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Curtis Cash: Journey of Souls: Romantic Comedy & Literary Fiction (Series Books for Kindle, Hero’s Journey, Romance, Adventure, Humor, Fiction, Novels, Short Stories, Books)

by Patrick Withrow

Introducing the Amazon Best Seller Curtis Cash: Journey of Souls below you can read the first couple paragraphs.

It was a beautiful day. Nice, clear, crisp and you could see the road for miles. Curtis Cash was driving his brand new white Bugatti through the gorgeous scenery. The road was smooth; the sky was a picture perfect blue with the clouds in shapes that just made you smile and appreciate the present moment. Dirt was surrounding the miles of road with gigantic mountains that were far away but so big that you felt like you could touch them and the sun was shining. It was shining bright and the weather was more than alright. It was fantastic and it made you think you were watching the end of a happy movie, where the guy escapes with the girl and lives happily ever after.

That is not the case here though. This story is not a movie. This story is about Curtis an ordinary guy who was living in an ordinary world with ordinary people. Nothing wrong with being ordinary but Curtis felt that deep down in his heart he had so much more to offer. He felt that he had so much more to do and be thatâ?¦You know what I’ll let him talk.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Read…

  • Rag to Riches Story
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Adventure and Action
  • A Man’s Journey into Manhood
  • Women Will Fall In Love With Curtis
  • Men Will Want To Be Him
  • Plus, much, much more!


The Pupil

by Henry James

Henry James was an American born writer who spent most of his life in Britain.  Because of that James often wrote novels about Americans traveling to Europe and their encounters with Europeans.  This edition of The Pupil includes a table of contents.

A Lost Lady of Old Years

by John Buchan

John Buchan was a Scottish writer and Unionist politician who served as Governor General of Canada.  Buchan wrote a vast amount of books including the Richard Hannay novels that have recently been turned into a popular British television show.  This edition of A Lost Lady of Old Years includes a table of contents.

Tender: A Coming of Age Novel (Contemporary Fiction)

by Shai Amit

Nightlife in Amsterdam, New York and Tel Aviv with no “discounts” and no easing

The novel is a journey into the rise and fall. A self-examination of the ego and how it motivates and carry us through life. It leads us to the end of the terrible and miserable routine of turning all luxuriousness into needs. Re-discovering who you really are and what is your true strength. Learning how to “make love” without ego, with the moment of present.

Tender is a novel set in the night life, with everything that happens in it “for better or for worse”, Tel Aviv’s nightlife, Amsterdam, and New York. It tells a story AS IS No “discounts” and no easing, the scenes are full with hurt, pain, desperation, filth but also soulful, renewal and optimism. In the same breath, the book gives each of us the opportunity to examine our lives, leads us to a self-research about love and inner peace.

The characters are each and every one of us (as the world is becoming a small village). The reader is joining the characters in their journey and discovers a simple truth – we are all the same. No matter what language we speak, where we from, what race, gender or religion.

For people that are not familiar with the world of night-life, the book is a one-time experience. For those who are, it’s actually a type of catharsis. Containing philosophical themes, love stories with profound meaning, wisdom and personal growth and of course Erotica.

Adding to all that is written, the book provides an opportunity for women to have a man’s point of view on love, passion, intimacy, romanticism, relationships and more.

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The Janitor’s Classroom

by Richard Johnson

A former Distinguished Professor of Philosophy achieves his greatest success while employed as a night janitor at the local hospital to be close to his wife who works there. His careers in both academia and custodial service strongly influence nearly everyone he encounters, from callow students to accomplished surgeons. From his pursuit of “cosmic conundrums” to his attacks on hospital acquired infections, few are spared from the aftermath of a George Jackson encounter. His home on the university campus is his laboratory where his experiments encompass anything that catches his fancy â?? from hummingbird solicitation, to a working cotton gin and a mini art gallery to entrap the unsuspecting. Friends, colleagues, former students, and young lovers all find themselves inexorably drawn into the Jackson vortex â?? a force radiating far beyond the confines of classroom and hospital.

The Price of Love

by Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) was a prolific British writer and journalist.  Bennett is popular for fiction such as The Old Wives’ Tale and also for non-fiction works such as How to Live on 24 Hours a Day and Mental Efficiency.  This edition of The Price of Love includes a table of contents.

Never Letting Go: romance, suspense, and one woman’s wish for the ultimate do-over

by Jodi LaPalm

Following a painful separation and divorce, Meredith Bryant seeks a new beginning with her eight-year-old daughter Tara. But the desire to break free and become independent seem impossible when a complicated ex-husband, shared custody, and suffocating in-laws remain deeply embedded in the family picture.

Slowly and methodically, Meredith works to rebuild and restart, first by moving back to her college hometown in Tennessee. In a city both strange and familiar, she and her daughter settle into a rental on the edge of town and after a series of disappointments, Meredith finds employment and friendships to sustain them both. Feeling more confident and empowered by the day, she opens her mind and life to trying new things and embracing opportunities.

But when long-ago love Jacob Wilde walks back into her life, Meredith is forced to confront the memory and current reality of the heart she once broke. Despite her attempts to avoid him, their paths continue to cross and when her safety is threatened more than once, Jacob not only becomes her protector against a hidden danger but a harsh reminder of what she has lost over the years.

Alone and afraid, Meredith begins to question everything – her ability to parent, the decisions of her past, any plans for the future, and the people closest to her – until one terrifying night she collides head-on with her darkest fears and almost loses it all.

The Dirty Players

by Philip Fielding

It’s Christmas week in Manchester, a city awash with drugs. Footballer Callum Murphy lives like a king but the nightclub he’s bought in the shadow of the famous Hacienda is bankrupting him. If he wants to stay on top he’s going to have to play dirty – and not just on the pitch. Ambitious reporter Victoria Heath knows what Cal’s game is but exposing him without proof could end her career. Will she risk everything to take down this charming man?

A Restless Wind

by Shahrukh Husain

Zara Hamilton leads an apparently charmed life as a human rights lawyer in London – but she is haunted by questions about her past. Why did her mother disappear? What made her college sweetheart, the Maharaja of Trivikrampur, abandon her? Why did her husband renege on a plan to return to her native India? And why has she avoided visiting her much-loved family home in Qila, Trivikrampur?

After ten years as a Muslim in Britain, bereft of a homeland, Zara finally seeks the answers. When she returns to Qila, her world is shatteringly different, her aristocratic family mired in complications and far-right politics on the rise. Amid the unrest of a changing nation, Zara seeks the key to her mother’s secret as contemporary resentments clash with a harmonious past.

A Restless Wind piques the reader’s interest from the very beginning with fine details and a strong and engaging protagonist.” The Deccan Herald

“A fascinating emotional narrative of an expatriate, A Restless Wind intertwines the old with the new in modern India.” Muneeza Shamsie, Newsline (Pakistan)

“When India Exotic meets India Embattled a great new transcontinental heroine is born. Husain has put the characters together with great care. But it is Zara who is the novel’s anchor and her confusion over her identity propels the plot.” Kaveree Bamzai, India Today

“One intriguing trait of Husain’s narration is its delicately filigreed details. Her descriptions are graphic, colourful and semiotically nuanced. The semiotized narrative brings home to the reader the contrasted cultural set-ups, or, in phenomenological terms, the conflicting ‘lifeworlds’ that the different characters in the novel inhabit.” Arnab Bhattacharya, The Telegraph, India

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