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Where Would Jesus Lead?: A Study of Chaordic Leadership

by Gary Goodell

Jesus modeled leadership by living and walking with His disciples, everyday people, and the religious leaders of His day.

You can emulate His leadership style by changing the traditional hierarchical, pulpit-based leadership model of most Western churches to a more relational form of leading from among the people. This leadership style involves participating in the chaos of real, two-way relationships, yet bringing order by training and disciplingâ??in the midst of chaordic interaction.

Where Would Jesus Lead? is about leading amongâ??rather than leading from, or leading over, or leading from titles, positions, or assumed roles. Author and ministry leader Gary Goodell believes it is time to transition to a more collaborative style of leading, one of coming alongside people, for the people’s sake, and empowering them to achieve their personal God-given destiny. Thinking prophetically, the author courageously contends that interactive relationships that are purposeful yet inherently chaotic are ones to be joyfully embraced.

â?¦But as He went, the multitudes thronged Him [Jesus]. Now a womanâ?¦touched the border of His garment. â?¦She declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was healed immediately. And He said to her, “Daughter, be of good cheer, your faith has made you well. Go in peace” (Luke 8:42-48 NKJV).

Practical ideas and applications regarding how to carry out this vision in one-on-one relationships and in small groups are expertly presented. Emphasis on deeper, more effective relationships is God’s heart for the Church in America today.

MEDITATION: Embrace The Power of Positive Thinking (Zen) (Happiness Books Book 1)

by Daniel Robbins

Are You Feeling Down Because Of Negative Thoughts?

If so, then you’re in the right place because this book was

designed to be a quick pick-me-up filled with simple strategies for

transforming your mind and your life. It is a quick, easy read that will

boost your spirits so that you can feel good again.

Research has shown that negative self-talk is one of the primary

culprits to people moving forward in life with their relationships,

career, and most importantly your overall happiness. Negative thoughts

can be a contributing factor to depression and anxiety, illness, and

even cancer leading to a premature death.

Inside You’ll Receive:

– Strategies to get rid of negative thoughts in a matter of minutes

– Strategies you can implement today to have a new positive perspective

– How to turn negative thoughts into positive ones

– And Much More!

Imagine How Refreshing It Will Feel To FINALLY Have No Negative Thoughts…

His Will

by Diana Morgan

It is Christmas season in Shimmering Brook. Will Elaine Hartzler tell Ryan Esch the feelings she has in her heart?

Will Ryan be able to put aside his new life and follow the path the Lord has made for him; or will he decide to turn his back on love and continue on his own.

Romance: THE SECRET COLLECTION: ( Romance young adult contemporary regency) (Romantic new adult & college fantasy Collection)

by Secret Publishing

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Wind Chimes: Christmas Story Collection

by Victoria Minks

Christmas is a day of forgiveness, love, God, and family, no matter where you live or when you lived. These stories will take you somewhere long ago, and yet much like today.

With a touch of humor and a family-loving gentleness, these stories carry all the hope of Christmas.

The Wind Chimes– Still bitter over a hurtful mistake a year ago, Martin Roebuck meets the despised doctor on Christmas Eve.

The Two Runaways– Lost while running away from home, Albert Russell is taken in by an old man, who seems to also have past grievances.

On the Fourth Floor– Though living on the same floor, George Nolan and Christin Rimmers overlook each other– until a common challenge brings them together the night before Christmas Eve.

The Spinster– Wanting to avoid Christmas loneliness, Milly Lambert finds herself in the cabin of an old woman who holds a wise secret.

The Broken Man– Criminal Arch Fisher attempts to take advantage of a kindly old settler in the woods, but things go miserably awry.

Winifred’s Adventure– Elderly couple Amias and Winifred Hambly–eager for an uncommon life–discover a dying mother the day before Christmas.

#DreamWell: A 28 Day Interactive Journal for Building Your Dreams with God

by Angela Meer

When it comes to building the life of our dreams, we tend to be hit and miss. But what if there was a Godly, systematic way to ensure that the dreams of our life were fulfilled – and we grew into our callings and talents at the same time? The #DreamWell interactive journal walks you through step-by-step activities, journal prompts and Bible readings to get you on the path of dreaming well and honoring God with the desires of your heart. It is a system that develops your God callings and dreams in an action-packed 28 days.

This journal is interactive with:

~ An engaging story or illustration to demonstrate each day’s topic

~ Journal prompts to create clarity around your dream

~ Daily activities designed with actionables to build momentum for the dream of your life

~ Weekly “Technology Helpers” – virtual tools to increase your success

~ Daily Bible reading related to the day’s topic

Dream Guarantee: If you do the activities and interact with each component of the daily readings, your dream is guaranteed to build momentum and grow substantially in these 28 days!

The Shroud of Turin (The Reluctant Hero Book 1)

by Summer Lee

A shroud. A divine mystery. A dangerous quest.

In THE SHROUD OF TURIN, more than two thousand years ago, the body of Christ was wrapped in cloth after the Crucifixionâ?¦and the imprint of His body’s wounds left physical evidence on the cloth, including DNA.

Now, when Daniel DiBenedetto, psychology graduate, is financially cut off by his parents, he visits Dr. Alan Cranston, assistant to the president of a university. Daniel requests grant money to study the psychological ramifications of biblical artifacts on various cultures. Instead, Alan arranges for Daniel to join historian Magena Night-cloud in Italy, as she studies the Shroud of Turin.

After a man is murdered during a robbery, evidence points to Daniel as the prime suspect. A fugitive from the Italian police, the only way that Daniel might prevail is to develop faith in God’s power.

When another death rocks his foundation, Daniel must unconditionally trust in God if he is to survive. But is he worthy?

As their mission evolves into something more dangerous and complex than they bargained for, Daniel and Magena must go undercoverâ??and in so doing, they meet their greatest challenges. Magena is faithful to God, but without God’s help, will Daniel, a nonbeliever, prevail against an evil, dangerous enemy?

THE SHROUD OF TURIN, the first novel in the Reluctant Hero series by acclaimed Christian author Summer Lee, features psychology graduate Daniel DiBenedetto and historian Magena Night-cloud. Together, they research biblical artifacts and discover Christian meaning in their adventure quests.

Funny Life Lessons from Jokes: Jokes that Really Make You Realize Your Life

by Aiza Walker

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Funny Life Lessons from Jokes

Usually, when we feel depressed, we can relief of boredom with reading some jokes, but perhaps you never understand and think about the meaning behind these jokes.

Here, I collected some jokes for you and they are so funny. But the most important is that I add each joke a philosophy of life.

I hope you can understand life more after reading these jokes, furthermore, you can also understand the truth and the meanings of life from little things around you.

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Romance: Passion Collection: ( Romance young adult contemporary regency) (Romantic new adult & college fantasy)

by Passion publishing

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Romance: THE LUST: Collection ( Romance young adult contemporary regency) (Romantic new adult & college fantasy Collection)

by THE LUST Publishing

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Thanksgiving in the Pit

by Jamie Buckingham

Have you ever found yourself in a pit, emotionally, financially or spiritually? In a way only Jamie Buckingham can teach, he relates the pit experiences of Joseph from the book of Genesis to our own “pits” of today. Joseph found himself in two very different kinds of pits in his life. Once in the desert when he angered his brothers, and again in Egypt, when he was punished for doing the right things in the eyes of God. Jamie tells us these pits, the pit of correction and the pit of curing, are God’s ways of getting our attention for life-lessons he wants us to learn.

This book is adapted from a message preached by Jamie Buckingham.

Alien In a Small Town

by Jim Cleaveland

It is The Future, and the Mennonites of rural Pennsylvania live much as they always have, while the world around them has changed enormously. Indira left this place years ago to travel the Earth and beyond, but now for personal reasons she has returned. It is here, of all places, that she encounters “Paul” (his real name unpronounceable), a lumbering, stone-skinned, yet soulful alien who has now settled on Earth as penance for a crime he committed long ago. This is their story.

“A wonderful story, beautifully told.” â?? Brynne Chandler, screenwriter for Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series

“Jim Cleaveland’s first novel, Alien In a Small Town, is a philosophical meditation on Science and Theology. It’s also a lot of fun. A truly alien extraterrestrial, appropriately named Paul, goes on a moral quest in a world of humans. From a sexy female android to space hermits, Cleaveland presents a universe of wild possibilities that never loses its moral center.” â?? Brad Linaweaver, author of Moon of Ice and The Land Beyond Summer.

Positive Thinking Positive Life: The Mindset: A guide to changing your mindset from negative to positive for a happy successful life

by Phil Hunter

It is in your ability to influence others by spreading your own sense of joy and happiness that is going to help you obtain true happiness for yourself. Having money and material possessions are good and necessary, you need a certain amount of wealth to go after what you want in life, but ultimately, that is not where you are going find your spiritual fulfillment.

This book will tell you how negativity can rule your life and through learning the right mindset of positivity you can become happier and more successful in life. The world can slowly erode your spirit and corrupt your inner child if you let it. The negativity will creep into your life like damp in an old house. The good news is that you can always rediscover your inner child. Like wiping dirt of a plate, you can wash away those bad habits and crippling thoughts. We cannot live our entire lives like a child playing in the mud, because that might not leave the best impression at an interview if our suit trouser legs are a mess, but when it comes to a seeing the world in a more fun and playful way, there is a lot we can learn from the children we once were. It’s time to rediscover the inner child that you have forgotten and rekindle your true self by remembering that life should be a playground, it should be fun and enjoyable. Have you ever noticed children playing? They are truly joyful as they live in the moment and they are too young to have been corrupted by the social, political and cultural pressures which the world pushes on us. They enjoy the small things in life and see the world through eyes of joy, wonder and an enduring curiosity which keeps them entertained in a world full of unending adventures and entertainment. This book will teach you how to reprogram those negative thoughts that have creeped into your life and replace them with positive ones. You will learn the mindset of someone that is in touch with their inner child, someone who is joyful, happy and living in their playground.

You Are Enough

by Tony Wilson

The longer I live, the more I realize how many people go through life suffering needlessly. They suffer because of events in their past, they suffer because of what someone else says or does, they suffer because of subconscious programming from the past. This programming says they are not good enough, they are not worthy, they are not important, and they can’t do anything.

This book was written to help end the needless suffering that has gone on for far too long–to let you know who you are at a fundamental level. It reveals how the power of thought can be harnessed to change your reality and create the life you desire and deserve. At the deepest level, you will discover your true self and power. Then you will realize what the musical group America meant when they said, “Oz didn’t give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have.” We have everything we need to lead joyous lives filled with abundance, gratitude, and power. We need only tap the power within, and to remember, “We are Enough!”

Love Mist – Tiny Thoughts: A collection of tiny thoughts to contemplate – spiritual philosophy (Volume 8)

by William O’Brien

Love Mist and Tiny Thoughts is a short collection of contemplations to peruse.

Constructed in a simple style, ‘Love Mist’ is an interesting group of poems making this little book attractive and thought provoking.

A quick-to-read book touching some aspects of love that one may encounter. The writing is philosophical and spiritual in nature with gentle layering to stimulate the mind.

Take a light few moments to help connect with your life again.

THANKSGIVING: Recipe for Blessed Living

by Joseph A. Iyongo

We live in times where it is very difficult to be thankful because bad news abounds around us, and things may not be working the way we want. This can make life to become undesirable, unpleasant, and many people even tend to lose the will to continue living.

On the other hand, we could be so blessed that we may tend to forget about the ultimate source of our blessings and think that we got everything by our hard work and smartness.

It is easy to focus on the negative aspects of our lives and forget about the many things for which we should be grateful.

This book will guide us to see the potent force in the attitude of thanksgiving and how we can change our world by harnessing the â??multiplier effect’ that thanksgiving and appreciation creates to transform our world one person at a time.

This book is an attempt to help us understand the fundamental and biblical principles of thanksgiving so that we can fully utilize it to change our world.

Mind Hacks: Change Your Life By Hacking Your Mind’s Superhuman Potential, Become Limitless, And Train In Mental Martial Arts (Mindfulness – Mind Science – Emotional Intelligence – Mindset)

by Superhuman Habits

The Mind Hacks That Raise Your Consciousness To Superhuman Levels, MindHACK Your Way To Limitless Potential!

These Superhuman Mind Hacks Dive Deep Into Your Mind To Hack Out The Potential You’ve Yet To Experience!

Mind Hacking can sound a bit mysterious to many. What is it? Many are familiar with computer hackers, who target specific points in a software system to yield a specific result. Our minds are the most advanced software systems ever created, and you possess the tools within this same mind to bring about its ultimate potential!

Mind Hacks dives deep into the many reasons most of us go 50% in life, coming up short on the other half; why do we settle for less? Everything is a choice, a decision, and if you can tap into your brain’s hardwiring, focus on chief aims, habits and practices, you can and will see your level of performance increase to new heights. This is all about you, your power, and your ability to gain ultimate intellect, increased memory, maximum potential of your greatest asset – Your Mind.

7 Reasons to Buy This Book:

1. In this book you’ll learn exactly what Mind Hacking is.

2. In this book you’ll learn how to channel Mental Power

3. In this book you’ll learn a little bit about “Mindfulness” and how it helps or hurts you

4. This book will teach you some common trouble with the Forgetful Mind

5. This book will teach you about Brain Teasers, Games, Rituals that aid in strength training your mind

6. In this book you’ll learn about Neuroplasticity and what it can do for you.

7. In this book you’ll learn much else about the new yet ancient method of Mind Hacking in all forms

What you will learn after purchasing “Mind Hacks”

– What Mind Hacking Is All About

– The Most Innovative Techniques In Mind Hacking

– Proper Habits For Outstanding Results

– Mental Martial Arts: Training Your Mind Like A Weapon

– A Few More Thoughts And Tips For Mind Hacks

Want to Know More?

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What God Said: Knowing God’s Word, Having More Positive Energy, Receiving God’s Amazing Blessings & Promises (77 Unchanging Promises)

by Jimmy Hill

Unchanging Promises of God!

When you are in good or bad situations, listen to whatever God will say to you.

The power of faith is that even if you are in adversity, it also can help you have the power to go forward; the charm of faith is that even if you are in danger, it can also help you to have courage; the great faith is that even if you are in misfortune, it can also promote you to keep lofty mind to face life.

Maintaining positive thinking in life, it will let you find the strength to stand up again when you are discouraged and disappointed. You should reject all the negative voices that affect you, this ebook can inspire you and you can have a positive attitude to face the challenges of your life through positive words of God.

I believe after you read this book, you will have more positive energy to improve your life! With God’s points of views to see the world, you will find how wonderful this world, and you must believe that God will give you all tend to be more than you can ask or think!

Your strength will equal your days.

Go ahead and read it now!

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