Free philosophy Kindle books for 26 Nov 15

Lucid Dreams: Reality challenged

by R.T. Runner

In depth look at lucid dreams the author experienced and struggled with, at times not knowing reality from the dream world.

Modern Sense: For Renewing a Modern America

by American Cleisthenes

Both liberty and equality by themselves are insufficient, and in their purest, unbalanced forms both individually lead to the creation of tyranny. Only when combined can the evils of both be subdued, and the graces of each be fully bestowed to the world. Only with Equal Liberty can true freedom reign.

At first glance, both liberty and equality by themselves seem very good. But is equality still a good thing when it is used to make a people equally poor? Was liberty still good when the white man believed he had the รข??freedom’ to own the black man? Is liberty still a good thing when the rich freely use their influence to subjugate the poor? The unfortunate reality about the absolutism of either liberty or equality is this: liberty without the balancing force of equality subjugates us, equality without the protective forces of liberty oppresses us, thus the only way for us to survive is for each of us to have Equal Liberty.

Our nation, and indeed our world, is under grave threat, but this surprises no one. The only true question is how to surpass these issues – issues such as the rise of terrorism, wealth inequality, mass shootings, police violence, monopolization, political corruption, and computer automation’s role in our future economy. With the tunnel vision and extreme bias of most of our pundits and politicians, finding real solutions to these issues is problematic; but through the lens of Equal Liberty – and the proposals she suggests, we can find solutions to each of these issues and further perfect the Union for all of America’s future children to enjoy.

With these proposals along with the list of grievances against politicized tunnel vision and modern day corruption, I shall do my best to offer nothing but evidence and common sense, and will refrain declaring what is and is not truth – for the ultimate truth is the truth that speaks for itself.

Stress Free Living & Taoism: Ten Principles For A Zen Life

by Joseph Arouet

In his book “Stress Free Living & Taoism: Ten Principles For A Zen Life” Joseph Arouet provides readers with the simple yet powerful wisdom of Lao Tzu, the Father of Taoism. Lao Tzu’s timeless writings hold the secret to managing stress by providing Ten Principles for living a Stress Free Life. In this book you will find clear explanations of these Ten enlightening principles and a path to follow them towards a stress free life!

In Joseph Arouet’s book “Stress Free Living & Taoism: Ten Principles For A Zen Life” you will learn how to:

– Remain Empty in Order to be Full

– Be in Harmony with Nature

– The Practice of Simplicity

– Let Go of the Ego

– The Need for Growth

– The Practice of Mindfulness

– And More!

If you would like to begin your journey towards a life free of stress this book is perfect for you!

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