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Asteroid Apocalypse: Countdown to Rapture: The Winds of Armageddon

by Russ Reimer

Jesus’ prophecy that the very stars of heaven would fall in the last days as the sun is darkened and the moon is turned to blood is fulfilled when a violent meteor storm ravages Earth during the fifty four hours immediately preceding the Rapture. These events are experienced and chronicled by Cable 9 News anchor, Samantha Harper, her cameraman and soon-to-be-husband, Aaron Weisberg, veteran chopper pilot, Gabe Mackenzie, and their wealthy boss, Liam O’Connor. Also central to the story are twin brothers Joel and Ariel Fredenburg, who possess the New Testament Spirit-gifts of prophecy and the word of knowledge, respectively. The Rapture itself takes place in the final pages of the book, setting up the action-packed sequel to come.

The scope of the novel is global, and the many subplots include a nuclear Gog and Magog battle in Israel, a violent, meteor-induced tsunami encounter in the Indian Ocean by the U.S.S. Fuller, a Kessler Event-downing of virtually all communications satellites, the complete destruction of Washington D.C., San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley, and an edge-of-your-seat helicopter chase involving the CIA, Secret Service, and the President of the United States. Throughout the book there are scenes which include the shadowy dealings of various demonic spirits. Dirgeneese, Banturn, Werelon, Starlox, Prock, Maldon, and Celinock provide a sort of return to the glory days of Frank Peretti’s, “This Present Darkness” series, but their foul dispositions are considerably nastier. One particularly grisly moment occurs when Satanist Gustav Fontaneâ??called upon by the CIA to help locate the Fredenburg twinsâ??is stricken dead during a Pentecostal prayer meeting after slandering and lying about the Holy Ghost, and is eaten by maggots before even hitting the carpet, mirroring the events of Acts chapters 5 and 12.

While fictional, all concepts presented in the text are firmly rooted in sound biblical doctrine and Bible prophecy. More importantly, this work is a call-to-arms for the reader to become completely intimate with the Lord. The fallacy of the errant doctrine of cessationism is strongly addressed, and the validity and reality of the spiritual gifts and baptism of the Holy Spirit are presented and shown to be as much for Christians today as they were for the Jesus’ disciples and believers in the first century.

Better Not Love Me (Don’t Wait For Me Book 2)

by Dan Kolbet

Amelia Cook never wanted to be a corporate executive responsible for a toy business that spanned the country. She accepted the job out of obligation to her past love. The work has forced her away from her children and broken her marriage. After years of misery, she’s decided to walk away. Single, unemployed and uninspired, Amelia rents a palatial lake cabin for the summer and attempts to reconnect with her children who barely recognize the mom they once knew. Amelia’s summer at the lake takes a surprise turn when a handsome man moves into the cabin next door. The only problem? It’s her old boss, Nate. Can Amelia forgive Nate’s past behavior, find love and forge a bond with her children all while being dragged back into the corporate life she loathes?

Better Not Love Me is the sequel to Don’t Wait For Me.

The Divine Comedy

by Dante

One of the surest signs of fame among men is when one is known solely by his first name, and yet the mention of just that first name makes clear who is being spoken of. So it is with Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), known simply as Dante, thanks to the success of his Divine Comedy, one of the seminal works in human history.
With the Divine Comedy, Dante is often considered the master of contemporary Italian, as well as a forerunner of the Renaissance, which began to flourish in Florence around the same time. The Divine Comedy tells of Dante’s journey through Hell (the Inferno), Purgatory, and Paradise, guided by famous poets including Virgil. Dante’s epic discusses religion, philosophy, and a wide range of subject matter throughout Dante’s travels.

Although Dante will always be known for Divine Comedy, he also wrote other works, touching on topics like philosophy in works like Convivio, and religion and power in De Monarchia

The Purple Robe

by David Dean

Rumors rising out of the Yucatan jungle report healings and miracles attributed to a holy relic. Father Pablo Diego Corellas discovers that even his own parishioners are making secret pilgrimages to the decrepit plantation where it is held. There, Doña Josefa, a mysterious woman who is either mystic or mad, possesses an artifact that she claims is a fragment of the robe worn by Christ at his trial. Guarded by armed Mayan farmers, she holds sway over an ever-growing number of pilgrims desperate for the healing power of the Purple Robe. Much against his own wishes, young Father Pablo is dispatched to the interior to investigate, while a police captain and a vacationing American couple make plans of their own for the robe. But when the relic is stolen, they soon discover that miracles have unforeseen consequences, and that no one is beyond their reach.

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