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Romantic as Hell: (A Guide for the Romantically Challenged) (COMEDY, HUMOR, RELATIONSHIP ADVICE)

by Rodney Lacroix

Tired of giant teddy bears, chocolates or those self-serving “love coupons” for Valentine’s Day?

How many ties, power tools, coffee mugs with the word “Fart” on them or packs of beef jerky have you received over the last three holidays?

What romantic getaways should you avoid so that you’re not eventually beaten about the head and neck with your own shoe?

If you haven’t figured it out, “Romantic as Hell” ain’t your momma’s book of love and romance tips, people.

Take award-winning humor author Rodney Lacroix’s tiny little hand and travel through the early days of romance as it emerged from the primordial ooze, past the perils of online dating, marriage and – yes – even into the very depths of parenthood itself (also known as, “Where romance goes to die”).

Whatever your situation is, Romantic As Hell – Tales of Woe, Tips of Woo is here to save the day with some unconventional advice with examples of romantic attempts gone horribly, and hysterically, wrong.

Rodney Lacroix knows two things: humor and romance. As “A Guide for the Romantically Challenged,” he puts them together in a package that is sure to give the audience some unique concepts and perspectives on affection, and a whole lot of side-splitting laughter.

Everyone can laugh and learn from Rodney’s own personal experiences and advice in Romantic As Hell. Celebrities, fellow romance authors and media outlets concur that this book may set a new standard for romantic humor and self-help books, alike.

REMODEL*: *Are You Kidding? (1)

by Donna and Arnie Gilson

When two unsuspecting people decide to get into a remodeling mode, the

the fun(?) begins.

101 Christmas Trivia Questions

by Holiday Fun

Fun trivia questions and answers about Christmas carols, movies, traditions and stories for family gatherings, parties, meetings, ice-breakers. Appropriate for all ages.

Shane Presents Shane’s Empty Thoughts: Based On The Empty Thoughts Of Shane

by Shane Lou

“Hilarious.” “Witty and clever.” “A laugh riot.” These are just a few examples of the critical praise from the author for his book, “Empty Thoughts.” A follow-up to his first book, “Shaneanigans,” “Empty Thoughts” is a window into his mind, and the comical opinions and anecdotes that float around in there. Learn how he really feels about sports, relationships, pets, and much more. Don’t be shy.

It’s Complicated…But not Really: A Compilation of my Facebook Shenanigans

by Melinda Michelle

Ecclesiastes 3:4 says: “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;”

Right now is a time to laugh. You can dance if you want to, but there will be no weeping and no mourning here. My friends and family are always laughing at my random antics, so I gathered up some of them and put them in this book for your laughing pleasure. While I have moments of seriousness, if you came to see angels and demons fighting, that’s not what this one is. Of course I talk about God, because he’s my boo, but when you flip the page, I’m acting up again – just random.

You will venture through my Kid Diaries, Mom Diaries, “Dear Future Hubby” letters, Rants, PSAs, Adventures, Short Stories and any other random thing that my mind could conceive. I’ve also included a never before published creative short story called “The One” and a very special prayer for a very special someone. Happy reading!

What The Elf Saw: A New Perspective On Christmas

by Hadley Davis

When a retired elf finds himself at the Davis home just in time for the holidays, he can’t help but make a few honest, snarky and eventually tender-hearted observations about the family and their traditions.

Around The World In Seven Dates

by Scotty Dog

A very British comedy, written by a very British author.

Inspired by Sue Townsend’s brilliantly funny Adrian Mole series, this is the writing debut of Scotty Dog, a young man who has managed to make a fully-fledged hash of the transition from his happy-go-lucky teenage years to a regular, respectable adult life.

Dog is twenty-five years old, single, unemployed and still lives in the same bedroom he’s had all his life. None of that’s a massive problem. However, he’s stuck in the past, incredibly pale and failing to accept he’s going nowhere.

Thankfully, the Internet can be a powerful thing and together with a decent webcam and a spot of mood lighting, Dog’s online dating profile makes him out to be a young Tom Cruise! As a result, for the first time in his life, his love life, may just be starting to pick up.

In addition to finding a girlfriend, the two ‘snarling hyena’s’ he calls his best mates, have challenged him to get a job, start a business and move out of his family home. All within the space of a month.

The challenge was confidently accepted and the comical results of Scotty Dog’s one-month life transformation have been documented and put together for one light, easy and laugh-out-loud story. Just like his life, this is a sob story, horror show and comedy all rolled in to one!

Sit back and enjoy the misfortunes of Scotty Dog: pale and useless by day, a hopeless Tom Cruise by night.

Wedding Bubbles: (Humorous contemporary women’s short story) (Wellywood Series)

by Kate O’Keeffe

Wedding Bubbles is a laugh-out-loud chick lit short story.

All the best maid of honor speeches involve funny stories and heartfelt feelings about the bride, and Jessica Banks’s speech is no exception.

Shame she drank almost her body weight in champagne before standing up to give it, howeverâ?¦

But maybe Jessica will meet her Mr Right at this wedding? After all, being a bridesmaid almost guarantees you’ll meet men. Right?

What could possibly go wrong?

Wedding Bubbles is a stand-alone short and sweet story. It’s also a prequel to the sexy, feel-good romantic comedy Styling Wellwood, Book 1 in the Wellywood Series.

Cargot: The Secret Language of the Car Business

by S.M. Renoir

Presented herein: Cargot – the argot of the car business. I propose this new portmanteau be added to the dictionary. Argot (rhymes with “target”) in English means the slang or jargon of a particular group. It hails from the French word used to describe a language of Parisian thieves in beggars (a humorously apropos etymology, n’est-ce pas?). Every profession develops its own sets of words and phrases that only insiders use and understand. The car business is no different.

In this book, I share with you how 18 years in the automotive industry has forever shaped my vocabulary. These are terms and sayings that you’ll only know if you’ve spent some time in automotive retail. Cargot tells a deeper story about the evolving nature of car dealerships and what really goes on behind the scenes when you buy a car.

Whether you work at a dealership and need a good chuckle, or you’re just morbidly curious what we’re talking about, here are 122 words and phrases you’ll only hear in the car business. Each one is used in an example setting by stereotypical car guy archetypes Jim and Bob. Enjoy!

Warning: Car dealers do not have the most politically correct vernacular!

The Amazing Pranks of Sky: Awesome Minecraft Pranks to Pull on Friends

by Innovate Media

“The Amazing Pranks of Sky: Awesome Minecraft Pranks to pull on friends!” – One fine day, the sun dawns on Minecraft world and I fall deeply into a train of thoughtsâ?¦What is the purpose of my life? Who is Sky? Who What When Where and Why????

â?¦â?¦a EUREKA moment! It’s high time since we made everyone laugh! I get to the intense planning of world class, never attempted before PRANKS. In this holy collection of words, I shall share some of my best pranks and the satisfaction of planning themâ?¦

How It All Began

One fine day, I realized that my life in the Minecraft world was getting monotonous day by day. Wearing our special butter armors and shields, saving the world from squids and simply being a hero is what I did. Not that it was a bad feeling, but I wanted a bit of spark in my life.

It was like a calling from above, saying, “You need laughter in your life, Sky!” and it dawned on meâ?¦..IT was right. The Voice was right.

Friendship. Friendship! There’s so much friendship going on here. I needed to add a twist, and it came in the form of PRANKS! Muahahaha. Sometimes, you gotta go evil.

“The Amazing Pranks of Sky: Awesome Minecraft Pranks to pull on friends!” is the ultimate prank book for Minecraft.. go get it!

The Dennis Fish No Bullshit Guide To Venice: Venice Fish

by Darryl John Hazell

The Dennis Fish No Bullshit Guide is the most honest, helpful, competent, hilarious and downright delicious book ever produced about Venice and at approximately 47,000 words it is just perfect. In fact, at a recent séance Alan Whicker, Alastair Cooke, Sir Richard Burton and Freya Stark all said that they were gutted that none of them had stayed around long enough to read it!

Using a wealth of personal experience our old mate Dennis escorts us regally around the island and the rest of its shimmering archipelago in typically flamboyant fashion making sure that we always avoid the pitfalls along the way.

This is not just extremely funny, it is also a highly-informative and valuable tool and a real necessity and an asset if anyone is thinking of planning a trip to Venice. Even if you are not this is a book that can be read by people of all ages and by all sexes including male or female, trans gender or eunuch.

This one of a kind guide gives us the proverbial lowdown on all Venice has to offer and not just the glamour bits. Dennis brings us up to date on the museums, the churches, the traditions, the food and the foibles. It is a veritable one-stop extravaganza of anecdotes, suggestions and advice, Dennis dares to ask the questions that everybody else seems to shy away from and everything he mentions WILL enhance your trip. It will save you money and stop you getting fleeced. It absolutely must be bought and if you enjoy reading this stand- alone book please do not forget the other books by English author Darryl John Hazell containing wacky contributions from Dennis, most notably the incredible and notorious Dennis Fish Trilogy which has already gleaned over 1200 kindle downloads.

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