Free parenting and families Kindle books for 27 Nov 15

Stay Safe on Campus!: Tips for Prevention, Techniques for Emergencies

by Marcia Kelley

The purpose of this book is to open communication between students and their parents and school personnel about how to keep students safe in today’s environment.

To Students

Getting ready for college is a special time. You’re experiencing so many new things in life such as getting your driver’s license, a car, a job, meeting people from different cultures, planning trips on your own, independence and more. It’s easy to be caught up in all these experiences and to forget about safety becauseâ?¦let’s face it. Safety is somewhat boring compared to the other things, but it is just as important for you to be smart about safety so that you can truly enjoy your college experience.

To Parents

As a concerned parent, you want to help your student choose the best school for their interests. Whether you are sending your first child off to college or a younger child, treat every child’s experience as if it is your first child’s experience. Even if this child is going to the same school as that of an older sibling, go to a campus visit. Times have changed. Schools adopt new policies, build new buildings, add new staffâ?¦you get the picture.

Twelve Alternatives to Time Out: Connected Discipline Tools for Raising Cooperative Children

by Ariadne Brill

The twelve alternatives to time out presented in this book focus on problem solving and cooperative learning to give parents and children a chance to address behavior while maintaining a positive, respectful and connected relationship.

Encouraging better behavior without time out is not only possible, it is, according to the latest research on child development and parenting practices, more effective.

While children tend to repeat misbeaviors shortly after time out, connected parenting tools help children really learn to make better choices. This guidance based approach to parenting and discipline is not only effective, it will work from toddlerhood and well into the teen years.

A connected approach to discipline helps children learn the skills they need to be successful, resilient, happy, empathetic, cooperative and well-adjusted for life.

Discover why what children do is not manipulation, learn how to tackle “misbehaviors” and teach your child the value of cooperation and respect.

Read stories from real parents that have used connected discipline tools to positively transform whining, screaming, defiance, back talk, tantrums, dawdling, sibling fights and many other every day parenting challenges.

Children are quite creative when it comes to solving problems, this book will help you foster that ability and also help you teach your child to calm down instead of melt down.

This book gives you twelve concrete parenting tools, based on real families plus the latest parenting and child development research so you can choose how to best incorporate them into your own parenting practices.

This book was written by a parenting educator, with years of experience working with children and families who is also the mother to three children. Because the author is a busy mother herself, the book was written purposely to be short, useful and practical, while still presenting valuable information.

Hate Diets, Hate Water, Hate Exercising A PCOS Womans Dream To A Flatter Stomach

by Savannah Swift

I’ve suffered with PCOS for over 18 years and struggled with my weight, infertility, a beard and tons of symptoms. They always bang on about losing weight but I hate diets, I hate water and I hate exercising. I had to find a way that I was comfortable with so I started doing my research, talking to the doctors and other women with PCOS and finally I won.

It wasn’t easy and all those fad diets didn’t work for me but i can successfully say that I now have regular cycles, my cysts have gone from my ovaries and my stomach is flatter (a work in progress) and I am so much happier with tons of self esteem. Hey look at me now looooool my head is held high. So I wrote this book to share with you my what I learnt and what I did to get back to a normal lifestyle.

I really hope that you enjoy the book and please leave me your feedback and come and join us at my army is waiting for you, we need you.

SS x

The Quick Fix for Parents Living with Boomerang Kids: Fast solutions for busy people

by Kay Newton

Living with a Boomerang Kid? Solve Your Issues Today!

Are you short of time and looking for a quick fix for the issues around living with your Boomerang Kids? Have you ever read a self-help book and wished you had a pair of scissors to cut out all the irrelevant pages? The problem in today’s world is ‘information overload’. You need the best information, in one place, right now!

The Quick Fix For Parents Living With Boomerang Kids is a short read based on inspirational real life experiences, both professional and personal, to aid parents and their adult children to get the best from this new stage of development.

Practical, to the point, and without waffle, this book offers you tips and ideas for dealing with the emotions and practicalities you are experiencing. It will help you to prepare for this next phase in your life.

Grab your coffee and in 45 minutes the life lessons you can learn are:

1 The Definition of a Boomerang Kid

2 Guidelines and Goals for Living under the same roof

3 Thoughts for Parents with Boomerang Kids

4 What To Do if Things Go Wrong

5 Top Ten Quick Fixes You Can do Right Now

Editorial Reviews:

International Praise for ‘Quick Fix for Parents Living With Boomerang Kids’ â?¢

â??As an Empty Nester and potential parent of a Boomerang daughter, this insightful little guide has stopped me in my tracks and made me re-think my behaviour when my daughter returns home on holidays. I am sure this will enable me to be a far more effective communicator with clearer expectations, and thereby avoid potential pitfalls when and if she returns after University. Thank you, Kay and Pat’. What great advice.’

Jane Neville-Rolfe

â??Kay and Pat have again written a very useful and readable Quick Fix book. They have clearly laid out the problems that can arise with the BK situation and provided a simple and logical method of how to deal with it.’

Janet Siegl

â??Another great advice book for both parents and their young, adult children. Very positive are the two points of view and sometimes differing suggestions. Each and every one of us will experience this phase of life differently and therefore sure to find the right solutions here.’

Lucy Vollmer

â??Thoroughly enjoyed reading the Quick Fix For Parents Living with Boomerang Kids. Wish I’d had this several years ago. What I found interesting though is the contract idea in the book…one son’s wife has a daughter in her twenties, who is a boomerang kid and with their own growing family of children, this does put pressure on both accommodation and finances when she can’t pay her rent any more and has to move back “home”. I have had to support them almost on a monthly basis. So, in a way, even though he does not live with me, I have a financially supported Boomerang Kid too!

Maureen Hemingway

Lose the Cape: Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive (Lose the Cape! Book 1)

by Alexa Bigwarfe

This mothering gig is serious stuff.

There’s no handbook on how to deal with your kid, yet many moms feel pressured to be “supermom.” Sure, there are parenting books and websites and Pinterest, but it’s overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and despite our best efforts, we likely feel guilty for not doing more, doing better, doing it all.

This book is an attempt to reach out to all moms and let you know you’re already super.

You don’t need the “cape,” really.

Still, who couldn’t use a little help? Lose the Cape features resources galore – including suggestions and tips from a diverse group of moms to make life run smoother. Organization, meal planning, morning and evening routines, battling new mommy worries, and so forth are all tackled in one place to provide a handbook for any mom looking for some relief.

We’re not experts.

We’re like every other mom – trying to survive and show our kids some love.

But, we’ve learned along the way to cut a few corners, to learn some systems to gain control of the chaos, to form support groups to lift us up, to find a way that works for our families and ourselves.

We try to be super every day, but we don’t aspire to be “supermom” because she simply does not exist.

We think it’s time for all moms to join together and Lose the Cape.

Pickle Jim: The Walking Pickle

by Shane Straiko

An inspiring father and son story about following your Dreams, and the confidence you get when someone cares about you and believes in you.

It Ain’t Just The Size

by MG Hardie

Princess has returned home after a 3-year absence to heal her heart. She now seems to have it all: a job and a house. She has everything except one thing, real love. Lance is no stranger to having the odds stacked against him. He is a hard working father, but he believes that he may never really find true love.

It Ain’t Just The Size shows Lance and Princess as they find their way to love. While these two passionate hearts begin their journey towards love many discussions and conflicts arise.

It Ain’t Just The Size is a deeply filled play on morality, an ongoing social commentary for our times.

Many questions will be asked, many questions will be answered.

Why Do Men Cheat?
Is America Post-Racial?
Has the Media Failed us?
When to have The Talk?
What is the Cain and Abel Complex?
What are The Dozen?
Why the Average Joe/Joan’s get screwed?
and more…

It Ain’t Just The Size
is what America needs to know, but doesn’t want to hear

Autism: A Practical Guide to Help Your Child Grow and Develop (Life Psychology Series Book 8)

by Agata Christou


A practical guide to help your child grow and develop

Part of the Life Psychology Seriesâ??books written by psychologists who have practical experience, bringing together the latest thinking and practice in a clear and easy to read format, aimed at people who need a simple but effective guide for addressing their problems and improving their life.

  • Do you find it hard to understand your child?
  • Do you feel lost in an autistic world?
  • Having difficulty in adjusting to a new, unexpected reality?
  • Trying to find ways to communicate with your child?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your feelings?
  • This book has been written to help parents raising a child with autism. It aims to promote a deeper understanding of the autistic experience, and doesn’t just label your children as disruptive or disabled. This book is a starting point for parents whose children have just been diagnosed as autistic, and where the parents want to enter into the world of an autistic mind. Even if you have already read books about autism, this book can give you further insight into autism.

    This book will be a helpful guide for you by:

  • Having a clear idea of what autism is and the myths surrounding autism
  • Understanding the causes of autism and leaving out all the misconceptions that may torture you
  • Understanding the different ways of thinking and learning that people with autism have
  • Feeling free from the misconceptions of bad parenting
  • Being aware of issues that you have to confront
  • Being aware of the feelings parents may deal with, before and after diagnosis
  • Giving some creative ideas and strategies on coping with difficulties
  • Giving some guidelines to raise a child in a healthy family system
  • “A practical and informative tool that helped me to understand my child better and accept her different behaviour.”

    “This book really helped me and my wife to get a better insight of our child’s world. Also, it gave us the opportunity to deal with our feelings of being parents of an 8 year old lovable child with autism.”

    “A helpful guide that made me feel more calm, and alleviated my negative feelings, as I didn’t have a clue of what autism was. This book encouraged me to leave behind all the guilt and the pain, and see my child as a child that deserves to be loved and accepted.”

    Dance With a Broom: A Household Management Guide For Busy Parents

    by Barbara Ann Derksen

    Women are busier than ever before making it necessary for them to plan their time and manage their homes efficiently in order to have some time for themselves. Dance With A Broom has some valuable insight into time management but it has so much more.

    Discover ways to incorporate your children into your daily plan and how to plan special times for the loved ones in your life without feeling frazzled at the end of the day.

    Get those nasty household chores out of the way so you can give your children and your husband some undivided attention.

    Discover ways to make time for the things you want to do like take a bubble bath or read a good book.

    Veronica’s Story

    by Alvin Avery

    Veronica’s Story is about what no child should have to experience. Related from the viewpoint of an abused child who died and went to heaven, the story offers a unique perspective on issues such as: restitution, retribution, forgiveness, healing and deep holistic understanding derived from reviewing the Akashic records. This case, surely one of the most horrendous cases of psychological parental control, imprisonment and forced sexual slavery of a child, demonstrates how, through death and new life, God is able to gather into his bosom, love, heal, restitute and restore the most damaged souls. This book is a must-read for anyone who has been, is, or knows someone who is a victim of such abuse.

    Potty Training In a Weekend: Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Stress Free Results In a Weekend (Potty Training, Potty Training in 3 Days, Potty Train in a Weekend)

    by Linda Clark

    This book is an easy to follow potty training guide that will give you tips on how you can take the stress out of your children natural development during the training. One of the pleasures of being a parent is seeing your kid grow up and learn to perform a lot of different things. But there will be times when the simplest and most necessary jobs are the hardest things to teach!

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • When is the best time to teach your kid to potty?
    • The most common mistakes that have to be avoided
    • The step by step process on teach a child how to potty in a weekend
    • Difference in teaching a girl and a boy to potty

    Enjoy this book and learn how to successfully teach your child how to potty in a matter of 2 days!

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

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    Potty Training In 3 Days: The Incredible Potty Training Guide To De-Stress Results In Just 3 Days (Potty Training, potty training boys, potty training tips)

    by Lisa Karr

    Are you looking to potty train your toddler? Potty training is thought of as a complicated process. However, it can be done in a matter of three days. This intensive method requires patience and dedication, but can be rewarding to both parent and child. Potty Training In 3 Days: The Incredible Potty Training Guide To De-Stress Results In Just 3 Days is the go-to guide for any parent wanting to transition their child from diaper use to semi-independence with their own portable potty.

    Subjects discussed in this manual include the following:

    • Is my child ready? – Is your child ready for potty training? These signs will help you to determine whether the time is right for you.
    • How it Works? – Is it really possible to toilet train in three days? Yes it is! We will show you how.
    • Step by Step Guide for each day – A How to of how to get started and what to expect during your toilet training time.
    • What to Do After The Training is Over? – You have finished the three days of potty training, what next?
    • “What If…” – Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and how to solve typical problems and issues.

    You will find that the three day potty training method is effective and simple. After reading this manual, you will recommend this method to all of your friends and family.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

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    Rabbit Ate a Fly

    An illustrated book for young children (ages 1-5) about a young rabbit who ate a fly. He meets a duck who recommends eating a spider to catch the fly, but decided to seek his mother for advice instead. Together, they bake a pie and the sweet aroma lures the fly out of hiding. It has a happy ending with everyone, including the fly, having a slice of apple pie. The colorful watercolor illustrations of animals and rhyming verse will appeal to young children.

    All you need to know for a worry free pregnancy: From birth to the first six months with your newborn

    by Karen Smith

    From one mom to another if you want all the details that will help you prepare for your new baby this is the guide you need. You will receive all the information you need to prepare for your delivery and you life as a new parent. The guide aims to ease your worries by emphasizing the importance of flexibility in your plans as well as learning to trust and rely on your instincts. This guide will help narrow what you can anticipate with a newborn and it will allow you to have a more focused preparation for your baby. It can also save you money in the long run because it will help you really narrow down what you need, avoid buying redundant gadgets and have an idea of what useful items you can add to your registry. This guide was written with care and it is my intention to make you feel like you are receiving this information from a caring friend who has been down this road before and has selected the most useful and meaningful information to share with you. The guide aims to give you confidence in your venture as a first time mom.

    The Cat and the Owl share dinner.

    by M Johnson

    A short story to encourage children to be kind to each other.

    Terms of Estrangement

    by Georgia Barron

    The last thing Emma ever expected was to fall in love; the very last thing was that it would be with Jason Zahn. She was smart and antisocial, Jason was shockingly good looking and wanted to be an actor. Emma was totally devoted to her faith, and Jason was a playboy. Once they had come together, could they ever be separated and survive.

    Divorce Tactics For Fathers

    by Dennis Gac

    Divorce Tactics For Fathers is the most dynamic, concise and to the point book mapping out a battle plan for Father’s Rights when faced with divorce. If you think you’re going to be hit with a divorce or are currently embroiled in a divorce, you cannot be without a battle plan. If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail as the saying goes. But, this is particularly true when they are after your assets, Child support, and your kids. Think about it! Order Divorce Tactics For Fathers to learn what other successful Fathers have done in the exact same situation that you may find yourself in today!

    Dynamic Lessons For Fathers Rights

    by Dennis Gac

    In Dynamic Lessons for Father’s Rights you will be exposed to state-of-the-art examples of what other Fathers have done in similar situations that you may be in today. The best way to do anything is to copy success; mimic the successes of others! This is true in all aspects of life and particularly in family law situations. â??Dynamic Lessons for Father’s Rights includes exact case histories, samples, stories, and more that you can relate to and immediately adopted to your own case. There are several basic rules all Fathers should follow in Family Court situations regarding divorce, child support, and custody/visitation issues. These are well explained and easy-to-understand format. Order your copy today.

    Grandparents Rights

    by Dennis Gac

    In Grandparents Rights you will be exposed to an often-times confounding area of law that frustrates grandparents. However, Grandparents Rights explains how you, as a grandparent can seek visitation of custody rights even though parents will not agree. Of course it depends on the situation and that, in fact, varies from case to case; however, don’t fail to seek your rights. Contrary to popular belief, you may not be relegated to seeing your grandchildren at the whim of the actual parents. Everything is well explained is easy-to-understand format. Order your copy today.

    Milos and Wakami

    by Douglas Diehl

    Milos and Wakami are ten-year old boys living on Tau-Tau, a heart-shaped island steeped in tradition and custom and separated from the outside world. This story tells the history of the island and how each individual forms an integral part of it. It is a story of connections, endurance, and triumph. As Milos’s grandmother tells the boys, their people are a resilient one, and this resilience is tested in the days leading up to and during the Moon Ceremony, a celebration to the spirit of the island’s active volcano. Breathe along with this heartwarming world of meaning, friendship, journey, and livelihood.

    Montessori From the Start: 11 Montessori Home Activities for Infants and Toddlers That Boost Learning and Development (Montessori, Montessori From the … Montessori at Home, Montessori Activities)

    by Felicity Bauer

    11 Montessori Home Activities for Small Children Aged 0-3

    ** Limited Time Bonus – 3 Free Insightful Reports on Solving Those Most Everyday of Parenting issues. INSIDE THIS BOOK. **

    Learn How to Help Your Child Obtain an Early Start on Their Development and Education.

    Do you want to help your child develop as best they can?

    Montessori is a great educational method that allows you to work with your child to help them learn and develop at the proper rate. It recognizes that all children are going to be different and that they will learn using their basic skills, talents, and personalities. While some children may be faster with motor skills and others are better at vocabulary, this is fine. With the Montessori Method, you can work on all of the strengths and weaknesses that your child has to make a lesson plan that really works for them.

    This guidebook contains 11 fun activities that you can do with your infant or toddler – at home- to ensure they are learning to their full potential. These activities are meant to help your child to learn something new and exciting, but with this age group, the activities are meant to be more fun than anything else. It is never too early to learn something new with the Montessori Method.

    11 Fun Montessori Activities for Home:

    • 1. Bottle Opening and Closing Lessons
    • 2. Working on the Padlock
    • 3. Loop Beading Activity
    • 4. Small and Large Stick Activity
    • 5. Object Permanence Project
    • 6. Drinking Water Activity
    • 7. Making a Treasure Basket
    • 8. Bubble Wrap Painting
    • 9. Fall Inspired Sensory Basket
    • 10. Leaf Rubbing Tree Activity
    • 11. Homemade Finger Paint

    Want to learn how to do these activities with your child?

    >> Download Your Copy Right Now! <<

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    Tags: Montessori, Montessori From the Start, Montessori at Home, Montessori Activities

    My Child Won’t Sleep Through the Night: 5 No-Cry Solutions to Solve Your Child’s Sleep Issues (Baby Sleep Solutions, Toddler Sleep Problems, Child Sleep Solutions, No-Cry Sleep Solution)

    by Felicity Bauer

    5 No-Cry Sleep Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

    ** Limited Time Bonus – 3 Free Insightful Reports on Solving Those Most Everyday of Parenting issues. INSIDE THIS BOOK. **

    Learn How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night!

    Does your child not yet sleep through the night? Are you constantly exhausted from lack of sleep?

    Getting your child to fall asleep on their own, without a lot of tears, can be difficult for everyone involved. While you have heard a lot of advice in the past from parents and others alike on how to get your child to sleep, many of them have either not worked, or resulted in tears for both you and your child.

    This guidebook looks at the best ways that you can get your child to fall asleep on their own with no crying. Some of the things that you will learn are the main reasons why your child is having trouble falling asleep, the bedtime solution that will help them to sleep on their own, how to avoid late night visits to your room, some of the night terrors and other sleeping issues that might wake your child up at night or influence their sleep, how to get your child to wake up in the morning, and the nap-time solution that can make things go so much more smoothly.

    In this book, you will learn how to effectively deal with and overcome:

    • Baby Co-sleeping vs sleeping in a crib
    • Reluctance to move out of the crib and into a big-kid bed
    • Difficulty Falling asleep, refusal to go to bed, and Bedtime Battles
    • Nighttime visits to the parents’ bed
    • Can’t settle without the parent or sleep prop
    • Sleep Terrors, Sleepwalking, Night-time fears
    • Snoring, Bedwetting, Head banging, Teeth grinding
    • Early Morning Rising
    • Difficulty waking up and daytime tiredness
    • Nap-time requirements and strategies

    Want to Know More About How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night with No Tears?

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    Tags: Gentle sleep, No-cry sleep solution, The Sleep-easy solution, baby sleep, child sleep problems, toddler sleep solutions, sleeping through the night

    POTTY TRAIN THIS WEEKEND: Take the 5 Step Challenge and Get Your Child Out of Diapers in 3 Days (Potty Training in 3 Days, Potty Training in a Weekend, Toilet Training)

    by Felicity Bauer

    Take the 3-Day Challenge and Potty Train your Child this Weekend!

    *Includes links to FREE Rewards Chart and Potty Gear*

    ** Limited Time Bonus – 3 Free Insightful Reports on Solving Those Most Everyday of Parenting issues. INSIDE THIS BOOK. **

    Learn How to Get Your Child Out of Diapers in 3 Days

    Is your child is ready to use a potty? Do they dance around using cue words such as “pee-pee” and “poo-poo” when they get the urge to go? Have you tried to train your child with little or no success?

    Congratulations and welcome to the ever growing group of parents taking the plunge of this 3-day challenge!

    In this 5 step process, we’ll go over everything you need to get your child out of diapers by the end of the weekend. That’s right! You can plan on being diaper-free in 3 days with a little commitment from you, Mom, and a little willpower from your child. Now, you are probably thinking, “There is no way I can teach my child to use a potty in only 3 days!” Actually, you can!

    What You Will Learn In This Book:

    • What gear you need to make this challenge successful.
    • How to set up a routine that works best for you and your child.
    • How to get your little one to understand the feeling of a full bladder, what to do when they get that urge and how to get back on track if you have an accident or setback.
    • The benefits of a reward system and how to tailor it to your child and what will work best for them.
    • How to continue the daytime training into the night.

    Are you ready to take the 3-Day Potty Challenge?

    >> Download Your Copy Right Now! <<

    It’s easy to order. Just click the Buy Button NOW!

    Tags: Potty Training in 3 Days, Potty Training in a Weekend, Toilet Training

    Simply The Wildside: on raising boys

    by Amber Joy

    Our tan pickup truck with an unmatched topper was loaded to the brim. It’s hard to think that just weeks prior we filled a three story house. Now all that we owned fit into the back of a six-foot pickup truck.

    My husband, the salesman, provided us a great life: new cars, the latest gadgets, a large house, and great vacations. Somehow that just never was enough. We craved adventure, the outdoors, and a new lease on life. So one day we took it. When no one was looking we ditched our life in Middle America, we left everything behind, to pursue a different life high in the trees of the Pacific Northwest.

    We live a simpler life now. Older cars, only the basic gadgets, a small-secluded cabin, and we’re living the dream. Our dream.

    I’m the Ranger’s Wife, documenting our journey along the way. Creating community, inspiring others to dream, and raising our boys. Join me

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