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Armies of the Silver Mage (History of Malweir, Book One)

by Christian Warren Freed

Malweir was once governed by the order of Mages, bringers of peace and light. Centuries past and the lands prospered. But all was not well. Unknown to most, one mage desired power above all else. He turned his will to the banished Dark Gods and brought war to the free lands. Only a handful of mages survived the betrayal and the Silver Mage was left free to twist the darker races to his bidding. The only thing he needs to complete his plan and rule the world forever are the four shards of the crystal of Tol Shere. Having spent most of their lives dreaming about leaving their sleepy village and travelling the world, Delin Kerny and Fennic Attleford never thought that one day they would be forced to flee their town in order to save their lives. Everything changes when they discover the fabled Star Silver sword and learn that there are some who want the weapon for themselves. Hunted by a ruthless mercenary, the boys run from Fel Darrins and are forced into the adventure they only dreamed about. Ever ashamed of the horrors his kind let loose on the world the last mage, Dakeb, lives his life in shadows. The only thing keeping him alive is his quest to stop the Silver Mage from reassembling the crystal. His chance finally comes through the hearts and wills of Delin and Fennic. Dakeb bestows upon them the crystal shard, entrusting them with the one thing capable of restoring peace to Malweir.

The Wild Hunt (Faerie Sworn Book 1)

by Ron C. Nieto

Dark and Enchanting.

Lily has a problem. She has just discovered that faeries are real, dangerous, and out to get her. She doesn’t trust her savior, she doesn’t understand his rules… but if she doesn’t play and win, death might be the least of her worries.

Magic still lingers in the mist-covered corners of the world, wherever the Old Ways are remembered. However, as civilization and reason scoff at the Fair Folk, the paths to power have been forgotten by all but a few.

Lily Boyd was meant to become a faerie doctor, a warden of humans and a keeper of balance, until disbelief and pragmatism led her away from the hidden world and into a mundane life. But truth has a way to be heard and she will be forced to face it if she wants to save her family.

Armed with nothing but her childhood memories and protected by a debt of gratitude she doesn’t understand, Lily must decide who to trust while she navigates a world that is darker and more twisted than she is prepared for.

And should she make the wrong choice, should she mistake friend and foe…the eternal balance between the Faerie Courts may shatter, and then there will be more than Lily’s life on the line.

The Faerie Sworn Series

Short story 0.5: Faerie Nights (available for free via the author’s email list)

Book 1: The Wild Hunt

Short story 1.5: Faerie Oaths

Book 2: The Wild Curse

Book 3: Coming Soon

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Seizing Darkness (Fur, Fangs, and Fairies Book 1)

by Mariana Thorn

With her past distant and forgotten Natalya has built herself a nice life. She has a job she finds rewarding as a special agent with the Paranormal Investigation Bureau. Her partner, Dante, isn’t too bad for a bloodsucking vampire. Val, her boss, is like a father to her. Her favorite part is that she lives near the Cascade Mountains. Whenever she needs a little vacation, she can shift into a tiger and go running in the woods. Life is good.

That is until recently. Agents are turning up dead and she can’t pin down what is going on. Little does she know that her past is about to come back and bite her in the tail. With no memories before the last year she is a little behind the curve in finding out what is going on. The investigation turns dangerous as the attack turn personal. Lives are on the line, including her own. Will Natalya find out what is going on before it’s too late?

Stepbrother Romance: Forbidden Step Brother Collection of Erotic Short Stories (Billionaire Romance, Bad Boy Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Taboo Romance Erotica)

by Lady Aingealicia

Stepbrother Romance – Forbidden Step

A Steaming Hot Erotic Collection of Stepbrother Short Stories

Forbidden Step

‘Moving his hands to the back of her neck, he brought her mouth to his and stared at her as he saw that she had never felt this before. She bounced up and down on top of him as her breath came quicker and quicker. Thrusting into her deeper each time, his mouth locked into hers as she screamed into his mouth. Her juices dripping down as she thrashed more on his…’

This is an adult, graphic erotic romance short story containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Stepbrother, Billionaire, Romance, Erotica, Short Stories, Brother, Love


by Joseph DeVeau

Shadowborn is the tale of Aeryn, a street girl poised on the knife’s edge of death, whose innate ability to Drift and meld with the shadows draws the attention of a powerful Lord who seeks to use her to bring down a thousand year old god.

Relying time and again on her wolfish pet Jynx and her ability to Drift and become a Shadow, Aeryn has been able to eke out a living as a street urchin where countless others have perished. A fateful run-in with a powerful and enigmatic Lord sends her life spiraling out of control. In over her head and leagues from the familiar, meager life she once knew, all Aeryn can do is struggle to ride the currents of a city overflowing with cutthroats, soldiers, scheming nobles, and Nameless, a thousand year old god and his legions of power-hungry Shades and Voices. Trusting in her mantra to “move forward,” Aeryn soon finds herself challenging a god and changing the fate of the nation.

The Werebear Hero’s Nurse: A BWWM Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance

by Alyse Zaftig

A damaged werebear soldier + a curvy nurse = sizzling romance When Alicia got a call to work as a nurse for a military amputee, she got much more than she ever bargained for.

Alicia had no idea that her client was not even human. He was actually a werebear who could do things that she never dreamed about.

Just as Alicia is coming to terms with Shane, she discovers that Shane’s father is not prepared to accept her place in Shane’s life.

Will their love survive?

Note: This story contains steamy scenes. Please skip it if you don’t enjoy getting a little hot and heavy. If you like werebears claiming their mates, this story was written for you.
***EXCERPTI put her over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry, and I gripped her firm, luscious butt. 

She laughed as I pulled her into the bedroom. “I guess you’ve fully recovered.”

“Honey, you have no idea.” I threw her onto her bed, not waiting to pull the covers down. She bounced a little on my bed. I was too hungry. I looked at her, beneath me, still wearing her pretty gold dress. I was harder than I had ever been, but I wanted to savor the moment.

But I couldn’t stop myself, and I went straight for her mouth. She sighed, and she let me in. I took her mouth deep, just like I needed to take her. It wasn’t enough, it would never be enough, but for now, it told her what I wanted to do. I wanted to taste her essence.

Threads of Fate

by Joseph DeVeau

Threads of Fate is the tale of Selene, a naïve village girl with the inborn ability to Weave, who struggles to heal her heart and the soul of a nation after witnessing her mother’s brutal murder.

Living at the outskirts of a remote village, Selene has grown up with one constant: her mother. One day, a distant king intrudes and shatters Selene’s dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps as a healer. Before long, being sold into slavery is the least of her concerns as she clashes against a king who has spent two decades consolidating his power and purging all who defy him. Uniting a group of unlikely allies, Selene metes out justice to the king and heals more than her heart.

The Alien Sphere Trilogy 2013

by V Bertolaccini

A trilogy with three high quality action-packed novels of explorers encountering mind-bending alien artifacts!

In The Alien Sphere explorers find a pulsating alien sphere and enter a black hole it holds. In The Alien Artifact explorers uncover an alien artifact with a deadly voyager inside. In The Lost Alien Artifact something of alien origins creates the deadliest haunted castle in existence.

A trilogy with three high quality action-packed novels of explorers encountering mind-bending alien artifacts from beyond space and time!

In The Alien Sphere scientists stumble upon a mysterious metallic sphere with a pulsating vibration, and unlock it to reveal its forces by the manipulation of gravitational forces are suspending a black hole, and while experimenting on the black hole an accident occurs and scientists enter it and travel out beyond the realms of space and time into a mind-bending universe.

In The Alien Artifact an entity/transcendent in an alien artifact from beyond space and time crashes into the Earth, and explorers uncover the ancient alien artifact after it has been buried away for millions of years, with the voyager inside, waiting to be revived.

In The Lost Alien Artifact a secret chamber is buried away in a castle with something of alien origins inside, waiting to be revived, with the deadliest of powers, creating the most haunted castle in existence, with gateways going beyond the universe, and a group of people are forced to stay there for a week, and are fanatical with discovering the chamber, which they think has hidden treasure.

Pretend With Me: Sometimes the love you fight against is the very thing that holds you together.

by Jemma Grey

Previously this book was titled as My Vampire Love

Three weeks after 17 year old Jen witnesses the murder of her boyfriend, Daren she flees her Trinidadian home, in hopes of forgetting, and for a time she does. That changes when she meets the Wilsons, and learns that her wedding to Eric Wilson had been pre-arranged since her birth.
In an instant everything she knows about herself is lost when she discovers the truth about the night that Daren died. The Wilsons aren’t who she thinks; they belong to an untainted breed of vampires that can only be born – the purebloods.
Jen finds herself in a world suddenly filled with supernatural creatures and in the middle of a war between an army fighting to protect her and a pack of shifters trying to kill her and in the midst of it all she’s struggling to find herself as her wedding looms closer, signifying a union other than marriage.

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