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More! Dirty, Funny. Sexy. Witty. One liner jokes: The Second Volume with the best dirty one liners to practice oral sex at home or at the office.

by Lazaro Droznes

Women love men with a sense of humor. The life of the party is the man who cracks the right word in the right moment. The problem is: Where are the good lines when you need them?

They are here. The best one-liners to show off in public and in private:

Dirty jokes

Sexy jokes


Funny quotes



Feminist jokes

Love jokes

Sexist jokes.

Bad jokes

Funny proverbs

All the one liners are related to sex, women and love relationships. The lines everybody wants to listen. Take the lines you´ll need to become the life of the party with you in your Kindle, cellphone or tablet.

Dating will never be the same.

In the parties everybody will flock around eager not to miss your lines.

Download this book and start dazzling women!

200 Great Comebacks

200 of the Greatest Comeback Lines Ever Said!

Some hilarious stuff here. This book will have you rolling for days. Try them out on your friends when they are being idiots!!!

Hollywood Window to the Stars: A Critical Look at 50 Hollywood Legends

by Alan Royle

Hollywood Window to the Stars Vol 1 takes a critical, no holds barred look at 50 legends of the movies, from Garbo to Depp, and re-examines them in light of the veritable mountain of new information available today. These are not detailed biographies as such, but envelopes of trivia, scandal, viewpoints, accomplishments, failings, character flaws etc. each one liberally sprinkled with quotes by and about the individuals examined. You will find your idols (in most cases) were far from perfect.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Cats’ Revenge: This Time It’s Purrsonal!

by Cusper Lynn

It began, as so many regrettable things do, with poor judgement, alcohol, and social media. No, this isn’t the story of your last three relationships or last year’s office holiday party. This is the

story that changed Christmas forever. This is the story of the ugly Christmas sweater cat videos and a short-haired house cat named Bella, who decided it was time to deliver a message. A message that humankind would not soon forget.

Funniest your mama so dumb jokes

by Scott Petterson

Jokes to tell your friends, family or loved ones about their mother.

A great come-back for when they go too far!

Funniest your mama mix jokes

by Scott Petterson

All the best Your Mama Jokes in one MIX.

Funniest your mama so blackjokes

by Scott Petterson

Need some awsome jokes to tell your friend? Your family? Your girlfriend?

In this book you’ll find a LOT of those !

I wish you the best of laughs.

American Etiquette: Failing Upwardly In A Fox News Nation (The Etiquette Series Book 2)

by Aaron Berg

“America is the greatest country in the world” -some guy in the 80’s

You may not agree with the above statement which means that you are lacking in American Etiquette. American Etiquette is the American way to live your American life blindly as an American patriot. Perhaps you don’t watch enough Fox News and need to reinvigorate your belief in America and remind yourself that contrary to popular liberal opinion, we don’t need to move forward to improve; we simply need to remember the good old days of the American Renaissance.

American Etiquette: Failing upwardly in a Fox News Nation is a satirical guide that will teach you how and when to blame the President, how being a horrible parent can actually help your children be more American, why you need to believe in guns, how being fat helps all aspects of our fledgling economy and even the little known fact that being rich is way better than being poor (contrary to what liberal bloggers would have you believe).

American Etiquette is a must have for Americans because any good American knows that buying stuff with no resale value stimulates our economy. This book will teach you to constantly live in fear, trust the police, learn how to deal with immigrants, drink, and realize that no laws apply to you if you are a sports celebrity. America Rocks! Now learn how to behave as an American!

A Gentleman Abroad: Spanish Village Days

by Alec Quigley

When Mr Alec Quigley, superannuated insurance clerk, leaves the Bedfordshire bungalow of his indomitable niece Angela and makes his way to the Spanish village that he once read about in a history book, things are unlikely to go smoothly. A man with many foibles, not least his tendency to fantasise, his guardian Angela wants him home before he can get into any of the frequent scrapes that have dogged his – and, of late, her – existence. He is, however, intent on carving out a new life for himself in the Spanish interior and soon enlists the help of Fernando the fireman, Jorge the restaurateur and Salvador the soak to repel the imminent invasion of Angela. When love between himself and Fernando’s older sister rears its hypnotic head, the stage is set for a showdown between Mr Quigley, reality and his niece. This is, according to Mr Quigley, a true story.

Book of 101 Party Questions

by Ann Casey

QUESTION: What do you need if you’re in a party of two to twenty?

ANSWER: Great conversation! Another question…what is great conversation, anyway? A passionate back-and-forth flow of shared ideas and LOTS of laughter, right?

#19 – What’s your favorite movie? If you were chosen for a role in it, what character would you like to play?

#89 – If vampires were real, would you want to be bitten?

#94 – If you could live the next hundred years as a sea turtle but live only 5 more months as yourself, which would you choose?

Thought provoking and tons of fun, the BOOK OF 101 PARTY QUESTIONS takes any company gathering up a notch! Ask a question, enjoy the answer, and pass the book to the next person. The game is different every time because the answers are different every time! Fabulous icebreaker for teens and adults.

FRANÃ?OIS TRUFFAUT: Cinema as an Act of Love: An Intertextual Approach

by Aner Preminger

Aner Preminger, renowned filmmaker, scholar and professor of film studies,

provides an unexpected and refreshing overview of François Truffaut’s films,

from the perspective of his long and varied career in the art of filmmaking.

Preminger introduces readers to theories rarely applied to the cinema, based on

the inter-relationships between diverse works of art and the ensuing dialogues

between artists. In clear and comprehensible terms, Preminger provides a reexamination

of Truffaut, an artist who conducted a vibrant and lively dialogue

with his cultural heritage.

Fran̤ois Truffaut: Cinema as An act of love РAn intertextual approach includes

illuminating and spellbinding interpretations of Truffaut’s better-known films,

such as The 400 Blows, Jules and Jim and Day for Night, which won an Oscar for

Best Foreign Film in 1974, as well as his lesser-known films, including Shoot the

Piano Player and Love on the Run and reveals outlooks new to Truffaut studies.

Fran̤ois Truffaut: Cinema as An act of love РAn intertextual approach will

appeal to the numerous viewers who love and enjoy Truffaut’s films and also

to those not yet familiar with his oeuvre. This is a book about a man who loved

films, and every chapter bears witness to the author’s love for Truffaut’s films

and the world he constructs therein.

Preminger’s previous book, Enchanted Screen, A Chronology of Media and

Language, published by the Open University, dealt with the history of cinema. His

films include Front Window, Blind Man’s Bluff, Last Resort, Present Continuous,

On My Way to Father’s Land, Ransom of the Father and One Eye Wide Open.

Latin word games – Verba Latina complenda: Find the missing letters – inscribendo litteras quae eis desunt in quadratis coniunctis (Latinum iucundum Book 1)

by Elisa Lovato

Lovers of word games, accept this challenge! Fill in Latin words in many ways!

Aliqua verba multis modis complÄ?re potestis in hoc libro!

Studiosi aenigmatum, suscipÄ­te hoc inceptum! Complete verba ut pleni fiduciae vestrarum facultatum ingenii fiatis! AgÄ­te, omnia experimÄ­ni ut vestrum proposÄ­tum adsequamÄ­ni! Cum hoc perfecerÄ­tis, maxÄ­me satisfietis! Licet nolitis in incepto perstare, ne eo absistitote!

Heia, oblectamÄ­ni! FelicÄ­ter aenigmatistis!

Solutiones variae aenigmata lepidiora faciunt. Praeterea, imagines opus venustant.

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