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Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter

by Al McCullough

Looking to break into the glamorous world of house sitting?

Not sure how to get that first house sitting gig?

Need some resources to get your career as a house sitter off the ground?

Well today is your lucky day amigo. Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter provides you with house sitting checklists, worksheets, firsthand experiences, and an abundance of resources from someone who has been scoring house sitting gigs for over a year in Central America. Armed with all this info, you’ll be able to score your first house sitting gig in no time!

Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter is the 2nd e-book in the Sell All Your Stuff series. The goal of is to help others live a minimalist lifestyle.

Selling all our stuff allowed us to move abroad, then become house sitters. When you sell all your stuff, you can do more stuff with less stuff and live a minimalist lifestyle!

Bella… A French Life – The Cookbook

by Marilyn Z. Tomlins

You asked for itâ?¦so here it is

Since the launch of Bellaâ?¦A French Life in 2013, reviewers have loved the novel for the way it immerses the reader into rural France; helped in no small way by the descriptions of French cooking that Bella creates for the men in her life or while dining in restaurants.

The cooking is seamlessly woven into the text such that while evoking the sights, smells and tastes of Normandy, it isn’t easy for the reader to replicate these themselves.

So by popular demand, here is Bella… A French Life – The Cookbook.

It details the recipes from the novel with complete ingredients lists, methods, how to serve and what wine to drink with. All this set against a narrative of events in the novel that inspired them.


Oeufs Pochés au Curry

Avocat à la Vinaigrette Façon Francaise

Escargot à la Bourguignonne


Miroton de Boeuf

Porc Marengo

Paupiettes de Veau


Filet de Merlan au Gratin



Poulet Bonne Femme

Confit de Canard

Lapin Rôti aux Trois Moutardes


Tarte Amandine

Sablé aux Pépites Chocolat

The author hopes that you enjoy creating these as much as you enjoyed the novel. Bring the smells and tastes of rural France into your kitchen.

What people have said about Bellaâ?¦A French Life.

A very evocative story of France – I could sense the atmosphere of the country all through the book. I enjoyed reading it and loved the descriptions of the meals Bella cooks all through the story. There is a somewhat haunting quality about the love story of the past together with the ongoing love story. A surprise twist at the end.

It didn’t take me long to find myself hooked right into “Bella…A French Life” and it’s the type of book where I found myself reading it literally whenever I had a chance. The author does a wonderful job of capturing the senses, sights, and feelings of the environment and characters and expressing them in an eloquent and vivid manner – it’s not often that I feel I can visualize a story near exactly how the author intended it to be expressed, but I can definitely say the experience of reading this book was one of those rare occasions where it felt like it.

Yes, there’s a strong influence of romance – but I also would say there’s a hint of some influences from other genres that make the end result a truly unique and captivating blend that is bound to impress even the most critical romance fans out there.

Top 30 Family Activities – Orlando (USA Book 5)

by Top 30 Family

***Brand New for 2015***

Want to know the best family activities and attractions in Orlando?

Top 30 Family Activities – Orlando – is your answer.

With sections on Arts & Culture, Sports & Events, Parks & Water Fun, Animals & Nature, and the popular Off the Beaten Track, this guide has something to entertain every family either living in, or travelling to Orlando.

Included are many options for older or younger families, and also the budget conscious family. Descriptions of each activity includes information on hours, best time to go, food and drink facilities, restroom and changing facilities, family friendliness, prices, age appropriateness and some “Hot Tips” that can save you precious time and money.

Including some heavy hitters and more out of the way activities and attractions this guide has dozens of interactive links to websites where you can make bookings or get more information if necessary.

So scroll up and click “Buy Now” to save time and money having fun with you family in The City Beautiful!

Jaipur – A Graphic Guide

by Mohit Sinha

Jaipur – A Graphic Guide

(Pages : 53; Hand drawn illustrations : 84; Hand drawn maps : 5)

This guide book introduces the history of city of Jaipur in a graphic format. It guides the reader through the city of Jaipur with all the excitement and grandeur that surrounded Maharajas and Royal Families of Amer and Jaipur. The readers go through the Fort of Amer through Dilaram Bagh; climb up its winding pathways looking at the Saffron Gardens beside Maota Lake below, right up to the grand Amer Fort. Inside the Fort the book takes readers through the Jaleb Chowk into Palace Complex through Ganesh Pol and other buildings that breathe splendor and colourful history. Then the book goes into Jaigarh Fort, Nahar Garh Fort, and then into modern city of Jaipur built by Maharaja Jai Singh II. Inside it walks the readers through City Palace complex – Diwan-i-Khas, Chandra Mahal, Righi Sidhi Pol, Pritam Chowk, Diwan-i-Am, Tripolia Gate and Hawa Mahal. The readers travel through Jantar Mantar and its instruments. The book includes the Jal Mahal, and more recent monuments while covering the lives of present descendants of erstwhile Maharajas right upto Rajmata Gayatri Devi to connect history of Jaipur to the contemporary. The narration and illustrations keeps readers informed about the architectural, social, economic and other aspects and change with time. It follows the intuitive guide format and would interest both young and senior audience.

A word about Graphic Guides –

Graphic Guides are a must read for any one visiting India or wanting to go back in time when Emperors and Kings would take processions of elephants, finest horses, infantry amid the beat of drums and roar of trumpets through the streets of cities of Delhi, Agra or Jaipur or take to battle fields with all splendour and glory. These guides take you throughâ?¦..

â?¦.the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in a hand drawn graphic format designed and narrated intuitively keeping in view armchair travelers, tourists, back packers, students and young audience;

â?¦.text is short and simple with a view to having an audience with very little time for going through these cities;

â?¦.with 60 to 64 printed pages (Jaipur has 53 pages), the books are light, handy and in easy-to-read;

â?¦.at the end of each book are short glossaries of words and terms used.

�.the books bring out everything what one would like to know about Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in one sitting, say, on a short flight or a train journey or in bed just before retiring at night or on board Palace on Wheels or Royal Rajasthan or The Maharaja Express trains; on Tabs and i-Pads or inflight entertainment systems of flights in and out of India��

��Go ahead and explore�..

Live Travel Kids Japan: Four seasons in Niigata

by Kim Hinkley

Inspiration and tips for getting the most of snow country Niigata Japan. Handy links to Google maps and to make locating your destinations easier. Tips on reducing your queuing time with children at Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. Suggested rides at Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea for young children. Directions for finding the most wonderful onsen and traditional banquets in Niigata. Ilustrated with over 80 photographs of the beautifulof Niigata.

Italian Hours

by Henry James

Henry James was an American born writer who spent most of his life in Britain.  Because of that James often wrote novels about Americans traveling to Europe and their encounters with Europeans.  This edition of Italian Hours includes a table of contents.

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