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Romance: Taken Rough by the Billionaire Cowboy, A Western Historical Romance (Mail Order Bride,BBW,Contemporary,Taboo)

by A. Beaton


Warning: This ebook contains mature language and scenes only suitable for readers 18+.

Abandoned and robbed a week after she arrives, the big and beautiful Shauna is a mail-order bride stranded on a homestead in Montana with a baby and a Cheyenne woman who doesn’t speak her language. Together they manage the homestead and raise the baby conceived on her wedding night.

Shauna manages to keep her life a secret when she happens upon a tall, gorgeous cowboy who claims to only want shelter from an impending storm.

Will Shauna decide to finally open up her heart again after her traumatic past?


Discovering Me (Breakneck Series Book 4)

by Crystal Spears

Sniper Breaker has the reputation among the Breakneck MC as the brother looking for love. Deadly accurate with a gun, his skills protect him from the chaos that surrounds, but nothing will protect his heart. The brother that cares the most openly might be the one who gets hurt the worst.

Piper Lacy lives her life without constraint. Rescued after years of captivity, she refuses to waste one minute of her new-found freedom. Her best friend, Sniper, is the only person she’s shared her past with.

When crisis strikes the Breakneck World, the Red Ladies are called in to the compound, leaving Piper to question everything about her life and her love for a man she thought loved her in return.

But for Breakneck, that is only the beginning.

For mature readers only 18 +

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous: Book 1 20th Anniversary Edition

by Graeme Aitken

Billy-Boy preferred culture to cows, but when you’re the only son of a rugby-loving Kiwi farmer, you buckle down and do your chores.

And escape into a fantasy world of cross-dressing and theatricals at every other opportunity!

Sweet, fat, theatrical Billy-Boy was never cut out to be a farmer, but as his father’s only son he’s obliged to try. The cows are wayward and the chores are gruelling, but Billy finds escape in a fantasy world. A place where the turnip paddock becomes a lunar landscape, a lavender bed jacket a slinky space suit, a cow’s tail a head of beautiful blonde hair, and where Billy can become Judy Robinson, heroine of TV’s ‘Lost in Space’.

But in an isolated conservative farming community in New Zealand, not everyone approves of Billy’s transformation. On the brink of adolescence, Billy is beginning to discover that growing up is far more complicated and confusing than he could ever have imagined. While the mysteries of sex confound him, emotions are unleashed which urge Billy to betray those closest to him.

Ë?Ë?Ë? ’50 Ways of Saying Fabulous’ is a poignant and endearingly comic novel.

Anyone who grew up in a small town, grew up feeling that they didn’t fit in, or simply grew up will find this book funny, touching and unforgettably evocative of childhood lost.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Praise for ’50 Ways of Saying Fabulous’:

‘I loved this funny sad tale of growing up a sissy in New Zealand. Graeme Aitken proves that even the most extraordinary events can occur to wonderfully ordinary people. If I knew fifty ways of saying fabulous, I’d use them all to praise this charming first novel.’ EDMUND WHITE

‘Thoroughly engaging.’ INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

‘A funny but also achingly sad first novel’. OBSERVER

‘A sort of gay Adrian Mole … There are laughs aplenty but also moments of agony … Told with bare faced honesty, it is a warm, cruel, funny tale.’ THE SUNDAY AGE

‘Touching and sad, ’50 Ways of Saying Fabulous’ also has some very funny moments.’ THE TIMES

‘An entertainment, a gentle, poignant story of a fat boy who fantasises romance and glamour without yet having a name for what he is … Aitken writes with a distinctive voice, one that is wonderfully evocative.’ DENNIS ALTMAN, THE AGE

‘… an important work … What Aitken has demonstrated fabulously is his skill in the art of telling a good story … his honesty and fearlessness in confronting those squirmy adolescent secrets is to be admired.’ CANBERRA TIMES

The Ultimate Taboo Collection

by Penny Grace

WARNING: This is the naughtiest, sexiest collection of work you’ll ever read. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! On sale for a limited time only!

Presenting the entire body of her work, Penny Grace gives you more than 52,000 words of scorching-hot stories that will keep you reading long into the night for just $2.99. You don’t want to miss this offer. More than ten spicy tales, all in one place!

The heroes in these stories aren’t the ones you bring home to meet your parents. No, these are the men you dream about, the ones you wish you could meet — alpha males who know exactly what they want, and who will invite you into their worlds to be part of it all.

Disclaimer: All works and characters here are completely fictional, and all acts within are consensual and safe. All characters over the age of 18.

Romance: The Werebear Seeks a Wife, A Shifter Romance (Mail Order Bride,BBW,Contemporary,Taboo)

by Victoria Scott

WARNING: This book contains adult themes intended for 18+ readers.

After joining the online shifter dating site, Hannah ends up on a date with a very gorgeous and mysterious bear named Tyson that seems absolutely perfect for her. Or so she thought…

However, one night while snooping around she discovers Tyson’s dark and ugly secret.

Can Hannah get past the secret or will they be forced to live the rest of their lives apart?

Romance: Stretched at the Beach House, A Taboo BBW Step Romance (new adult,billionaire,love triangle,menage,pregnancy)

by Patricia Heat

Warning: This ebook contains explicit scenes and language suitable for readers 18+!

Claire thought it a bit childish to vacation with her family. But summer at the beach house became a whole new experience when Mom left her alone with Stepdad. Why would Paul find Claire attractive? She soon finds out, though, that he does – and in a very big way. At the urging of her more adventurous friend Ashley, Claire sets out to discover just exactly what Paul has had on his mind…

Romance: Pounded & Stretched by My Sister’s Husband (new adult,billionaire,love triangle,menage,pregnancy)

by Naughty Nicole

WARNING: This ebook contains mature scenes and language suitable for readers 18+!!!

Jess knew there was something special about Paul. He made her feel excited, intrigued and safe all at once. He was like no other man she had ever met, but he was her sister’s husband.

Jess jumps at the opportunity to stay with Paul and the kids when her sister leaves town on business. She can’t put her finger on it, but earning Paul’s approval and following his directions turns her on.

Will she be able to satisfy Paul’s needs while her sister is away? Will her sister discover Paul and Jess’ dirty secret?

Romance: Twins get Licked, Stretched, and Stuffed in Every Hole, A Taboo Romance Bundle (new adult,billionaire,love triangle,menage,pregnancy)

by Steamy Reads Publishing

Warning: This book contains adult themes, harsh language, and sexual content not intended for readers under 18!!

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with this unbelievable 60,000 word STEP STORIES Boxed Set!!

This steamy, juice dripping Collection includes:

Seduced by Her Steps- A Taboo Romance Boxed Set includes:

Punished by My Sister’s Husband

Stepbrother Lust

Camping Trip with Our Stepdad’s Best Friend

Twin Sisters get Creamed by their Billionaire Boss


A BONUS Western Romance Story!!!

Guaranteed these stories will make you feel hot and heavy and leave you soaking wetâ?¦.

On sale for a LIMITED TIME…

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

Yoga Basics for Men: An Intro to Man Flow Yoga

by Dean Pohlman

Yoga Basics for Men is the man’s introduction to the physical workout of yoga. This is THE yoga guide for men who want an effective, full-body workout that improves overall endurance, core strength, body control, and flexibility, who aren’t interested in changing their lifestyle, listening to an instructor telling them to open their mind, or connecting with the universe while they work out.

This eBook will help you accomplish your physical fitness goals, whether that’s playing at the competitive level of sports, working out on a recreational level, or simply going throughout your day without physical pain. Improve your physical fitness, reduce your risk of injury, and feel better.

This eBook includes:

1) Physical Benefits – explains the physical benefits that you can expect to experience through incorporating Yoga Basics for Men, by Man Flowâ?¢ Yoga, into your workout routine.

2) Key Concepts – Learn the key concepts necessary to safely and effectively do yoga.

3) Exercise Guide – Learn the proper technique for over 75 exercises (poses) which will help you reap the physical benefits of yoga. This section also includes the target area, practical benefits, and tips for each exercise.

4) Workout Samples – 6 highly targeted, full-body workouts that will help you implement the pose knowledge from the previous section into yoga workouts.

About Man Flow Yoga:

Man Flow Yoga is the #1 brand of yoga for men on social media. You can learn more about Man Flow Yoga and more about the founder of Man Flow Yoga, Dean Pohlman, at

Household Projects By DIY: Over 50 DIY Projects and Household Hacks to Declutter & Organize For a Clean & Simple Life. (Household Hack, DIY Declutter, … Simple Life, home projects, DIY Hacks,)

by Laura Myers

Tips and Tricks to living a Clean and Clutter-Free Life Without Compromising On Looks and Style!

Personalize and Organize Your Home For Virtually No Money!!

A house is not a home without personality. Sometimes the personality gets a little out of control and turns messy and disorganized. Household Projects by DIY will teach you how to clean up your home without compromising on style.

Coming home to a messy house is never an ideal way to finish off your day. The messes in your home leave you feeling chaotic and stressed out. Learn different ways you can reduce time on boring chores so that you can have a few minutes of “me” time!

Discover ways to expand the storage space in your home while being able to find everything. Use the tips and tricks in Household Projects by DIY to keep frequently used items in the house accessible but also neat and tidy. There are many different ways to store and put away items without having to take apart the entire house looking for them again. Target problem areas in your home such as your closet and bathroom to increase the space, thus allow you to enjoy a clutter free environment!

There are lots of underutilized space in your home and Household Projects by DIY will reveal where they are! Additionally, learn how to repurpose items that are no longer in use to improve your lifestyle or add a trendy but multifunctional touch to all your rooms!

Household Projects by DIY will also offer tips and tricks that will allow you to do things quicker, and also how to upgrade and improve your children’s rooms!

Household Projects by DIY contains over 50 different ideas that will allow you to lead a more stress free and enjoyable life!

– Build a simple and inexpensive movie screen garden for your family and friends to enjoy!

– Invite beautiful butterflies into your garden for your children to enjoy with a butterfly feeder!

– Bring your floating cooler on a hot day and your friends will love you!

– Reclaim childhood by building your children a rope swing!

– Learn the secret to making the perfect iced coffee!

– Find a last minute item to use as a birthday candle!

– Learn to use something you already have in your home to sharpen your knives!

– Repurpose your child’s outgrown bed in a few simple steps!

– Create a multipurpose yardstick to start your children on cleaning and organizing young!

– Create some Retro planters!

– Repurpose old toys into something your children will use every day!

– Find out what to use as a perfect last minute tea filter!

– Learn how to clean and declutter your office quickly and easily!

– Use the perfect household item as a business card holder!

– Increase storage space with a pants hanger!

– Keep unruly clutches and small purses tame with an organizer!

– Learn how to keep your cleaning closet neat and tidy!

– Travelling? Find out how to keep your jewelry tangle free!

And many many more!

Keeping you home clean, organized and clutter free is stress free, quick, and easy. Reclaim your life today!


“Who knew iced coffee at home could taste so amazing?” – Jessica Tith

“I did not know I had so much space in my home!” – Mary Leamings

“The jewelry organizer is ingenious! I use it on all my vacations and it helpsâ?¦ a LOT!” Sandy H

Home Brewing Beer: A Complete Guide on How to Brew Beer

by Susan Brian

How to Use This Book

In the craft of making beer, a lot of important concepts come in pairs.

Here’s an extreme example.

The most critical enzymes in malt mashing can broadly be divided into 1) proteolytic enzymes that degrade protein chains and 2) diastatic enzymes that break starch molecules into fermentable 1) maltose and 2) maltotriose sugars.


There are two diastatic enzymes of primary concern to the brewer: 1) Alpha-amylase and 2) Beta-amylase.

Beta-amylase functions best within two distinct temperature ranges …

Okay, I’ll stop there. I think you get my point. Anyway, I want to borrow this beer-friendly principle of twos and apply it to all the information I’ve compiled for you in this book.

This is a book about how to brew beer. I want you to read this and be a better brewer afterwards, either as a result of learning new stuff about brewing or disagreeing with me so strongly that your own (perhaps better) approach to the craft is clarified.

Everything that follows is what I think you should do in order to make the best beer you can at home. Yes, there are recipes and methods and shopping lists, and my best understanding of some tricky scientific principles. There are opinions on when you should batch-sparge and when you should fly-sparge, and considerations of hop substitutions you can make. But, there’s also a survey of beer history around the world, insights I’ve gained about pairing beer and food, a rundown of the types of beer glasses I think you should own, lists of beer movies I think you should see and websites I think you should check out. In short, I’ve provided both quantitative and qualitative information. Two essential elements to any successful home brewer. This, however, might not align with your current goals or interests. If that’s the case, skip it. That’s right, just skip over it. Do you want to learn how to make beer right now? If so, skip the first three chapters and go straight to the fourth.

The reason I say this is that part of this book is about How to make beer

and another part is about How to love beer.

The information in this second category is included in hopes of opening your mind, your heart and your mouth

so that they all become places where great beer is always welcome. And while it might not be immediately apparent, reaching this state of being makes you a better brewer.

Obviously you are free to love beer in any way you like. And I don’t expect anyone to read this book start to finish. If you find yourself reading something that doesn’t seem to apply to where you are in your brewing, please skip ahead until you find something that does. I’ve tried to organize the book in a fashion that allows the reader to leapfrog and not get lost.

Now, let’s brew some beer!

Shipping Container Home Living: Your Comprehensive Guide to Living in a Smaller Home, Plus Decorating and Designing Tips! (Tiny House Living & Interior Design)

by Tina Hammond

Living in a small space such as a shipping container home poses a unique set of challenges, but there are a number of tips and tricks that can turn a small space into a larger one. “Shipping Container Home 101: Simple, Fulfilling Hacks of a Small Home, Plus Decorating and Designing Tips!” is designed to help you take your small home into a much larger living space through the use of storage, sensible decorating and a number of miracle tips and tricks.

The book begins by looking at the benefits and disadvantages of living in a storage container home and follows up by sharing how you can go from overcrowded to well organized by taking advantage of hidden storage locations in your home.

As you journey through this book, you will not only learn how you can make living in a small space more than bearable but you will also learn how you can modernize your living space.

Inside You Will Also Learn about:

– Small space storage solutions

– Small living space illusions

– Replacing walls to increase living space size

– Small living space hacks

– And Much More

Don’t Delay, Download This Book Today!

Aromatherapy: A Guide To Essential Oils – Easy Ways To Use Aromatherapy At Home (Aromatherapy, Essential Oils)

by Helena Bloch

Aromatherapy: A Guide To Essential Oils – Easy Ways To Use Aromatherapy At Home

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Welcome to the world of aromatherapy!

You’ve found your way here because you’ve heard bits and pieces about the benefits of essential oils and you want help to get your head around it all. This book will be the gateway to a whole new wealth of knowledge for you.

These days the majority of us live in and around urban centres. While this may be great for many reasons, we’ve had to sacrifice a lot too. As our cities develop we are moving further and further away from the natural world. Even now many children may not know the joys of climbing a tree or exploring a local stream.

There are no natural ecosystems in urban environments. We are constantly surrounded by toxins, pollutants, unpleasant sights, sounds and smells. Everything is out of balance. All of this makes us stressed and sometimes quite sick from constant exposure.

In order to create harmony in our lives we need to look at ways we can redress the balance in ourselves and our environment.

One simple yet effective way we can achieve this is through the power of aromatherapy. By returning to traditional wisdom and the use of plant-based healing we can help to re-create balance in our mind, body and soul.

Download your copy today and discover:

– A brief history of the use of plants for healing purposes

– Facts and myths about aromatherapy

– The amazing health benefits of some of the most popular essential oils

– How essential oils work to improve your mind, body and soul

– Smart selection and safety tips to get the most out of your oils

– Easy to follow instructions for making your own soap, massage oils and more

– Delightful recipes for blending your essential oils

This is the only book you will need as you begin your journey with aromatherapy. Scroll back up the page and click on the download button now so you can start reading straight away!

Download Aromatherapy: A Guide To Essential Oils – Easy Ways To Use Aromatherapy At Home today!

Download today!

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The Art of HomeMaking

by Alison May

Alison May has been writing about housekeeping for eleven years now and on Brocantehome she has collated there is a vast amount of information to be gathered for the new housekeeper or indeed for she who wants to kick-start her domestic life all over again and turn over a scrumptiously fresh new leaf. And so with this in mind gathered all her domestic wisdom together into a thirty day plan you can use to subtly (or dramatically!) shift your way of life and finally embrace the routines, rituals and seasonal celebrations Alison has long been advocating.

From going organic, to creating a weekly and daily routine, choosing a creative path and making space for your very personal sense of spirituality, this precious book will provide a map directing you to the heart of your home: a place where you can be yourself without drowning under a relentless pile of laundry.

A place my gorgeous housekeepers where rituals will shape your days and puttery treats will sprinkle a little glitter over them. A place you will want to come home to because it encapsulates all that you are today and everything you intend to be tomorrow.

What Alison has created is a step by step guide to re-inventing your housekeeping existence. A guide to making friends with your house so that it will hug you instead of kicking you in the teeth day after day and remind you, through the voices of housewives gone by, that the urge, or perhaps more significantly the need to keep house is neither anti-feminist, nor futile but is in fact exactly what we must do if we are to nourish our hearts and souls daily and in the long run create a beautiful museum of all that we were: women in control of our own environments and ultimately our destinies, because home is where we beginâ?¦

DIY Household Hacks: Over 50 DIY Household Hacks to Clean, Declutter, and Organize Your Household Simply & Quickly (Cleaning, Declutter, Organizing, Quick, … Household Hacks, DIY, Do It Yourself,)

by Laura Myers

Over 50 Tips & Tricks to make chores quicker and relaxation time longer!!

On Sale For 2.99!!

Twenty four hours in a way is not nearly enough time to get everything you want accomplished in a day done. Though you want to relax and indulge in your hobbies, work and chores take up more time than you would ever want it to.

Since we could all use an extra little bit of time everyday, why not make cleaning and chores quicker and easier?

From cleaning to organizing, from decluttering to decorating, DIY Household Hacks has something for everyone! There are many little things around the house one can do to make the appearance of cleanliness last a little longer.

From non-traditional ways of cleaning to interesting money saving tips, DIY Household Hacks has it all!

With more than 50 ideas in this book, we can guarantee you will find something useful or interesting for your home!

Here are some of the things that are offered in this book:

– Quick and easy mattress cleaning

– Simple microwave cleaning

– Grease removing

– Repurposing book shelves

– Storing bed sheets using minimal space

– Creating drawer dividers

– Easy to build Book organizer

– Making a Handprint Canvas

– Making a Skyline lamp

– Cooking the perfect egg

– Making quick smoothie cubes for on the go

– Adding one little simple step to make your flip flops last longer!

There are a million ways to decorate, clean, and save money – why not start today?


“I have young kids that I am always cleaning up after. I used a few tips I found in this book and it some of my chores don’t seem as bad as before!” – Cynthia Kering

“I love making the mess free pancakes for my kids, I make different shapes and pictures everytime” – Barb Sanding

“Guests that visit always comment on what a meaningful piece the handprint canvas is!” – Loretta Caldwell

Lifestyle: How to Simplify Your Life to Unlock More Time, Focus, and Money – Minimalism, Simple Living & DIY (Simplify, Organize Your Life, Life Hacks, Lifestyle Design, Minimalist, Simplicity)

by Brian Adams

Live Simpler and Get More From Your Life!

Lifestyle: How to Simplify Your Life to Unlock More Time, Focus, and Money – Minimalism, Simple Living & DIY will teach you how to make your life less complex – and reap the rewards. You’ll spend less money, have more energy for your family, self, and career, and even help save the environment!

Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!

When you download Lifestyle: How to Simplify Your Life to Unlock More Time, Focus, and Money – Minimalism, Simple Living & DIY, you’ll discover minimalist secrets and tips for every room of the house:

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Attics

You’ll even learn how to go completely “paperless”!

However, living a minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about having a tidy house. You can “tidy up” your mind and your systems of keeping everything in place. You’ll be amazed at the energy you can free up to be happy and follow your passions!

You don’t need a Kindle device to read this book – Just download a FREE Kindle reader for your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

Don’t Wait – Order Your Copy of Lifestyle: How to Simplify Your Life to Unlock More Time, Focus, and Money – Minimalism, Simple Living & DIYToday!

You’ll be so glad you took this journey!

Get Organized: How to Organize your Home & Life in Only 10 Days!

by Ashley Leach

( This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to organize your home and achieve an organized life as well!)

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99! Regularly priced

at $14.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains detailed ways on how you can create an organized home in as little as 10 days. It features easy steps as well as tips that would prepare you physically and mentally for the organizing tasks.

The steps that you can do from day one to day ten are clearly laid out. This book features organizing strategies that you can apply in every room.

Life already comes with a lot of chaos on its own. However, if you have an organized home, everything in life will be much easier to handle. Life in general will be less stressful and more productive.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to organize with a purpose
  • How to create a plan of action
  • How to organize your bedroom
  • How to organize your bathroom
  • How to organize the kitchen
  • How to organize the dining room
  • How to organize the living room
  • How to organize the home office
  • How to organize the garage
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


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Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil Hacks – 19 Life Changing Coconut Oil Hacks for Weight Loss, Radiant Health & Beauty Including Amazing Coconut Oil Recipes (Coconut Oil For Weight Loss – Coconut Oil Recipes)

by Ella Marie

Discover Everything About Coconut Oil And Start Losing Weight Today! (FREE Bonus Included!)

*** Coconut Oil Hacks – By Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author Ella Marie ***

Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a superfood. Coconut oil can have such a profound positive effect on your overall health. This includes fat loss, better brain function and so many other amazing benefits!

Maybe you’ve already made the switch to coconut oil in your kitchen, but did you know that coconut oil is basically the very best and healthiest cosmetic product in the world as well?

In “Coconut Oil Hacks,” you’ll discover exactly why you should be eating more coconut oil on the daily – plain and simple!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How coconut oil can boost your metabolism!
  • How coconut oil can increase your energy levels!
  • How you can burn calories while you sleep!
  • The best way to lose belly fat
  • coconut oil cosmetic recipes
  • coconut oil for dental health
  • How you can curb sugar cravings with coconut oil
  • And so much more!

Not only is coconut oil the very best oil to be cooking with, it also has so many other uses that need to be discussed if people are to change their health for the better. And rest assured you will get all the information you need in this book and then some!

“Coconut Oil Hacks” mentions WHY coconut oil is pound for pound one of the best foods you could be incorporating into your diet today! The time is now to take control of your health, in fact, TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life so take full advantage of it…it’s now time to unleash your full potential!

>> So hurry! Take action, scroll back up the page and get your very own copy today! <<

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Exercise: Get Fit Fast Working Smarter Not Harder – Lose Weight, Strength, Workout & Weight Training (Workout Routines, Lose Weight Fast, Lose Weight for Life, Exercise Motivation, Strength Training)

by Brian Adams

Discover Ways To Have A Sexy Body!

Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Fabulous. 

â?? â?? â??Read This Book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now! â?? â?? â??

Like it or not, the subject fitness and exercise are so popular than everyone will find time out of their busy schedule to go to the gym and get their muscles working.

No one would say no to a sexy body. We all have desired body weights, and desired body shape that we’ve all been dreaming off!

Do you constantly look at the models in magazines or television and think to yourself: “I want to have that body too?”

If you have, that’s okay. But here’s what’s even better: Today, you can make the choice to be more than what you’re jealous off! To get that desirable body, you are going to have to work through sweat and pain in the long run.

It won’t be easy at first, but with Exercise: Get Fit Fast Working Smarter Not Harder – Lose Weight, Strength, Workout & Weight Training you will be presented with a fitness program that is doable and something that you can maintain.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From The Book:

Work Out Smart

Weight Loss – Aerobics And Diet

Weight Training

Some Key Exercises – Muscle Group Wise

Losing weight has always been a challenge to most of us, but with every challenge comes the huge opportunity to change for the better.

This book will help you shed that extra pounds, and work on specific muscle groups, that will yield to a balanced-looking body profile. From head to toe, you’ll be at your best and people will notice. But above all, always remember that getting fit is a gift that you can give to yourself.

So let the love for fitness begin today!

Grab a copy of Exercise: Get Fit Fast Working Smarter Not Harder – Lose Weight, Strength, Workout & Weight Training NOW by simply scrolling up and clicking on the “Buy” Button.

Have Fun!

Insecurity: 20 Ways to Overcome Insecure Behavior. Break the Chains That Hold You Back and Start Treating Yourself With Acceptance and Generosity (Insecurity, … insecurity, How to build self esteem)

by Wendy Larson

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them. – Stacy London

Do you feel yourself insecure? Don’t be! This guide will help you overcome the insecurity!

Insecurity is a crippling mental state that keeps many from living a life of contentment and fulfillment. When someone struggle with feelings of low worth and low self-esteem, they will always be at the mercy of their thoughts, feeling that they are unworthy. Unworthy of success, love, happiness, and anything that is worthwhile and brings joy and peace.

Insecurity must be identified and resisted at all cost. The book Insecurity – 20 Ways to Overcome Insecure Behavior. Break the Chains That Hold You Back and Start Treating Yourself With Acceptance and Generosity provides straightforward, practical advice on how to identify insecurity, deal with it head-on, and prevent it from returning.

The central theme of the book is that at some point in life, being insecure is a choice. Once that this philosophy is accepted, the realization that it can be eradicated as a life choice can be embraced, and confidence and higher self-esteem can be achieved. The book is an encouraging and enlightening look at how to overcome a crippling, stifling mindset and replace with positive thought and action.

The book deals with such topics as:

  • Don’t Let Your Past Take Your Future Hostage
  • Your Biggest Mistake – Giving In To The Fear of Making Mistakes
  • Embrace Change Before It Strangles You
  • The Pitfalls of Comparison
  • When Opportunity Knocks, Answer The Door
  • Use Fear As a Doormat and a Springboard
  • Trust Your Instinctâ?¦or Not!

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Insecurity: 20 Ways to Overcome Insecure Behavior. Break the Chains That Hold You Back and Start Treating Yourself With Acceptance and Generosity” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Indoor Gardening: 12 Creative Gardening Tips on Garden Design. Discover the Ultimate Small Garden Ideas for Creating the Garden of Your Dreams (Indoor Gardening, garden design, indoor plants)

by Stanley Joan

This book is designed for the beginner plant owner yet offers vital information and reminders for even the most experienced home horticulturist.

This book aims to cover all the basics and give suggestions and tips to helping your plants not only survive their new home but to flourish and prosper under your tender touch.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Location – This chapter aims to help in the placement of your plant in the perfect position in your home by helping you identify the potential hazards and benefits of each area in your home from temperature to traffic. This is the first step in your plants journey to success
  • Earth – The plant’s growth medium is essential to sustain a plant’s life. This chapter goes over the basics of soils, their composition and the additives that will help make your life easier and your plant’s life fuller
  • Water – While it is known that water is essential to a plant’s growth, did you know that too much of a good thing can kill your plant? This chapter explains different aspects of how water affects your plant from the water in the soil to the water in the air around it
  • To Feed or Not to Feed – Many times fertilizer used “just because.” While this helps plants that would otherwise be lacking, it can kill plants that have their needs currently met. This chapter shows what ingredients are in standard fertilizers, some signs of malnutrition in your plant and how to counter these effects

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Meditation: Stress Management: How To Conquer Anxiety, Anger, Fear & Depression (Mindset, Mindfulness Meditation, Anger Management, Concentration, Self … Self Esteem for Woman, Change Your Life)

by Crystal Stone

Escape Anxiety and Depression and Live a Calm, Happy Life!

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Do you want to stop feeling anxious? Angry? Afraid? Depressed?

If so, then Meditation: Stress Management – How to Conquer: Anxiety, Anger, Fear and Depression is the book for you! It explains how to get rid of negative emotions and pitfalls – and start putting things right!

Meditation: Stress Management – How to Conquer: Anxiety, Anger, Fear and Depression is available for Download Now

This book is filled with meditation tips and techniques to make your life richer and strengthen your spirit. You’ll discover a variety of techniques for beginners:

  • Mantra Meditation
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Walking Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation

Let meditation teach you to smile with your heart!

Meditation can help you tackle your fear and replace it with happiness. In this book, you’ll discover how to shed negativity with humility and consistent, loving practice. You can start feeling better – right away!

This book also explains how to prepare your self for a meditation session. You’ll learn the importance of wearing appropriate clothing, designing the ambiance of your meditation space, and choosing the right body and hand postures.

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Crochet for babies : The Complete Step by Step Beginners Guide How to Crochet Lovely Socks and Hats for your Baby (Crochet for babies, Crochet, Crochet … Crochet projects, Knitting, baby crochet)

by Diane Warren

Crochet: The Complete Step by Step Beginners Guide How to Crochet Lovely Socks and Hats for

Your Baby.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to create the perfect labor of love that will keep

your baby warm as if it were your tender motherly (or fatherly) touch.

This How-To book is not just for expect mothers, but for all types of people who want to welcome the

most precious gift life has: babies!

This book also contains exactly what you need to create lots of adorable baby crocheted items. You’ll be

excited by how beautiful your creations turn out!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Crochet Supplies You Need to Get Started !
  • Easy Step by Step Tutorial
  • Cute

    Beanie , Socks and Booties
  • Crochet Techniques
  • Crochet Patterns.
  • Much, much


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An Iron Will

by Orison Swett Marden

Orison Swett Marden (1848-1924) was an inspirational American author who wrote on achieving success in life.  Marden created SUCCESS magazine in 1897 and his ideas are still sound in modern times.  This edition of An Iron Will includes a table of contents.

Windows 10: A Beginner’s Guide For Great User Experience

by Alan Turing

Optimize Your User Experience

Learn how to use Windows 10 – the newest operating system available in Microsoft’s bank of products. Windows 10 offers you a much needed upgrade from Windows 8 and 8.1, which garnered much negative reactions from users.

But perhaps you’re still having trouble using it. Or maybe you want an overview of Windows 10 before deciding whether to buy/download it or not. Well, look no further. This book will provide you all the information you need on operating Windows 10. Our goal is to help you optimize your user experience so that you can easily navigate through this new and improved operating system.

Featured topics

â?? Boot-up features

â?? Upgrades over Windows 8

â?? Convenient Shortcuts

â?? Start menu functionalities

â?? Task Bar functionalities

â?? Internet/Networks

â?? Task Windows

â?? Improving OS speed

â?? And more!

What are you waiting for? Download this book and enjoy!

Pizza Deals: Home made easy & quick pizza recipes book

by Frank Underwood

The author is aware that a large number of peoples around the globe love pizza and want to prepare by their own choice by themselves at home.But get tired and frustrated when they see the complicated preparation methods in the cookbooks by chefs.

So be happy now because we solved your problem by writing and publishing this book and pizza making at home is no longer a dream now.

We collected and compile a wide range of easy and quick home made pizza recipes of all the pizza serving nations throughout the world for our readers.

We put a complete details of the said recipes in our book such as food images, nutrition facts and simple detailed directions that every single person can easily understand and prepare our recipes in a very short time.

publishing the cookbooks, cooking and to be an author of cookbooks is our hobby this is not our business that’s why we are aiming to spread happiness and want every single person to be a master chef for their loved ones by publishing the cookbooks rather then to make money.

The readers are requested to give us feedback about our books that we can continue and provide better services as much as possible.

Stay blessed,

Author: Frank Underwood

DIY Gifts & Projects Box Set: 65+ Unique Gift Ideas for Romantic Crafting and Practical Projects for Your Home and Everyday Life (DIY Gifts, DIY Projects, DIY Gifts in jars)

by Ryan Walker

BOOK #1: DIY Gifts: Unique Gift Ideas for your Partner. Unlock the secrets of romantic crafting

In this book, your will learn creative ideas that you craft yourself with simple tools and supplies. Unique personal items can be made by beginners as well as advanced practitioners with proper instruction. We summarize areas of interest that may require further research, but are more than the tip of the romantic gift-giving iceberg.

The book covers:

  • Definition of romance
  • Preparing your space and your mind
  • Typical supplies to purchase
  • Greeting cards and art work
  • Food gifts and jewelry
  • Sewing and knitting
  • Pottery and woodworking

BOOK #2: DIY Projects: 24 Practical and Functional DIY Projects For Your Home And Everyday Life

Are you looking to personalize your home and make it more efficient? Then follow along with these practical and functional DIY projects for your home and everyday life. With the huge variety of simple projects at your fingertips it might be hard to figure out where to get started. In 24 Practical & Functional DIY Projects for Your Home & Everyday life we’ll break down the home into smaller areas so you can focus where you want.

All of these DIY projects can be specifically tailored to what you need and your taste preference in décor. This is why DIY projects are so great.These quick projects will get you started and inspire your own ideas for future projects. From space saving storage solutions, creating your own headboard, to making your own cleaning products; this book has a little something for everyone. Every room of your home should reflect your family. Why not DIY for less money and more versatility. Get started today!

Areas we will cover:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Bedroom & Living Areas
  • Storage Solutions
  • Garden & Patio
  • Cleaning Solutions

BOOK #3: Diy Gifts: 23 Unique Ideas for Quick, Lovely, Inexpensive DIY Gifts in Jars

This astounding book is a true guide for preparing the DIY jar gifts. This books is well searched and contains the applicable unique ideas for making DIY jar gifts. I have particularly emphasized in giving elaboration of the DIY jar gifts that are inexpensive and are easy to make. Such ideas can be picked up by any of an average man. This incredible book is free from any sort of Jorgen language. You would find really ease in going through this book. This immersive book contains incredible 23 ideas for making in-expensive DIY jar gifts. The 1st chapter of this book is filed with the material about how to make DIY jar gifts. The second chapter is filled with 23 tremendous ideas for making inexpensive DIY jar gifts.

The basic notions covered in this book embraces:

  • DIY gift – A domestic idea for inexpensive gifting
  • 23 unique ideas for quick, lovely, inexpensive DIY gifts in jars
  • A really astonishing idea of making DIY jar a money bank gift
  • 21st century DIY jar gift ideas
  • Why to pick DIY jar gift ideas

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How Sex Heals: Collected Essays from Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

by Stanley Siegel

One of the greatest sources of insight into our psyche comes in the form of sexual expression. Through sex, we learn about our strongest desires and create our most satisfying romantic experiences. Achieving a balanced, uncensored understanding of our sexuality, both internally and within our relationships, is a vital part of attaining self-awareness, helping us to reach our highest potential as loving, compassionate people to others as well as ourselves.

How Sex Heals offers engaging, concise essays full of rejuvenating advice and healing wisdom from long-standing professionals in the fields of therapy, sexuality, and psychology, including: Stanley Siegel, Michael Picucci, Galen Fous, Neil McArthur, Alyssa Siegel and Ben Peck.


– How to decode your deepest sexual desires

– How to access your sexual “blueprint”

– What your fantasies and desires might say about your past

– How to move past feelings of shame, guilt, and frustration surrounding sex

– How to navigate your fantasies within our sex-obsessed, often sex-shaming society

– How to integrate spirituality into your sexual routine

â?¦and many more honest, authentic, and articulate accounts of sexual exploration and awareness.

All proceeds from How Sex Heals will go towards providing continuing support for Psychology Tomorrow Magazine and the Alternative Therapists Directory. With your support, we can create a thought-provoking shift towards the acceptance of all healing forms of therapeutic practice that embrace holistic approaches to well-being.

Easter Island

by William Thomson

Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation. 

Easter Island is an overview of the mysterious Easter Island, with pictures.

Puppy Training: How To Housebreak Your Puppy In 6 Days& BONUS DOG RECIPES: A Step-By-Step Blueprint So Your Pup Never Messes The House Again! (Puppy training, Puppy Housebreaking, Dog training,

by Max Paco

Today, Get this Puppy Training eBook for just $.99 Usually $5.99. And BONUS 130+ Healthy Dog Treat Recipes — Total Value $23.99 – FREE–

Discover Expert’s Step-by-Step Blueprint to Housebreaking your Puppy In 6 Days of Less

Lets face it, puppies are the cutest! But that cuteness can turn into frustration and anger leaving your puppy scared and timid if you go about the wrong way in training themâ?¦

This time of their little lives, is the most important time of their life. It can set you up for life or set you up for a life of frustration, anger and stress.

I have outlined in this book a step-by-step blueprint for you to “mirror” every day for 6 days

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about training your pup. Whether to use positive reinforcement or negative and which one is most effective.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised which gets you the better result…

There’s nothing worse than an adult dog messing up the house and crapping all over the floor, destroying carpet, and flooring and having to replace it in the process.

Thankfully this can all be avoided by learning the correct way to house train your puppy right from the get go.

No one wants to spend months housebreaking their pup, especially when you realize other people are getting it done easily and painlessly in as little as 6 days.

What’s worse is if you use conventional “olden day” methods it can cause your pup to scared of you, cause anxiety AND make the process last longerâ?¦

Learn how you can house train your puppy in a simple easy-to-follow blueprint, without stressing you and your pup in the process.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

-The one thing you should never ever do when training your puppy or risk scarring them for life, making them harder to train and leaving you angry and frustrated

->9 tips to quicker and painless results in getting your puppy potty-trained

->Why other housebreaking techniques can lead your pup to be sneaky and do eliminate in secretly behind furniture and how to cure it.

->What the 5 fundamentals of puppy potty training is, to speed up the process and make sure they do their business outside every time

-Why your pup still sometimes has accidents after he’s trained and what to do about it

->How to clean your puppy’s mess and remove stains effectively

->A Secret “puppy-mind control technique” to instil confidence in your puppy to get him independent and confident

->The most important attribute you should practice to get the best results from your pup

-And much more!

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Free war Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

Spartan Resurrection (Memoirs of Nathanial Kenworthy Book 2)

by Roger Kenworthy

My grandfather, Nathanial Kenworthy, finds an enigmatic disc commemorating the deaths of the noble Spartans August, 480 B.C. The pantheon of compassionate gods intervened and resurrected the ancient warriors who face an unknown world order. The ancient soldiers long for the past from the future. Will they succeed to achieve their toughest quest?

Romance: Two Big Two Hard & Two Close for Comfort, A Menage Boxed Set (Threesome,BBW,Pregnancy,New Adult)

by SteamyReads4U

Fulfill your darkest fantasies with this unbelievable 5-Story box set! In this Collection, you’ll find over 60,000 words of HOT PASSION guaranteed to leave you wanting MORE!

This Menage Romance Boxed Set includes:

The Naughty Bachelorette, A Taboo Menage Romance

April’s Medical Exam, A Medical Menage Romance

Shades of Menage, a Taboo Vampire Menage Romance

Twin Sisters Ride their Billionaire Boss, A Taboo Menage Romance

Licked and Drilled at the Doctor’s Office, A Medical Menage Romance


A BONUS Romance Story!!

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

Through Russian Snows: A Story of Napoleon’s Retreat from Moscow

by G.A. Henty

There are few campaigns that, either in point of the immense scale upon which it was undertaken, the completeness of its failure, or the enormous loss of life entailed, appeal to the imagination in so great a degree as that of Napoleon against Russia. Fortunately, we have in the narratives of Sir Robert Wilson, British commissioner with the Russian army, and of Count Segur, who was upon Napoleon’s staff, minute descriptions of the events as seen by eye-witnesses, and besides these the campaign has been treated fully by various military writers. I have as usual avoided going into details of horrors and of acts of cruelty and ferocity on both sides, surpassing anything in modern warfare, and have given a mere outline of the operations, with a full account of the stern fight at Smolensk and the terrible struggle at Borodino. I would warn those of my readers who may turn to any of the military works for a further history of the campaign, that the spelling of Russian places and names varies so greatly in the accounts of different writers, that sometimes it is difficult to believe that the same person or town is meant, and even in the narratives by Sir Robert Wilson, and by Lord Cathcart, our ambassador at St. Petersburg, who was in constant communication with him, scarcely a name will be found similarly spelt. I mention this, as otherwise much confusion might be caused by those who may compare my story with some of these recognized authorities, or follow the incidents of the campaign upon maps of Russia.

Yours sincerely,


Meninga Atari – A Short Kanak Love Story

by Simon M Dent

A steamy and sexy short love story. A romance about ‘black-birding’ – the practice of making black people from Samoa slave away in Australia’s cane fields and other places. An historical romance with adventure including a man swallowed by a giant blue whale. Set in 1856 on pretty Otis Island, Samoa. Two young lovers are torn apart – can they reunite?

My Friend Pasquale and Other Stories

by James Selwin Tait

This is a collection of stories written by the well-known author James Selwin Tait. 

The Talk of the Town Volume 1 of 2

by James Payn

James Payn was an English novelist during the 19th century who wrote several critically acclaimed books, including The Talk of the Town (1885).

The Ivory Trail

by Talbot Mundy

Talbot Mundy was an English writer during the early 20th century who wrote historical and sci-fi novels that proved very influential on subsequent generations, including writers like Robert E. Howard and Leigh Brackett. Like his most famous work King of the Khyber Rifles, Mundy used British occupied India as a backdrop for many of his stories, giving the setting a heavy dose of intrigue, romance, and mystery.

Legends and Stories of Ireland

by Samuel Lover

Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation.

Though the sources whence these Stories are derived are open to every one, yet chance or choice may prevent thousands from making such sources available; and though the village crone and mountain guide have many hearers, still their circle is so circumscribed, that most of what I have ventured to lay before my reader is for the first time made tangible to the greater portion of those who do me the favour to become such.

The Day of Wrath, A Story of 1914

by Louis Tracy

This book demands no explanatory word. But I do wish to assure the reader that every incident in its pages casting discredit on the invaders of Belgium is founded on actual fact. I refer those who may doubt the truth of this sweeping statement to the official records published by the Governments of Great Britain, France, and Belgium.

The Lancashire Witches

by William Harrison Ainsworth


There were eight watchers by the beacon on Pendle Hill in Lancashire. Two were stationed on either side of the north-eastern extremity of the mountain. One looked over the castled heights of Clithero; the woody eminences of Bowland; the bleak ridges of Thornley; the broad moors of Bleasdale; the Trough of Bolland, and Wolf Crag; and even brought within his ken the black fells overhanging Lancaster. The other tracked the stream called Pendle Water, almost from its source amid the neighbouring hills, and followed its windings through the leafless forest, until it united its waters to those of the Calder, and swept on in swifter and clearer current, to wash the base of Whalley Abbey. But the watcher’s survey did not stop here. Noting the sharp spire of Burnley Church, relieved against the rounded masses of timber constituting Townley Park; as well as the entrance of the gloomy mountain gorge, known as the Grange of Cliviger; his far-reaching gaze passed over Todmorden, and settled upon the distant summits of Blackstone Edge.

Dreary was the prospect on all sides. Black moor, bleak fell, straggling forest, intersected with sullen streams as black as ink, with here and there a small tarn, or moss-pool, with waters of the same hueâ??these constituted the chief features of the scene. The whole district was barren and thinly-populated. Of towns, only Clithero, Colne, and Burnleyâ??the latter little more than a villageâ??were in view. In the valleys there were a few hamlets and scattered cottages, and on the uplands an occasional “booth,” as the hut of the herdsman was termed; but of more important mansions there were only six, as Merley, Twistleton, Alcancoats, Saxfeld, Ightenhill, and Gawthorpe. The “vaccaries” for the cattle, of which the herdsmen had the care, and the “lawnds,” or parks within the forest, appertaining to some of the halls before mentioned, offered the only evidences of cultivation. All else was heathy waste, morass, and wood.

Still, in the eye of the sportsmanâ??and the Lancashire gentlemen of the sixteenth century were keen lovers of sportâ??the country had a strong interest. Pendle forest abounded with game. Grouse, plover, and bittern were found upon its moors; woodcock and snipe on its marshes; mallard, teal, and widgeon upon its pools. In its chases ranged herds of deer, protected by the terrible forest-laws, then in full force: and the hardier huntsman might follow the wolf to his lair in the mountains; might spear the boar in the oaken glades, or the otter on the river’s brink; might unearth the badger or the fox, or smite the fierce cat-a-mountain with a quarrel from his bow. A nobler victim sometimes, also, awaited him in the shape of a wild mountain bull, a denizen of the forest, and a remnant of the herds that had once browsed upon the hills, but which had almost all been captured, and removed to stock the park of the Abbot of Whalley. The streams and pools were full of fish: the stately heron frequented the meres; and on the craggy heights built the kite, the falcon, and the kingly eagle.

Return to Cocoyoc

by John Deckinga

Juan Carlos Aguilar Espinosa, at home among those he loves after his Road to Cocoyoc adventures, plans out a peaceful future with Rosa María García. But the rich and arrogant Osorio family again blocks his way. In a violent confrontation with the heir of the Osorio hacienda, Castulo, Juan Carlos is forced to leave his family, his beloved Rosa María and his village, Cocoyoc, and seek refuge in the foreign land to the north.

In El Paso he meets up with his friend and mentor, Sr. Mauricio, and together they join Pancho Villa and his famous army, the División del Norte, in Villa’s quest to free Mexico from the tyrant Victoriano Huerta. Through an act of bravery Juan Carlos is chosen to be a Dorado, a personal bodyguard of Gen. Villa. But the sinister figure of the madman Rodolfo Fierro looms over Villa’s revolutionary enterprise and over Juan Carlos’s life, slowly bending the will of Pancho Villa toward evil while seeking to crush the young Dorado, Juan Carlos, who has defied him.

Lovers, Lunatics, Lost Souls

by Aamir Bin Hasan

Story of three friends – Changezi, Jalal, Farshad – as they move from the land of Pashtuns to the land of Gangetic ghats, carrying within themselves, within their heads and hearts, conflicts of the lives they live, and burdens of their bitter past.

Sunni: (The Life and Love of King Tutankhamun’s Wife)

by Julianna Boyer

The historical figure of King Tut comes alive in the novel Sunni: The Life and Love of King Tutankhamun’s Wife. The dramatic story of the boy pharaoh of Egypt has fascinated the world for generations, touching on romance and unsolved mystery. Sunni was the half-sister of King Tut. Four years older, she became the biggest part of his growing up years. After Tut became King, he chose Sunni to be his wife. The book tells their love story, including both the good and bad times. From miscarriages to infidelity, the story gives the life and love of King Tut’s reign through the eyes of his one true love. After his death, Sunni had huge decisions to make, and any wrong choice could result in tragedy.

Pride and Prejudice: The Women of Longbourn (Darcy and Elizabeth Book 4)

by Gianna Thomas

– What were the aspirations of The Women of Longbourn? –

“Marriage…the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune.” (Pride and Prejudice)

In the early 1800’s, young women were expected to be accomplished, marry well, obey their husbands, and bear their children, especially the heir whether to the peerage or the gentry.

But was that true of all The Women of Longbourn?

A short story, The Women of Longbourn, takes a closer look at the Bennet family women and what their dreams may have included. And don’t be surprised when you learn that even the female servants had dreams as well.

Come along with Elizabeth Bennet as she records the aspirations of the Bennet womenâ?? and the female servants who care for their needsâ??during the fortnight prior to the Meryton Assembly. And enjoy Lizzy’s comments that are interspersed in her journal with the family’s interactions and how they may have differed with most families in the early 1800’s in Regency England.

And if you’ve ever wondered exactly what was expected of the female servants in a household such as the Bennets, wonder no more. The Women of Longbourn will give you a bird’s eye view of their duties and how they were carried out in the household of Fanny and Thomas Bennet.

Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy)

by Stacey Coverstone

Combining mystery, romance, and the supernatural, Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy) is a novella of three stories weaving together memorable characters who live and work on the lake in a small Florida town from the years 1881-2120.

Inspiration for this book was drawn from the charming town of Mount Dora, Florida and the historic 1883 Lakeside Inn sitting on beautiful Lake Dora, where the author lives and works.

Jennie and the Lighthouse Keeper (The Past)

Jennie Sullivan is released from an insane asylum into the care of her sister, who manages a small inn on Lake Tavadora. When Jennie rows across the lake on her own to explore a lighthouse, she meets the handsome and mysterious lighthouse keeper and feels the restoration of her damaged spirit. But after a night of forbidden romance, he vanishes into thin air, leaving Jennie a target for gossip. Either she really is crazy, or she fell in love with a ghost.

Casey and the Seaplane Pilot (The Present)

Casey Walden has given up her dream career to manage her father’s fledgling hotel on Lake Tavadora. When Tad, the man who broke her heart, flies in from Alaska on a seaplane after 18 months of estrangement, she is not willing to so easily forget the hurt he caused. All Tad wants is her forgiveness and a second chance, but two things stand in his way: Casey’s new boyfriend and the mistakes of his past.

Jack’s Story (The Future)

Jack Butterfield arrived in Florida in the year 1881 and began earning his living on Lake Tavadora. Now he and his faithful companion for over 200 years are dying. Together they discovered the fountain of youth, but the miracle elixir has finally been depleted. Old friends are long gone. The world has changed drastically. Jack is ready to go to the “big lake in the sky,” but before he succumbs, he is determined to share the secrets hidden within Lake Tavadora’s depths.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

The Alchemist

by Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson (1572-1637) was an English playwright best known for writing satirical plays such as The Alchemist and Every Man in His Humour. This edition of Jonson’s The Alchemist includes a table of contents.

The Two Sabbath Candles: A Story About Competition and Cooperation

by Eliya Dayan

About Competition and Cooperation in The Family

When an argument breaks out between two Sabbath candles, cooperation is needed. When competition is noticed between family members, it is wise to learn from the candles how to cooperate and solve it. Every boy and girl will easily relate to the story and to the insights learned.

You don’t have to be Jewish or to be keeping the Sabbath to enjoy this story and illustrations.

Children, especially brothers and sisters are in constant competition, competing for attention, building their pride on the expense of others. This bedtime story can be a fine way to speak about it openly.

This story was written by 10 years old Eliya Dayan

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Free poetry Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

You are a Beautiful Soul (17 – Series 1 Book 2)

by H.A. Terpening

With seventeen syllables, author H.A. Terpening creates tiny worlds of unexplored territory. Series 1, Volume 2 is full of inspiration about the journey of the human spirit.

Musings of a reluctant poet

by Ekagra

Poetry is reflection of the soul in the world. Here is my soul reflected in the manifested world.

Eat a Rhododendron Souffle: Stories and Poems

by Michael C. Romeo

Prepare to be swept away, dear reader. Lurking within this volume are tales of the occult and bizarre. A breezy narrative guarantees a quick read. Sprinkled with the right amount of quirky humor and fantastic settings these strange stories sing out loud.

The real treat lies in the poetry. Brilliantly executed verse that will melt your heart and touch your soul.

Random Access Motivation: Poems & Quotes of Inspiration

by R.J McClymont

Random Access Motivation is a collection of poems and quotes written to inspire and motivate readers, through its reflective, endearing and engaging concepts and styles. In an age of information where the digital and the metaphysical coexist in the various media which transmit information, to entertain and enlighten, there is indeed random access to sources of motivation. This eBook aims to combine said two facets of data delivery (digital and metaphysical), to give a singular medium that is designed to uplift the spirits of readers in a more contemporary format.

Inspiration and motivation keep the world of people going and growing – by appealing to the emotional, spiritual and sentimental beings people are – by providing a timely set of words, sounds, pictures and insights overall, which capture and portray the ‘human element’. And this said ‘human element’ interacts and reacts in situations and to stimuli, creating results called memories, of varying qualities.

Against this background, Random Access Motivation was created as a source of reminding, revealing and replenishing good, wholesome perspectives of situations and reactions, to benefit readers of ages and conditions, by showing positive perspectives, or a lighter take, on some of life’s more complex situations. The poems are accompanied by quotes, which together give positive outlooks on some important contexts and conditions, such as, leadership, self-improvement, spiritual elevation, and higher consciousness.

Ultimately, Random Access Motivation ties in four important factors into one medium:

1. The need for inspiration and motivation, to help persons develop better attitudes, so they can reach higher altitudes, and feel more joy and less pain.

2. The creative appeal of poetry through rhyme, reason, style and verse, to engage the mind, heart and soul, and the senses, to impact emotions.

3. The concise and caring expressiveness found in quotes/maxims/epigrams, in how they aim to convey so much meaning in so few words, for retention and application, in the spirit of goodwill.

4. The convenience and company the commodity of an eBook provides, to be a consistent companion and guide, to access wherever, whenever, to read and rejuvenate from whatever insights and inspirations it can offer.

Random Access Motivation wraps up these factors into one, for all readers to engage and enjoy.

So, for inspiration and motivation, in a creative, concise style of writing, displayed in a contemporary format – open up to Random Access Motivation!

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

ROMANCE: MEANT as LOVE: CLEAN ROMANCE (Sweet Literature & Fiction Contemporary Young Adult Romance) (Inspirational Clean Romance Women’s Fiction Short Stories)


Matthew (Matt) Conner, the billionaire playboy found his life taking a different yet sweet turn when his car broke down, in the middle of a storm in a strange town. God bless Amanda Woodlock who was working at the workshop late that night. She took him in and helped him get back to New York. Turns out she was the owner of a high profile bookstore in New York. The chemistry between them ran deeper than just hormones. It was scary for the playboy who never laid his heart out for anyone but this one woman, he just could not seem to resist her. It will start out great and but like every 30 year old guy, Matt Conner has his own baggage to deal with and he does not know the art of sharing it with a woman. This will lead to problems between the two and end on a cliffhanger that will leave the readers in suspense of whether Matt and Conner will break up or will they give themselves a try. â??

The Empath: A Short Story

by M Ray Holloway Jr

Ann Harrison did not trust people. She had been hurt too many times and had just closed herself off to any attempts to reach her. That was until she met a very unusual man named James. She began to wonder if needed to reevaluate her life and how she looked at it.

Carbon 3: Revelation (Carbon: Resurrection)

by Carrie Yonge

Two years in federal custody forced Elise to rely on the mysterious link within her cells to Carbon to survive. When her father delivers on his promise to engineer an escape for both she and Shane, the strength of her connection to Carbon and her devotion to her father’s cause are tested to the limit. With friends new and old, can the daughter of Dr. Mathis let go of the past and accept who she really is?

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Free horror Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

The Pledge

by Ellen Wolfe

The Alpha Zeta’s aren’t looking forward to Hell Week. Fresh off of suspension the remaining sorority members are desperate to do away with the terrible blood history that Hell Week has brought to their chapter. A pledge died. A member was committed to an asylum. And the small Louisiana Parish who has grown tired of the antics and mayhem from the University want the girls and the sorority shut down.

Candace won’t let that happen. She and the few members’ left of Alpha Zeta will start again. The girls move back in to their sorority house want to move on, forget. But as Hell Week approaches they soon learn they are not forgotten or forgivenâ?¦.

Code Name Wolf Girl, Book 2: The Wolf Who Never Was

by Timothy Mayer

Candy is a wolf girl who was discovered in the forests of North Pennsylvania. She’s been taken to a treatment center where she is learning to talk and be around regular people. But Candy has a past no one can understand. She was raised in isolation before being released into the wild.

Jason is working with Candy to teach her how to converse and act around people. Candy is making incredible progress and soon learns to converse with the staff at the treatment center. The team responsible for Candy decides it’s time to take her out into the world to see how she reacts.

Candy is taken to the forest where she lived and she begins to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Jason cares for her and wants to protect Candy from the human beasts who would take advantage of his little wolf girl. But first he has to get Candy to open up and tell him about the horror she endured as a young child.

And now the staff learns the real reason Candy fascinates the federal government. Will they be able to let her fulfill her destiny and protect the wolf girl at the same time?


by Matt Taylor

A harrowing journey through a dark, frozen forest, a young boy asked to do the unthinkable and a merciless, unstable father come together in this grim retelling of the story of Abraham. Dark and terrifying Abe explores the warped relationships we must endure with powers that are greater than ourselves, the perverse sense of security we derive from them, and the limits to which we will go to maintain them.

The Restless: Not every spirit lays to rest on Halloween

by Vanessa Lopez

A few miles outside De’Grade is an asylum for the crazed. In 2008 on Halloween, Kat killed her entire family. Two years later on the same night, Kat started the asylum on fire. She killed everyone, along with herself inside. Or so people thought.

In 2015 a group decides to spend their Halloween in the asylum, seeing how it felt like. But what they don’t know, just might kill them.

Vikram and the Vampire

by Richard Burton

Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation. 

Vikram and the Vampire is a classic tale from India.

Of Myths and Men (Braided Blood Book 1)

by Liz Harrison

Forget everything that you think you know about vampires.

You don’t have to invite them in. Sunlight doesn’t kill them. But you probably knew that already.

The stories are many and they are varied. They confuse, mislead, make you think that they’re somehow human. And that’s exactly how they like it

When Claire Warner is attacked – bitten by a man she thought she knew – she suddenly finds herself caught in a web of secrets from which she has no hope of escape. Forced to wade through the murky depths of the myths surrounding the vampire legend she is horrified to discover a history familiar to us all – a truth far more terrifying than fiction.

Suburban Legend

by BJ Sheppard

Halloween is coming, and as the parents of Damsel Creek celebrate the occasion in style, the teen population of the sleepy town are forced into caring for their youngest counterparts. As Aaron settles in to a night of babysitting at the house of the Chief of Police, he faces strange occurrences at every turn. With news of a killer on the loose, he tries to convince himself his mind is playing tricks on him, but when a series of menacing phone calls alert him that the threat is real, he has no other option than to fight. Can Aaron make it through the night as the target of a stalker who desires his death, or will Halloween be coming early this year?

Are you brave enough to read what happens when the line between real life and horror blurs?

A situation horror from the author of â??The Rainbow Connection’ series and â??That Day in Spring’.

Warning: scenes of violence, terror, and little to no romance. This is a tale of horror. Expect no love scenes.

The Cock and Anchor

by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was a famous Irish writer best known for Gothic and mystery fiction.  Le Fanu was the most prominent ghost-story writer in the 19th century.  This edition of The Cock and Anchor includes a table of contents.

Six Thegn Quean: (Episode 1) (World of Cacotopia-Season 1)

by David Ulnar-Slew

Unstoppable Horde. Reluctant Heroes. A Dark Army. Never Send a Man to do a Woman’s Job.

Naomi had found peace in a quiet little village. No one bothered her and she bothered no one. A series of unfortunate events brings her past back to haunt her in a big way It means an even bigger problem for the people of the village.

A group of barmaids with a secret are revealed by a twist of fate. They have no choice but to act decisively and help the cause. Will their skills and prowess make the difference when the impending disaster hits?

When a seemingly unstoppable force reigns down on the day to day life of simple, innocent people a much bigger problem will be accidentally instigated. True Evil will be revealed and a world that has been at uneasy peace for eons will fall back into darkness and war.

Six Thegn Quean is a serial fantasy novel that features fast-paced action, a bit of horror, a few laughs, and some strange romance. Author David Ulnar-Slew is redefining fantasy with an ensemble piece like no other.

Q & A with the Author

Q – How would you describe the Six Thegn Quean?

A – It started in the spirit of classic ensemble adventures like The Magnificient Seven and The Seven Samuri. During the progression of the work the characters developed into individuals each with their own story. A world began forming with a much larger story to be told outside the events that are happening. The happenings at or around the small village light off a powder keg which will spread across continents changing the face of an entire world and revealing secrets kept in the dark for ages. It is a traditional fantasy mixed with an ensemble piece with a smack of dark fantasy and a dab of humor.

Q – Why did you want to write a fantasy novel?

A – I had been a short fiction author for quite some time and had achieved a fair measure of success. I wanted to try to create a larger work, something which would continue to grow. My intention is to write several books for the series. I wanted to see if the longer format agreed with me. I felt like experimenting with the first novel as a serial would be a good way to transition. If my fans don’t care for it I may release the sequels as whole novels.

Q – What does it mean to you when readers buy your books?

A – There really is no higher compliment. Something I made is validated by others. If you have given your time and occasionally your money to experience my creation, you are letting me know my story has value. It truly is the essence of why we create, so others can find value in what we have to give.

Six Thegn Quean Fantasy Series eBook Categories:

– Fantasy Novels

– Epic Fantasy Series

– Dystopian Fantasy

– Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Books

– Horror Fantasy Books

– Ensemble Fantasy

– Fantasy for Kindle

A very enjoyable, light-hearted action book with great characters – Simon Cantan, author of the Bytarend Saga and co-author of Greenstar

Author mailing list:

Rogue Demon: Book 1 of the Beyond Reception Series

by Joshua Scribner

Odd things are happening to the Shares. Nightmares haunt them. Their toddler seems to see things no one else can. Pictures fall. Cryptic messages appear on frosted glass. Something bad is coming. Many miles away, demented elders deliver strangely coherent messages to Alice Shoemaker. Is it time for the quest she’s been waiting for? Can she find the Shares and help them thwart this evil menace?

Eternity Rising: Kingdom Rising Book Two

by H M Sealey

Misha Heath (usually known as just “Ish”) is the creator of the “Eretz-Ish” books. A phenomenally successful series of novels about another universe. They make her a lot of money (which she likes) and generate a lot of publicity (which she doesn’t like)

Then, with no warning, some of the less pleasant characters from these books appear in the “real world” (or the Forbidden Territory as they call it) and affect a ruthless and terrifying take-over. The human race is unprepared and, as her son Sandy points out, gives up so easily we ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Had Ish’s books been less well known, the coincidence of her main villains conquering the Earth might have been missed. However her books are well known, and the words “gross treason on a planetary scale” are bandied about by everyone from the government (what’s left of it) to the children in Sandy’s school.

The real trouble is, Ish and her whole family, her husband Rick and her children, Sandy and Joan, are not ordinary people. They are Bachirim, “chosen ones” born to fight on the front lines of the war between the Kingdom that wants the human race to reach their full, glorious potential, and the Kingdom that revels in its destruction.

That’s her real job, her real mission. Not, as Rick points out, “writing some dreadful sub-star-trek rubbish.”

Demons are a horrible race. They get in to a person through evil thoughts, then, once inside, they slowly spread, like an infection, and the person’s mind becomes more and more shaped by its demonic guest. They don’t do the full head-turning possession thing these days, too many physiatrists and drugs and interested satellite television channels. But the demons, the Mazikim as they’re properly called, are still advancing their kingdom.

Then Ish’s creation breaks through to the real world and the Mazikim find a whole army of huge, genetically superior creatures that are so easy to possess they don’t even fight. True, there’s no fun in corrupting them, no fun slowly ruining their lives, but it’s too good an opportunity to miss. The human race is no longer master of the earth, and the terror and confusion are delicious.

One of the Mazik captains decides to take a closer look at the woman who had enough power to create a whole universe and discovers that, godlike power she might have, but Ish is no god of her creation. In fact, the very idea of that responsibility frightens her. Yes, Ish knew her world was “real” because she was only writing the things she saw and experienced when she was there, but she was pretty sure she’d made it impossible for her two worlds to touch.

As the battle for Ish’s universe deepens, the question is raised; which is most dangerous? The seven thousand year old demonic kingdom, or one woman’s imagination?

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Free travel Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

Gourmands on the Run!: A gourmet travel journey from Paris to Monaco.

by Dame DJ

Dame DJ is English and together with her partner ‘S’, a New Yorker, who loved great food, and wanted to sample the best that France had to offer, now tells us their story from the notes she kept.

He thought France was quite small, the best hotels & restaurants from Paris to Monaco would be waiting for them, while she thought she could eat, drink and relax and the trip would be a breeze. They were both wrong!

They hired a car to drive from Paris to Monaco, through the Loire Valley visiting Chateaux Amboise, Chambord, Chenonceaux, Montrichard and other beautiful towns, down through Provence and onto the Cote d’Azur. staying at Relais Chateaux along the way.

Gourmet dinning at some of the worlds most famous places, Maison Troisgros,Chateau de Codigant Colombe d’Or and the wonderful Bernard Loiseau etc, was to make it the trip of a lifetime, but reality took over.

It open up a whole new world of sensations, discoveries, joys, hardships, illness, intensity, beauty, talents, and artistry, all unique to France, and so they became ‘Gourmands on the Run!’

Illustrated with delicate watercolours, done by Dame DJ along the journey, which survived against the odds.

Arriving hot, tiered and hungry, with, and without, reservations, ordering from oversized menus, paying some heavy prices, they were welcomed and looked after like long lost family one night at a time, then went back on the road.

They drove, they ran, they ate, they packed, then unpacked again, and again..and on every page we are right there with them, along for this amazing ride.

Travel Box Set: 48 Travel Tips to Start Traveling Around The World Smart for Less Than $48 Per Day. 50 Places in Europe You Must Visit Before You Die. … (travel, Travel the World, travel guides)

by Doretha Carter

BOOK #1: Travel: 48 Travel Tips on How to Leave Everything And Start Traveling Around The World. Easy Tricks on How to Travel Cheap, Where to Go and What To Visit

If you’re tired of sitting at home watching shows about traveling around the world, and reading books about all these amazing places that you figure you’ll never get a chance to go to – it’s time to change your thinking. This book has been designed for everyday people, just like yourself, who want to be able to travel the world, see incredible sights, yet do it without breaking the bank.

In this book you’ll find a large selection of practical money-saving tips you can start to put to use immediately such as:

  • Being flexible with your booking dates
  • Think about flying to an alternate airport that offers cheaper fares
  • Become acquainted with online booking sites designed to save you money
  • Book travel during low-season

BOOK #2: Travel: Travel Guide on How to Travel the World Smart for Less Than $48 Per Day

If you have always wanted to do more traveling but continue to reason that you simply cannot afford it, you’ll be happy to know just how affordable traveling the world can actually be. Here, you will learn how you can actually travel the world for less than $48 per day. In this book, we will highlight exactly how this is possible. With some planning and discipline, you can actually travel anywhere in the world without going broke doing so.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Chapter 1 – Planning
  • Chapter 2 – Save on Transportation
  • Chapter 3 – Save on Accommodations
  • Chapter 4 – Save on Dining
  • Chapter 5 – Save on Activities
  • Chapter 6 – Helpful Resources

BOOK #3: Travel: 50 Places in Europe You Must Visit Before You Die. Best Travel Tips for Experienced Travellers

Are you planning your next European vacation and are feeling a bit uninspired, or are you craving a travel adventure that is a little less crowded and a little more unique than the last couple of trips to “The Continent”? Look no further than this book as we have compiled a list of 50 places from every corner of Europe that you must visit before the tourist hordes discover them! We have included places and experiences in some familiar countries like London, France and Germany and those that will intrigue and excite you, like Istanbul, Porto, and a rail trip through the Siberian Russia.

Inside this book you will find:

  • New and exciting countries to explore
  • Events and experiences enjoyed by locals and the most savvy of travelers
  • New cities to visit in countries you already know
  • Beaches, museums, monuments islands, and waterways frequented by the local populations and experienced travelers.

BOOK #4: Travel: 5 Days in Rome Travel Guide for first-time visitors. Discover the Best of Italy

So this is your first time traveling to Rome?

Covering topics such as:

  • Everything you need to know and have before you start planning your trip
  • Deciding on whether you want to use a travel agent of plan the trip by yourself
  • Tips for when you are visiting Rome
  • The five most popular attractions in Rome
  • The top ten sights that any tourist should explore with a list of nearby attractions- to assist you in planning your routes
  • Common tourist traps that you should be aware of to ensure that you have fun on your trip and not drama (for that you can stay at home and watch reality tv shows)

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Travel Box Set” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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Free sports Kindle books for 30 Sep 15

How To Sail: Everything The Beginner Needs To Know To Start Sailing Right Away

by Kevin Cook

Learn How To Sail In This Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Guide

Have you ever imagined exactly how it would feel to sail across the wide open ocean with your friends or family, feel the wind in the hair, the world at your feet and the ability to travel wherever you desire?

If you are like the vast majority of people, this is a dream that you have held on the backburner for a long time. A dream that you believe could never really happen. Maybe all that terminology feels too overwhelming. Maybe you’re hardly rolling in money. Maybe you just believe that sailing is an impossible feat as you are a woman, or a child or have physical disabilities.

This book has been written with you in mind. Inside its pages lie everything you could possibly need to know about sailing that will take you from absolute beginner level and give you the confidence and understanding that is essential for great sailing technique. In addition to all of this, you will effortlessly learn all of the terminology that stands between you and your passion.

The entire book has been broken down into easy-to-understand language and short steps so that absolutely anyone can achieve their dreams and learn to sail.

No longer will you need to waste hundreds of dollars on expensive lessons simply to end up confused. No longer will you lose precious hours struggling through confusing terms and battling with your unruly boat. Everything you need lies right here in this book.

And in case you’re wondering what you will learn, here’s the info:

  1. Essential Boating Jargon
  2. General Boat Safety
  3. How Sails Work
  4. How To Rigging Your Boat For Sailing
  5. How To Read The Wind
  6. Basic Sailing Techniques: jibing and tacking
  7. Trimming The Sail
  8. How To Turn Your Boat
  9. How To Stop Your Boat
  10. The Essential Knot That Every Beginner Needs To Learn
  11. The Horrors Of Capsizing

PLUS: Safety checklists, tips for travelling with pets or children, vital boating rules, and much more.

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How To Ski: Master The Basics Of Skiing Quickly And Easily – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Skiing

by Dan Davis

Learn To Ski Quickly And Easily With This East To Read, No-Nonsense Guide To Skiing For Beginners

Skiing is exciting and a lot of fun and there is nothing more satisfying that feeling the wind in your face as you zip across the snow under beautiful blue skies. However skiing is far more dangerous than most other pastimes and as so it is vital that you know the most do and pitfalls that can befall the beginner.

This short and concise book is designed for all those that have either just begun or never skied before and would rather come back from their holiday with both legs still intact and working properly as well as all the other parts of their body!

This ultimate guide to skiing for beginners using terms that are easy for all to understand and offers methods for simple and effective skiing, complete with explanations and looks at the following in detail:

  • The origins of skiing
  • Ski equipment
  • Indoor skiing
  • Fitness training for skiing
  • Beginners basic skiing tips
  • Safety
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your core agility
  • Basic skiing

When you ski it is vital that you act responsibly, this is probably one of the most dangerous sports that can be undertaken by beginners and messing around or acting the fool will almost guarantee injury.

Enjoy but keep safe and ensure the safety of all of those around you!

Press “Buy now with 1-Click” to receive this life changing information for just $2.99 Now available on all platforms: PC, Mac, Tablet, Kindle, or Smartphone. Download Your Copy Today!

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Hulahula Fly Fishing: Five Tall Tales

by Anni Yli-Lonttinen

A story of a girl who decides to make fly fishing the center of her life, and to test can one make a living by fly fishing alone.

Walking Through the Past – Orkneys Special

by Alasdair Shaw

Archaeoroutes are a range of walks, mostly in wild places, which visit ancient sites. They include pictures and descriptions of the sites.

This special edition covers some walks on the Orkneys. They visit brochs, neolithic settlements and stone circles, and burial mounds.

A good present for a walker or amateur archaeologist!

See for more information about this series…

The Fam Trip Field Guide: Play, Stay and Make Hay at the Best Golf Courses, Resorts and Restaurants in the World

by Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert was perfectly content being a sports technology and general technology writer, until an email in February of 2013 offered an intriguing new opportunity.

Limpert was invited on a Familiarization trip (Fam trip) to a great golf destination to not only play a couple rounds of golf, but also see how this destination is trying to attract tourists from the United States and Canada to experience golf, gaming and regional culinary offerings.

Following his first Fam trip, Limpert felt there was no other option to add travel writing to his freelance arsenal. What followed were trip to various destinations in the U.S. and Caribbean where Limpert would play historic golf courses with PGA professionals, visit luxury resorts, hang out at an exclusive resort with a former President and a lot more…

“I was told my audience is aged 25-55, married, has a household income of over $100,000 and takes one or more golf/sports-related trips or vacations a year,” explained Limpert, who has had pieces featured in Sports Illustrated, Tennis Magazine and is a regular contributor to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The Fam Trip Field Guide” is Limpert’s record of his travels in 2014. He explains what being a travel writer entails and gives tips you can follow if you are ever invited on a Fam trip.

Also, Limpert gives readers examples of his writings to let you see how he covered a particular destination.

– Best-Selling Author Documents His Year as a Sports Travel Writer

– Nation’s Top Sports Technology Writer Offers Tips on Becoming a Travel Writer

“Rick Limpert is the type of FAM participant you want to invite on every trip. Not only is he kind, funny and easy-going, but he produces copious amounts of quality content in perpetuity. He is a seasoned FAM veteran and someone I always like to bring along as the anchor of the trip.”

– Jane MacNeille, Corporate Communications Manager at Great White Shark Enterprises (previously PR Specialist at Buffalo Communications)

“Rick is the consummate media guest – he’s attentive, inventive and productive…or as we like to say at HPR, ‘the gift who keeps on giving!'”

– Karen Moraghan, President, Hunter PR

Bowling Tips For Beginners – Getting Started

by Peter Michaels

Strike! Whether you are a pro bowler or a beginner when you see this word come up on the screen after you hurled the bowling ball down the lane and watched it crash into the ten pins at the end of the lane, it excites an emotion of joy, and thrills those watching. Bowling is one of the most popular sports around the world with an apparent 95 million players annually and even a professional championship televised throughout the world.

Bowling certainly is in the hearts of many. However bowling is more than just pins, heavy balls, and funny shoes. There is a lot that goes into this particular sport. This article will discuss some of the specific ins and outs of bowling.

For example: what are common bowling techniques; what is the history of bowling, and where did it come from? All of these questions will help any beginner enhance his skill and experience. This is the goal of this guide — to be able to help get an overall picture of the world of bowling and the sport at its very essence.

For the sake of readability and overall order this guide is broken up into a number of sub headings. To begin it will delve into the rich history of bowling. Then it will go into bowling protocol as well as certain rules and special techniques. Each section will be titled for ease of access and perhaps quickly finding a specific topic that fits your needs.

Enjoy the read and the best of luck in the exciting game of Bowling!

Bushcraft 4-Book Box Set: Bushcraft Shelter, Bushcraft Survival, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Living

by John Morris



Bushcraft Shelter: The City Slicker’s Guide to Bushcraft Shelters


Learning wilderness survival skills will be very important after society collapses.

Shelter is important in extreme environments, such as harsh cold or harsh heat.

Shelter is important in the jungle, where you need to stay dry and sleep off the ground to stay away from snakes and insects.

If you want to survive in the wild after SHTF, you will need to know how to build a safe, dry, and durable shelter.


Bushcraft Survival: What You Will Need to Survive in the Wilderness When Society Collapses


What is bushcraft?

It is knowing how to survive in the wilderness.

Bushcraft is a collection of survival techniques that can mean the difference between life in the death in the wild.

But you don’t have to always be in the wild to learn bushcraft.

You can also learn them closer to home.

This guide will show you how.

So let’s get started and learn about the basic bushcraft skills.


Wilderness First Aid: Secrets to Surviving When You Are Injured in the Wilderness


Have you ever been hiking for the weekend or gone off on a hike off the beaten path?

Maybe you like to spend time off in a state park or national forest area far away from the modern world.

What if you or someone you loved got hurt and there was no help around?

Then you would have to know some wilderness medicine and survival tips.

Here are some tips to survive when you are injured in the wilderness.


Wilderness Living: The Skills You Will Need to Survive in the Wilderness


Knowing outdoor and wilderness survival skills (or bushcraft) could really save your life.

Whether you want to spend some time living in the wild or are unlucky enough to be stranded there, learning survival skills will be essential.

In the case there is a disaster and the world collapses, knowing such skills will come in handy since you might have to evacuate your home and live without power or other modern conveniences.

So let’s look at some wilderness survival skills that you will need to survive in the wild.

Calisthenics for dummies: Train Smart. How to maximize muscle growth with bodyweight training

by Valeriu Cotet


Are you looking to lose fat while also building muscle, creating a lean, toned body? If so, a Calisthenics workout is right for you. When it comes to bodyweight training, there is nothing more frustrating than losing fat, without building muscle on top of that fat loss. Most people just aim for a lower number of the scale, but if you want a powerful, functional body, you should also be gaining muscle, as you are losing fat.

Calisthenics for dummies shows you how to build strength, power, athleticism, and astounding physical ability using only your bodyweight as the resistance. Relying on no equipment, this book promises to be the most comprehensive and detailed bodyweight exercise manual. Learn how to perform many different types of push-up, pull-up, handstand, muscle-up, lever, core exercise, lower body exercise, and conditioning movement, and in the process develop the strongest and most capable physique ever.

The best part of this book is that the results happen FAST! No more waiting around for your diets or workout regimen to show results. With this program, you will begin to see the fat melt away and the muscle mass packing on.

The book contains workouts, both for beginners and for advanced athletes. There are several workout routines designed for endurance, strength, muscle building, muscle building and fat loss in the same time. There are over 10 workout routines, so you can change you training schedule weekly.

One thing here is for sure: You’ll experience better gains and burn fat faster than any other bodyweight training program you’ll find out there. This bodyweight training program is designed to force your muscle to grow and burn fat in the same time. Most of the athletes thinks this is impossible, but I going to prove you that it is not impossible, that you can certainly build muscle and lose in the same time if you act in a certain way.

Therefore, you’ll able to do the hardest calisthenics exercises in the shortest period of time. You’ll experience muscle gains and fat loss earlier than you can even imagine. So far, it is the fastest muscle gaining program you will find and proven to give you optimum results.

You’re guaranteed to see a visible difference in size of your muscle and fat in a matter as early as 2 weeks. Guaranteed!

the best part of this book is that the results happen FAST! No more waiting around for your diets or workout regimen to show results. With this program, you will begin to see the fat melt away and the muscle mass packing on.

And the best part of this book is that the results happen FAST! No more waiting around for your diets or workout regimen to show results. With this program, you will begin to see the fat melt away and the muscle mass packing on.

RV Living: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Full Time RVing – 47 Tips and Life Hacks For A Stress Free And Debt Free Van, Car And Motorhome Living! (Tiny … Motorhome Living, Self Sustainable Living)

by Adam Stephenson

RV Living

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Full Time RVing – 47 Tips and Life Hacks For A Stress Free And Debt Free Van, Car And Motorhome Living!

There is no way you can guarantee stress- and debt-free van or motorhome living without going through the ultimate guide that provides you the basic hacks. If you are a fulltime Rvers or planning to embark on fulltime motorhome living, you need knowledge.

What knowledge?

Fundamental prepping guide for stress- and debt-free fulltime Rving. What about the grave challenges that ruin almost every RV journey?

You want debt- and stress-free RVing right? You want an enjoyable and comfortable motorhome living, isn’t it?

You will discover the best hacks and tips that will help you enjoy a memorable RVing. The best hacks are laid out in this ebookâ??RV Living: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Full Time RVing – 47 Tips and Life Hacks For A Stress-Free And Debt-Free Van, Car And Motorhome Living!

From folks who had years of fulltime Rving, you will discover the best techniques for maximum enjoyment. Our clients are our priorities. We have broken this 47 tips and hacks into 5 chapters to make it easier to understand.

These chapters include the follwoing::

  • RV Starter’s Prepping Guide
  • 17 Fundamental must-haves for fulltime RVers
  • Top 11 fulltime RV challenges you must confront before the leap
  • Earning on the road: Basic tips about job categories
  • 16 Life Hacks For A Stress-Free And Debt-Free Motorhome Living
  • Six
  • Seven

Whether you are a fulltime experienced Rver, or you desire to begin a fulltime motorhome living, this book is perfect for you. Grab it now and discover amazing secrets that will help you enjoy a fresh RV lifestyle.

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Self Sufficiency 4-Box Set: Survival Hunting, Hunting Coons, Gold Panning Secrets, Homesteading For Beginners

by Jack Sanders



Survival Hunting: Secrets to Hunting for Survival Under Extreme Conditions


Will you survive the extreme conditions of a survival situation?

You will if you have a steady source of food.

When everything else fails, you may have to resort to hunting for your survival.

After all, animal fats and proteins are essential when trying to survive in a life and death situation.

You will need the energy since being exposed to the elements and performing all the physical tasks you will have to do after a disaster drain your body of energies.

The concentrated calories obtained from wild edible animals will keep the internal fire burning.

Small game, fist, reptiles and amphibian, and invertebrates are the most practical and accessible animals in the wild.

You don’t need advance weapons to capture them.

Some can even be caught only with your hands.


Hunting Coons: Secrets to Hunting Coons at Night


Hunting raccoons is not all that difficult, but it does take time to master.

Start by learning a few tips and fundamentals.

Once you get good at these, you will have many successful coon hunts.


Gold Panning Secrets: How to Find Gold Fast


Only 5 percent of the Earth’s gold has been found.

That means there is a lot of gold out there – and you can find it.

Gold mining is so popular because it is cheap to get started.

All you need is a pan, a stream, and the determination to find gold.

Gold panning can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

To get really good at it, you have to know the right way to do it.

Otherwise, you will leave behind lots of valuable gold.

So let’s get started.


Homesteading For Beginners: How to Start a Homestead and Live a Life of Freedom


Homesteading is being more self reliant, wherever you are, whether that is in the country or in your home in the city.

It’s a fact, people want to provide more for themselves and rely less on the government and big corporations.

Growing your own food and bartering with your neighbors will be the new norm after a collapse of society.

So let’s learn more about the things you will need to start homesteading and living a life of freedom.

SHTF Root Cellar: Secrets to Building Your Own Natural Refrigerator Under the Ground

by Steven Drew

Root cellars were the first refrigerators.

They can keep fruits and vegetables goo all you long.

They keep food 40 degrees cooler than the temperature in the summer.

In the winter, they will keep the food just above freezing.

They are not that hard to make.

They don’t take up a lot of space, even if you have a small garden.

Root cellars are also good for storing wine, cider, beer, and other beverages.

Survival Plants: Secrets to Eating Wild Plants When There is Nothing Else to Eat

by Derek James

Plants are valuable sources of food.

They are widely available and easily found.

But be careful, some plants are poisonous and can even kill you.

You have to learn how to identify plants before you eat them.

This guide shows you the secrets to finding safe plants to eat and avoiding the poisonous ones.

Tai Chi For Beginners: Top 10 Tai Chi Lessons for Beginners: Achieve the Complete Harmony, Boost Your Energy and Get Incredible Emotions by Discovering … Books, Tai Chi for health, Tai Chi chuan)

by Sylvia Boyd

Have you ever seen people moving around in the park in a slow manner with their arms positioned in the air and standing on one or two legs in complete silence?

Would you like to know more about what they’re doing and the practice known as Tai chi?

Are you constantly stressed and need an exercise that doesn’t require a lot of physical movement but still benefits your emotional and physical needs?

Then you may want to try reading this book on Tai chi, a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know about this ancient practice. Tai chi has been around for centuries and is a well-known form of martial arts in China, but its appearance in the United States did not become well-known until the 1960’s. Psychologists and scientists agree that the practice of Tai chi is both beneficial to your emotional and physical health.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The history of Tai chi and the mysteries that surround it
  • The benefits to your emotional, mental and physical health if you practice Tai chi
  • The five different styles of Tai chi and how they originated
  • An easy warm-up to begin if you would like to start Tai chi
  • A few beginner moves to get you started
  • A breathing exercise that will help you balance your energy and destress your life
  • And much more!

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