Free philosophy Kindle books for 28 Nov 15

Free Easy Mind: in Conflicts.Stress. Loss

by Sung Yee Poon

Addressing conflicts, loss, stress and uncertainties, ingenious Chinese mindâ?¯Chuang Tzu and his Way are presented to relate to today’s chaotic world.â?¯Free your life in 4 steps with 8 keywords. Understand right and wrong; mind, body and emotions; integrity and Nature’s Way with 6 concept maps. Remember the teachings effortlessly by learning keywords in Chinese pictograms, simple and fun. Clear the cluttered mind with 3â?¯visualizations. Make challenging decisions easy with 4 mirror questions and 9 key checks. Realize how intricate conflicts in complex ideologies arise and how to resolve them in peace and harmony through a quick comparisonâ?¯of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism shaping Eastern mentality or Zen and Tao. Based on your needs and interests select by themes or writing forms (from excellence with no sweat to death or animal metaphors to masters’ dialogues) with a road map of Inner Chapters’ original texts in authentic translation. May everyone be free, easy and at peace!â?¯

Integrated Thinking: The New IT

by Sue Pearson

If we change the way we use our brains, can we change the world? Changes in our brain development have been reflected throughout history in the social and political worlds our brains have created. The brain is made up of many different parts, but today one part has come to dominate our thinking in the West. This means we are missing out on the brain’s key survival strategy – its ability to adapt.

Just as we need to use all the gears in a car to be able to respond appropriately to changing circumstances, so it is with the brain. Why be a one-speed automaton when you could release the incredible power of an integrated brain and mind and change the world? This book, updated for the second edition, brings together knowledge from politics and philosophy, from technology and evolutionary psychology, from science and religion, to create a new way of thinking about ourselves and the future.

For a visual guide to this new way of thinking, see (both zeros).

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