it to her before she’s changed completely? Will his trial be for nothing? He is about to find out if the effort is worth it.

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    Free horror Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    The Apocalypse Room

    by Simon Neilson

    Where will you be when the zombie outbreak takes hold?

    Stuck in line at the supermarket, at the shops, or in the comfort of your own home, will you be prepared?

    Where will quick thinking have you running for safety if you are in the public?

    This is the story of a zombie outbreak that takes London so fast, many of the survivors are just stuck. Each day the survivors “login” to a chat to get updates, to know that they are not alone and most important keep their sanity as the U.K. has gone insane and flesh-eating ghouls take over the streets of London.

    What’s your username?

    Dark Matters: Two Tales of Crime and Madness

    by Andrew Leon Hudson

    DARK MATTERS presents two disturbing stories with a bleakly humorous edge, peeking behind the masks of tragedy and comedy:


    You know the story: Guy Loves Girl, Girl Marries Guy, Life Is Beautiful, Crime Of Passion. Now ask yourself: what do you do when temporary insanity crosses over into the real thing? And how can even you tell?


    Everyone loves a clown – well, that’s just a damn lie, but we do all like a good stand-up, someone to help us laugh at the human condition. Maybe clowns cry behind their face-paint, and lots of comics are desperate inside, but they need an audience in the dark… until they learn the dark is in the audience.

    These are stories that step out of the light, where only the dark matters…

    The Devil Luce

    by Samuel Morningstar

    Even among his own people, Luce is an outcast with his blue skin, ram horns, and shy demeanor. When his tribe’s Sanctuary is destroyed, he makes a new life for himself as an artist on the New York scene.

    But horror follows him wherever he goes, pushing him to return to the remnants of his shattered home. The journey is more than just a physical one as Luce is forced to confront and overcome the isolation and fear that has shaped his life. Luce is led into the heart of revelation and mystery, where he learns that those who have been pushed into the shadows of the modern world are looking to him for salvation.

    Subliminal: Fantasy, Anxiety, Suspicion

    by Nigel Lampard

    Frustrated with his marriage and his job, Peter Salter’s view on the future is pessimistic almost to the extreme. But holding him back from doing something he might regret are his eight-year old twins, Laura and Matthew, on whom he dotes. In his more agreeable moments, Peter realises that if he and his wife, Angela, are going to have a future then change is necessary. On Angela’s suggestion, a move from the anonymity of an estate in Daventry to a delightful thatched cottage in Ashby St Ledgers only five miles away, might be the first adjustment that could hold the otherwise idyllic family together. However, nothing prepares him or the rest of his family for the consequences of a very simple and innocent incident.

    Peter works in Manchester and commutes weekly between there and Northamptonshire. One Friday evening when he is on his way home, he offers a university student, Rebecca, a lift. This chance occurrence leads him down many unimaginable but provocative paths that in the end place his and his family’s futures in the balance, or so he believes. Each path is very different but there is a common thread that Peter holds onto in the hope that it will eventually prove to be their salvation. ‘Subliminal’ is a deep psychological thriller steeped in fantasy that introduces incredible experiences into Peter’s otherwise ordinary life.

    Portia eSampler (Angelbound Offspring Book 2)

    by Christina Bauer

    Get a FREE sneak peek at the first chapter of Christina Bauer’s newest addition to the popular series, Angelbound Offspring.

    Unlike her famous older brother Maxon, Princess Portia isn’t known for killing demons or attracting admirers. The reason why is simple: a spell was cast on Portia, and the magic has marked her to one day transform into a dreaded Void demon. To fight this horrible fate, Portia’s spent her life hiding in libraries and learning magic. But when the Void demons threaten to destroy all the after-realmsâ??and the handsome dragon Emperor Tempest offers his helpâ??then Portia suspects that her future holds more than just a demonic metamorphosis. Fate is calling the bookworm princess onto the battlefield, and it’s a fight against both deadly enemies and her heart’s desires.

    May be read as a stand-alone.

    Release: Davlova: Book One

    by A.M. Sexton

    Davlova: a poverty-ridden city-state ruled by a tyrannical upper class. Resources are scarce and technology is illegal. But in the slums, revolution is brewing.

    Misha is a common pickpocket until his boss gives him a new job. Disguised as a whore, Misha is sent to work for one of the most powerful men in the city. But his real task is far more dangerous: get close to Miguel Donato, and find something – anything – that will help topple Davlova’s corrupt government.

    Misha is plunged into the decadent world of the upper class, where slaves are common and even the most perverse pleasure can be found. Although he’s sure Davlova’s elite is involved in something horrific, proof is hard to come by, and Misha begins to fall in love with the man he’s supposed to betray. Then Misha meets Ayo – a sex slave forced by the neural implant in his brain to take pleasure from pain – and everything changes. As the lower class pushes toward a bloody revolution, Misha will find himself caught between his surprising feelings for Donato, his obligations to his clan, and his determination to save Ayo.

    Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of violent sexual acts of questionable consent that may be disturbing to some readers.

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    Free travel Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    On the Narrow Road to the Deep North

    by Lesley Downer

    In 1689 Matsuo Basho, Japan’s greatest poet, set out on his last and longest journey, to the remote northern provinces.

    His moving account, rich in strange and sometimes comic encounters along the road, is the most famous and much loved work in Japanese literature.

    Three hundred years later, inspired by Basho’s writing and her passion for Japan, Lesley Downer set off in his footsteps.

    Walking and hitchhiking towards the Sacred Mountains with their legendary hermit priests, meeting people who had never seen a Westerner and dining on flowers and sautéed grasshoppers, she discovered â?? a world which many Japanese believe vanished centuries ago.

    â??She is the perfect guide â?? expert, intrepid, following a dream’ – John Carey in The Sunday Times

    â??One of the principal charms of On The Narrow Road To The Deep North is that it deals with aspects of Japan which are quite outside any of our stereotyped assumptions â?¦ Downer has an instinctive insight into the way the Japanese think â?? a rare commodity which she uses with a marvellous delicacy of touch’ – Katie Hickman in The Literary Review

    Lesley Downer first went to Japan in 1978, and has lived there for a total of eight years. She writes on Japan for, amongst others, The Independent, The Sunday Times, Vogue, Tatler and Harpers & Queen, and is the author of Step By Step Japanese Cooking, which won the Glenfiddich award for Food Book of the Year 1986. She also co-authored The Economist Business Traveller’s Guide To Japan. On The Narrow Road To The Deep North was short-listed for the 1990 Thomas Cook Travel Book Award and has been made the subject of a Channel 4 film.

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    Cuban Vacation (Straight Guys Book 8)

    by Steve Milton

    Cuba was the forbidden land ninety miles away. I decided to go on a short trip from Miami to clear my head after my breakup with my girlfriend. I had no itinerary planned, no immediate purpose, other than taking in the foreign and unknown. Cuba was a separate world, where I could live a life completely seperate from my regular life. I could do whatever, explore whatever, but what?

    Yuniel gave me a purpose. He was the son of the owners of the bed and breakfast (“casa particular”) where I stayed, a handsome and well spoken twenty-four-year-old physician, working as a tour guide to earn a better living than slaving without pay in a state-owned hospital.

    I didn’t know anyone else in Cuba, and Yuniel was my guide, my arranger, everything, in this completely foreign place. He and I shared some laughs, some beers, some joints. He mentioned to me that he’s gay. I didn’t think much of it; my native Miami certainly had no shortage of gay men.

    I liked the groove of Cuba more and more, and after a very erotic experience with Yuni at the Playas del Este beach, I also liked Yuni’s groove more and more. We started spending not just days but also nights together. We knew we were right together, and I worked up the courage to pop the question.

    This is a sweet, sweet travel romance, about two men finding themselves and finding each other in Havana, Cuba. It includes explicit all-male romantic intimacy, as well as rum, ropa vieja, and a discussion of 20th century Cuban culture and history that answers the question of “What kind of name is ‘Yuniel’ anyway?”

    Top 10 Must See In London: Handy Guide For A Perfect Trip In London

    by P.B. Ellis

    This book will show you Top 10 most attractive places to visit in London, it will guide you and suggest reasons why to visit it. You need to see for yourself. It is great when you are planning on to visit London because you will be able to take this eBook everywhere with you which is really handy.

    The Top 10 Must See we have covered are:

    -London Eye

    -Tower of London

    -Buckingham Palace

    -Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

    -The Two Tates: tate Britain and tate Modern

    -Victoria and Albert Museum

    -British Museum

    -Natural History

    -Westminster Abbey

    -House of Parliament

    Travel to Lapland – How to Draw Lapland’s Characters (Hebrew Edition): Travel Activity for Kids and the Whole Family (How to Draw Comics and Cartoon Characters (Hebrew Edition) Book 41)

    by Amit Offir

    Travel with your kids? learn how to draw with DRAWING EASILY TECHNIQUE and find out that anyone can draw and enjoy it – and you can do it too!

    If you are looking for the swedish lapland travel guide this book will teach you how to draw the Sami people and Lapland animals and characters.

    A great activity for the kids and the whole family.

    With Drawing Easily Technique you will find out that you too can enjoy the wonderful magical world of drawing and comics.

    “When I tried to learn how to draw, I quickly

    realized that I’m actually being taught how to copy.

    I searched and searched but I couldn’t find simple technique

    that would help me to draw the characters I had in mind.

    After years of experimentation I developed a technique

    that enables me to draw any characters I want.

    Since then I continue to travel around the world teaching

    millions of people how to use my technique.

    My purpuse in life is to show people that only when you believe

    in yourself, can you succeed as well. When I read

    from people and hear their stories, I learn that the

    Drawing Easily technique not only improves drawing

    skills but enables parents to have fun quality time

    with their kids, it helps kids express themselves,

    and even strengthens their self-confidence.

    Try this book and you would be amazed to see what you and your kids are capable of doing and creating with your hands and mind.

    please leave a review and share your experience with others

    best regards

    Amit Offir

    p.s – Did you know that I have developed the Drawing Easily Technique after drawing

    on more than half a million Pebbles!”.

    It was an amazing experience and now I am sharing it with the whole world!

    please contact me for further information

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    Free sports Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL: Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals

    by Chris Sajnog

    Each year in America, 2 Million criminals break into homes just like yours. Is your aim good enough to guarantee your family’s safety?

    How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL teaches gun owners and their families the same deadly effective techniques the author used to create the world’s deadliest snipers. The book is designed to give you the most powerful methods in easy-to-follow instructions.

    When the book temporarily went out of print, new paperback copies were selling for as much as $3495.00!

    Now you can save over $3,475.03 on this life-saving knowledge, with the security of knowing that it works — for both Navy SEALs and responsible gun owners like you.

    A retired US Navy SEAL and bestselling author, Chris Sajnog was hand-selected to develop the entire US Navy SEAL Sniper training program.

    Now, you can use these world-class techniques to master your weapon and protect your family.

    How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL also comes with exclusive access to 12 online instructional video lessons filmed just for this book – no other shooting book offers you this! Watch Chief Sajnog show you his proven methods, and read detailed explanations in this book packed with Navy SEAL training in just 114 easy pages packed with crucial weapons knowledge.

    Chief Sajnog doesn’t waste time showing you “cool moves” or “fancy footwork.” He gets down to the fundamental skills that separate US Navy SEALs from everyone else, and shows you how to use them in simple, step-by-step instructions.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    â? How to find the right positions for you — not the cookie-cutter methods that only work for some people — so you can maximize your aim with as little effort as possible.

    â? Simple training exercises you can do right now, at home, without having to spend 1,000’s of dollars at the shooting range.

    â? How to boost your accuracy by up to 95% — using the “Navy SEAL focus” technique that you can master in just minutes.

    â? Chris Sajnog’s “SEAL 7”: 7 super-simple steps that will completely change the way you shootâ?¦ so you can hit your mark every time.

    � The SEAL Sniper Trick that you can start using today, allowing you to instantly hit targets at twice the distance.

    â? Why the aiming technique you were taught is completely wrong — and how you can fix it instantly.

    � Plus� how to do all of this safely, without risking harm to your family.

    Protect your loved ones, your country, and yourself, with the firearms techniques developed by the mastermind behind the US Navy SEAL Sniper training program and one of the most respected firearms trainers in the world, Chris Sajnog.

    Bodybuilding: The Complete Weight Lifting Guide To Build Muscle, Strength And Lean Mass Fast As Hell (Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, Build Muscle, Strength Training)

    by Carlos Spencer

    Discover How To Build More Muscle, More Strength And Make Massive Amounts Of Lean Muscle Mass With The Complete Weightlifting Guide

    For The Men Looking To Put On Some Lean Muscle Mass:How would you like to have one guide that will solve all your weight lifting problems? One guide that will help you put on an extra 10 pounds of lean muscle mass? One guide that will be your go-to weight lifting bible that contains the exact step-by-step process to forcing your body to grow stronger and build muscle? If this is something that you’d like, then this book is for you.

    I’ve been weight lifting and doing strength training for more than 7 years now, and along this journey I’ve picked up a bit of experience and knowledge about the process of building muscle. My whole life is structured around helping men build more muscle, strength and create the body of their dreams. If you’re a male that’s not making the gains that you want in the gym, if you’re wanting to put on some extra lean muscle mass, then I wanna help you out.

    LEARN: How To Tweak Your Workout Routines To Maximize Muscle Growth And Strength Gains

    Over the past 7 years, I’ve trained hundreds of clients that are wanting to put on some extra muscle mass. The most common mistake that people are making with muscle growth lies within their workout routines. Designing a workout routine that forces your body to grow is difficult and can take multiple years if you try and do it the “hard way”. I’ve cut the whole process down in this short yet value-packed book that shows you the step-by-step process to maximizing gains from your workout routines, designing a custom workout program that suits YOUR needs, and much more.

    DOWNLOAD: Bodybuilding – The Complete Weight Lifting Guide To Build Muscle, Strength And Lean Mass Fast As Hell

    In this book, I show you the step-by-step, easy to follow muscle building process that will help you to build more muscle, strength and pack on the lean muscle mass.

    You will learn:

    • The In-Depth Process Of How To Build Muscle
    • How To Build Serious Lean Muscle Mass Using These 6 Fundamental Weight Training Dynamics
    • 10 Weight Training Principles You’ve Overlooked That’s Stopping You From Building Crazy Muscle And Strength
    • The Most Effective Exercises For Each Body Part To Stimulate Massive Amounts Of Muscle Growth
    • Creating A Custom Workout Routine To Suit Your Body Type
    • Bonus: 7 Muscle Building Secrets Proven to Help You Build More Muscle And Strength
    • Much, much more!

    Check Out What Others Are Saying!

    “Carlos Spencer breaks down the ins and outs of Body Building so any beginner could understand it. Food, Lifestyle and physical activities work together to improve physical health. After reading this book I have to say I’m definitely better informed on the reasons why it may be a good thing to try. Thanks for all the great information on this book. I was definitely interested.”-Marie Soco

    “This book is an excellent manual on Body Building. The workout programs included are comprehensive. The book is well written, and does everything that it sets out to do. It is a good choice if you are looking at make this life change for yourself, or if you know someone else that is. Highly informative read.”Abram Hunter

    Wanna Know More?

    Download now to start building muscle today!

    Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy now button.

    Tags: bodybuilding, weight training, strength training, workout, fitness, fat loss, muscle, bodybuilding, weight training, strength training, workout, fitness, fat loss, muscle

    Soccer Fields and Life Lessons: 5 Lessons you can learn from the great game of Soccer. (Soccer, Life Lessons, Coaching, Teaching Book 1)

    by Tyler Poole

    Soccer is more than a great sport, it is a coach and a teacher of lessons that are valuable for your entire life!

    Soccer is one of the most beloved sports in all the world. Millions of people gather each and every day to play, watch, and discuss the sport and their favorite teams. What I think is overlooked that soccer can teach you so many lessons that you’ll use EVERY single day.

    In this book you’ll see the game from a different perspective. I’ve presented this as both a celebration of the game and 5 things that I know I learned from my favorite sport and that have helped me more than I could ever venture to guess. This is not just a book for people who love soccer, it’s a book to help you look at the activities you love in a different way, and appreciate them for how they’ve helped you!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • What soccer teaches you about people
    • “Touch” is key
    • The effect of change
    • How one missed shot changed my outlook forever
    • Hardwork pays off, especially when you least expect it
    • What I mean when I say “Talk to me”
    • and Much, much


    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

    Tags: Soccer, Futbol, Foosball, Soccer Coaching, Life Lessons, Soccer fields, Soccer matches, Soccer books.

    THE REVERSE! The One Minute Golf Lesson Secret!: Dr. Syd Harriet

    by Crystal Night Books

    Ready for a lesson? Save your money until you read this manual. Most golf lessons may work for a short time and then the old problem reappears. Most pros know how to diagnosis your specific swing problem, but many just don’t know how to communicate in a way to fix the problem. They will offer some general strategies, but most of the time, what they tell you doesn’t get to the root of why you do what you do. Insight as to why you have your swing fault is not enough to air-brush the problem. In this one minute manual, that’s all it will take, learn the secret to helping your pro communicate at a ‘result driven’ level that will not only help you understand your swing problem, but also at a level that you will actually be able to successfully apply what you learn. You won’t believe the results or your money back and more.

    Syd Harriet, Ph.D., Psy.D., is the author of “The Senior Golfer’s Answer Book”, “Golf! Winning the Mental Game”, and “Choking Golf Choking”, and the former editor of Golf Today’s column, “Ask The Golf Shrink”. Syd is a psychologist who specializes in peak performance training and anxiety disorders. He practices in Denver, Colorado and is also an avid golfer who loves chasing after that white ball.

    Motor Racing: The Drivers

    by Dennis Charles

    Allow yourself to sit and be taken back in time to the vintage days of Formula 1, before the massive sponsorship deals and the lengthy, confusing rulebooks of modern motor racing, to a time when it was just talented young men and machines battling each other for dominance on the track. These are the stories of some of the greatest unsung heroes to ever take the driver seat, the motor sport biographies of famous people who, though brilliant, never made it to be household names for one reason or another.

    For anybody with an interest in Formula 1 or motor racing in general, this is a must read. Containing the short biographies of famous people from all over the world, including Dan gurney and Mark Donohue, this catalogue of heroes in the driver seat includes some of the most fearless young men in the world.

    Many of the most daring subjects of motor sport biographies met tragic ends doing what they were best at, and here they are remembered as they deserve to be, as champions in the battle between men and machines on the race track. To get a first glimpse at their amazing stories, check out the LOOK INSIDE feature today.

    Van Gaal @ Manchester United: The 1st Year – Season Review 2014/15

    by Mark Fitzpatrick

    A review of Louis van Gaal’s first year at Manchester United. A look back at van Gaal’s appointment and impact at the Old Trafford club. Includes new signings over the summer transfer window.

    Prepper Bug Out Basics: Finding the Perfect Bug Out Location to Survive When SHTF and Life is Cheap (SHTF Survival Book 2)

    by Jeff Moore

    When things go bad, you will need a place to go far from the chaos and dangers of urban areas after a disaster.

    You need a location where you and your family will survive.

    You need a bug out location (BOL).

    A BOL is also a place where you will store your backup supplies and equipment.

    You need to think carefully about the location of your bug out, for both security and self-sufficiency reasons.

    This short, no-fluff guide reveals some of the most important things you will need to know when looking for the perfect bug out location to survive after the world as we know it collapses.

    Vocabulary for Kids!: Soccer

    by Quinn Stewart

    The Perfect way for your child to pass the time!

    Read for FREE with Amazon Unlimited and Amazon Prime!

    Studies show that students with a larger vocabulary are more successful in all areas of their scholastic careers. Reading comprehension is an essential skill in today’s competitive world. It has been argued that promoting independent daily reading sessions of 10-20 minutes with children is highly important for critical thinking (Krashen, 1993). It has also been observed that teaching children the context surrounding a word’s definition is an appropriate strategy for understanding why a word has its meaning (Kuhn and Stahl, 1998).

    Borrowing from modern foreign language learning software, this book offers a simple yet effective technique for vocabulary absorption and retention: image/word association. By capturing a child’s visual attention, concepts and terms can be imprinted on both a cognitive and an emotional level.

    This Easy-to-Read picture book is a perfect companion for a long car ride or relaxing on the weekend. A variety of age groups from Preteen to Young Adulthood can benefit from the unique words and phrases found within this book series. Entertain your child while also allowing them to grow and thrive intellectually. Choose from one of several popular categories to pique their interest and encourage a love of reading!

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Aug 15

    Another Day Another Bounty: The Story of a Space Outlaw

    by D.M. Wicks

    Bounty hunters, computer wiz kids, and a woman that is irresistible to men. These are the makings of a space western. The best of both worlds are in this novella.

    Shinjiro Kusanagi is a space cowboy that is down on his luck. Enter Wendy Lockhart, a woman with a mysterious past that now, has a bounty on her head for all the wrong reasons. When these two collide, chaos and mayhem are left in their wake. When Shin is given the choice of catching Wendy, and turning her over to a man with not so good intentions, will he do what’s right, or will his need for money take priority?

    Do you like damsels in distress? Do you like space opera action where bounty hunters scour around on new planets? Then this novella is for you!

    Dreams and Legends

    by Jason Spadaro

    Dreams and legends…nightmares and fables. They touch the real.

    “The figure by the fire interrupted his thoughts. ‘There are pacts, older than us. Contracts older than mankind. The bonesâ?¦ they cry out for tribute.'”

    What happens when the unreal becomes real? This scifi/horror anthology by Jason Spadaro explores the middle between the imagination and reality.


    The Wake – In a far future, Dream Tourism is a fledgling industry. What happens to the people that make these fantastic locations when things go wrong?

    The Wilderness – Sam and Carter think they’re going camping, but then dead legends demand their help with a long forgotten pact.

    The Trouble with Bears – Joe’s not a likable guy. It’s not too surprising when Animal Control gets an unusual call, and no one wants to listen to him.

    For The Loss Of The Rose – “Bone Teeth looked at Gobble Dawn with forlorn eyes, all weeping and looking for answers. Gobble Dawn was going to have none of it. The rose was dead. They’d watched it die. No amount of sadness was going to bring it back.”

    A Crisis Of Faith – When death is dead, the possibility of reincarnation can shake belief.

    Our Spot – “Things get complicated. One, two, three, *thud*, and then you’re there, covered in blood and covered in eyes and lesions. So much blood. It all started with Tommy, and his great idea.”

    The Lock And The Clock – The moment before escape.

    How do our history and dreams make us?

    Dark Moon (Divine War Book 3)

    by Magus Tor

    Earth: bleak, barren, ravaged by the monsters they call the Horde. As the Emperor and the Imperial fleet arrive on their homeland, fulfilling Moses’ mandate at last, they find a planet whose population can survive only underground. As the Archeonean forces speed towards Earth, anxious to capture the tyrant Emperor, it’s up to Maicee to broker a deal. Fighting together the Emperor and the Archeoneans may just defeat the Horde. Apart, they will surely fail, and rip Earth apart in a civil war. Reunited with his loved ones, Maicee must do what is right, and the Emperor must make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Haven: The Fate of Earth

    by Sam Watson

    David Ferris is down on his luck. Everything that has happened to him since experiencing virtual normality shock has been a disaster. Not that the world is faring much better. Governments are pushed to the brink due to overpopulation and economic strangulation. All out war is inevitable. That coupled with the looming horror no one wants to tell its people about and there seems to be no hope for Earth. However things take a turn when David finds an alien super race marooned in the past. Stuck on Earth while they try to fix the space and time they damaged escaping their own dying solar system. Can they help fix David’s broken mind? Can they help fix the fate of Earth?

    The Long Night Book 1: Night Falls

    by Josh Hilden

    They arrived without warning raining death and chaos across the surface of the Earth. Humanity fought back and although we didn’t win we did cripple them fighting them to a standstill on the planet and in orbit. Now, more than a hundred years later, the world is a very different place. Technology varies wildly from region to region as does which race dominates the other. After so many decades of détente the enemy is once more on the move but not just against the surviving enclaves of humanity but also against members of their own species. In a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan a young man with a family relic represents humanities best hope to counter the alien advance. Aided by friends, family, and a nearly godlike computer surviving on the moon Owen Erindale stands between a new dawn and the Long Night.

    Dr. Prescott and the Beast of Legend (The Adventures of Doctor Prescott Book 1)

    by Sebastian Davis

    “I do wonder if my mind has somehow crossed over the line that separates sanity and insanity,” Dr. Prescott nervously moved his right leg whilst he peeled the skin of his right thumb with his index finger, “Even though I have yet to voice my reason for being here I cannot help but to assume that she believes me to be crazy; is that crazy of me to believe? I mean, I am sitting in front of a Psychologist after all!”

    The Plot

    by Sharon A. Austin

    While writing his own how-to book on gardening, Leland Gardner learned there are many superstitions and omens associated with plants. To ensure prosperity while setting himself apart from other florists he invents a machine that turns natural ingredients into an extraordinary green liquid fertilizer.

    When a mouse falls into the machine the formula is dramatically transformed. In order to recreate this magical product that guarantees maximum growth potential along with brilliant flowers he’d have to add two more ingredients. Blood and bones. But how and where would he get them?


    If he lets her get away with it she’ll keep thinking she can do this. He grew angry and frustrated as he searched his pockets for the receipt. Leland Gardner, normally a shy and quiet little man, lagged behind the rest of the departing moviegoers still fuming about being overcharged for his food and drink at the concession stand earlier by a teenage girl more interested in flirting with boys than in accurately ringing up his order. Or were the casual flirtations simply a clever ruse to divert everyone’s attention while she pocketed some of his money? Whatever the reason for her poor behavior, the whole ordeal ruined his once a month movie day at the Hummer Bird Theater.

    By the time he reached the lobby he changed his mind about confronting her; two waiting lines had formed at the concession stand. He smacked a hand against the glass exit door and shoved it open. Staggered out into the blinding Saturday afternoon sunshine. Shielding his eyes, he scanned the crowded parking lot for his old station wagon.


    by J. Dexter Jones

    An ancient and powerful device has been harbored for millennia, handed down generationally by a very special and select series of individuals. When a young thief makes a clumsy attempt at stealing a book, unaware of the powerful object hiding within, the device becomes lost for more than a century. Its unlikely discovery and the impact it has on the unknowing individual who finds it will change not only his life but the lives of everyone around him.

    Spiral War: On Dagger’s Wings

    by S.F. Edwards

    Peace is a fleeting state. The last written words of Blazer Vaughnt’s father echo through his mind after he comes of age and joins the UCSB Space Forces Academy . His hope, to become an officer. He does not join alone and his three comrades from the Navigator’s Guild join him. There they will join the Blade Force and meet the alluring Marda Sciminder., driving a wedge between Blazer and his closest friend. His time at the academy will test his loyalty to his friends and his faith in himself as conflicts arise from within and without. Will Blazer rise to the call and become the leader of the Blade Force? Will he allow his heart to distract him from his destiny? Will he gain his wings and take his Dagger into the heavens to end the centuries long conflict?

    Forced to Remember (Nepherium Novella Series Book 3)

    by Samantha LaFantasie

    The exciting, anticipated conclusion of the Nepherium Novella Series is here!

    “The weight of the world feels heavy on my shoulders. Desperation touches everything. Memories forgotten, truths untold. Humanity is threatened. Their safety granted in exchange for me. But I won’t go without a fight.”

    With strange occurrences taking place in the city, it’s up to Elsa and her team to discover why. But an odd encounter at an abandoned warehouse leaves the team with more questions than answers. Just when the team least expects it, Alexander returns, and he’s not alone or without demands: the world’s safety in exchange for Elsa. They have only one week to decide while the world falls under Alexander’s wrath and his powerful army of followers. Avalon seeks help from every Nepherium that can be spared and hope it will be enough to stop Alexander.

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