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The Pledge

by Ellen Wolfe

The Alpha Zeta’s aren’t looking forward to Hell Week. Fresh off of suspension the remaining sorority members are desperate to do away with the terrible blood history that Hell Week has brought to their chapter. A pledge died. A member was committed to an asylum. And the small Louisiana Parish who has grown tired of the antics and mayhem from the University want the girls and the sorority shut down.

Candace won’t let that happen. She and the few members’ left of Alpha Zeta will start again. The girls move back in to their sorority house want to move on, forget. But as Hell Week approaches they soon learn they are not forgotten or forgivenâ?¦.

Code Name Wolf Girl, Book 2: The Wolf Who Never Was

by Timothy Mayer

Candy is a wolf girl who was discovered in the forests of North Pennsylvania. She’s been taken to a treatment center where she is learning to talk and be around regular people. But Candy has a past no one can understand. She was raised in isolation before being released into the wild.

Jason is working with Candy to teach her how to converse and act around people. Candy is making incredible progress and soon learns to converse with the staff at the treatment center. The team responsible for Candy decides it’s time to take her out into the world to see how she reacts.

Candy is taken to the forest where she lived and she begins to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Jason cares for her and wants to protect Candy from the human beasts who would take advantage of his little wolf girl. But first he has to get Candy to open up and tell him about the horror she endured as a young child.

And now the staff learns the real reason Candy fascinates the federal government. Will they be able to let her fulfill her destiny and protect the wolf girl at the same time?


by Matt Taylor

A harrowing journey through a dark, frozen forest, a young boy asked to do the unthinkable and a merciless, unstable father come together in this grim retelling of the story of Abraham. Dark and terrifying Abe explores the warped relationships we must endure with powers that are greater than ourselves, the perverse sense of security we derive from them, and the limits to which we will go to maintain them.

The Restless: Not every spirit lays to rest on Halloween

by Vanessa Lopez

A few miles outside De’Grade is an asylum for the crazed. In 2008 on Halloween, Kat killed her entire family. Two years later on the same night, Kat started the asylum on fire. She killed everyone, along with herself inside. Or so people thought.

In 2015 a group decides to spend their Halloween in the asylum, seeing how it felt like. But what they don’t know, just might kill them.

Vikram and the Vampire

by Richard Burton

Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation. 

Vikram and the Vampire is a classic tale from India.

Of Myths and Men (Braided Blood Book 1)

by Liz Harrison

Forget everything that you think you know about vampires.

You don’t have to invite them in. Sunlight doesn’t kill them. But you probably knew that already.

The stories are many and they are varied. They confuse, mislead, make you think that they’re somehow human. And that’s exactly how they like it

When Claire Warner is attacked – bitten by a man she thought she knew – she suddenly finds herself caught in a web of secrets from which she has no hope of escape. Forced to wade through the murky depths of the myths surrounding the vampire legend she is horrified to discover a history familiar to us all – a truth far more terrifying than fiction.

Suburban Legend

by BJ Sheppard

Halloween is coming, and as the parents of Damsel Creek celebrate the occasion in style, the teen population of the sleepy town are forced into caring for their youngest counterparts. As Aaron settles in to a night of babysitting at the house of the Chief of Police, he faces strange occurrences at every turn. With news of a killer on the loose, he tries to convince himself his mind is playing tricks on him, but when a series of menacing phone calls alert him that the threat is real, he has no other option than to fight. Can Aaron make it through the night as the target of a stalker who desires his death, or will Halloween be coming early this year?

Are you brave enough to read what happens when the line between real life and horror blurs?

A situation horror from the author of â??The Rainbow Connection’ series and â??That Day in Spring’.

Warning: scenes of violence, terror, and little to no romance. This is a tale of horror. Expect no love scenes.

The Cock and Anchor

by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was a famous Irish writer best known for Gothic and mystery fiction.  Le Fanu was the most prominent ghost-story writer in the 19th century.  This edition of The Cock and Anchor includes a table of contents.

Six Thegn Quean: (Episode 1) (World of Cacotopia-Season 1)

by David Ulnar-Slew

Unstoppable Horde. Reluctant Heroes. A Dark Army. Never Send a Man to do a Woman’s Job.

Naomi had found peace in a quiet little village. No one bothered her and she bothered no one. A series of unfortunate events brings her past back to haunt her in a big way It means an even bigger problem for the people of the village.

A group of barmaids with a secret are revealed by a twist of fate. They have no choice but to act decisively and help the cause. Will their skills and prowess make the difference when the impending disaster hits?

When a seemingly unstoppable force reigns down on the day to day life of simple, innocent people a much bigger problem will be accidentally instigated. True Evil will be revealed and a world that has been at uneasy peace for eons will fall back into darkness and war.

Six Thegn Quean is a serial fantasy novel that features fast-paced action, a bit of horror, a few laughs, and some strange romance. Author David Ulnar-Slew is redefining fantasy with an ensemble piece like no other.

Q & A with the Author

Q – How would you describe the Six Thegn Quean?

A – It started in the spirit of classic ensemble adventures like The Magnificient Seven and The Seven Samuri. During the progression of the work the characters developed into individuals each with their own story. A world began forming with a much larger story to be told outside the events that are happening. The happenings at or around the small village light off a powder keg which will spread across continents changing the face of an entire world and revealing secrets kept in the dark for ages. It is a traditional fantasy mixed with an ensemble piece with a smack of dark fantasy and a dab of humor.

Q – Why did you want to write a fantasy novel?

A – I had been a short fiction author for quite some time and had achieved a fair measure of success. I wanted to try to create a larger work, something which would continue to grow. My intention is to write several books for the series. I wanted to see if the longer format agreed with me. I felt like experimenting with the first novel as a serial would be a good way to transition. If my fans don’t care for it I may release the sequels as whole novels.

Q – What does it mean to you when readers buy your books?

A – There really is no higher compliment. Something I made is validated by others. If you have given your time and occasionally your money to experience my creation, you are letting me know my story has value. It truly is the essence of why we create, so others can find value in what we have to give.

Six Thegn Quean Fantasy Series eBook Categories:

– Fantasy Novels

– Epic Fantasy Series

– Dystopian Fantasy

– Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Books

– Horror Fantasy Books

– Ensemble Fantasy

– Fantasy for Kindle

A very enjoyable, light-hearted action book with great characters – Simon Cantan, author of the Bytarend Saga and co-author of Greenstar

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Rogue Demon: Book 1 of the Beyond Reception Series

by Joshua Scribner

Odd things are happening to the Shares. Nightmares haunt them. Their toddler seems to see things no one else can. Pictures fall. Cryptic messages appear on frosted glass. Something bad is coming. Many miles away, demented elders deliver strangely coherent messages to Alice Shoemaker. Is it time for the quest she’s been waiting for? Can she find the Shares and help them thwart this evil menace?

Eternity Rising: Kingdom Rising Book Two

by H M Sealey

Misha Heath (usually known as just “Ish”) is the creator of the “Eretz-Ish” books. A phenomenally successful series of novels about another universe. They make her a lot of money (which she likes) and generate a lot of publicity (which she doesn’t like)

Then, with no warning, some of the less pleasant characters from these books appear in the “real world” (or the Forbidden Territory as they call it) and affect a ruthless and terrifying take-over. The human race is unprepared and, as her son Sandy points out, gives up so easily we ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Had Ish’s books been less well known, the coincidence of her main villains conquering the Earth might have been missed. However her books are well known, and the words “gross treason on a planetary scale” are bandied about by everyone from the government (what’s left of it) to the children in Sandy’s school.

The real trouble is, Ish and her whole family, her husband Rick and her children, Sandy and Joan, are not ordinary people. They are Bachirim, “chosen ones” born to fight on the front lines of the war between the Kingdom that wants the human race to reach their full, glorious potential, and the Kingdom that revels in its destruction.

That’s her real job, her real mission. Not, as Rick points out, “writing some dreadful sub-star-trek rubbish.”

Demons are a horrible race. They get in to a person through evil thoughts, then, once inside, they slowly spread, like an infection, and the person’s mind becomes more and more shaped by its demonic guest. They don’t do the full head-turning possession thing these days, too many physiatrists and drugs and interested satellite television channels. But the demons, the Mazikim as they’re properly called, are still advancing their kingdom.

Then Ish’s creation breaks through to the real world and the Mazikim find a whole army of huge, genetically superior creatures that are so easy to possess they don’t even fight. True, there’s no fun in corrupting them, no fun slowly ruining their lives, but it’s too good an opportunity to miss. The human race is no longer master of the earth, and the terror and confusion are delicious.

One of the Mazik captains decides to take a closer look at the woman who had enough power to create a whole universe and discovers that, godlike power she might have, but Ish is no god of her creation. In fact, the very idea of that responsibility frightens her. Yes, Ish knew her world was “real” because she was only writing the things she saw and experienced when she was there, but she was pretty sure she’d made it impossible for her two worlds to touch.

As the battle for Ish’s universe deepens, the question is raised; which is most dangerous? The seven thousand year old demonic kingdom, or one woman’s imagination?

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