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by Shannara Johnson

15-year-old Jeff is annoyed when his mother makes him take his older, mentally disabled sister Betsy trick-or-treating with his friends. When it starts to look like she’s not just going to ruin his Halloween but also his love life, Jeff wishes Betsy were gone. But on the night when the veil between the worlds is especially thin, you should be careful what you wish for…

A horror short read for teens – recommended for ages 15-18 and beyond.

The Book of Curses: And Their Remedies

by Jerry Gerold

Supernatural powers and the will to break a centuries-old curse collide when a man searches for the book containing the spell that will free him.

The family of Dan Briggs has been cursed for three centuries and must find the remedy, written in The Book of Curses. Dan confronts the ghost witch who originated the curse and he and his sister, Sarah, are banished to a private purgatory existing between the living and dead. They encounter ancestors-a Puritan, his daughter, and a Revolutionary War soldier-as Dan’s girlfriend, Lettice, searches for the book.

Advance fifty years: The book has not been found and Lettice’s granddaughter, Kalendra, befriends a college classmate who coincidentally lives in Dan’s house. Dan contacts them, but his appearance calls forth the ghost witch and a warlock. The roommates enlist the aid of Ian and they locate the book in the library of Ian’s uncle, the warlock. Dan, Sarah, and the ancestors are freed from the spell, but are now being pursued by a warlock. It’s Dan’s job to stop him, if he can find out how.

Horror Short Stories

by Sebastian Crownwell

This bundle includes the following horror short stories

Enter The Woods

The House Of Bad Dreams

Behind The Dark Game

Gray Walkers: A short story of the Geriatric Apocalypse

by Edmund de Wight

Imagine a zombie apocalypse. Now forget everything you know. This is an apocalypse of a different sort.

Billy is a normal teenager who’s grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. One horrible day his world takes a turn for the worse. People are turning into aged, withered husks. Even children now appear to be octogenarians.

When his family succumbs to this geriatric plague, Billy must race to reach his girlfriend before they both become old before their time.

This short story is a warped take on the zombie apocalypse theme. You’ll never look at grandma the same again.

ROMANCE: Destined to Be With My Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shapeshifter Mated Shifter Romance) (Paranormal Fantasy Werewolf Shifter Adventure Short Reads)

by Sicily Duval

How do you handle a struggling marriage AND deal with a husband who happens to be

a werewolf shifter?

Blake and Madison have been married for thirty years, and in that time

they’ve just grown apart.

If you don’t work on a relationship, it dies, and theirs was fighting

for its last breath.

Blake wants it to end, and Madison agrees because she can’t find

a reason why they should fight for it anymore.

Madison finds out she has a deadly disease but she doesn’t want to

tell her husband and pity him into staying with her.

Each withholding secrets from one another they go on a road trip together

to break the news about their pending divorce to their adult children.

They have to decide if they want to try again, or if they should give up this

marriage for good…

Heartbreak, passion, and intrigue. It’s all here!

* * * Standalone romance book, no cliffhangers! * * *

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NOTE: This book contains adult themes and is meant for adult eyes only!

The Werewolf Whisperer: ¡Feliz Navidad! (A Werewolf Whisperer Tale)

by Camilla Ochlan

It is a time of fragile peace. Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magaña’s Were rescue, rehabilitation (and removal) road trip up and down California has turned them into a badass, slammin’ team of gun-slinging Were wranglers. Skills honed, fame licking at their boots, the women have no idea that in the City by the Bay things are about to get hairy…

The Unsaintly Chronicles: The Anti-God

by Lisa Vasquez

The Unsaintly Chronicles begin with the journey of Isabel Augustus, the daughter of the Blanche of Castile.

Isabel breaks the mold of expectation for the women in her time. She dodges the arrangement of marriage, starts her own monastery, and gives her fealty to God not man. Little does she know her fates have already been decided for her. On the other side of the veil, God’s eye is upon her but Lucifer’s jealousy can know no bounds. As father and son battle it out over her soul an ancient nemesis makes a move to finally be rid of them all.

In The Garden of Rot

by Sara Green

When two friends video tape a street with a haunted past, they never imagined just how much that video clip would change their lives once it was posted online.

You might’ve seen the video clip online before it was taken down. You might’ve heard it was fake. But for the first time ever, the makers of the infamous clip have agreed to let us in the creation and destruction of what may or may not have been a glimpse of the supernatural.

This investigation is pieced together from interviews with those closest to the tapes, those who had more to do with it than just seeing it online. All names and most locations have been altered for this presentation.

This is, after all, a work of fiction.

SHORT READ, approximately 10,000 words or about 20-30 minutes to read.

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